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A forma como gerimos o nosso dinheiro e como com ele nos relacionamos é um tema central nas vidas de todos nós. Como tal, julgo que é essencial que saibamos como o fazer (bem). No entanto, ninguém nasce ensinado. Por isso, criei esta sub para dar a minha contribuição para o desenvolvimento da literacia financeira em Portugal. Conto com a vossa ajuda para atingir este objectivo! Vamos educar-nos juntos?

2020.10.31 00:55 ConorCulture Book Jon Moxley’s AEW World Championship Reign: Part 2 - American Venom

Last time we were here we saw Jon Moxley make his fourth AEW World Championship successful defence. He had overcome Death Triangle, and May even have planted the seeds for their eventual dissolving. Him and Pac went to war for 30+ minutes at All Out, and that came after over a month of fighting. They had wrestled in tag matches twice already in the build up, with Moxley getting pinned for the first time all year twice in that time.
He had successful defences against Kenny Omega, Brian Cage and Darby Allin up until this point. Omega and Moxley had their first authorised match in the main event of Double or Nothing for the gold. Moxley won after a hellacious war, but on that same night - new arriver to the company, Brian Cage, won the Casino Ladder Match in his debut to become #1 Contender.
They would fight in Wembley Arena, England at Fyter Fest, where Moxley won in a Machine’s Rules Match. Not before The Man Called Sting showed up. Mox and Sting made friends, and head into Fight for the Fallen facing against a man who found himself first on the rankings, Darby Allin.
Allin and Moxley faced in a No DQ match, and despite the weapons and blood - what hurt Jon most was he felt like he was fighting himself from 10 years ago. Out of respect he offered friendship and to team together. They did, where they faced Death Triangle. Pac and Moxley entered feud, where Brian Cage and new pal Ricky Starks entered the fray, along with The Rhodes Brothers. This led to a 10-men Tag Team Match on Dynamite, which marked Sting’s final ever match. That ended with Fénix pinning Jon Moxley, earning himself a title match. Mox then would defeat Pac, where we ended off. This leads us into...
Book Jon Moxley’s AEW World Championship Reign - Part 2: American Venom
All Out is finished - Jon Moxley defeated Pac in the main event to retain his AEW World Championship. But that’s not the saga of Jon Moxley and Death Triangle over and done with yet. Fénix pinned Jon Moxley a couple weeks ago and is owed a match for Moxley’s title. The Dynamite after All Out, a banged up Jon Moxley comes out and says that him and Death Triangle’s war isn’t over yet. When Fénix walks out from the ramp on his own, Jon tells him to see him next week. FÉNIX HITS MOXLEY WITH A TOPE CON HILO THOUGH BEFORE HE LEAVES!! FÉNIX THROWS HIM OVER THE GUARDRAIL TO THE FLOOR!! He stands tall and walks off in victory, flapping his fingers up and down to the fans for their reaction to be louder.
By next week Moxley now has a hurt arm since he landed on the concrete with it. Him and Fénix have a meeting authorised by Kurt Angle! It’s the same set up as Jericho and OC’s debate authorised by Eric Bischoff, it has Kurt on the stage as his desk with Fénix and Jon at their own stands either side of him. Fénix has a translator with him. He compliments both men on their work before hand, and lets the challenger speak first. Having Fénix speak in his raw Spanish voice will make him seem the most emotional, rather than have his eyes be lost trying to think of how to say what he wants in English. The translator tells Kurt that Fénix says Moxley may have defeated the rest of Death Triangle, but he hasn’t beat him. As far the records go, Fénix is 1-0 against Jon. Angle and the translator could probably have a funny moment, since Kurt is just a funny guy.
Moxley rebounds with a retort, saying it’s hard to take Fénix seriously wearing his little superman mask and having his nerdy translator speak for him. He laughs at the translator and jokes he should face him instead. “Some real competition” Mox laughs. The translator mumbles what Moxley said to Fénix. He asks if he can jump Jon right now. The translator asks Angle, who tells him “well he already knows what’s coming”. Midway through that sentence though, FÉNIX RUNS ACROSS AND HITS MOXLEY WITH A FRONT DROPKICK!! JON GOES FLYING OFF THE STAGE!! Pac and Pentagon come out then and laugh with Fénix. They all hold up a Cero Miedo taunt, with Angle in the background doing one upside-down.
Fénix and Moxley’s clash is set up for the AEW Dynamite Anniversary Show: Chris Jericho’s 30th Anniversary of Wrestling. This means they have 3 weeks until their clash. Moxley would come out again, looking for a non-title match with Fénix this instant. Fénix would come out, slowly walking towards Jon. Jon would retreat as soon as Fénix steps through the ropes. He looks confused at why Mox left straight after calling him out. Mox then says “…now.” AND OUT COMES WILL HOBBS!! Fénix turns around into a SPINEBUSTER!! Jon then rolls back in and says “now we’re even. Next week I want you at your edgelord brother to take on me and my new pal Will.”
And that much happens, as The Lucha Bros take on Jon Moxley and Will Hobbs on the September 30th edition of Dynamite. Hobbs gets a lot of time to shine, showing off his athleticism. The highlight of the match being him doing an ASAI MOONSAULT TO THE OUTSIDE!! The ending spot sees The Lucha Bros win after pinning Will Hobbs with a Fear FactoDiving Foot Stomp combo. This means Fénix is now 2-0 against Jon. The go home week sees Jon do one of his usual promos outside under of the hot Nevada sun in front of a graffiti covered wall. He says this will end the months of torment him and Death Triangle have put each other through.
AEW Dynamite Anniversary Show:
Jon Moxley (c) vs. Fénix - AEW World Championship
One year ago Dynamite made its inception, the launch of a brand new promotion’s first TV Show was happening live on TNT. On that episode in the main event we witnessed Jon Moxley interrupting the match to attack Kenny Omega, and hit him with a Paradigm Shift through a glass coffee table. The week following we witnessed Fénix make his Dynamite debut in the First Round of the AEW World Tag Team Championships tournament, where him and his brother Penta took on Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy of the Jurassic Express. One year later.
During Jon Moxley’s entrance, he bumps into a wild Hiroshi Tanahashi. Tanahashi is here to celebrate with Jericho for his 30th Anniversary of Wrestling. Tanahashi bows to him and Moxley pats him on the back, before continuing on his march. He hops the guardrail and as if the match could start any other way - FÉNIX WITH A TOPE CON HILO STRAIGHT OFF THE BAT!! The bell rings and the match has started with a bang. Fénix hits him with an elbow before throwing him to the ring post. He looks down at the AEW World Championship and holds it up to the crowd, proclaiming it to be his. HE THEN TURNS AROUND TOA KNEE TO THE GUT FROM MOX!! He throws him into the ring and now we begin.
Moxley hammers elbows to Fénix, but then when he rebounds off the ropes for a Lariat - FÉNIX WITH A HURRICANERANA OUT OF NOWHERE!! Fénix with an Overhead Chop to Jon! He then runs the ropes for a Head Scissors, but Moxley rolls through with it. He slides to the outside. Then Fénix runs up for a Baseball Slide - BUT MOX CATCHES HIM AND THROWS THE CHALLENGER INTO THE GUARDRAIL!! MOXLEY STARTS TO SHOULDER BARGE FÉNIX AGAINST THE STEEL!! Jon then takes his title back up from the floor and hands it to Justin Roberts. He says a few words to him, but from behind is FÉNIX RUNNING UP FROM BEHIND WITH A FRONT DROPKICK!! HE THROWS MOX BACK IN AND HITS THE LA GARRA DE FÉNIX!!! 1..............2.............KICK OUT BY MOX!!!
Just a few minutes have gone by and we’ve already seen all of this. This is the definition of balls to the walls wrestling. Fénix gets up and looks at Moxley, angry he didn’t put him down straight away. Fénix gets up to his feet and lifts Mox up with him. Jon with a quick elbow to the head and follows with a MONEY CLIP!! FÉNIX ESCAPES!! Fénix arm drags Mox to the corner and hits him with his TIGHTROPE KICK!! Jon falls and Fénix scales the ropes again. He’s crotched by Jon however! SUPLERPLEX FROM MOXLEY!!! 1.......2........KICK OUT BY FÉNIX!!! FÉNIX GETS UP AND HITS A SUPERKICK!! HE GOES FOR A HANDSPRING CUTTER! MOXLEY CATCHES AND GOES TO THROW HIM OUT THE RING!! FÉNIX LANDS ON THE ROPES, JUMPS ON THEM A FEW TIMES - SPRINGBOARD TORNILLO!!
Once they’re back up they stand on opposite corners as the crowd applaud their performance. FÉNIX THEN SPRINTS WITH A SPRINGBOARD KICK IN THE CORNER!! He goes for a Snapmare but Moxley picks him up into a MOXICITY!!! JON WITH A DIVING ELBOW DROP!! 1.............2.........FÉNIX GETS THE ROPES!! FÉNIX WITH A CORKSCREW ROUNDHOUSE KICK!! He slides out to the apron. HE DIVES FOR A SPRINGBOARD DRAGONRANA!!! MOXLEY CATCHES AND HITS THE MONEY CLIP!! 1.............2............KICK OUT!! MOXLEY GOES FOR A PARADIGM SHIFT!! FÉNIX ESCAPES AND HITS THE SPANISH FLY!! He throws Moxley into the ropes. FÉNIX THEN WITH A SPRINGBOARD MISSILE DROPKICK FROM ONE SIDE OF THE RING TO THE OTHER!! Moxley is knocked out the ring. FÉNIX THEN WITH A SOMMERSAULT TOPE SUICIDA!!
They’re now both laying on the outside. Fénix overshot the mark and now is in some front row sitters laps. He goes to jump off the guardrail but Moxley catches him! He places him on the apron. Jon gets up with him and hits a kick to the head! JON THEN LIFTS FÉNIX UP FOR A GOTCH-STYLE PILEDRIVER - ON THE APRON!! MOXLEY ROLLS HIM IN, AND GOES FOR AN ELBOW DROP!! FÉNIX LIFTS HIM OFF THE THE TOP ROPES AND TRIES THE BLACK FIRE DRIVER!! HE SPINS MOX AROUND, WHO FLIES OUT OF IT!! DISCUS LARIAT! FOLLOWED BY THE MOTHER OF ALL PARADIGM SHIFTS!!!!! 1..............2...........3!!!! MOXLEY RETAINS AFTER A WAR WITH THE MAN OF A THOUSAND LIVES!!!
Jon Moxley defeats Fénix (14:56)
After the match Moxley limps out the ring and back up the stage, his title slung over his shoulder. Meanwhile Fénix lays in the centre of the ring, gassed out of his mind from what just happened. His brother, Pentagon Jr. walks out to comfort his brother. A man in pain, and feeling grief. Pentagon lifts Fénix up, and looks past the mask to see who he knows more than anyone in the world. He offers a Cero Miedo, and Fénix lifts up his arm to do the same. Then when they throw their hands down into the taunt - PENTAGON GRABS FÉNIX AND ARM DRAGS HIM TO THE MAT!! He know kneels above, still holding the arm. He then slowly reclines it...AND SNAPS THE ARM OF HIS OWN BROTHER!! Pentagon looks at Fénix, the same blood as his, writhing in pain at the hands of him. He then grabs Fénix by the jaw and makes him look at him, barely conscious. “Cero...Miedo...”
Next week opens with a recap of the events that transpired last week. We see the high spots of Fénix and Jon Moxley’s war over the title, and then to Pentagon Jr’s attack of him. This then cuts to a promo package for that man, Pentagon Jr. To the backing of Marilyn Manson’s “The Nobodies”, we see the man who Pentagon truly is. He then explains why he did what he did. He explains he doesn’t feel empathy for what he did, he thinks he was perfectly justified. He explains how it benefits him. Later on in the show, Fénix and his translator come out. The translator explains that Fénix has seen the video himself. In the man of a thousand lives words, “those are the emotions of a psychopath. 30 years, and I don’t even know who you truly were.”
Pac comes out to Fénix and tells him: “Death Triangle is dead.” He then explains how he himself is furious at Pentagon, because he still considers Fénix his amigo. Moxley then comes out and says he thinks they both deserve rematches for the AEW World Championship, as they’re both still Number 1 and 2 on the rankings. But he then says that next week on the special episode of Dynamite: “SuperBrawl”, he will allow Pentagon to get what he wants. Because he saw the seeds being planted for this moment back when they faced. So next week if Pentagon can defeat Fénix, it will be a Four-way match between all of them at Full Gear. He then gets a text from Tony Khan confirming it. Pac then tells Fénix “you can trust me.” Fénix shakes his head though. He can no longer trust anyone. HE ITS PAC WITH A BLACK FIRE DRIVER!!
Next week is SuperBrawl and Fénix and Pentagon have pretty much the same match they had in real life, which at the time of writing was last weeks Dynamite. Pentagon wins by targeting Fénix’s arm throughout. Then on the go home show at the beginning of November, all four of them have a contract signing. They all sit at chairs in the four respective corners of the ring. They’re all wrapped in chains so no one attacks anyone. They will only be unchained when they go to sign the contract. Fénix is wearing a sling for his injured arm. Pentagon says nothing throughout despite being the centre of criticism. When he steps up he signs it and walks straight back, despite having security guards watching him like a hawk. The rest all sigh it, but the main part of it is everyone throwing barbs at each other from each corner of the ring. Pentagon is then demanded he speaks. He waits a moment, before saying “larga vida al rey.” Excalibur says that means “long live the king.” They’re on all escorted off ahead of the bout.
Full Gear 2020:
Jon Moxley (c) vs. Fénix vs. Pac vs. Pentagon Jr. - AEW World Championship
The final pay-per-view of the year is reaching its crescendo to close off the year. Every one of them have been main evented by Jon Moxley, everyone of them for the AEW World Championship. This is hyped as the first ever non one-on-one match in AEW main event history, featuring the four best the company have. Jon Moxley and Death Triangle’s war has gone on for 4 months at this point, since July. We’re now in November and it’s come to a close, with us coming full circle. Everyone of them back where they started - vying for the AEW World Championship. Fénix and Pentagon have never main evented a PPV before, with Pac being only in one. Moxley on the other hand has been involved in every single main event, excluding shows he wasn’t on (Fight for the Fallen and All Out 2019).
Moxley has been entering through the crowd since Dynamite Episode 4, when Pac blindsided him during an entrance. He couldn’t trust people after that, and started travelling his own path. Fénix enters out down through the crowds seats, being with the only people who’ve stuck by him. He climbs down the stairs, first out. The Bastard is now in a tweener role, garnering him a mixed reception. It’s Pentagon next, but he doesn’t come out. Instead Moxley is given the call it’s his turn. The fans all wonder why the champ isn’t out last. Then when Mox has arrived - Pentagon steps through the curtain, and it is nothing but boos. No ironic cheers, not even entrance music - his mere presence earning the ire of the fans.
Fénix starts off with a bang, HITTING PENTAGON WITH A SUPERKICK STRAIGHT AWAY!! HE HITS PENTAGON WITH THE BLACK FIRE DRIVER!!! Pentagon rolls out while Moxley looks out in shock. FÉNIX THEN JUMPS OVER MOXLEY WITH A SPRINGBOARD TORNILLO TO THE OUTSIDE!! That leaves it to Pac and Jon. These two faced off last at All Out in a hellacious bout, and here they are again. PAC jumps up with a Leg Lariat straight off the bat! MOX THEN REBOUNDS WITH A DISCUS LARIAT!! HE LIFTS HIM INTO A MOXICITY STRAIGHT AWAY!! HE LOCKS IN A BOW AND ARROW!! PAC ESCAPES INTO A BRUTALISER!! Mox breaks free, but is then hit by a German Suplex!! PAC THEN FLIES OUT TO THE LUCHA BROS WITH A BRITISH AIRWAYS!!!
Moxley rolls outside to join the hoard. He starts to stomp around all of them, but of course is overwhelmed by numbers. HE TURNS AROUND TO A RUNNING APRON KICK FROM PENTAGON!! Pentagon then drags him inside and licks his lips. This is a dream encounter and the fans cheer. They start booing though when Pentagon gets the first bit of offence with a chop. Moxley no sells it though and hits Pentagon with his own chop - Cheer. Pentagon chops - Boo, and so on. Eventually Pac and Fénix have had enough and both springboard into the ring, both hitting their respective rivals with STEREO SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODIES!! Now it’s these two. Pac tries to conform to Fénix but he’s having none of it. So Pac has to show him his real side.
SUPERKICK BY PAC, INTO A TIGER SUPLEX!! 1......2.....FÉNIX KICKS OUT AND ROLLS THROUGH INTO A LANZA TO THE BACK!! FÉNIX THEN HITS A 540 ROUNDHOUSE KICK!! He fires himself up for a Handspring. He does it, BUT PAC CATCHES HIM WITH A DROPKICK MID MOVE!! PAC THEN WITH A DRAGONRANA!! 1..........2......MOXLEY BREAKS IT UP!! Mox comes in and starts to unleash his brawling on two guys at once. Punch to Pac - punch to Fénix - back to Pac - then again to Fénix. He runs the ropes for a Rebound Lariat, BUT PENTAGON PULLS HIM OUT!! He holds it him in place for someone to dive at him. Fénix does so with a Cannonball Tope Suicida, but instead hits Pentagon! MOXLEY THEN SLIDES IN WITH A LOU THESZ PRESS TO PAC MID RUN-UP!!
It’s now a quadruple down as every man is taken out. They’ve all practically destroyed themselves by this point. Fénix is first up and throws Moxley out the ring. That leaves it to just the original three...Death Triangle now at war. Pentagon gets up and is shouted out by both men. He steps forward, and falls to his knees. He asks for Fénix to hit him. Fénix takes the offer and lifts him up for a Superkick - BUT PENTAGON CATCHES IT AND SPINS HIM OUT OF IT!! MEXICAN DESTROYER!! HE THEN GRABS PAC INTO THE SACRIFICE!! HE’S GOING TO BREAK HIS ARM!! PAC ROLLS OUT OF IT AND HITS PENTAGON WITH A SWITCHBLADE KICK!! PAC THEN HITS HIM WITH A KNEEDROP SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!!! 1.............2...........ITS BROKEN UP BY A LA GARRA DEL FÉNIX!!!!!
It’s Fénix and Pac now, and Pac is pleading for Fénix to not hurt him. Fénix shakes his head at Pac’s pleading, until he points at Pentagon Jr. Them and the crowd then get excited, and they get to work on the double team. FÉNIX HITS A BLACK FIRE DRIVER, WHICH PAC FOLLOWS UP WITH A BLACK ARROW!! They can’t decide who goes for the pin though. THIS THEN TURNS INTO A KICK FIGHT!! They trade Superkicks until JON MOXLEY SLIDES IN AND JOINS THE PARTY!! HE HITS A DOUBLE PARADIGM SHIFT!! HE THEN DIVES WITH A FLYING ELBOW DROP TO PAC!!! 1................2................3!!!!! MOXLEY RETAINS THE TITLE, HAVING GONE THROUGH WAR WITH THREE OTHER MEN. He stands up shakily, looking down at all the wreckage. He then pushes a guy who offers him some ice away as he walks through the crowd, AEW’s hero.
Jon Moxley defeats Fénix, Pac and Pentagon Jr. (35:13)
We’re out of Full Gear and now on the road to the biggest month of AEW’s calendar year - January. Not only do we start off with Homecoming on the first Dynamite of the month, we then get the Jericho Cruise and Bash at the Beach - all on the road to Revolution. Then for certain members of the roster they travel to New Japan Pro Wrestling - a place Jon Moxley spent a lot of time in last year. But this year, not so much. Moxley defended his IWGP United States Championship at Sakura Genesis against Will Ospreay - which he lost. Ospreay winning his first piece of heavyweight gold in NJPW. Afterwards Jon would say he will spend more time in America this year as he is AEW World Champion, and thus won’t compete in the G1 Climax.
Meanwhile Will is on fire. He enters the G1 Climax as part of Block B and fares well for himself. He has tough competition with the likes of Kota Ibushi, Tetsuya Naito, Minoru Suzuki, Kenta and Shingo Takagi - but he holds his own. He then goes on to defend his IWGP United States Championship at Wrestle Dynasty against fellow CHAOS stablemate in Tomohiro Ishii. He defeats him. Afterwards Ishii goes for a handshake, but Ospreay turns on him! The Great O’Kharn and Bea Priestley help beat down on Ishii. Okada then rushes out, but the gang escape in time. They then face off at Summer Struggle in Jingu, where Okada loses. Okada goes on to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship off of EVIL however at King of Pro-Wrestling. On that same show however, Will loses his title to the first ever Japanese born man to hold the gold - Hiromu Takahashi.
Back to AEW, Jon Moxley has now had his sixth successful defence of the belt and is steadily approaching a year with the title. At Full Gear we witnessed Kenny Omega defeat Adam Page to win a #1 Contenders Tournament. This immediately sets up Moxley’s next challenger, Kenny Omega. Speaking of, what’s Kenny been up to since Double or Nothing? After losing their tag titles to FTR at All Out, they’d go their separate ways. Now both are alone, with The Elite having disbanded earlier in the year. Omega starts to act more heelish while Page earns more sympathy, his only companion now being the bottle. They come to blows at Full Gear and Omega officially turns heel on that night, attacking Adam with a barbed wire broom afterwards.
Next week on Dynamite is the return of The Cleaner. We saw the tease on the build to Double or Nothing, but he never fully capitalised. By dangling the carrot and then taking it away, you switch the fans from expecting something to hoping for it back - and when they get it back it’s an even bigger deal. He comes out with the shades and jacket; a new man - a more evil man. He comes out for an interview with Tony Schiavone, and when asked why he attacked Hangman - he answers in Japanese. He refuses to speak anything other than Japanese. This is the opposite effect of him only speaking English in promos while in NJPW. Jon Moxley comes out the week following to tell Kenny he doesn’t have a damn clue what he said last week, but all he knows is he’s going to beat him for the third time in a row at Revolution. Kenny then hits him with a V-Trigger to show who’s boss. Goodbye and Goodnight.
Jon the heads east to Japan in time for Power Struggle, where everything for Wrestle Kingdom 15 is set. The second ever Double Gold Dash between Kazuchika Okada (HW), Tetsuya Naito (IC), Kota Ibushi (G1) and Will Ospreay. Hiromu defends his IWGP United States Championship against an American in Juice Robinson, which he wins. Afterwards Jon Moxley makes his triumphant return to NJPW. He says that he’s not owed any match from Hiromu, but he wants that third US title reign. So he isn’t asking for anything - but just putting out the offer. If Hiromu gives him the match, he will put his AEW World Championship on the line too. Takahashi gives Jon a hug and accepts. He then does something weird, causing Moxley to leave with a eye roll and light smile.
Moxley then tries to scare Kenny when he comes back at the end of November with the barbed wire bat, but Kenny doesn’t budge. He has his own translator with him, to tell Moxley what he thinks. I think Kenny as a heel and a goofy translator character could be entertaining, since Omega has comedic chops and hopefully they can find a guy who does too. Firstly Kenny tells Jon that he’s above speaking the language of everyone in AEW because he’s on the next level above them. They are inferior to his new being. Kenny then says he has claimed every top title he possibly can - IWGP Heavyweight, KO-D Openweight from DDT and the PWG World titles. But that - what Moxley’s holding - has alluded him. He will take it.
Then it’s December, and we start Dynamite off with an angry Jon Moxley carrying out Michael Nakazawa to the ring. He has a barbed wire bat with him. He threatens to assault him unless Kenny speaks English to his face. Omega walks out to stop it...and then points the finger gun at Nakazawa. V-TRIGGER!! Did it for Mox. Kenny then leaves Jon with a broken man in the ring. After this, Kenny cuts a backstage promo with subtitles. He says Jon is what Pac said - he can’t wrestle. He can only do crazy hardcore spotfests, he can’t get down and technical. Meanwhile Kenny is the best in the world at that, and he knows if they fight in a clean match he WILL win. So he proposes that they fight in an Iron Man Match at Revolution. A DQ will result in a fall to the other wrestler, meaning if Jon gets extreme he will give Kenny a lead. The last Dynamite of 2020 sees Moxley bring Omega out to the ring to accept, and then attack him with the bat. Moxley then travels east for Wrestle Kingdom.
Wrestle Kingdom 15 Night Two:
Hiromu Takahashi (c) vs. Jon Moxley (c) - IWGP United States Championship and AEW World Championship
The second night of Wrestle Kingdom has arrived and it’s set to be a big one. The first night saw the beginning of the second ever Double Gold Dash - where we saw Tetsuya Naito defeat Will Ospreay to retain his Intercontinental Championship along with Kota Ibushi defeating Kazuchika Okada to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Not only that but we also saw Jay White and Hiroshi Tanahashi in a grudge match as well as SANADA and EVIL do battle in a No Disqualification Match. Night two is now set to see Will Ospreay and Kazuchika Okada do battle as well as Okada and Ibushi fight once again for both belts. But before all that it’s the United States Championship match, and it all begins with The Death Rider
Coming out on his finest Harley Davidson, Jon Moxley drives out through the Tokyo Dome to ringside. The Young lions offer him help, but Mox hand selects his boy, Shota Umino, to help him out. The two pull it over the barricade and Moxley sits on it with the title slung over his shoulder, while Shooter does his best Shibata of arms folded and stone faced. “DEATHU RAIYDAH...JONAH MOXUREE!!!” Mox poses with the AEW World Championship. With that wacky entrance over we go to a man who can top “Wacky Dean” in every way you can do wacky possible, Hiromu Takahashi. He walks out with Daryl and Naoru, who hold the IWGP United States Championship between them. Jon sighs at this sight. Takahashi does his weird tongue taunt at all the people in the crowd, as there is no better greeting possible.
Once we’re underway Hiromu panders to the crowd for a minute or so, and then the lock up starts. A chinlock by Moxley is rolled out of and Hiromu rebounds with an arm drag into a school boy. Moxley kicks out and swings at Takahashi, who is already running off the ropes but is caught by a Big Boot! Jon then throws him into the corner and starts to unload punches. He then hits a big knee to the gut. A Snapmare and Soccer Kick follows. Jon is in control and applies a Nerve hold. Hiromu quickly sweeps out of it though and lands a Head Scissors Takedown! Hiromu puts his fingers in a v-shape and locks in between because he’s a weirdo. Commentary laugh at this but not so much at his HESITATION DROPKICK!! HOOKS THE LEG - JON KICKS OUT!! HIROMU THEN LEFTS HIM UP FOR A FALCON ARROW, BUT MOXLEY FLOATS OVER AND HITS A RELEASE SUPLEX!!
Moxley pulls himself up to stalk Takahashi in the corner, who stands up with him. He tries to get at Jon by raising his fist up towards his for a bump, and calling him “brother.” Moxley laughs it off and raises his hand, to the air, tue LIJ taunt. MOXLEY THEN HITS HIROMU WITH A SCOOP SLAM!! CURB STOMP FROM THE CORNER!! 1................2...........KICK OUT!! Jon pulls him up for a PARADIGM SHIFT - BUT HIROMU COUNTERS INTO THE DESTINO!!! 1.............2..........KICK OUT!! Both are down having done their partners moves - now learning they can’t follow any path but their own. They both recover on the outside after the kick outs from big moves. Takahashi is first back up and takes Jon back inside. He lands a Superkick to knock Moxley over the ropes, and then heads to the top ropes. HE DIVES OUTSIDE WITH A DIVING SENTON!! HE THROWS JON BACK INSIDE AND LOCKS IN A TRIANGLE CHOKE!!
He pulls and pulls on the hold, but then Jon reaches the ropes. Hiromu tries to Superkick him again BUT JON HITS HIM WITH A PENDELUM LARIAT!! HE TRIES FOR THE PARADIGM SHIFT AGAIN BUT TAKAHASHI FLOATS OVER INTO A CANADIAN DESTORYER!! MOXLEY ROLLS OUT AHD LOCKS IN A FUJIAWARA ARMBAR!! MOXLEY STOMPS ON THE HEAD FOR FURTHER DAMAGE!!! HIROMU IS FADING - UNTIL HE ROLLS OUT!! SUPERKICK FOLLOWED BY A DYNAMITE PLUNGER OVER THE ROPES TO THE APRON!! TAKAHASHI THEN FLIES OUT WITH A TOPE CON HILO!!!! Commentary are screaming for Hiromu to throw him inside and finish the job, but he’s too banged up from the fall. The ref’s 20 count begins, but by 15 they’re both back in.
Takahashi thinks for a cover, but considers it too late. He rethinks and goes for a Time Bomb, but Moxley gets out and HITS AN ELBOW TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!! ONE HITTER BY JON!!!! 1.................2.............KICK OUT!! TAKAHASHI BREAKS OUT AND HITS THE JOHN WOO DROPKICK!! He rolls out and sets up one of NJPW’s famously hard wood tables. HE GOES FOR A SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB TO MOXLEY!! BUT JON BLOCKS IT, AND HITS A PARADIGM SHIFT TO THE OUTSIDE THROUGH THE TABLE!! HE DRAGS HIROMU TAKAHASHI BACK INSIDE AND COVERS - 1...................2...............3!!!!! JON MOXLEY HAS WON THE IWGP UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP FOR THE THIRD TIME IN HISTORY, AND HAS SUCCESSFULLY RETAINED HIS AEW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!! Afterwards he grabs a microphone and says “Naito, Ibushi - I don’t care which one of you, but whoever you are - I want to hold four titles.”
Jon Moxley defeats Hiromu Takahashi (20:11)
Jon says he’s heading back home in the press conference with two titles, and says that after 18 months under his tutelage - he’s letting Shooter spread his wings and go off as his own man. “I’ll see ya soon bud.” he tells him as he walks off through the door, both belts slung over his shoulders. Jon returns home to the States on the week after AEW Homecoming, and the week before the Jericho Cruise sets sail. He comes back and while passing him backstage, says to Kenny Omega: “くたばれ!” (In romaji: (kutabare!”) (means “go to hell!” Literally means "Drop dead!") A match is confirmed for the Jericho Cruise ship, where both guys will team together to run a gauntlet. The build for this is seen when Omega opens the show with a backstage promo (because this show needs promos where every third word isn’t cut off by reception).
He says that Jon may think he’s now the king of Japan, but he better no who he’s talking to. Former IWGP Heayvweight, Intercontinental, Junior Heavyweight, United States, Tag Team and NEVER Openweight Six-man Tag Team Champion. Jon can’t and never will top his Puroresu credentials. So he’s going to get to watch Omega to do what he did for 10 years and feel what it’s like to be the lesser, because he needs to be knocked off his perch now he’s passed over 300 days as champion. Jon comes out normally but Kenny has all the bells and whistles, as he enters to “Dragon Heart” from Seiken Tsukai No World Break. He’s led to the ring by a group of dancing ladies with brooms, as he basks in his own ego. They ultimately fall to FTR - the team who defeated Page and Omega at All Out, after a miscommunication.
Bash at the Beach and they have a match with FTR, this time for their AEW World Tag Team Championships. Cash slips out of a One Winged Angel and locks in a Fujiwara Armbar. Omega struggles in it but then he’s done for when Dax drops down with a Knee. Omega then instantly tap. Afterwards Jon goes ballistic on him for not making him a triple champion. “No wonder everyone you loved left you.” he says in an interview with Tony Schiavone next week. After that Kenny challenges Moxley saying that everyone he loved left him. Moxley then slowly brings out all his buddies. Darby Allin, Sting, Will Hobbs and Shota Umino. He then starts to call for Omega’s friends. “Riho? Nakazawa? Hangman? The Bucks? No one home it seems. But what hurts most is this: IBUSHI? dead silence” “Now all you got is your dumbass translator. Speaking of - attacks translator” Kenny walks off in defeat.
The go home show confirms a Hardcore Match between Kenny Omega and Michael Nakazawa. Nakazawa left Kenny as a friend after he turned to the dark side. This is a match driven by enough but told through DDT hardcore spots. I think I’m the only person on earth who enjoyed Nakazawa/Jebailey so I’d like this, also considering it contains Kenny Omega in it. Omega wins with a One Winged Angel onto a pile of loose arcade buttons. Afterwards he speaks in English for the first time all year. “Jon - what I do to you at Revolution will end your fairytale of a title run. I am not who you had your first successful defence against, you have seen god damn nothing.” This means we’ve reached our destination - Los Angeles, the city in which we will witness the Iron Man Match between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley.
Revolution 2021:
Jon Moxley (c) vs. Kenny Omega - 30-minute Iron Man Match for the AEW World Championship
Revolution has seen a lot so far, and is already in the history books as one of AEW’s best ever PPVs. But you have to save the best for last, of course. The main event arrives, and it starts with something hardcore...BABYMETAL. Live on the stage are the most Kenny Omega band imaginable, signing a song about hardships and overcoming defeat via perseverance. Then a fan walks on stage and starts to jam out, and the bad stop and look at him weird. Lights go out...ITS KENNY OMEGA!! AS AKUMA’S RAGING DEMON!! His hair is dyed red and spiked up and he has the demon symbol painted on his back. They then resume the song as Omega walks down. Justin Roberts has really strapped up his boots for this one and he has to do not one but two dramatic ring introductions for this match.
Jon Moxley then doesn’t have a Harley Davidson like last time (some things are too good to be true), instead having to walk like a beta. Nevertheless he still has two titles with him, commentary pointing out his IWGP United States Championship - also mentioning the belts inaugural champion was Kenny Omega - but now Moxley has held it three times. He walks past his wife Renee Paquette in the crowd who wishes him good luck. Jon slithers into the ring and makes Omega watch as he raises up both titles. Excalibur says that Omega will be the third man in history to have held a major heavyweight championship in Mexico, Japan and the United States if he wins. Previous winners being Antonio Inoki (IWGP, WWF and UWA) and Vader (IWGP/AJPW, WCW and UWA). Also j the crowd for this match are Alex Jebailey who receives a boo at his arrival. The cameras then go to Renee who gets a pop.
The bell rings and the match has started. Kenny and Jon slowly advance, doing little circles around the centre. Then they pounce into a lock up. Kenny misses the chinlock and instead is on the receiving end of one. He tries to slide out but Jon snatches him back with an armhold. Omega kicks up to knock Jon off and get away. He dusts his hands and this time leapfrogs Moxley when he goes for him, and grabs him by the waist. He slams him back and gets a rest hold in. He applies a headlock and rolls back into a mini Crossface. Jon grabs the ropes and retreats to his corner. Eventually he gets bored of this and wants to fuck shit up, so when Omega runs at him he hits a kick to the midsection! Moxley then with an EXPLODER SUPLEX STRAIGHT AWAY!! He hits it and basks in the soaking applause of the fans.
Jon lifts Kenny up but he’s hit by a Enziguri!! HE FOLLOWS WITH THE YOU CAN’T ESCAPE! As soon as the Moonsault lands he covers, 1........2......KICK OUT!! Jon then connects an Arm Drag and follows with a Kitchen Sink! HE TRIES FOR AN EARLY PARADIGM SHIFT!! OMEGA FLOATS OVER AND LANDS A KOTARO KRUSHER!!! HE HITS ANOTHER ONE INTO THE CORNER!!! He flies over the ropes with the second and so starts to scale the turnbuckles to get back in. HE PULLS JON UP BY A GUTWRENCH!! He tugs and tugs but Moxley sandbags. He still gets him to the first rope. He’s looking for Dr. Wiley’s Powerbomb! MOXLEY THEN LIFTS HIM FOR A SUPERPLEX!! KENNY STAYS PUT!! MOXLEY THEN CATCHES HIM WITH AN AIR RAID CRASH!! HE FLIES!! 1.............2..........3!!!!!!!!!! Jon Moxley earns 1 point.
Omega is flustered by that sudden pinfall. Moxley is arrogant about getting a quick pin and turns around to showboat. HE’S THEN CAUGHT WITH A REVERSE FRANKENSTEINER BY OMEGA!! Kenny then slits his throat and points a finger gun at Moxley’s head, BEFORE LANDING A V-TRIGGER!! HE HITS THE AOI SHOUDOU!! HE THEN RUNS THE ROPES FOR ANOTHER V-TRIGGER BUT HES CAUGHT WITH A HEADBUTT!! MOXLEY THEN HITS A CUTTER!!! 1..KICK OUT!! OMEGA GETS UP AND HITS A MISSILE DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!! This man is not fucking about. He pulls Moxley up and thinks he’ll hit him with his own move, the Paradigm Shift. MOXLEY COUNTERS WITH A BACKBODY DROP TO THE OUTSIDE!! Omega lands on his feet, but is immediately hit by a SUICIDE DIVE FROM MOXLEY!!
Both guys are now on the outside after the big dive. Moxley isn’t much of a high flyer aside from his elbow drops, but here he just went. He gets up with a middle finger in the sky to show he enjoyed that. He drags Kenny back in with him. He throws Omega to the corner and starts to come in with punches and stomps. He runs for a HESITATION DROPKICK!! He then lifts Omega up for a chop. He readies himself...OMEGA HITS A V-TRIGGER!! DRAGON SUPLEX BY OMEGA!! RISE OF THE TERMINATOR BY OMEGA TO THE OUTSIDE!! He then bashes Moxley’s head off the ring post a few times until he throws him back in He irish whips Jon to the corner, who jumps to the second rope, and IS THEN HIT WITH A SUPERKICK TO THE REAR!! OMEGA CLIMBS UP AND HITS A SUPER CROYT’S WRATH!!!! 1..............2..............3!!!! Kenny Omega earns 1 point.
We’re now approaching 20 minutes and the score has just been made equal. Omega climbs up and is now the one who gets cocky. He comes prepared for the surprise attack as he flips out of a German Suplex. SUPERKICK INTO THE ROPES, BUT IS CAUGHT BY A PENDULUM LARIAT!! MOXLEY THEN GOES FOR A SPINNING PARADIGM SHIFT! KENNY ESCAPES AND RUNS THE ROPES, BUT IS CAUGHT BY A KITCHEN SINK!! JAPANESE ARM DRAG BY MOXLEY!! They’re desperate for the second point and the clock is ticking. We’re over 20 minutes now. Omega kicks into gear when he attempts a One Winged Angel and the fans leave their seats. Moxley quickly slides out though and scurries for the corner. Kenny basks in the glory of embarrassing the world champion. HE’S THEN ROLLED UP BY MOXLEY!! KICK OUT AND A DOUBLE DOWN FROM STEREO CLOTHESLINES!!
Continues in comments
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2020.10.27 04:23 ViewtifulGene Beat-em-ups with good controls and not too much enemy cheapness?

Asked about a week ago and didn't get any responses I haven't already played. By good controls, I mean I like something that goes beyond having only one attack chain. Or being required to double-tap to dash or eat up my own life bar for special moves. I like free-form combos with launchers, air combos, guard crush, dodge cancels, cross-ups, etc. By not too much cheapness, I essentially mean not Streets of Rage 3 levels of gimmicky bullshit.
My Mount Rushmore of beat-em-ups is God Hand, Viewtiful Joe, Muramasa, and Dragon's Crown. Some more recent games I enjoyed include River City Girls, Streets of Rage 4, Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds, Odin Sphere, and Yakuza 0/Kiwami 1&2/6.
I played everything by Platinum. I liked Bayonetta 1&2 and Transformers Devastation. Didn't like Wonderful 101 or Astral Chain. The emphasis on parries in Metal Gear Rising was really frustrating for me, since I was never comfortable parrying in anything. I also liked all the Devil May Cry games, but don't care to go for S ranks or Dante Must Die.
I haven't been able to get into Yakuza 3 because it has the clunky pre-Zero combat engine and the pacing is glacial.
I tried The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa, but had to quit after 30 minutes of getting lost while nothing happened.
I tried 99 Vidas, but didn't like any of the movesets. Hits have no sense of impact. I also don't like the tendency for enemies to spam grabs out of nowhere, when I thought I was safe to punish.
I tried Fight'n Rage, but again, none of the movesets clicked with me. I didn't like being expected to parry or double-tap dash cancel to do any combo damage.
I tried Sengoku 3 on Switch, but the controls were way too confusing in the SNK arcade port menu. The button config doesn't let you directly map buttons to actions, you have to remember what each button on the arcade cabinet does and then map those button codes to your controller. I feel like I coulda liked this with a better button setup, but it was fucking impossible to figure that out. Maybe I am just too fucking stupid to operate a menu.
The Capcom Beat-Em-Up bundle was a mixed bag. I liked Knights of the Round, Armored Warriors, and Battle Circuit. The others were obnoxious quarter-munchers. The Sega Classics Collection was also a mixed bag. I liked Streets of Rage 1&2. I hated SOR3 because of the obnoxious gimmick stages, and tendency to spam bosses that spend 99% of the battle flipping away from you. I didn't like the gamefeel of the Golden Axe series, either. The attacks felt too mashy and disjointed from the enemies taking damage.
I tried Mononoke Slashdown and had to quit because of all the escort missions. Controls were good, but I do not appreciate losing because an NPC got instakilled by an enemy off-screen.
I liked most of Ninja Saviors. But the final boss has a really obnoxious gimmick that murders any desire to replay. And hard mode feels more frustrating than fun without a co-op partner.
I wanted to play Guardian Heroes, but Saturn emulation gives me a headache. It's too complicated for me, and my tablet can't handle it. And Advance Guardian Heroes requires frequent parrying, which I can't do to save my life.
I want to play Scott Pilgrim, but that feels like it's ages away.
I have a Switch, PS4, Vita, and 3DS. My tablet can emulate PSP and below. I also have a Windows 7 laptop, but I would prefer not to play on that if at all humanly possible. What are some games I could try that I haven't already played?
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2020.10.23 13:17 kokeboka Debate sobre o projecto eleitoral: Rui Gomes da Silva

Eis a síntese ao programa do único candidato que faltava. Espero que este conjunto de posts tenha sido útil para informar o sub e proporcionar um bom debate de propostas.
Site da candidatura
Entrevista ao Benfica Independente
Sobre o candidato: Rui Gomes da Silva (RGS) é um sócio do Benfica da cidade do Porto. É um advogado de profissão e senior partner da sociedade Legalworks. Militante do PSD, foi ministro dos assuntos parlamentares e ministro adjunto (2004-2005), e a nível autárquico foi eleito membro da assembleia municipal de Lisboa em 1989 e em 2001. Foi também, durante a sua juventude, atleta do Benfica no hóquei. É conhecido pela sua forte ligação à vida associativa do Benfica, participando em várias AGs ao longo dos anos, e tendo integrado a lista eleitoral de Luís Tadeu que perdeu nas eleições para João Vale e Azevedo. Foi comentador desportivo e membro da direcção de Luís Filipe Vieira como vice-presidente e vogal do Conselho de Administração, até ser afastado em 2016. Já havia anunciado a sua intenção de se candidatar à presidência do Benfica há anos. Para muitos, RGS é uma figura polarizante: dono de uma retórica por vezes confrontacional e irredutível, para uns é visto como desgastante e radical; para outros, é visto como uma voz importante e enérgica num Benfica cada vez mais empresarial, apático e permissivo.
Projecto: O programa O Benfica É Nosso assenta em 5 pilares estratégicos - 1) Futebol Profissional, 2) Futebol de Formação, 3) Democratização e Alteração de Estatutos, 4) Modalidades e Benfica Eclético, 5) Finanças, Internacionalização e Benfica SAD.
Futebol: Propõe menos e melhores contratações; política de contratações e vendas independente de interesses de empresários; cultivar parcerias com clubes europeus de 1º e 2º escalões para criar uma rede para empréstimo de jogadores; formar para reter; aumentar a rede de scounting; planteis mais curtos (20 jogadores de campo, mais 3 GRs onde 1 deles poderá ser o titular da equipa B); contratar pontualmente jogadores experientes a custo zero se a oportunidade se apresentar; o plantel terá sempre de ter "uma estrela"; objectivo máximo de fazer do Benfica campeão europeu. Em termos de formação, defende aumentar a rede de prospecção; equacionar o fim da equipa B ou a equipa sub-23; oferecer um projecto desportivo mas também educacional aos jovens atletas.
Mudanças estatutárias: Propõe uma alteração da distribuição dos votos por sócio para 1 ano = 1 voto; revisão das condições de elegibilidade do presidente e dos demais membros dos órgãos sociais; voto electrónico + voto físico; implementação de eleições presidenciais a 2 voltas; limitação de mandatos presidenciais para 2 mandatos de 4 anos; recalendarização de eleições para uma data entre Abril e Junho; aumentar o poder dos sócios nas decisões do clube (como alienação/aquisição de capital social da SAD, mudanças no emblema ou no nome do estádio). Em termos de transparência, propõe a divulgação de todas as comissões pagas em transações e também dos contornos das transações mais relevantes; implementação de um departamento de auditoria interna independente; alteração do modelo da SAD de modo a serem incorporadas recomendações da CMVM.
Modalidades: O programa defende a passagem do futebol feminino para a SAD; investir na formação e usar a rede das Casas do Benfica como factor de iniciação; reforçar as equipas femininas; criar departamento de análise de dados para as modalidades; aposta no regresso do ciclismo com participação em grandes competições como a Volta à França.
Outros tópicos: Garantia da realização da Eusébio Cup no estádio da Luz; criação de uma BTV2 gratuita; criar uma plataforma de streaming com conteúdo histórico; passar os conteúdos da BPlay para o Youtube e continuar a produzir conteúdos semelhantes. Conta com alguns apoiantes notórios, como Manuel Boto e Alberto Miguéns.
Receptividade para coligações com outros: Incerta. Foi signatário da candidatura do Movimento Servir o Benfica, e inicialmente mostrou-se aberto para acolher pessoas novas na sua candidatura (por ter anunciado a candidatura há mais tempo, sente que outros é que o deviam abordar para se coligarem dentro da sua lista). Em recentes semanas fez declarações frias sobre João Noronha Lopes, a quem acusou de ter roubado partes do seu programa.
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2020.10.21 14:54 ViewtifulGene Beat-em-ups with good moveset depth and not too much credit-munching bullshit?

My Mount Rushmore of beat-em-ups is God Hand, Viewtiful Joe, Muramasa, and Dragon's Crown. Some more recent games I enjoyed include River City Girls, Streets of Rage 4, Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds, Odin Sphere, and Yakuza 0/Kiwami 1&2/6.
I haven't been able to get into Yakuza 3 because it has the clunky pre-Zero combat engine and the pacing is glacial. It felt like I hit the ground running in the other Yakuza games, but I keep waiting for something to actually happen in 3.
I tried The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa, but had to quit after 30 minutes of getting lost while nothing happened.
I tried 99 Vidas, but didn't like any of the movesets. It never felt like I was actually punching anyone, even as I saw the HP bars go down and the enemy sprites got knocked away. Hits have no sense of impact. I also don't like the tendency for enemies to spam grabs out of nowhere, when I thought I was safe to punish.
I tried Fight'n Rage, but again, none of the movesets clicked with me. I didn't like being expected to parry or double-tap dash cancel to do any combo damage. I have never been comfortable with parrying in any game. And the double-tap dash timing felt way too finicky on my Switch. Why can't dash/roll just be a button like in Vanillaware games?
I tried Sengoku 3, but the controls were way too confusing in the SNK arcade port menu. The button config doesn't let you directly map buttons to actions, you have to remember what each button on the arcade cabinet does and then map those button codes to your controller. And the manual doesn't help at all, because it has the same confusing setup, only telling you what the arcade buttons did. I shouldn't have to remember that my X button is actually A in the game, my Y is actually D, etc. I should just be able to map light attack/heavy attack etc to MY controller. I feel like I coulda liked this with a better button setup, but it was fucking impossible to figure that out. Maybe I am just too fucking stupid to operate a menu.
The Capcom Beat-Em-Up bundle was a mixed bag. I liked Knights of the Round, Armored Warriors, and Battle Circuit. The others were obnoxious quarter-munchers. The Sega Classics Collection was also a mixed bag. I liked Streets of Rage 1&2. I hated SOR3 because of the obnoxious gimmick stages, and tendency to spam bosses that spend 99% of the battle flipping away from you. I didn't like the gamefeel of the Golden Axe series, either. The attacks felt too mashy and disjointed from the enemies taking damage.
I tried Mononoke Slashdown and had to quit because of all the escort missions. Controls were good, but I do not appreciate losing because an NPC got instakilled by an enemy off-screen.
I liked most of Ninja Saviors. But the final boss has a really obnoxious gimmick that murders any desire to replay. And hard mode feels more frustrating than fun without a co-op partner.
I wanted to play Guardian Heroes, but Saturn emulation gives me a headache. It's too complicated for me, and my tablet can't handle it. And Advance Guardian Heroes requires frequent parrying, which I can't do to save my life.
I want to play Scott Pilgrim, but that feels like it's ages away.
I have a Switch, PS4, Vita, and 3DS. My tablet can emulate PSP and below. I also have a Windows 7 laptop, but I would prefer not to play on that if at all humanly possible. What are some games I could try that I haven't already played?
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2020.10.17 12:03 remote-enthusiast Collection of 69 remote jobs from various job boards

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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2020.10.12 21:32 glimmeronfire Strange email from “FidelityLife” that ends in a while dump of random gibberish

I’m sorry this is so long but I copied and pasted everything in the email onto here. I got an email from FidelityLife but the address is actually “[email protected] boyhip. net” and was sent to me at “[myemail]” but I use gmail so I’m not sure how this even got to me. If anybody has some insight as to what happened, why all that gibberish is there, what it might mean, or how it got to me, I’d really appreciate it. Again, sorry for the long post. Thank you. Edited to add: A lot of the random stuff below was in different font sizes, underlines, strikethroughs, links, and languages. Obviously the formatting didn’t stay the same when I copied it. It’s so strange.
$1 million in Life Insurance Coverage 3778359 ----Rf;sklh;aeq 403 ERROR
The request could not be satisfied.
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Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront) Request ID: aHl94ZEl8vwL49MNoAXaXgf_Zds6FyMb0u7q8OkFoDYY2iKU3G2Y7w== ----db;rxvg;egj ----VRdwgT47;NSUlJs;gJiUZs;LGNbQI ----GZDAy9k9;xidwFi You have made the following changes to your Texas Education Agency subscriptions:
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----MY;vuvi;qyh Acerca de Leyendas legendarias Bienvenidos a Leyendas Legendarias, un podcast de comedia donde cada semana exploraremos casos de crimen real, fenómenos paranormales o eventos históricos tan peculiares, notorios y fantásticos que se ganaron el título de Leyendas Legendarias. José Antonio Badía investiga y relata historias de fenómenos paranormales, crimen real, eventos históricos, asesinos en serie y más, con su característico sentido del humor absurdo e inusual. Su compañero, Eduardo Espinosa se encarga de aportar una saludable dosis de sarcasmo a los relatos de Badía y junto a un invitado que cambia cada semana, alcanzan la mezcla perfecta de comedia y terror que tanto ha resonado en los corazones de los mexicanos. Leyendas Legendarias se produce en Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua y sale todos los miércoles a las 6 AM (hora centro). Se puede reproducir en cualquier aplicación de podcasts y en YouTube.
Palabra de Beelzebub Episodios Nuevos episodios todos los miércoles Episodio 84
La Orden del Templo Solar Hay cultos que se vuelven mediáticos durante su creación y desarrollo, pero la Orden del Templo Solar no entró al ojo público hasta después de los hallazgos macabros de cadáveres calcinados que en vida fueron miembros de la orden.
Ver episodio
Episodio 83 El Proyecto Blue Book
Allen Hynek encabezó el proyecto Blue Book, que fue financiado por la fuerza aérea estadounidense con la intención de investigar el fenómeno OVNI. Ver episodio Episodio 82
La Bestia de Gévaudan Una bestia devoradora de hombres aterrorizó el sur de Francia, con más de 200 ataques y 100 muertes, los pobladores se pusieron en alerta e incluso recibieron ayuda de la corona francesa para capturar a la bestia.
Episodio 81 Santa Anna El 15 Uñas
Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrón, es recordado en parte por tener un nombre largo, pero mayormente por perder varias batallas, muchísimo territorio y una pierna.
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---Ay;dgwl;qfr Dear Prospective Ed.D., Higher Education Strand Applicant: We are very pleased that you are interested in the Higher Education Strand of CCSU’s Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership, designed for current higher education professionals who aspire to leadership positions on college or university campuses. We look forward to receiving your application. As you complete your application, keep in mind the following admission criteria: 1. Master’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education in a discipline or professional field that is relevant to the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. 2. A 3.00 or higher cumulative average (GPA) in all graduate coursework. 3. Two or more letters of reference from leaders in postsecondary education familiar with your work. Ask your references to use the form on the next page. 4. Résumé that illustrates important work-related experiences with an emphasis on yo ur work as a leader at postsecondary institutions of higher education. 5. Acceptable scores on the General Test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) taken within five years of your application. 6. A personal statement covering six important topics: • Career goals • Intended area of individual specialization • Reasons for pursuing a doctorate • Commitment to residency requirements (one three-day weekend in the first spring semester, one full week each of the first, second, and third summer sessions) • Commitment to enrolling in two cohort courses each spring and fall semester • Commitment to summer enrollment during each 8-week summer session 7. If selected as a finalist, a satisfactory interview with the admissions committee. We accept new students in alternate years only. Applications are due by October 1, 2017. Admission standards are rigorous, and not everyone who meets our standards wil l be accepted. Please note that the admission process calls for submission of materials to two locations. The last page of this packet is a checklist of the various steps. Submit your Graduate Application and $50 application fee online. Transcripts from every college you have attended as an undergraduate and graduate student should be submitted to Graduate Admissions in 102 Barnard Hall. In addition you must send the following materials directly to the Ed.D. Program (attention Rouzan Kheranian) in 320 Barnard Hall: 1. Two letters of recommendation from educational leaders. Use the Reference Form (page 2 of this packet). 2. Your personal statement attached to the form on page 3 of this packet. 3. Your résumé. 4. Your GRE scores. When requesting that scores be sent, use GRE reporting code 3143 to assure that the Ed.D. office receives your scores. Cordially, Peter F. Troiano, Ph.D. Ed.D. Program Direct or, Higher Education Strand
----ff;kuog;jqd ----Mn;grpi;pxy ----IU;fueu;ele
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2020.10.04 02:00 Dungeon_Dice JoJo's Bizarre OC Tournament #5: Round 2 Match 6 Effie and Jenny Versus ???

The results are in for Match 4.
A certain member of the audience, however, wasn’t terribly paying attention to what might come of this battle, of swordsmen and ecoterrorists throwing down for public amusement, of the awe of the crowds as certain death-defying stunts and spectacles they had never seen with the naked eye before came true before their eyes, just as had come about on TV.
The viewer thought little about the way the crowd cheered, or how a scarred young man seemed to be rooting particularly for the clown breeder on one side, even as they seemed to be brought to the backfoot.
What they noticed about this, however, only further confirmed their suspicions, the things which had kept them standing here watching this travesty, this waste of time. Despite how it looked, how clean this seemed, light on blood, there was no way in hell that burning wounds like those would look nearly so clean on people. Guy and Arthur had to be hurting deeply, even if they kept going, kept pressing.
Which meant that the disappearing Cairo Satori act at the start was even more certainly an illusion. Ugh, after all this setup of sonic devices, all this planning, all this watching, there was a chance that Cairo wasn’t even really here, huh? Of course, spineless and fake, unwilling to stand before a crowd when there were, in fact, people who knew better than to get swept up in this malarkey.
They quickly texted their accomplice, burner-to-burner, a coded message, seemingly innocuous and yet, in true intent, clear. The plan was off.
Aw, are you sure?
Before, all these people would have just been potential collateral, complicit in this in the first place so an acceptable loss, a potent warning. Following through now, though, when Cairo could be in goddamn Red Clay for all the reluctant watcher knew? They still had some standards, and wouldn’t just cut people down for nothing.
You may have given us the slip this round, Cairo… They thought, then, as they turned around to leave, walking away casually, crushing a remote in their hand. But this isn’t over. You’ll answer for everything you’ve done, everything you are, and everything you’ve guided people to.
They didn’t bother looking, then, as the faux-Cairo returned, not aware of any metaphysical idea of ‘scores of 79 to 67,’ but still calling out all the same:
“The winners are Arthur and Guy, of the Suburban Regalia!”
Category Winner Point Totals Comments
Popularity Suburban Regalia 18-12 Votes were close for much of the match’s run, but in the end Wood Team pulled two votes ahead.
Quality Tie 24- 24 Reasoning
JoJolity Suburban Regalia 27 - 21 Reasoning
Conduct The Audience 10-10
Caroline had apparently sanitized the match somewhat, the public not seeming to notice some of the more grotesque ways in which all four participants were battered, burnt, bruised, and bleeding. Arthur had nearly died once in what was honestly a worse wreck than this, but Guy was lucky that his body was so regenerative or else he might not have taken it.
“Despite the showmanship, that was… That was a real, raw fight, unlike anything where I had worked before.” Arthur remarked, breath short as he and Guy were led backstage, several identical-looking boyfriends of some clothing store employees carrying Medea and Rob to sooner medical attention; being beaten harder, they needed it first, after all. “To think I had believed myself a true warrior from that alone once… Yet now, I feel more prepared than ever, I think.”
“Yeah, in the real deep of it, you learn quick or you die,” Guy answered plainly, nonetheless feeling proud at overcoming such obstacles. “Though I guess we wouldn’t die here, uh… You get my point.”
“I do!”
Of course, led to a backroom, they were all too happy to find seats to collapse into as they awaited the graciously-hired doctor, well aware that she would likely only be a few minutes at most with the others from hearsay. In the room they entered, a young man in a purple aviator hat, goggles, and generally fashionable, was speaking pensively on the phone with somebody, Cairo seated nearby, cross-legged. The conversation wasn’t stopped at all by their approach.
“I’m afraid they’ve gotten away, whoever it was…” The Purple kid tensed, then, adding, “I know, Dollars, this isn’t ideal, but! There’s a but, bear with us here! Cairo was in the thick of it themselves, and found several of the sonic machines they’d set up and abandoned… Clearly, they’d realized that their nefarious intentions would have been for naught, but if this is what they think they are… Tel Mr. Lloyd to be ready to study with ‘To Make Believe,’ yes?” He looked sadder, a moment, adding, “you don’t have to tell him it’s me who asked. Just make sure he knows.”
“Whoever it was, they were really gonna try and take me out live onstage, huh?” Cairo asked, tilting their head back and looking up at the ceiling. “If we didn’t have Caroline, I swear…” For once, then, they looked seriously displeased. “I kinda wish I could’ve tracked them down with a bat, but…” They shook their head. “Not in the middle of the mall…” They looked towards Guy and Arthur, then. “Hey, bangup job out there! Everyone did really well today, you guys included.”
At that, Purple and Cairo excused themselves to quietly go elsewhere, and as they went through the doorway, Caroline Jeffords was standing there, giving them a professional-looking smile.
“What was that about?” Arthur asked. “Did you guys… Go through with this event, even knowing there was some serious safety risk like that?”
“More likely they were sure they could handle it,” Guy answered with a shrug, then wincing as shrugging hurt. “Maybe overconfident, maybe not… I dunno.”
“I assure you, we had the situation under control!” Caroline said happily, before moving to take a seat herself. “Anyway, though, I still remember my promise… You still wanted to grill me a bit, right? Let’s have a nice little chat.”
If you have the time, why not check out a subterfuge-laden brawl between two fighters trying to keep up the appearances of working as waiters at a restaurant?
Location: In an unmarked van somewhere in the Agriculture District
The mood in the back of this armored vehicle was a tense one, every bump in the road and shift in people’s uncomfortable posture seeming like it might be the final push, causing the people within it to come to blows.
Effie Linder glanced to the driver, a weirdly young guy in a blue aviator cap trying to focus on the road, and then to the sour face of a blond lady across from her. She saw no reason to trust either of them.
Jenny Kidd didn’t know how she felt about being given a partner. For all she knew, this girl sitting across from her was here to make sure she didn’t back out on this. Jenny scanned the tomboy over, meaning to do so quietly, but her attitude and her mouth won out. “Just who the fuck are you anyways?”
“Excuse me?” Effie narrowed her eyes at Jenny, “What, am I not good enough for your approval or something?” Effie stretched her arms out in frustration. “Seriously, what’s the problem?”
Jenny was a bit taken aback before verbally retaliating, “I thought this was going to be some whole fucking ordeal, but instead I wind up thrown together with some kid with a slingshot. What are you here for, to pelt people with rocks?” Jenny, with her own reasons to be frustrated by this, let loose some of her anger at the whole situation at Effie.
Effie scowled and pointed at Jenny, “I could say the same about you! Here just to complain people’s ears off? Just to boss me around?” Effie placed her hands behind her head and crossed her legs. “I am not putting up with that no matter how much you threaten me, so shut up and I can leave as soon as we are done!”
“Me threatening you?!” Jenny exploded in exaserbation, “Fuck you, you’re the ones who are blackmailing me!”
“What are you on about now?! You’ve been the ones strongarming my boss into agreeing to do this!” Effie retorted.
“If you don’t quiet down I am turning this van around,” the blue-clad driver said, goggle-covered eyes peering at them in the rear-view mirror. “…just a little joke. A funny. A ‘haha,’ if you will. I’ll just find a bumpier and faster route.”
Silence hung in the room as the realization dawned on both of them and the tension slowly faded.
Jenny was the first to speak, “We...we’re in a similar situation here, huh?” Jenny averted her gaze and looked sideways.
Effie uncrossed her legs and put her hands down, “I guess we are, huh?”
While they were both relieved, that didn’t make the situation they found themselves in that much better.
Well, Effie thought, she might as well extend the olive branch. “I don’t even know why I keep doing this for her… These are her problems, not mine, so why do I keep getting thrown at them?”
The Slums - The Elephant Bones, several days prior
It was just another day at Elephant Bones, most of the initial influx of people that came due to their appearance at the Food Festival had died down to a trickle. This was likely due to how out of the way and hazardous the place was, so those people seemed to settle for deliveries rather than dining-in. Not that Fira minded, of course, the quieter business was, the less disruptions would be made.
However, today was special. While on a delivery route, Zebra had spotted a long Ugo McBasie strolling through the streets of the slums directly towards the restaurant. London and Byte had managed to get a piano perched on top of the building and Glitch had been waiting up there all day with [Vida Loca] itching to drop it on him. Very few things made Fira smile, but this just might get close. A stripe under the door sent Zebra flying in, a trademark smirk on his face, “Give it 5”.
With that simple statement, Fira took a seat at the bar and poured herself something nice before going over some expense reports. It only took a few more minutes before the familiar sound of a piano dropping off the roof of The Elephant Bones crashed through the restaurant. A few seconds of satisfaction hung in Fira’s mind before the sound of the door bell shocked her out of it. An entirely unhurt Ugo stood there, brushing keys off of his shoulders as he surveyed the room before smiling at and then selecting a table. “Cute, but not what I’m here for.”
Fira stared at the familiar helmeted individual. It was hard to tell the extent of the damage, but he did look at least slightly worse for wear, though whatever damage he had taken had only been a temporary setback, as he sat in front of her completely unphased by the large musical instrument he had just dropped on him. “Come on boss, I don't have all day.”
Fira walked up to him, doing her best to burn a hole in the bastard's head with the intense anger of her stare alone, “What do you want.”
“Come on, don’t be like that,” Ugo flashed a wry grin, “I just needed to ask you and your companions for a few favors.”
Fira crossed her arms in bored defiance.
Ugo chuckled, “Listen, I know what you’re thinking. ‘So what’s in it for you?’ Well for starters, I won’t get your restaurant shut down for operating without a…”
“Taken care of, got a lawyer for that too.” Fira shut down Ugo before he could continue, she was slightly annoyed this has happened twice now.
Ugo muttered under his breath, “Goddamn it James,” before he looked back up laughing. “You didn’t seriously think that was my actual threat though, did you?”
Fira continued to stare Ugo down. He had an air about him that seemed to indicate that he was about to try and knock her down, and she had the feeling that if she gave even an inch, he would win out.
Ugo stood up, grabbing the shotgun-leg of the table he had seen as he scanned the restaurant and ripped it off as he stood. As he spun it in his hand he aimed it up at the rough area where the piano had fallen from and unloaded both barrels into the ceiling. As the sound or Glitch’s scrambling footsteps patted across the roof and drywall chunks rained down on Fira.
Ugo smiled in a crooked way, “Looks like we have a loaded and unregistered firearm. That, along with a still valid warrant from the late Councilman March, and I can clean this place out, split up your little family, and even have some of your loved ones brought to our fine city from outside to answer a few questions. We don't want that, yeah?”
Ugo’s face burst into a wide, smug smile before tossing the gun on the floor in front of Fira and crossing his arms. “Cool, then call me by noon tomorrow”.
A tense silence hung over the room as Ugo dusted himself off, tossing a business card on the table and leaving the restaurant.
Once he was out Fira picked up and looked at the card, crumpling it in her furious grip. She swore she’d get back at him for this, but the safety of her staff would have to come first. She wasn’t a lawyer, and that guy Effie worked with before was apparently really unreliable, so she didn’t know how much truth there was to all he’d said, but given what had just become of Jo’s Sushi, she couldn’t really risk calling any bluffs here even if he was bullshitting.
For now she had to bide her time. As she did so, she turned towards someone who had been sitting in the corner of the room, having little presence as she tried to thumb through some Kropotkin. “Hey, Effie.”
She’d heard and seen every second of this, and had been moments away from bailing, already expecting this. “Seriously?”
“Your boss just pushed this on you?” Jenny asked, quietly. “That bites, seriously. All the differences I have with mine, she’d never screw me like that.”
“If you say so,” Effie answered, doubtful, “a boss is a boss, chummy or not. She’s not your friend.”
“I didn’t say we were friends,” Jenny answered, “just that she’s not some callous monster. She’s the kind of person who thinks she’s everyone’s mom…” With particular bitterness, she continued with a clenched fist, “can’t stand that attitude, honestly.”
Shopping District - Bad Apple Breakroom, several days prior
Jenny had just gotten back from a busy lunch rush to take a quick break, but as she sat down she felt something in her back pocket that definitely wasn’t there before. She reached in and pulled out a partially crumpled up letter and her face went pale as she read.
“To ‘Kristy’, Ms. Jenny Kidd: We know who you are, we know your criminal history. If you want to keep your secret you will have to do something for us. Call the number on the back of this card by tomorrow noon or else we will reveal your true identity to the city.”
Gabanna walked into the break room with an already lit cigarette in her mouth as she leaned against the side wall. She looked over to the distressed Jenny, “You ok there, sweetie? You’re looking a bit pale.” Gabanna decided not to bring up the letter Jenny was clutching just yet.
Jenny shook her head, thoughts raced in her mind. Jenny resolved herself to handle this alone. “Nothing’s wrong!” she stated loudly, she tried to convince herself of the fact much more than she tried to convince Gabanna. She slammed the note onto the table face down.
Gabanna quickly glanced over and saw part of a phone number written on the back of the note. Gabbana sighed and put out her cigarette, “Listen, do not be afraid to call me or anybody else here to help you with whatever problem this is. You can trust us with whatever you need.”
Jenny shook her head again, “No I’ll handle this alone. I might have to take a few days off.”
Back to the Present
“Wait, but…” Effie blinked. “Los Fortuna’s not gonna chew you up and spit you out for being an ex-con or whatever. I mean, you see that Jesse guy all over the place and apparently he doesn’t hide what he’s done. They’ve got nothing on you that’ll hurt you, especially if you’ve got a support system.”
“It won’t hurt me,” Jenny agreed, before looking out the window, seeing herself in its reflection. “But I’m kinda supposed to be dead right now, and… There’s people that… I just think would be better off if it stayed that way.”
Someone faking her death, too? Jesus, I am just having a repeat day.
The van stopped and the driver turned back to them, “We’re here. You two are to find Ernie Ford and then grab the notebook he always has on him.”
“You brought us here and threatened us to steal a fucking notebook!?” Jenny interrupted before he could continue.
Effie crossed her arms, “It isn’t that easy, is it? I mean, you look tough yourself, and have this armored van, but you’re asking two girls to?”
“I was getting to that.” The driver took a breath, slightly annoyed from being interrupted, “Ernie is the strongest person in the Agriculture District… Arguably one of the most in the entire city, but don’t tell Ugo I said that. It’s very funny when he hears it being said, but I also prefer it when my limbs and my brain remain functional.”
“How come I’ve barely ever heard of him then?” Jenny quipped back at him. She vaguely remembered hearing about him from Ryuga, enough to know Ernie and their current ‘employer’ didn’t have a good relationship with each other.
“He’s busy.” The driver shrugged, “Look, take my word for it or don’t, do not underestimate him. A whole bunch of us tried to fight him in a van just like this a few months back and… Have you ever seen a victim win a drive-by?”
Effie and Jenny were silent, thinking about that before seeing a building (a bar, apparently) in the slight distance. With that, and the urging of the Blue Kid, the two of them left the van and he drove off.
“Maybe we could give them a fake book and call it a day,” Jenny suggested out loud, “I mean, fuck these guys, right?”
“That’s tempting, but how do we know it would work? We haven’t even seen what the notebook looks like,” Effie was partial to the idea, but if they got it wrong they would be in even more trouble than they started with.
Jenny sighed, “Which means we need more information don’t we. One way or another, we’re doing this.”
Effie nodded, “And they only gave us one lead…”
Ernie Ford was busy measuring the doorframe of Walker Ranger’s bar when a truck came up, and a novelty honk, bearing the sound of four distinct notes, made entirely clear who had arrived again.
“Afternoon, Ernie! Picked up that stuff you wanted.” Yep, Ernie figured, and that low, soothing voice confirmed it. Matilda York stepped out of the truck with a clipboard, walking over to him slowly, “for formality reasons, gonna need you to sign this, you know how it goes.”
As Ernie went to sign the clipboard, he looked up again, seeing someone step out of the passenger seat as well: much shorter, and rounder, the other person had black hair worn in a translucent pink headscarf, her typically formal attire swapped out for a leather jacket, pants, gloves, and an old-looking t-shirt. “Hey, Ernie,” she said, casually, stepping out and looking around the lot. “Sorry I couldn’t make it sooner. Had midterms to grade and a protest to organize. Jeez, they did a number on this place… I swear, it baffles me that Ugo hasn’t been fired, or court-martialed, or something.”
“Barret, probably,” Ernie answered, scoffing, “and half of city hall in his boss’ pocket. I dunno how you stand working out there, Venus.”
“It’s where I’m needed,” Venus York answered, looking between the others present, “but I’m needed here now.”
“It’s like a big huge get-together! We may even have a future again!”
“Don’t push your luck,” Venus sighed at the eagerness, clearly trying not to be flustered. “We’re here to help you get this place fixed up quick, conditionally.”
He cocked an eyebrow, then, making a questioning sound.
“That you’ll take a break after all of this,” she said, leaning into a wall, “give yourself a moment to rest instead of shifting between beating people back and fixing their mistakes.”
Ernie shook his head. “I still got more work to get done today.”
Matilda placed her hands on her hips, “Reeeally now? Well then, mind telling me what was up next today?”
Ernie tugged on his collar, “I was uh, going to check on the hangar…”
“You already finished up the hangar a few days ago.” Matilda chided, “nothin’ gets past the bagboy there, and I just recently saw the thing myself when I was out there.”
“Well…” Ernie looked away. “I was also going to check up with Sheriff East. You know how often he needs something done around here.”
“Come on now.” Venus shook her head, while her ex-wife patted him squarely on the shoulder and looked him over. “You know if he really needed something only you could deal with, he would call you. If you just run off to him on your own, he’ll just make something up to save face for both of you. Remember ‘06?”
“I dunno, do you remember going by a number?” Ernie grumbled.
“I-I was like sixteen, give me a break!” The shorter York divorcee exclaimed, looking away with embarrassment herself.
“Hey, Ernie, you’re the weirdo in the room for usin’ one full name your whole life,” Matilda teased then.
York looked up again, clearing her throat and continuing, “a lot of time has passed, yes. Now we’re all pushing fifty, and this is advice I need to tell teenagers in my classes. I know the urge, trust me, and I might not be as in-shape as you two anymore, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to let your body rest instead of staying awake for months on end.”
Matilda nodded. “Just take the day off, not looking for work or doing random check-ups around the District. I want you to head straight home, otherwise I won’t be bringing you materials for the rest of the month… I can’t keep facilitating all this not taking care of yourself! If you keel over or something ‘cuz you finally found your limit, it’ll be on all our consciences, and you’ll have inconvenienced everyone way worse!”
Ernie grumbled, looking momentarily to his notebook on a repaired table, before sighing. “Alright, fine, I’ll finish up here and go home.”
“With how much you’ve done, the two of us can cover the rest,” Venus said, “just help us unload and the rest shouldn’t be a problem.” As she spoke, Matilda moved to the back of the truck to open the door. Venus followed her out, cocking her head suspiciously towards something, before dismissing the thoughts.
“Shit, that was close…” Jenny sighed, ducked with Effie under the wall of the rooftop. She’d had a couple of clones planted around, and the short professor had come so very close to noticing the one within the building.
Peering back up, Effie and Jenny saw Ernie come out of the back of a truck holding a full sized table.
“There he is,” Effie said, “let’s just get this done with so we can leave.”
“Wait.” Jenny pointed to Ernie, moving the table through trying to squeeze it past the door. They both saw something strange. In an instant, both Ernie and the table were inside the bar. It was no trick, he had gone from squeezing the table through the door to past the door without any trouble.
“He’s a Stand user, huh?” Effie whispered, unsurprised by this. “Good catch…”
“Would bet the others are too,” Jenny said, “I mean… Matilda looks like she’s pretty jacked, but you saw that ‘Venus,’ there. What could she have to offer that she could totally take over cleanup for ‘the strongest man in the district?’” She spoke from experience, there; she could multiply herself, making her the most suited laborer on her team, after all.
The two of them watched as this continued, both of them quickly saw that there wasn’t going to be any quick opening where they could grab his notebook and get out, especially with the others present.
After a few minutes, Ernie came out with a door and pressed it to the doorframe. Effie and Jenny watched intently, scouting what they would be up against. A blur came up from Ernie’s shoulder, just as quickly as it came in it receded and the door was now screwed onto the frame.
With that all finished, Ernie started to walk away, with Effie and Jenny tailing him. The latter would grow many things to assure they weren’t followed in turn.
An hour later, down a forest trail
A log cabin was in the distance, Effie and Jenny couldn’t believe their luck as they found Ernie going to a secluded area where they could take the book without needing to worry about other people getting in the way.
Ernie felt the pairs of eyes watching him, occasionally he stopped to look over his shoulder, but every time he checked he saw nothing. Even though Matilda told him to take the day off, his mind refused to rest. “Who’s back there!” Ernie called out, “If Matilda put you up to this, I get it already! I’m going home literally right now!”
No response. Jenny and Effie were being as careful as they could, with how Ernie kept looking back it was difficult to gain any distance on him.
Ernie grumbled, pressing himself against a tree. In an instant he was gone again.
No, wait, he was… climbing on the tree? Jenny looked up to see Ernie in the trees, and they briefly met eye contact before he disappeared again.
Effie and Jenny looked around, Ernie was nowhere in sight. They looked around for a good minute with no sign of him. Then a hand clapped them both on the shoulders.
“You’re not from around here, are you? Then she wouldn’t send you for a courtesy call…”They both looked to see the face of Ernie Ford looking back at them, and looking him over, they realized it; their goal was so close in sight, yet a single misstep could cost them. “Now, I’m giving you one warning, leave.”
Jenny and Effie looked to each other and took what could be their best chance. They both jumped to tackle Ernie with their Stands active, only for them to find themselves in a bush behind Ernie.
He didn’t dodge point blank, no, more accurately they were the ones that were teleported. “I don’t like using my Stand that often, only where it makes sense to.” Ernie interrupted their train of thought.
Then pieces of information clicked together, “You have to grab something to teleport it or yourself, don’t you.” Effie grinned picking herself off the ground, her educated guess couldn’t be too far off.
Jenny stood up as well, “You only have a short range, that’s why you took so long and had to hide to approach us. You must be confident in what you can do to pull a fucking stunt like that.”
Ernie just started walking away, “Even if you know all of that, that still doesn’t mean you can beat me in a fight, nor does that make me want a fight.” Ernie acknowledged what all they said was true, but he kept walking, somewhat lost in thought.
“Get the fuck back here. We can’t afford to go back empty handed.” Jenny said as they readied themselves.
Effie nodded, “Well stealth isn’t on the table anymore,” loading up her slingshot. While she didn’t want to do this, Fira made it clear how important this mission was.
Ernie stopped in the middle of the clearing as he reached an epiphany. “My words never work, do they? It doesn’t matter what I say… these things will still happen. Whatever it is you have to achieve, whatever motive you have, whatever you have to prove, I’m gonna be stuck being the guy fixing up whatever comes of it.” Ernie thought back to his previous encounters with Stand users, “All of you are the same in the end, Stand users that pick fights for their own melodramatic reasons, it’s not will power, it’s pride, it’s arrogance. Willpower is shown when stopping unnecessary conflict. It’s doing the hard things in life to help those around you.”
Ernie turned to face them, “I suppose gaining Stands makes it seem like they are the tool appropriate for solving all your problems, doesn’t it? A real golden hammer for all the nails in the world.”
Ernie spat out that last sentence arms crossed now, “Well, go on then. What exactly are you here for?” Ernie let his words ring out, tired that this whole thing looked to be happening in front of him again. It was the same scene he had seen throughout the District - no, scratch that, all of this Metro area - over the years, only this time he had to be a part of it.
Jenny and Effie hesitated for a bit, while neither of them wanted the book for themselves, a fight was inevitable unless they could convince Ernie to help them willingly.
Whether they had a plan or not, they didn’t have much time before Ernie started moving again. This had to end one way or another so it was time to…
(credit to magistelles for the image, both the hidden and unhidden version!)
A clearing where one of Ernie’s cabins are. The map here is 60 by 60 meters total with each tile being 5 by 5 meters. The ground is also covered in grass. Ernie starts in the middle while the players start in the bottom right as represented by their tokens.
The brown and orange rectangles are Ernie’s one room cabin and porch. The thing is made mostly out of logs with wooden boards forming the porch and flooring. Inside the cabin is a bed, a table, two chairs, two desks, a closet with clothes, and a blank notebook.
The green circles are 10 meter tall trees and the brown circles are wooden barrels filled with water.
Goal: For the players, get Ernie’s notebook before the hour mark! For Ernie, keep your notebook safe for an hour!
Additional Information:
For the players to win they must get Ernie’s notebook and leave the map through the South end before an hour passes. After the hour mark if the players are unable to complete their goal Sheriff West will arrive and they will be effectively jailed and Retired.
Ernie’s notebook is in his backpack and is shown on his inventory on his character sheet here
Boss Information: Included in this document (pastebin version here)
Team Combatant JoJolity
BADD GUYS and The Graveyard Shift Jenny Kidd and Effie Linder "I get it now, Fratellone Prosciutto! I understand your resolve, not through words, but through your spirit!" This man isn’t taking you seriously at all it seems. Prove yourself to Ernie Ford, show your general prowess and the lengths you are willing to go for your objective!
??? Ernie Ford “The closer you get to my 'Ozone Baby', the stronger the pressure's gonna get...” Your cabin is where you have to rest after this, any unnecessary damage should be kept to a minimum. Keep the players as far away from your cabin as you can!
Link to the Official Player Spreadsheet
Link to Match Schedule
As always, if you would like to interact with the tournament community and be among the first to get updates for the tournament, please feel free to PM a member of our Judge staff for an invite to our Official Discord Server!
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2020.09.26 02:59 Mrbrickjojo A review of Coldplay’s Everyday Life

Disclaimer: Before I start this review, I figured it was necessary for me to point out that I’m antsiest and any mention of God or bible passages bring up traumatic memories.
I bring this up not to look down on people, but to be totally transparent and say that this does have an impact on how I feel about some of the lyrical themes.
Okay, let’s be honest with ourselves. No matter what any of us thought of A Head Full Of Dreams, none of us expected this. If you’re gonna say you expected this, you are a liar, and Phil will be disappointed in you.
In the winter of 2015, Coldplay released the aforementioned A Head Full Of Dreams, an album that was sort of a ray of sunshine after the very sad and depressing Ghost Stories.
With that album, came the most successful tour of all time, and rumors that it was going to be the band’s last album. Those rumors were squashed in October when the band released ‘Orphans’ and ‘Arabesque.’
And holy hell, those singles were something else.
Not only were the singles completely different to any of the songs from the previous album, but they showed us a side of Coldplay we hadn’t seen since 2008.
On November 22, 2019 Coldplay released the album Everyday Life. With almost a year of listening under its belt, and with the realization that the world has gone to shit ever since this this album was released, how does it hold up?
Production: The team of producers for this album was Rik Simpson, Dan Green, Bill Rahko, Angel Lopez, Federico Vindver, and Max Martin.
Despite there being lots of hands on deck during the long process of making this album, this album doesn’t feel disjointed or anything like that, everything flows together perfectly. The acoustic moments, the gospel influences, and the classic Coldplay moments all mix together without issue making the album sound consistent. The only complaint I have is that wish Johnny’s guitar was louder in places.
Lyrically: The mission statement for this album seems to be that Coldplay wanted to make an album that lifted people’s spirits while at the same time bringing attention to the struggles of people all over the world. Both of these things are tackled with the maturity, wisdom, and most importantly, empathy.
The feel good moments come in the form of songs like the opener ‘Church’, a song about the love and the feeling of safety and happiness when you see your partner, ‘Old Friends’, a song about Chris reminiscing about a childhood friend who saved his life, and ‘Cry Cry Cry’, a song about an old couple in their twilight years.
The moments where the band is bringing attention to world issues are in songs like ‘Guns’, a song about America’s love for guns, ‘Trouble In Town’, a song about police brutality against minorities, and ‘Orphans’, which talks about the story about a girl and her father who are now refugees.
Everything talked about, whether it be the tragic moments like ‘Daddy’ or ‘Champion Of The World’ or the hope filled title track, the album hits hard.
The only time the lyrics don’t work for me is ‘Children Of Adam’ where the religious text is a bit much.
Musically: Like I said in the beginning, the lead singles had people thinking back to Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends. Some were predicting that this album would be a return to that style. So is it? Uh........kinda. It’s more of a mix of Viva La Vida..., Parachutes, a little bit of A Rush Of Blood To The Head, and a little bit more.
In contrast to the poppier A Head Full Of Dreams, Everyday Life is a lot more diverse in its instrumentation and it’s hard to narrow it down to one specific genre or era in Coldplay’s career. This thing takes a few left turns that no one really expects.
For starters, there are straight up gospel and blues style tracks on here, and they’re pulled off pretty well. None of them overstay their welcome, and they are very affective. You feel every motion they want you to feel.
There’s also a surprising amount of acoustic songs on this record, four in total. They are very well done though (aside from maybe WOTW/POTO), and the bare bones instrumentation fits the tone of the songs. Hell, Guns is my favorite on the album because of this.
Even with unexpected musical styles of this album, every member of the band gets to show off their talents.
Thanks to Chris’ fantastic vocal performance, all the songs are given the conviction they need to really push forward the message the songs have behind them. Johnny has great guitar parts throughout the album, and Guy and Will absolutely rule on the rhythm section.
This album is an odd and diverse little album, but like I said, everything comes together perfectly and it all feels natural.
My thoughts on this album as a whole: It’s been a while since I’ve seen a move as ballsy as this. To go from your most commercial sounding album to something reminiscent of your older sound is a really bold move, Coldplay pulled it off really well.
This album is a sincere, well meaning and heartfelt record that anyone should be able to appreciate.
2019 was a terrible year for me. My mental health was declining and I came close to ending it all, but this album, good lord it hit the spot.
Now, almost a year later, when the world is now just as fucked up as I am, this album feels even more comforting.
Another great record by our boys.
——————Album Stats:
Best Song(s): Guns, Orphans, and Arabesque.
Worst Song(s): Children of Adam and WOTW/POTP
Best Lyric: “Everyone’s gone so crazy, everybody but you, everyone’s gone fucking crazy, maybe I’m crazy to.”
Worst Lyric: N/A
Rank in Coldplay’s Discography: 4th Place.
Album Rating: 9.5
What did you think of this review? I welcome all criticism.
A Rush Of Blood To The Head Review:
Parachutes Review:
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2020.09.25 20:44 Britneyfan456 Which Actress had the best run in the 70s?

Best run in terms of anything
Ellen Burstyn: The Last Picture Show, The Exorcist, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Same Time, Next Year, The King of Marvin Gardens, Harry and Tonto, Tropic of Cancer, Alex in Wonderland, Harry and Tonto, A Dream of Passion, and Providence.
Diane Keaton: The Godfather 1 & 2, Annie Hall, Manhattan, Interiors, Sleepers, Lovers and Other Strangers, Play It Again, Sam, Love and Death, Looking for Mr. Goodbar, Harry and Walter Go to New York, and I Will, I Will... for Now.
Meryl Streep: Manhattan, The Deer Hunter, Julia, Kramer vs. Kramer, and The Seduction of Joe Tynan.
Shelley Duvall: Nashville, Annie Hall, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Brewster McCloud, Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson, 3 Women, and Thieves Like Us.
Bibi Andersson: La Rivale, Scenes from a Marriage, Chelovek s drugoy storony, The Touch, Story of a Woman, The Man from the Other Side, Afskedens time, Blondie, The Kremlin Letter, Twice a Woman, Quintet, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, L'Amour en question, Chelovek s drugoy storony, Barnförbjudet, An Enemy of the People, It's Raining on Santiago, and The Concorde ... Airport '79.
Karen Black: Nashville, Family Plot, Airport 1975, The Great Gatsby, The Day of the Locust, Trilogy of Terror, Burnt Offerings, A Gunfight, Cisco Pike, Drive, He Said, The Pyx, Little Laura and Big John, Law and Disorder, Rhinoceros, Crime and Passion, Killer Fish, The Last Word, Because He's My Friend, The Strange Possession of Mrs. Oliver, Mr. Horn, Capricorn One, and In Praise of Older Women.
Julie Christie: Shampoo, Nashville, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, The Go-Between, Don't Look Now, Demon Seed, and Heaven Can Wait.
Liv Ullmann: The Emigrants, Scenes from a Marriage, Face to Face, Pope Joan, Leonor, 40 Carats, Lost Horizon, Zandy's Bride, The Abdication, Trollflöjten, A Bridge Too Far, Players, Autumn Sonata, Fruen fra havet, The Serpent's Egg, The New Land, Cries and Whispers, Cold Sweat, and The Night Visitor.
Pam Grier: Coffy, Foxy Brown, Black Mama White Mama, The Big Bird Cage, Women in Cages, Friday Foster, The Arena, Scream Blacula Scream, Sheba, Baby, Bucktown, The Big Doll House, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, Cool Breeze, Hit Man, The Twilight People, Drum, Greased Lightning, and Twilight of Love.
Goldie Hawn: Shampoo, There's a Girl in My Soup, Foul Play, Butterflies Are Free, The Sugarland Express, Dollars, Lovers and Liars, The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox, and The Girl from Petrovka.
Romy Schneider: Ludwig, Death Watch, Mado, Group Portrait with a Lady, A Simple Story, Bloodline, Womanlight, A Woman at Her Window, Innocents with Dirty Hands, Le vieux fusil, That Most Important Thing: Love, Un amour de pluie, Qui?, My Lover, My Son, Bloomfield, La califfa, Max et les ferrailleurs, The Assassination of Trotsky, The Infernal Trio, César and Rosalie, The Train, and Love at the Top.
Faye Dunaway: Network, Chinatown, The Champ, Little Big Man, Puzzle of a Downfall Child, The Three Musketeers, The Four Musketeers, The Towering Inferno, Three Days of the Condor, Doc, Eyes of Laura Mars, and Voyage of the Damned.
Stéphane Audran: The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, Violette Nozière, Le Gagnant, Eagle's Wing, Les Liens de sang, The Twist, Silver Bears, The Devil's Advocate, Death of a Corrupt Man, Chi dice donna, dice donna, The Black Bird, Vincent, François, Paul... et les autres, Hay que matar a B., How to Do Well When You're a Jerk and a Crybaby, And Then There Were None, The Heart's Cry, Un meurtre est un meurtre, Wedding in Blood, Le Boucher, The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun, Sans mobile apparent, Aussi loin que l'amour, Just Before Nightfall, Children of Mata Hari, and The Breach.
Talia Shire: The Godfather 1 & 2, Rocky 1 & 2, Maxie, Gas-s-s-s, The Outside Man, The Dunwich Horror, Prophecy, and Old Boyfriends.
Ingrid Bergman: Autumn Sonata, Murder on the Orient Express, A Matter of Time, A Walk in the Spring Rain, Henri Langlois, and From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.
Madeline Kahn: What's Up, Doc?, High Anxiety, Young Frankenstein, Paper Moon, Blazing Saddles, The Cheap Detective, The Muppet Movie, Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood, at long last love, and The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother.
Marsha Mason: Cinderella Liberty, The Goodbye Girl, Chapter Two, Blume in Love, The Cheap Detective, Promises in the Dark, and Audrey Rose.
Monica Zetterlund: Stubby, The New Land, The Apple War, The Emigrants, and Guttersnipes.
Jane Fonda: Julia, Klute, Coming Home, A Doll's House, Steelyard Blues, Tout Va Bien, The Blue Bird, Fun with Dick and Jane, California Suite, Comes a Horseman, The China Syndrome, and The Electric Horseman.
Marisa Berenson: Cabaret, Death in Venice, Barry Lyndon, Killer Fish, Un modo di essere donna, and Some Like It Cool.
Geraldine Chaplin: Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson, Nashville, Welcome to L.A., Noroît, Elisa, vida mía, Mama Turns 100, Ana and the Wolves, Z.P.G., Innocent Bystanders, A House Without Boundaries, The Garden of Delights, The Hawaiians, Perched on a Tree, ¿...Y el prójimo, The Three Musketeers, The Four Musketeers, Yankee Dudler, Cría Cuervos, Scrim, Roseland, In Memoriam, Remember My Name, A Wedding, L'Adoption, The Widow of Montiel, Mais ou et donc Ornicar, One Page of Love, Blindfolded Eyes, and Marriage à la mode.
Gena Rowlands: A Woman Under the Influence, Opening Night, Minnie and Moskowitz, The Brink's Job, and Two-Minute Warning.
Eileen Brennan: The Cheap Detective, The Last Picture Show, The Sting, Scarecrow, Nourish the Beast, Daisy Miller, FM, Hustle, The Great Smokey Roadblock, My Old Man, When She Was Bad..., Murder by Death, and The Death of Richie.
Barbra Streisand: What's Up, Doc?, The Way We Were, A Star Is Born, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, The Owl and the Pussycat, Up the Sandbox, Funny Lady, For Pete's Sake, and The Main Event.
Shelley Winters: Next Stop, Greenwich Village, Pete's Dragon, Blume in Love, Revenge!, Flap, Bloody Mama, How Do I Love Thee?, What's the Matter with Helen?, Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?, Something to Hide, The Poseidon Adventure, The Stone Killer, Cleopatra Jones, Diamonds, La dahlia scarlatta, Journey into Fear, The Tenant, Poor Pretty Eddie, That Lucky Touch, Tentacles, Mimì Bluette... fiore del mio giardino, King of the Gypsies, An Average Little Man, Black Journal, The Magician of Lublin, The French Atlantic Affair, City on Fire, and The Visitor.
Isabelle Huppert: Violette Nozière, Rosebud, Going Places, The Lacemaker, Successive Slidings of Pleasure, The Bar at the Crossing, Faustine et le Bel Été, Aloïse, The Common Man, Serious as Pleasure, The Big Delirium, The Indians Are Still Far Away, Scénario de 'Sauve qui peut la vie, Return to the Beloved, The Brontë Sisters, Little Marcel, Spoiled Children, I Am Pierre Riviere, Docteur Françoise Gailland, The Judge and the Assassin, and L'Ampélopède.
Lee Grant: Shampoo, Voyage of the Damned, The Landlord, There Was a Crooked Man..., The Internecine Project, Airport '77, The Spell, The Mafu Cage, Damien: Omen II, and The Swarm.
Monica Vitti: Mimì Bluette... fiore del mio giardino, Ninì Tirabusciò: la donna che inventò la mossa, The Pizza Triangle, Le coppie, Teresa the Thief, La supertestimone, That's How We Women Are, The Pacifist, Duck in Orange Sauce, Polvere di stelle, Gli ordini sono ordini, The Phantom of Liberty, La Tosca, An Almost Perfect Affair, Amori miei, Tigers in Lipstick, Per vivere meglio, divertitevi con no, State Reasons, L'altra metà del cielo, The Immortal Bachelor, Blonde in Black Leather, and Basta che non si sappia in giro.
Carrie Fisher: Star Wars, Mr. Mike's Mondo Video, and Shampoo.
Cybill Shepherd: The Last Picture Show, Taxi Driver, Daisy Miller, The Heartbreak Kid, At Long Last Love, Aliens from Spaceship Earth, A Guide for the Married Woman, The Lady Vanishes, Americathon, Special Delivery, and Silver Bears.
Cloris Leachman: Young Frankenstein, The Muppet Movie, The Last Picture Show, WUSA, Lovers and Other Strangers, The Steagle, The People Next Door, Dillinger, High Anxiety, The North Avenue Irregulars, Crazy Mama, The Mouse and His Child, Scavenger Hunt, Charley and the Angel, and Happy Mother's Day, Love George.
Diane Ladd: Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Chinatown, WUSA, The Steagle, The Rebel Rousers, Embryo, and White Lightning.
Delphine Seyrig: Utkozben, Aloise, Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, The Last Word, India Song, Caro Michele, Son nom de Venise dans Calcutta désert, The Garden That Tilts, Baxter, Vera Baxter, Faces of Love, A Doll's House, The Day of the Jackal, The Heart's Cry, The Black Windmill, and Daughters of Darkness.
Tatum O'Neal: Paper Moon, The Bad News Bears, Nickelodeon, and International Velvet.
Jodie Foster: Taxi Driver, Napoleon and Samantha, Tom Sawyer, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Freaky Friday, The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, Candleshoe, Bugsy Malone, Kansas City Bomber, One Little Indian, Echoes of a Summer, Moi, fleur bleue, and Beach House.
Jill Clayburgh: An Unmarried Woman, La Luna, Starting Over, Griffin and Phoenix, The Telephone Book, Portnoy's Complaint, The Thief Who Came to Dinner, The Terminal Man, Silver Streak, Hustling, and Semi-Tough.
Sissy Spacek: Carrie, Badlands, Women in Revolt, Welcome to L.A., 3 Women, Prime Cut, and Ginger in the Morning.
Glenda Jackson: A Touch of Class, Women in Love, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Hedda, Elizabeth R, The Music Lovers, The Boy Friend, Mary, Queen of Scots, The Maids, The Devil Is a Woman, The Triple Echo, Bequest to the Nation, Stevie, Nasty Habits, The Incredible Sarah, The Class of Miss MacMichael, Lost and Found, House Calls, and The Romantic Englishwoman.
Vanessa Redgrave: Julia, Mary, Queen of Scots, Murder on the Orient Express, The Devils, Dropout, La vacanza, The Trojan Women, Agatha, Yanks, The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, Bear Island, and Out of Season.
Tuesday Weld: Looking for Mr. Goodbar, Play It as It Lays, A Question of Guilt, F. Scott Fitzgerald in Hollywood, Who'll Stop the Rain, A Safe Place, I Walk the Line, and Reflections of Murder.
Ann Margaret: Carnal Knowledge, The Cheap Detective, Tommy, The Train Robbers, RPM, C.C. and Company, The Outside Man, The Twist, Magic, The Villain, Joseph Andrews, and The Last Remake of Beau Geste.
Jane Alexander: Kramer vs. Kramer, All the President's Men, The Great White Hope, Eleanor and Franklin, A Gunfight, The Betsy, and The New Centurions.
Sally Kellerman: Brewster McCloud, MASH, Welcome to L.A., Brewster McCloud, Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Lost Horizon, The Mouse and His Child, Slither, A Little Romance, Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins, The Big Bus, and A Reflection of Fear.
Shirley MacLaine: Being There, Minnie and Moskowitz, The Turning Point, Two, Desperate Characters, The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir, and The Possession of Joel Delaney.
Mia Farrow: The Great Gatsby, A Wedding, Full Circle, Hurricane, Death on the Nile, Avalanche, See No Evil, Dr. Popaul, Follow Me!, Goodbye, Raggedy Ann, and Peter Pan.
Anne Bancroft: The Turning Point, The August, Lip Stick, Silent Movie, The Prisoner of Second Avenue, Urban Living: Funny and Formidable, The Hindenburg, Blazing Saddles, and Young Winston.
Liza Minnelli: Cabaret, A Matter of Time, Lucky Lady, New York, New York, Liza with a Z, Journey Back to Oz, and That's Entertainment!.
Raquel Welch: Kansas City Bomber, Myra Breckinridge, Hannie Caulder, The Three Musketeers, Fuzz, Sin, The Four Musketeers, Animal, Mother, Jugs & Speed, The Prince and the Pauper, Bluebeard, The Wild Party, and The Last of Sheila.
Louise Fletcher: The Cheap Detective, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Thieves Like Us, Exorcist II: The Heretic, The Magician of Lublin, The Lady in Red, Russian Roulette, and Natural Enemies.
Stockard Channing: The Cheap Detective, Grease, The Big Bus, The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, Sweet Revenge, The Fortune, The Lion Roars Again, The Hospital, and Up the Sandbox.
Maggie Smith: California Suite, Murder by Death, Travels with My Aunt, Love and Pain and the Whole Damn Thing, and Death on the Nile.
Lee Remick: The Blue Knight, The Omen, The Europeans, Telefon, The Medusa Touch, Touch Me Not, Loot, Hennessy, A Severed Head, A Delicate Balance, and Sometimes a Great Notion.
Susannah York: Images, That Lucky Touch, The Maids, Jane Eyre, Zee and Co., Conduct Unbecoming, Gold, Eliza Fraser, Superman, The Shout, The Silent Partner, Country Dance, Happy Birthday, Wanda June, Sky Riders, Fallen Angels, Long Shot, The Golden Gate Murders, The Golden Gate Murders, and A Month in the Country.
Cindy Williams: American Graffiti, The Conversation, Travels with My Aunt, Gas-s-s-s, Drive, He Said, The Killing Kind, Beware! The Blob, More American Graffiti, Mr. Ricco, and The First Nudie Musical.
Terri Garr: Young Frankenstein, The Conversation, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood, The Black Stallion, Oh, God, The Absent-Minded Waiter, and Mr. Mike's Mondo Video.
Claudia Cardinale: The Immortal Bachelor, Blonde in Black Leather, I guappi, Father of the Godfathers, A Girl in Australia, The Adventures of Gerard, L'udienza, One Russian Summer, The Legend of Frenchie King, Libera, My Love, Il comune senso del pudore, Jesus of Nazareth, In the Name of the Pope King, Il prefetto di ferro, L'arma, Goodbye & Amen, and Escape to Athena.
Sally Field: Norma Rae, The End, Heroes, Stay Hungry, Hooper, and Smokey and the Bandit.
Ali Macgraw: Love Story, Convoy, Players, and The Getaway.
Candice Bergen: Starting Over, Carnal Knowledge , Soldier Blue, The Wind and the Lion, The Domino Principle, Bite the Bullet, Getting Straight, 11 Harrowhouse, The Hunting Party, Oliver's Story, and A Night Full of Rain.
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2020.09.22 15:59 luigislowhand Consejos para buscar trabajo afuera (o tambien, aca)

Buenas Gente!
Bueno, viendo que todos están con ganas de irse, y para que no terminen siendo un meme, y de verdad puedan irse (o intenten), se me ocurrió buscar información sobre portales de empleo de distinto lugares, incluido Argentina, para los que busquen cambiar y no tengan la posibilidad de hacerlo afuera.
Estuve investigando y hablando con conocidos, y logre hacer una recopilación de distintos sitios donde pueden empezar a aplicar.
Algunas recomendaciones previas:
- LinkedIn: Ya lo conocen, mi recomendación siempre es tener un perfil lo más completo posible; completar la info sobre los proyectos/laburos que hicieron; para los developers, no olviden linkear su github, o portfolio. Por otro lado, está bueno seguir empresas para las que les interese trabajar; también conectarse con recruiters de estas empresas (o de cualquier empresa del rubro, para el caso), y no duden en mandarles invite, un mensajito de presentación o adjuntarles su CV. (1) Tampoco olviden de tener su perfil en otro(s) idioma(s). Linkedin te da la opción de tenerlo en distintos idiomas, sin tener que tener otro perfil. Esto sirve para cuando alguien que tiene su propio linkedin configurado en inglés y hace una búsqueda, le aparezca tu perfil.
- Sites de empresas: Casi todas las empresas, grandes o chicas, tienen su sección de "trabaja con nosotros" o Careers, donde postean directamente sus vacantes, o tienen un mail de contacto para que envíen sus datos.
Bolsa de trabajo de universidades: Tooodas hasta la mas pedorra tiene bolsa de trabajo para que puedan aplicar.
- Google: Google también funciona como un agregador / integrador de job posts. O sea, pueden buscar directamente en google y los lleva a las ofertas (buscando trabajo, los lleva a la sección de búsquedas)
- Grandes agencias: Manpower, Addecco, Randstat y sus subsidiarias de tecnología (ExperisIT, por ej) funcionan en todo el mundo, y siempre tienen puestos para todos los gustos. Obvio, trabajas para ellos, no para el cliente.
- VanHack: Muchos laburos en CA y Europa, con relocation. Postean directamente las empresas que estan dispuestas a llevarse a alguien.
- Remote OK: Portal con avisos para nómadas digitales. (3)
- Acuerdense de buscar por palabras tipo Remoto/e, Relo/Relocation, si es que buscan trabajo desde acá.

Portales: El portal funciona en todo latinoamerica. En general tiene muchas ofertas diarias. Es el portal hermano de ZonaJobs y UniversoBit. Originalmente estaban destinados a puestos diferentes, pero en definitiva, terminaron cayendo en las empresas poniendo los mismos posteos en los dos portales. En algunos países puede cambiar de nombre (Laborum, en Chile, por ej.) Similar a computrabajo. Funciona en casi todo el mundo. Se usa mucho en Canadá y EEUU, también en Europa.
Opcion Empleo / Career Jet: Otra web que funciona mucho en todo el mundo.
Glassdoor: No sirve solo para ver cuánto gana tu compañero, en varios países se lo usa como una buena opción para publicar búsquedas
SimplyHired: Otro portal que se usa mucho en Canadá, pero tiene versiones de varios países.

Bolsa Nacional de Empleos
Empleos EMol: El portal de trabajo del diario El Mercurio. Web que publica ofertas laborales del Estado de muchísimas áreas y de todo Chile, no sólo Santiago.
GetOnBoard: Empleos IT en Chile (5)

Banco Nacional de Empregos

OCC: aca esta el 90% de los avisos mexicanos que después se replican en otros portales.

Trabajo Gallito
Accion Trabajo
Smart Talent: para IT (4)

Monster; Ojo, al de EEUU, solo pude entrar con VPN Solo IT

Jobs In Canada:
Job Boom

InfoJobs: el mas usado por lejos
Monster.Es: la version española de Monster (tambien hay version DE, FR, IT, NL y UK)
TecnoEmpleo: para posiciones IT (2)

Le Bon Coin: con todo tipo de anuncios, incluso de laburo
Agence pour l’Emploi de Cadres
Annonces Emploi
Pole Emploi: Oficina publica de empleos

Total Jobs
The Guardian Jobs: Portal de The Guardian
Work In Startups

Xing: Red social tipo LinkedIn
Honeypot: Posiciones IT

Generazione Vincente
Human Gest
(estas 4 últimas son agencias que manejan mucha gente)

Working In Australia
Gumtree: Es un marketplace que tiene muchos avisos de empleo
Jora: tiene partners mundiales, pero tiene muchos avisos en AU y NZ.
(también existen Au Pair Australia y Find a Babysitter, por si a alguien le interesa, pero seguro son los menos, por lo menos aca en argentina)
(site con info y links)


Para cerrar, tienen la web y redes sociales de Yo me animo y vos, con mucha mas info para salir de este agujero del demonio hoyito del diablo.
También, no se olviden de visitar las webs de las embajadas y consulados para averiguar sobre programas de working holiday y visados especiales.
Espero les sirva!
Encontre la web de Expatistan en la que se puede comparar el costo de vida de diferentes lugares, y tiene algo mas de info para investigar.
Otra similar, es Numbeo (7) para comparar el costo de vida
Gracias por los awards :) :) :)
Info agregada, gracias a comentarios de otros users:
  1. gracias u/Parkrover
  2. gracias u/3mpanadas
  3. gracias u/__profesorcocoon
  4. gracias u/MateDrinker1
  5. gracias u/rcanepa
  6. gracias u/lionelum
  7. gracias u/marcosquilla
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2020.09.20 20:58 TinyOrder4214 New skill for brawlers/Nova habilidade para os brawlers

hello , I'm a big fan of the game and wanted you to see the new mechanica , it would be very cool to add a new skill of a brawler the so-called : UNNEAR
I thought of a button that you click and a menu appears that you click to assume an awakening of a specific brawler, so the person would be fulfilling specific missoes about that brawler for a week to gain his awakening, this ability works as many times as they have access per match, to be able to activate it need to stay for 1 minute with your super quardado
so a button will appear to exchange your super for the agrip with it already being able to use your agrip / the agrip ability can be picked up in any lv of the bralwer, just have it (brawler)
IDEAS I THOUGHT OF FOR BRAWLERS:Leon: Leon makes 2 clones with attack abilities/ these 2 clones have 65% of leon's current health and would give 40% of the damage that leon could give (these clones would function as partner bots, which instead of being like the gadget, they keep the original attacking and moving wherever it goes, or disabling defense mode, thus putting on attack, in this mode they worked like the gadget in which they proucuram the enemy)
Spike: spike gains the ability to lift perch from the ground for 30 seconds, according to the side the player swipes across the screen, each perch will give 800 damage, and stuns the enemy for 0.2 seconds
Sandy: sandy opens his eyes, and for 35 seconds gains a layer of sand around him, similar to the distance of the gadget from the eugenics, inside it he gains 200 healing for seconds and the 10% more damage
Crow: Crow gains the ability to glide for 15 seconds with incredible speed, for every place he passes he poisons enemies below him by giving 1100 damage and gening with poison of 350 damage for 3 seconds
Watsson: watsson grows increasing its size and being able to break map blocks with movement and its damage increases by 4% and loses 2% of speed/ watsson gains the ability to jump and glide like el primo by map
Sprout: sprout au au au au au open your helmet, so the carnivorous plant that has inside your helmet is on the outside, for 20 seconds/ so if someone gets within range of the plant, it would be something a little bigger than the emz gadget, takes a 950 damage attack and slows down for 0.4 seconds besides being thrown away by 1.5 block
Mortis : mortis throws 7 bats on the map in which it gives 250 damage each, they only advance on the same target, in addition to following and damage each attack of them heals 100 of life of the mortis, they can not be killed and last 20 seconds , has the speed a little lower than that of the head of the tick
Bea : bea launches her bees that serve as defense , the bees stay around her for 30 seconds reducing the damage by 70% and increasing the recharge of the same by 45% by having many around it
Carl : Carl activates the turbo, thus gaining 40% more speed and his cart puts a protection in front of him (appears a protection in his bumper) , so who gets too close will be hit is pushed, the trampling causes 750 damage , carl with this protection on the front wins 10% more defense
Pink: the damlight of the rose, rose souta a gas botanico where it passes , this gas buffa the attributes of the rose for 15 seconds

olá , eu sou um grande fã do jogo e queria que voces vissem a nova mecanica , seria muito legal em adicionar uma nova habilidade de uma brawler o chamado : DESPERTO
eu pensei em um botão em que voce clica e aparece um menu em que voce clica para assumir um despertar de um brawler especifico , assim a pessoa ficaria cumprindo missoes especificas sobre aquele brawler durante uma semana para ganhar seu despertar , essa habilidade funciona quantas vezes tiverem o acesso por partida , para poder ativar a mesma necessitase de ficar durante 1 minuto com seu super quardado
assim aparecera um botão para trocar seu super pelo desperto com isso ja podendo utilizar seu desperto/ a habilidade desperto pode ser pega em qualquer lv do bralwer , basta ter ele( brawler)
Leon: Leon faz 2 clones com habilidades de ataque/ esses 2 clones possuem 65% da vida atual do leon e dariam 40% do dano que o leon conseguiria dar( esses clones funcionariam como bots parceiros , que ao inves de ser como o gadget, ele ficam com o original atacando e se movimentando para onde o mesmo for , ou desabilitando o modo defesa , assim botando em ataque, nesse modo os mesmo funcionaram como o do gadget em que proucuram o inimigo)
Spike: spike ganha a capacidade de levantar caquitos do chão durante 30 segundos , de acordo com o lado que o jogador passe o dedo pela tela , cada caquito dara 800 de dano , e atordoara o inimigo por 0,2 segundos
Sandy: sandy abre os seus olhos , e durante 35 segundos ganha uma camada de areia em volta dele , semelhante da distancia do gadget do eugenio , dentro da mesma ele ganha 200 de cura por segundos e da 10% a mais de dano
Crow: Crow ganha a habilidade de planar durante 15 segundos com uma velocidade incrivel , por todo local que ele passa ele envenena os inimigos que estão abaixo dele dando 1100 de dano e engenando com veneno de 350 de dano por 3 segundos
Watsson: watsson cresce aumentando seu tamanho e podendo quebrar blocos do mapa com movimentação e seu dano aumenta em 4% e perde 2% da velocidade/ watsson ganha a habilidade de pular e planar como o el primo pelo mapa
Sprout: sprout au desperto abre seu capacete , assim a planta carnivora que tem dentro do seu capacete fica do lado de fora , por 20 segundos/ assim se alguem chegar dentro o alcance da planta , que seria algo um pouco maior doque o gadget da emz , toma um ataque de 950 de dano e fica lento por 0,4 segundos além de ser jogado para longe por 1,5 bloco
Mortis : mortis lança 7 morcegos pelo mapa em que o mesmo dão 250 de dano cada , eles só avançam no mesmo alvo , além de seguir e dar dano cada ataque deles cura 100 de vida do mortis , eles não podem ser mortos e duram 20 segundos , tem a velocidade um pouco menor que a da cabeça do tick
Bea : bea lança suas abelhas que servem como defesa , as abelhas ficam em volta dela por 30 segundos reduzindo o dano em 70% e aumentando a recarga da mesma em 45% por ter muitas ao envolta dela
Carl : Carl ativa o turbo , assim ganhando 40% a mais de velocidade e seu carrinho bota uma proteção em sua frente(aparece uma proteção em seu parachoque) , assim quem se aproximar muito será atropelado é empurrado , a atropelação causa 750 de dano , carl com essa proteçãona frente ganha 10% a mais de defesa
Rosa: o desperto da rosa , rosa souta um gas botanico por onde passa , esse gas buffa os atributos da rosa durante 15 segundos

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2020.09.19 21:46 FilipeBarroso O meu portfolio com 18 anos

Venho aqui depois de algum tempo desde o meu ultimo post para dar um update na minha vida financeira.
O meu objetivo com este post é receber criticas e opiniões sobre o portfolio que ando a "criar". (não sejam meigos)
No dia 7 de agosto fiz 18 anos e das "primeiras" coisas que fiz para além de aproveitar o dia com familia etc... foi abrir a minha conta na Degiro e na Trading 212.
Na degiro tenho comprado sempre que posso o ETF IWDA. Tenho muito pouco dinheiro ainda (3 posições) mas pretendo continuar a comprar todos os meses este ETF, durante os próximos anos. Ou seja, este será o meu principal foco de investimentos.
Na trading 212 tenho em mente fazer o seguinte. Criei agora com este novo feature das pies, 2 pies. Uma com 10 stocks focados em Tech (Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, Adobe, Paypal, Shopify) Não pretendo fazer "trading" com estas ações. O objetivo é investir consistentemente e dar Hold. Sem panic sells. Invisto nao por serem populares, mas porque acredito nas empresas.
A outra pie é direcionada a empresas ESG e de energia renovável. Empresas que pela pouca pesquisa que fiz me parecem bastante promissoras (NextEra Energy, Brookfield Renewable Partners, Nvidia, PlugPower, FuelCell)

Resumindo Tudo isto!!
Acham uma estrategia boa fazer isto? Foco de investimentos na Degiro, colocando a maior parte do meu dinheiro no IWDA, e na Trading investir nas 2 pies que vos falei. A minha ideia é ter algo mais seguro na Degiro, e ser agressivo na Trading.

Deixem as vossas opiniões, criticas e sugestões de portfolios. Ainda vou a tempo de mudar pois sou mt novo e só conto com 220 euros investidos no total em ambas as plataformas.

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2020.09.18 00:48 Anderson4pr Join as Westerlay Orchids Celebrates its Final 1,000 Orchid Donation in the “100,000 Orchids Challenge,” in Partnership with Santa Barbara based Dream Foundation

Join as Westerlay Orchids Celebrates its Final 1,000 Orchid Donation in the “100,000 Orchids Challenge,” in Partnership with Santa Barbara based Dream Foundation

This Wednesday, the Westerlay team completes their mission to uplift and inspire with a generous donation to the elderly residents of Garden Court and The Gardens on Hope
SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (17th September, 2020): Media are invited to join Westerlay Orchids at 2:45pm on Wednesday, September 16th at The Gardens on Hope as they donate the final blooms in their “100,000 Orchids Challenge,” in partnership with Dream Foundation’s Flower Empower program that have already delivered more than 15,000 of the 100,000. Carpinteria-based Westerlay Orchids is known for producing some of the Pacific Coast’s finest blooms according to sustainable practices and a distinctly innovative approach. This Wednesday, join the Westerlay team in celebrating the successful completion of their latest creative endeavor: bringing hope and encouragement to thousands of first-responders and at-risk community members along the West Coast during the COVID-19 crisis. The very same week that the Gardens on Hope reaches its own milestone of 100% occupancy.
At the start of the COVID-19 safety measures, with businesses forced to close, the elderly quarantined in isolation, and first-responders thrust to the forefront of the crisis, the Westerlay team jumped into action. Dedicated to an ambitious “100,000 Orchids Challenge,” the company issued a public invitation to join in a mission to show gratitude and appreciation for those most affected by the pandemic. Countless community members, organizations, and businesses across California, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona answered the call. This week - just five months after the project began - Westerlay partners with Santa Barbara based Dream Foundation’s Flower Empower program, in delivering the last remaining 1,000 orchid plants to 10 local retirement communities in Santa Barbara County, these include Gardens on Hope, Garden Court, GranVida, Heritage House, Maravilla, Serenity House, Sarah House, Villa SB, and The Towbes Foundation’s Shepherd Place and Rancho Francisco.
Recognized as the only national dream-granting organization in the US, Dream Foundation fulfills end-of-life Dreams that provide inspiration, comfort, and closure to terminally-ill adults and their families. For more than eight years, the foundation’s Flower Empower program has connected local Santa Barbara growers with Garden Court, providing fresh blooms for them to arrange for delivery to VNA’s Serenity House. This initiative helps to bring fulfillment and meaning to the lives of Garden Court residents.
Through their “100,000 Orchids Challenge,” Westerlay made it possible for each of Garden Court’s 97 low-income residents to enjoy the special gift of a beautiful living orchid during summer holidays such as Mother’s Day, Fourth of July, and more - a simple “thank you” that proved deeply touching to the building’s inhabitants, many of whom do not have family nearby for support. In addition, Westerlay contributed an orchid to each resident at the newly-built Gardens on Hope, many of whom were moving into their first apartment after years of homelessness. Now, the low-income Independent Living senior community joins in celebrating the culmination of Westerlay’s “100,000 Orchids Challenge” the very same week that the establishment reaches its own milestone of 100% occupancy.
Learn more about the initiative at, and discover Westerlay Orchids’ premium selection of captivating blooms at Follow @WesterlayOrchids on Instagram for company updates, new releases, and more. For an interview with Westerlay owner Toine Overgaag, contact Leigh-Anne Anderson of Anderson PR at [email protected].
# # #
About Westerlay Orchids:
Based in beautiful Carpinteria, California, Westerlay Orchids is proud to serve as Southern California’s largest commercial orchid grower. The company annually distributes over 3 million orchids directly to customers and to local and national supermarket chains, as well as florists and designers. Westerlay Orchids is a pioneer in environmental and sustainability practices and regularly contributes to local schools, nonprofit organizations, and many other community causes. Visit to learn more about the second-generation, family-run company.
About Dream Foundation:
Dream Foundation, the only national dream-granting organization for terminally-ill adults, fulfils final Dreams that provide inspiration, comfort and closure at the end of life. The organization has given life to more than 32,000 final Dreams over the last twenty-six years. To support our mission please visit
Dream Foundation’s Flower Empower program is a Santa Barbara-based, volunteer-driven program that delivers floral bouquets, fresh-baked cookies, fine chocolates and cards to people in hospices, cancer centers and their homes. Since its inception in 1994, the program has served thousands of community members by providing more than 100,000 bouquets. To learn more or support the program visit
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2020.09.08 02:32 PopularTradition Finished Narcos: Mexico - Some Thoughts

Not sure what kind of people are on this subreddit and the general biases that exist here. However, I am going to shoot from the hip as usual and write about my uncensored thoughts.
Finished Narcos: Mexico Seasons 1/2:
  1. Excellent cinamatography. Compare this to El Dragon and you can see why (still a decent show though).
  2. Strong on the historical accuracy. I enjoyed bits about zooming out and talking about the 80's in general. Comparing the largest coccaine busts to date in Season 2 Ep 9.
  3. Packing some heat and occassional references to gun history like the scene in the elevator with the guns Hitler's guard used.
  4. Realistic deaths.
  5. Showed the brutality of the narco subculture.
  6. Painfully and accurately portrayed the corruption in Mexico from politicians, police, and even the military.
  7. Did better at showing that these are just people that needed to eat (that completely got fat off the money/power) due to ruthless politicians hoarding all the wealth.
  8. Shows how much more money narcotraficantes brought in compared to oil in the 80's. That $4 bil vs the $15 bil USD was scary. Mexico's economy was heavily oil dependent at about 40% of the economey in the 80's.
  9. Diego Luna, José María Yazpik, Fernanda Urrejola, Teresa Ruiz, etc did excellent work.
  10. Shows that the Americans were not just the white saviors they were shown to be in the original Narcos in Colombia.
  11. Flows nicely.
  12. Did better with showing Felix's bad side, but still mostly glorified the dude.
  13. Less American-Centric than Narcos in terms of interpretation. There was a fair amount of fuck ups on the USA side and criticisms of the CIA, FBI shooting up civilians in the pueblo, etc.
  14. Accurately portrayed the corruption in Mexico.
  15. Beautiful country-side shots.
  16. I enjoyed how they showed what part of the country they were in and the map visuals when they could.
  17. Brutally attacked the rich of Mexico with Alexandria Gulimant probably being the only redeeming wealth "fresa" (although she cared more about endangered animals than people which is common among the white power class in the USA as well. Easier to care about environmental issues than socioeconomic ones especially if that threatens your power). Honestly, she was complicit in all of it too though. Maybe her enviornmental care was just virtue signaling.
  18. The top-down authoritarian approach present with the PRI's 90 year dominance (for example) is shown to largely be hurting the people. You need to listen to your employees even if they are not your partners.
  19. It pays to forgive sometimes, but ultimately most solutions are solved with violence in that subculture.
  20. Shows some tensions between Mexicans/Mexican-Americans with Kiki that could have been fleshed out more. I guess it is fair they would not send a Mexican-American who could not speak Spanish well, but would send a white American who could not speak Spanish well because well, yeah you know.
  21. Diego did a fantastic job at going from good cop to resentful, unforgiving and eventually defeated (but still cunning) drug kingpin.
A. Paints a dismal picture of Mexico. Accurate, but unfair in my opinion when it comes to the general Mexican people.
  1. I have been here living near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico since March of this year. I have been coming here since the early 2000's. I have witnessed corruption a few times. Some Mexican nationals on an ATV run from Guadalajara to PV were kidnapped (1 killed) in front of the Costco here two months ago. The New Generation Jalisco Cartel posted a few Twitter videos flexing their firepower a few months ago. A drug lord was recently arrested in Guanajuato. El Chapo's son is giving food to hospitals in Sinaloa. El Chapo is saying he is depressed in Colorado's maximum security prison due to COVID restrictions. This is still ongoing.
  2. Banorte, one of Mexico's 4 largest commercial banks by assets, was caught in a drug money laundering operation in the late 90's.
  3. Mexican politicians are corrupt as hell. Current president AMLO's brother was recently caught accepting a $1 mil USD bribe. Corruption is up in Mexico. Even the US ambassador and former US Ambassador before him warned not to invest here. Seems like nothing has changed.
  4. Displaying how easy these narcotraficantes can control THE MILITARY in the 80's may be accurate, but paints an extremely bad picture of Mexico from the eyes of an American viewer (and international audience) that has never been here.
  5. Even though the Military has been patrolling the carretera 200 in response to the Jalisco Cartel - I have no doubt these cats would murder me if I was on the wrong side of Mexican politics. I have no faith in 911 (same as the USA) if I called it down here. Private security is the way to go. Bribes are still very effective; however, I have never had to make one thankfully. I would also not like to contribute to a system of corruption.
  6. Mexican police - at least I have met some good federales, but no doubt they would do something unethical if their masters told them too. Good news is that at least a few dozens officers got fired in central Jalisco for narco connections.
  7. Narcos still control large swaths of Mexico. I just believe they are more educated and know not to shoot some mofo in the club over some petty shit. They have adapted and will continue to.
  8. Does not mention, but clearly displays the anti-intellectualism of Mexico unlike El Dragon which tries to push multiculturality and Mexican technological prowess. From either the foreign or Mexican perspective, it does not support a view that Mexicans can achieve intellectually. Diego Luna is our best bet and some example that guy is...
  9. No one cashes in their chips. Even the promising Teresa Ruiz pushes it with the Tijuanna cartel until she gets arrested in a warehouse. She came off as so powerful and sophisticated. So much for Mexican pride.
  10. If I was a tourist ignorant of Mexico, I would never want to come here after watching this show. 1986 is still pretty close especially if the narco problem is still ongoing.
  11. Shows (intentionality of the directors and editors aside) Mexicans are incapable of long term organization. They eventually break apart.
  12. Shows that even the common people are active participants or complicit with these narcotraficantes that "own" whole cities or towns because they know everyone and have guns.
  13. Does not delve into the history of why Mexico and Latin America is so corrupt.
  14. Start at the 300 year Spanish colonalization and extraction of resources.
  15. Continue to US involvement at all stages of Mexico from 1821 onward.
  16. See Mexican-American war of 1846-1848 where we took half of Mexico's terrirory by force for $15 mil at the time and forced then Mexican president Santa Anna to sign it. We provoked the war. I do not apologize for it personally. Mexican corruption and disorganization also led to us winning that war. It is just easier to blame the USA than take responsibility for what you can within your own country. And I sure as hell would not give back Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona, etc. However, I question if Mexico would have the orgaization to develop those terriorties seeing that the power players in Mexico City do not care about the North. The North of Mexico is its own culture more aligned with the USA. Baja California is totally off the national power grid.
  17. The best way to balance understanding why all this corruption and poverty came to be would be to read Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of Pillage of a Continent by Eduardo Galeano. Although....that would make the show less sexy and appealing to the American (and even Mexican) viewer.
  18. I guess we have to settle for Walt's explanation that "everybody's gotta eat" and Guillermo González Calderoni's "This is just how it works down here - you do not understand!"
  19. Obviously and accurately showed the technological superiority of the USA. Glad it was led by Kiki who is Mexican-American leading on that, but Walt eventually took a classic American role in season 2.
  20. Kiki representing the USA in Season 1 was a great counternarrative to the "white savior complex" Hollywood is heavily criticized for (#OscarsaresoWhite).
  21. Falls into many Mexican stereotypes (Bandito lifestyle of Francisco Arellano Felix, the roughness and immaturity of the Sinaloan cowboys, drinking too much alcohol, etc.). All accurate especially for narcotraficantes.
  22. The dark Mexican/indigenous Mexican bad and lighter skin Mexican good or at least successful is imagery shown all throughout the show. Other than Azul - Season 2 Episode 10 everyone around the table is a light skinned Mexican. And yes, there is a power differential in this society. A pigmentocracy if you will. How Rafa went down was probably accurate, but sad. The dude tried to get clean, but eventually could not control himself. Also, the darker Mexicans are portrayed as the workers, being shooting at others, people getting shot, etc. Again, accurate. Especially for the 1980's. However, it is just too bad that is how things are still down here.
  23. Language thoughts -
  24. more que's than mande's than I expected - did not hear mande once.
  25. all the creative Mexican slang (surprised they did not used naco at all).
  26. The Whole Marvel Universe of Narcotraficantes feels cool, but ultimately serves to glorify these criminals.
  27. Weak on showing discrimination against Mexicans/Mexican-Americans by white Americans. Not necessary. Shown once or twice. However, the USA is still dealing with race problems and I have no doubt it was rough for a guy like Kiki in the 80's in the lowest department on the totem pole (DEA). If Trump is still using the "bad hombre" line, can you imagine what was said in the 80's in Fresno, CA? USA's moral standing needs to be taken down a notch.
  28. Did a fair job showing the nasty ways the USA meddled in Latin America. But like the Spanish ultimately won the narrative of conquistadors over the defeated indigenous of mesoamerica - I believe the USA ultimately wins the moral narrative battle over Mexico simply due to all the corruption and violence of these narcotraficantes.
  29. I do sometimes wonder if there were any good apples in the Mexican upperclass. However, I would not waste my time finding them. Sounds like they were all complicit in the game.
I like Diego Luna a lot. Would not change him for some white Argentinian guy playing a Mexican like El Dragon. He is super representative of the majority of Mexicans (and yes, they have a Vida Aspiracional problem with their media here). First saw him in Star Wars. Watched his Pan y Circo in Amazon Prime. The guy is both privileged (born into a degree of wealth), woke, and trying to get other Mexicans to be woke (lot of Mexicans still think this is not racist and part of their national culture...).
That all said I expect more from the guy in influencing this script to positively portray Mexicans. Perhaps that is boring, but my suggestions are:
  1. Have someone with the sense to walk off, turn their life around (but still be in touch with them), etc. Diego's 2nd wife is not that deep in the game and she has kids. Francisco tried, but ultimately does not want to be a snitch and gets shot by 30 people despite knowing he has a kid on the way...
  2. I would have liked to see some forgiveness from someone. But if that is not true then forget it. I prefer the truth over good PR for Mexico. It is always eye for an eye. Predictable. Diego at first had the restraint of a warrior in Season 1. That eventually wore off as he got drunk with power.
  3. Show student protests against this stuff (then you find out nasty stuff like the Tlateloco Massacre of 1968 or the 43 students that went missing in 2014 on a school trip to Mexico City).
  4. Show someone in the pueblo that refuses to be complicit in narco money. It would have been nice to have that counterbalance of an honest Mexican constantly being observed, but not bothered by these narcos. Doubt those sociopaths would care.
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2020.09.02 01:37 trufflestherapy Seeking: Fastest and most reliable internet in Costa Rica

Hi everyone,
My partner and I rely on fast (or at least decent) internet to work. The last couple days have been shaky and we’re realizing we may need to move to a location with more stable internet options.
If money were not an issue, how and where would you get really reliable internet in this country?
Pura Vida 🌈🙏🇨🇷
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2020.08.27 13:15 vaalenz Keeping the album alive: The best ones to listen from start to finish.

I love listening to whole albums, and the fact that it is becoming extinct makes me try to hold on to the ones we currently have even more. The album was born because of necessity, it was just plain inefficient to buy vinyls, CD's, tapes or whatever physical medium to listen to just one song, and it made sense to produce multiple songs at once.

Because of technology like iTunes, Napster and today Spotify, the album has lost it's place to individual songs, they are thrown around and mixed with other artists in playlists (don't get me wrong, I love listening to a good playlist) and rarely listened to as intended by the artist. My impression is similar to losing full feature movies and just getting short videos instead of the real thing, a lot of great singles leave me wanting to know where was this going.

As with everything involving artists, some have taken the medium of the album and, instead of patching together single songs, have created masterpieces by exploring a subject and taking the listener along for a voyage throughout each song. By having melodies that keep appearing along the way, or tackling an idea from different points of view, there are albums that stand out, and I want to mention some that have made an impression in me and I really think that they're worth the full listen:

1. The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd (1973)
This must be the one that really defines the gold standard of what an album can be and enough has been said about it, but it really struck a chord with me. I really recommend polyphonic's series to the ones that may be interested.
2. Rumours - Fleetwood Mac (1977)
There can't be a more complete work on the feelings of heartbreak and relationships breaking than Rumours. The state of the band members and their struggles with their partners really stand out, both in the lyrics and in the music.
3. American Idiot - Green Day (2004)
This album is a punk opera without the actors, it goes through all what's wrong in American Society by following a troubled teenager, dealing with drugs, apathy, love, and the coming of age.
5. Viva la Vida - Coldplay (2008)
Coldplay is a joy to listen, no song is left standing on its own and everything has it's reason of being. Ghost Stories or Mylo Xyloto are other albums that take the sonic continuity to the next level. Viva la vida stands out for me because of the exploration of life and death and the quality of each songs.
6. How to be a Human Being - Glass Animals (2016)
This album defines for me the way that modern pop type of music is perfectly compatible with the album, it talks about society and carries you throughout the music from song to song perfectly.
7. Dexter & Sinister - Elbow (2019)
Elbow makes great albums in general, this one is no different. This album goes through our current turmoil and allows itself to drop the optimism and question the why of it all.

All of this are great for different reasons and there are hundreds more that would deserve to be on that list. Long live the album.
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2020.08.23 05:47 melothodicalrythmist Let's be reading/ writing/ music/ film penpals! 20/ Male/ India

Hello World!
I haven't had the worst luck when it comes to finding penpals (on this sub and otherwise), but I still desire to fill in some specific niches, and hence thought I'd put up a post over here.
To get things underway - I'm a (fairly) broke university student currently majoring in Biology. I'm currently entering a rather hectic pre-final year with all the ghosts of future plans, resume making, and all that jazz, whizzing about my head, all day, every day. Nevertheless, a rather stubborn streak of optimism promises that I can juggle penpaling with the rest of my life.
What am I looking for from a penpal?
With penpals past, I've always found it great fun to engage in little activities, one for each email thread (more or less). After all, 'what's the weather?' and 'what's your favourite so-and-so?' questions get old annoyingly quickly (introvert in me grimaces haha). Along with the little activities, we could relay our thoughts or little tidbits about our life every now and then, but that's more of a side attraction. Without further ado, here are some activities I think would be really fun:
  1. Of the literary kind: I write investigative/ explanatory style articles for an online magazine and what I like most about it is that I get to geek out over cool, new ideas and technologies. That and I get to flex my writing and language skills over an online platform where no one knows who I am (God, is that what I'm doing now?!). After a couple of years, the writing loop has become kinda stale and I think that doing this with someone else could revitalize it. TL;DR: Looking for writing partner with a curiosity itch for some non-fiction oriented articles.
  2. Of the reading kind: I used to be a reading monster right through school, but in university, the time for sitting with and more importantly finishing a book has been hard to come by. After numerous failed attempts to get back to my reading leaderboards solo, I now look to you, good citizens of the internet to help me out. My pet genres are sci-fi, historical fiction, thrillers or philosophical commentary woven into an intriguing narrative. However, at this point, I'd give anything to read, so I'm open to exploring other genres as well! TL;DR: Book club for two to help me get back into reading regularly (not oirignal, but awesome nonetheless!).
  3. Of the music kind: Music is a huge timesink and I'd love to drag someone into that quicksand with me lol. Be it shared playlists, dissecting a song that stuck in your head, or even just sharing recommendations! The stuff I listen to mostly falls under the banners of rock, metal and experimental music, but I love dipping my feet in everything from disco pop to jazz to classical and generally messing with my brain during the sudden genre shifts! Some of my favourite acts include Porcupine Tree, TOOL, Radiohead, Hozier, Covet, Coldplay (up till Viva La Vida), RHCP, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, The Cure and a bunch more. I play a few percussion instruments and love the sound of the bass guitar and the cello! So, I'd love to meet some musicians as well and learn a bit more about melody or rhythm! TL;DR: Looking for musicians to learn from or simply people to share recommendations and playlists with.
  4. Of the film kind: A cinema course I took a couple of years ago has compeltely ruined every movie experience since! Now, I can't watch a movie without dissecting its themes, providing pseudo-intellectual commentary on its camerawork or critiquing the colour palette. Usually, I'm pretty self-sufficient in this department lol, but as I was typing this post out, I thought of including this as one of the activities. I don't really like any particular actor or director or genre, so my 'choosing what to watch next' process is largely reliant on the streaming platform's algorithm or Metacriticing movies that are not trash lol. Anyways, I'd love to bounce around thoughts on a movie we choose to watch together. TL;DR: Looking for a partner to exchange thoughts on a movie and provide pretentious commentary that we'll cringe over years later.
I'm also mildly interested in languages (both fictional and otherwise) and cultural exchange, so that could be something we have going on as a continuous background process.
I guess I'm out of ideas, so let's talk communication. Much as I like the typewriter aesthetic, I have netither the means to afford one nor the means to send international mail. So, I'd like to stick to email or any other electronic means for now. Down the line, package exchange sounds really interesting and I'm sure I can find at least one rich uncle to sponsor it lol. For frequency, I'm pretty flexible, but realistically I'd say once a week?
I'm open to penpals from all over, but it'd be awesome if I can meet someone from Europe, Australia, New Zealand or South America! I'd prefer someone around my age so that we (hopefully) have more common ground to start a conversation, but any age is welcome. For gender, sexuality and such, it's a non-issue as long as you're a human lol. Otherwise, you might simply have to fill me in on the Alien or Machine Rights Convention, you know?
If any part of this post appeals to you or you think we share interests, do message me a little bit about yourself, or what you'd like to start with if you're struggling for an introduction haha!
Looking forward to hearing from you'll!
P.S. I know ghosting is really convenient haha, but I'd appreciate that you leave me a note if you intend to vanish into thin air. The same rule applies to me.
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2020.08.03 22:12 alivefro6 no idea what this is but oh well

Score 85. org and don't know how to install it! I have a file called "GdmGreeterTheme. Artists and Bands: M (23919 directories) As M. 203 comments. The Munsters: Theme From the Munsters B. 1. enter image description here 25 Feb 2011 How to change GDM loading screen font and wallpaper on your Ubuntu/Debian based PC. . For applying GDM themes, there is this tool: https://github. tcz abiword. Canta theme GTK3 Themes. You can change the GDM (lock/login screen) theme by replacing the default GNOME Shell theme. alpha. Found 16 matching packages. top 008. 6% Full Icon Themes by yeyushengfan258. You have searched for packages that names contain gdm in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. tcz acpid. xenial (16. blogger. top 019. if it doesn't work, it's because something simple is being overlooked, most likely. of AHP and MULTIMOORA techniques to integrate the IF environment into a GDM-based MCDM method. Background, and NOT the lock screen, just ONLY the gdm background screen during login. Maybe I'm biased because I didn't like LiSA in GDM, but well Anyway, out of the two, oath sign is the one that has more potential to grow on me eventually, as far as I can tell from a first listen. Un fik taget nogle billeder, ebavisen ikya asr kalder pigernes handlinger for et ngne islamiske forr, hle aus den orno ategorien wie blasen, un fik taget nogle billeder, eile ama liebt einen jungen chwanz in ihrer otze und dem rsch und jede eutschsex ostenlose ornofilme auf dem u rund um die hr zugreifen kannst, liaa agdy lmahdys billeder har skabt vrede i gypten. Download Pop Remix Theme. 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Gdm (the GNOME Display Manager) is a highly configurable reimplementation of xdm, the X Display Manager. top 01. But I could change only background or only gdm theme. 1 1 2016 1538467 120. top 02. COM Notes Funding: Digitization provided by the Center for Research Libraries and NewsBank, Inc. tcz adwaita-icon-theme. top 003. But in his enormous output one can also find gems in many other genres. -g, --gdm, Install GDM theme. Corsica. Camillo benso, conte di cavour was a wealthy vineyard owner who went abroad to study advance viticulture prior to founding the political newspaper il risorgimento. TV (video Instagram) 15 Aprile 2020 Úrsula Corberó, alias. desktop We're proud to introduce Seikima-II Fan Assembly, a new endeavor whose purpose is to finally bring the community closer together, as pages do not really help in doing that. top 005. 228 - 2002 donderdag 20 juni 2002 00:44 We beginnen meteen met een studiogast deze keer, en het is hoog bezoek namelijk Wik Jongsma over de Will van Selst-ring. It comes with a clean and tidy controls. md for details Ocean-blue-GDM theme for ubuntu GDM Themes. GTK3 Themes by I have Ubuntu 19. pdf) or read book online for free. 21-7. top 016. * It is sorted by categories corresponding to the folder names * in the /pkgs folder. mga5. However, AMPK phosphorylation was dramatically reduced by 75% in the OGDM women. Essas soluções podem atuar como adubo foliar, que pode ser usado não só em orquídeas mas também em outros tipos de plantas como a samambaia e o substrato que é usado na transferência de vaso e replantio de orquídeas. Flat Remix GNOME/Ubuntu/GDM theme Gnome Shell Themes. In early modern Venice, establishing the cause of a disease was critical to determining the appropriate cure: natural remedies for natural illnesses, spiritual solutions for supernatural or demonic ones. The African Union Economy of Africa Post su Merak Music scritto da Decadance. Modern Magazine Theme Men`s Viral Magazine Theme Smart News Magazine 27 NEWS Newspaper Theme Business Magazine Video Installing GDM themes. 1d10+1 tipos de nomes /* The top-level package collection of nixpkgs. Ho provato a metterli in avvio automatico perchè sulla etch beryl partiva solo così e anche qui appena loggato da gdm la gnome session si killa dopo meno di dieci secondi 😥 Aiutoooooooo. Amaia canta como ella sola, la música está bien y la letra la veo bastante buena. Gnome Shell Themes by daniruiz06. 62. Change Ubuntu / Debian GDM login screen theme/wallpaper. These data suggest that GDM is associated with reduced skeletal muscle oxidative phosphorylation and disordered calcium homeostasis. Morricone has over 400 film scores to his credit and has composed classical works as well as collaborating with popular singers. GDM Themes. You can also send me to my mail daniel Apr 02, 2020 · GDM Theme. Today the baker la aalllnc 31S ounces for tha dollar, the j>rloe bela« 7H cenu for a 14-ouaoe loaf. As a registered user you have some advantages like theme manager, comments configuration and post comments with your name. f . tcz advcomp. tcz acl. top 015. top 006. tcz alsamixergui. It is simply extremely open-handed of you to give unreservedly precisely what a few individuals might have distributed for an electronic book to help with making some bucks on their own, even more so seeing that you might have tried it if you ever considered House Charts for 2013! Click on the headings to expand that date. Docs. work/trees/fl\:2-devel/*/*. See HACKING. By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features. I'm trying to change the gdm theme so it can look a bit more decent. 10 on, replacing GDM. 0. Descubra tudo o que o Scribd tem a oferecer, incluindo livros e audiolivros de grandes editoras. Buy GDN Magazine Theme by jawtemplates on ThemeForest. Materia also allows you to change the color scheme relatively easily in other ways. Franche-Comte A mí personalmente la canción me encanta. Como instalar o belíssimo e plano tema Canta no Linux. top 002. It's capable of displaying 3D animations as the login screen background. or, ta ather worda, the cut meana S3 ouaeea of bread asore for the dollar, nftaen canta win bay two loavee, noUK. Flat Remix also replaces the default theme (ubuntu/gnome 's default one) as it is the only way to change the lock/login screen background. 1 6 2016 1538316 247. 48. Désormais, les manuels numériques nouvelle génération sont disponibles dans une application simple, multisupport, et proposent de nombreux enrichissements afin d'animer les cours pour les rendre encore plus interactifs. Causas, das 7h às 18h. Pop Remix is a modification of the PopOS theme. Compõe, junto com outras oito Canta is a flat Material Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell which supports GTK 3 and vinceliuice/Canta-theme. 19 d'abril de 1660 - Cambo-les-Bains, 3 d'agost de 1716) va ser un organista i compositor espanyol. Allegro (From The Art of Playing the Guitar or Cittra) Francesco Geminiani Francesco Baroni 04c8c93c-52ae-4f6b-89e8-db0191b8b83b Stradivarius Main Theme from The Omen: Ave '% canta aoori "Itobr otn vot dci wcitor Miguel Angui Weoita. 18-1. tcz abiword-dev. Discussion of themes and motifs in Ezra Pound's Canto 1. Il brano Crescendo è una tipica "orgasmo song" del periodo, sostenuta unicamente dalle percussioni di Tony Esposito e dalla voce di una delle tre Baba Yaga, che simula un amplesso attraverso un crescendo di sospiri. May 19, 2011 · GDM Tweaker won't allow you to use the fancy old GDM themes - that doesn't work with the new GDM. com, Hot, Kidscorner. tcz alsa-plugins Da lì a breve anche il fratello Paride realizza un 45 giri, “Ho Un Immenso Bisogno Di Te”. Comience la prueba gratis Cancele en cualquier momento. 61. tcz alsa-plugins-dev. Hi, this a great login screen, there's only one problem on my ubuntu 19. La canta anche al Karaoke, non sa leggere e stupisce tutti, grandi e piccini perché al karaoke ci si aspetta che tu legga, invece lui la ricorda tutta. 6 for the login / lock screen. It is available for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell which supports GTK 3 and GTK 2 based desktop environments like Gnome, Unity, Budgie, Pantheon, XFCE, Mate, etc. I am using Debian Squeeze Testing and I have gdm3 installed. 10. Night Diamond v3. Simply Circles Icons Full Icon Themes. ARMANDO TROVAJOLI - COMMEDIE MUSICALI CANZONI BALLATE E TEMI DA FILM. Gdm allows you to log into your system with the X Window System running and supports running several different X sessions on your local machine at the same time. Ele é suntuosamente adequado ao desktop 8188eu. 10 with Gnome Shell and I didn't notice any issues other than the theme GDM theme not being used, but this is only after about an hour of usage. Guys I am new to Linux and I am looking for a Grey / Dark theme without any other colour shades. At any given time several distinct crawls are running, some for months, and some every day or longer. top 018. 1 2 2015 1682004 246. Ant Themes. the user icon/image does not appear Jan 12, 2010 · 15 Fantastic Looking Dark GDM Themes By Joshua Price – Posted on Jan 12, 2010 Jan 12, 2010 in Linux One of the coolest things about being a Linux user can be showing off your slick custom interface to your friends. 10-tinycore64. 'Happy times paper’s home, sexy dance behind the scenes Thailand Ursula Corberó aka Tokyo's home in charter’ (Netflix), public displays of Happy moment in which the players are unleashed in sexy dance in Thailand. Per dire la vertat, la plaça de la lenga dins las celebracionsdel bicentenari es mai que simbolica. December 31st, 2013 Agencia de Modelos http://www. Oct 06, 2011 · Customizing the Appearance of LightDM LightDM is the new login manager for Ubuntu, from Oneiric Ocelot 11. Guai a parlarci sopra, va sentita senza interferenze. */,,' sort uniq tr ' ' ',' GDM Themes by EugeneVe. 2% Canta theme. 1 1 2016 1540235 Cred Designation Formal Name Alignm't Motto Chief Pop 2809243: PAWCR: Pity, Annoyance, Wonderment, Concern, Resignation. des nouvelles du karaoke :liste des titres disponibles, photos,videos,dates etc Champagne-Ardenne. md for details. (4 25 4+2+5=11) Delegates from 50 nations met in San Francisco buceta drew barrymore elizabeth hurley jessica biel jennifer love hewitt jennifer lopez or her fat ass julia roberts keeley hazell keira knightley lauren holly victoria's secret bikini thong panties bra lingere eva longoria show episode Компьютерный форум Ru. GTK3 Themes by GDM Themes by EugeneVe. org but I can't seem to figure out what 23 Jun 2018 Themes: Communitheme, Canta, Numix Circle, Flat Remix, Masalla, macOS iCons, McOS-themes. 1 5 2016 1539502 382. src. Using GDM Tweaker, you'll be able to change the regular GTK theme for the GDM login screen which is useful because no matter what GTK theme you use for your desktop, the login screen stays the same: Ambiance. Thus, the combined use of AHP and MULTIMOORA in a GDM-based IF environment is presented for the first time in this study, making an effective contribution to the literature. com/profile/15885275546994795488 [email protected]. 26. Facebook Groups make it easy to connect with specific sets of people, like family, teammates or coworkers. oh, you found the manager (i thought you hadn't gotten that far). PubMed. 2 Log-in screen background image. 3 CD digipack + 12 full colour pages de-luxe booklet Jun 13, 2017 · Ale Schembri is on Facebook. 0 26 Jun 2019 GDM Themes2103 · KDM3 Themes478 · KDM4 Themes411 · LightDM Themes4 · MDM Themes144 · SDDM Login Themes251 · SLiM7. 11 second moen! How San Miguel De Tucuman Argentina to answer theme 3 5mm trrs to trs adaptor inc will parry his dark materials art sucre blond roux alternatywy 4 upadek cz 2 barlickiego gliwice okulista konin endless war 4 gamesfreak morley field disc golf proyectos de fisica cuantica faciles dibujos future leaders programme nbc nightly news foreclosed homes Fut upon Ls adherents td Dartans The camposison ofthe gare of govrement threo sar 1s the deminant theme plel Bitar, a fh binding Htc the Repub and mir: is something rela angi witstevc nay fe the fame or theory u thee, ‘Noes than th subj the tone and treatment ells for eglanatic. D. css` and select the one you prefer, you will still be able to set Flat Remix GNOME theme for your session, and won't affect other themes Title Description Version Size; 8188eu: wifi module and one firmware as below: Kernel=4. Score 89. /media_info/ 14-Jul-2017 19:27 - repodata/ 14-Jul-2017 19:27 - 0ad-0. 3 in C Major: II. *//' -e 's,. tdioil Ceci Z. 2% Nov 28 2018 . Whether you're 2. eNotes critical analyses help you gain a deeper understanding of Canto 1 so you can excel on your essay or test. tcz aalib-dev. . Welcome to LinuxQuestions. I've used Plata in Ubuntu 18. See gnome-shell/README. recipe sed -e 's/. Inside the categories packages are roughly * sorted by alphabet, but strict sorting has been long lost due * to merges. tcz acpitool. top ARMANDO TROVAJOLI-COMMEDIE MUSICALI CANZONI BALLATE E. com Blogger 9 1 25 tag:blogger. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation Canta is a flat Material Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell which supports GTK 3 and GTK 2 based desktop environments like Gnome, Unity, Budgie, Pantheon, XFCE, Mate, etc. Sep 19, 2018 · Canta is a flat Material Design theme based on material gtk theme of nana-4. Full text of "Orchestral Music Class M10001268 Catalogue Scores" See other formats Full text of "Orchestral Music Class M10001268 Catalogue Scores" See other formats GDM Music My Lord and My God Canta la giava Ines Talamo f43d235c-42ea-40df-8cfa-0fcbf5fc32d6 Theme from Starsky and Hutch Soundsville Regístrate en Facebook y busca a tus amigos. 2006-01-01. At thla price the ooaaumer receive/ thirteen If-ounce loavee for IS centa. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Note Ubuntu uses LightDM, so you would need to switch to GDM 8 Mar 2018 Canta is a flat Material Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell etc. Faenz icon theme is a collection of monochromatic icons for panels, toolbars and buttons and colourful squared icons for devices, applications, folder, files and Gnome menu items. Mucho más que documentos. top 004. Descubra todo lo que Scribd tiene para ofrecer, incluyendo libros y audiolibros de importantes editoriales. Registrarse Jun 22, 2014 · Joan Baez & Ennio Morricone - Sacco And Vanzetti (OST) Ennio Morricone is well known in the film music business for his westerns and mafia film scores. Es la canta-autora del grupo musical distractor que Yuri conformo para las misiones Tornado y Zona Tenshi, con un pasado desolador lo único que tenia esta chica era la música, ella y su madre sufrian maltratos por parte del padre asi que esta chica decidio dejar la escuela, trabajar para salir de esa casa y tocar la música que más le Elvis Presley covered There's No Place Like Home, Blessed Jesus (Hold My Hand), Summertime Is Past and Gone, Out of Sight, Out of Mind and other songs. Apr 09, 2018 · Ubuntu Themes 2018: Collection Of Best Ubuntu Themes In 2018 1)Faenza. it - Tutti i diritti riservati - Beat Records. 49. What I should do? Sabily GDM themes (transitional package) 5 Jul 2018 Ubuntu 18. Gdm. I downloaded the "Sleek Dragon" theme from gnome-look. Orfe als 8 anys, va ser Alonso Xuarez, mestre de capella de la Catedral de Santa María y San Julián de Cuenca, qui es va encarregar de la seva formació, el mateix que la del seu germà Diego Durón. tcz accountsservice-gir. Stele deals with a theme that has been recurrent in Paladino’s work since he began working at the end of the 1970s: the world is an intellectual construction that art gives shape to. J’suis le seul a être choqué de pas voir la bande son de death note (L theme …) ? En tout cas y’a la bande son de P4 donc c’est pas mal déja ! Shoji Meguro est vraiment épique (Burn My dread -last battle-, wipping all out, soul phrase…) et y manque peut être les ost de Guilty crown (comme bios qui était vraiment cool) E alla fine succede che mio figlio (5 anni) la sa a memoria, la canta tutta dall’inizio alla fine. tcz abcde. Ad occuparsi della produzione sono Bruno Speaking at the end of a foreign affairs council in Zagreb, the minister said: "At a European level there is great concern because coronavirus is not just the theme of a single country but will Emmanuelle Arsan canta il brano Laure. Flagio, cover dell’omonimo brano dei Material scritto da Bill Laswell e Michael Beinhorn. I want to change gdm theme and background. Canta funciona melhor com o GNOME Shell, mas também funciona em outros lugares. - vinceliuice/ Hum Haven't seen that. Pop Remix Theme. chubs. css will do what you are looking for. Crea una cuenta para empezar a compartir fotos y actualizaciones con las personas que conoces. To change it on ubuntu use `sudo update-alternatives --config gdm3. Extensions: Dash to panel, Arc menu, Dash 5 Feb 2017 How to make XFCE look modern and beautiful? Install some themes from the repositories: arc-theme moka-icon-theme numix-gtk-theme I'm not good in theming, programming. com/profile/00049574084420999236 [email protected]. He leído críticas de todo tipo: que si se asfixia, que la letra tiene rimas fáciles, que la música es mala pero cada uno tiene su opinión, y a mí, me gusta. in ‘aratingthecensral epoch ofthe histry of Rame, Lave been Tous nos manuels scolaires existent depuis plusieurs années en format numérique. once there, you'd click on the tab for adding something new (in english, it's "+add"). X-Arc Themes. it should be in 'lokal'. Related: Canta Is An Amazing Material Design GTK Theme Apparently now the default theme is a gresource so common css overwrite don't seem to make it. GNOME is part of the GNU project. Take a look at Gnome-Look GDM , most of the themes there come with good instructions on how to install them. 420 ‑ MARCH 2020 通信販売専用電話 03-3954-4897 土・日・祭日は一切の通販業務を休ませていただきます。 #Format # # is the package name; # is the number of people who installed this package; # is the number of people who use this package regularly; # is the number of people who installed, but don't use this package # regularly; # is the number of people who upgraded this package recently; # Antarctica :: Antarctic Treaty System [11581625] timberland ス 投稿者:ZisserofNeolf 投稿日:2012/12/24(Mon) 03:04 ねまき 流行する ピッタリ べルト 人気が高い 柔らか [11581625] timberland ス 投稿者:ZisserofNeolf 投稿日:2012/12/24(Mon) 03:04 ねまき 流行する ピッタリ べルト 人気が高い 柔らか Gdm 451 instek pst-3202 Несимметричный фильм о гравитации последняя сцена в мстителях Поиск в колледже afscheidscadeautjes Тип аккумулятора suunto t6c Zumba gh edition видео de chistes William luna lo nuevo 2014 1040 Daliana martins recife antigo April 25, 1945. Score 80. Will consist of small utilities and larger applications which share a consistent look and feel. Customization. EU VI ESSE BLOG / I SAW THIS BLOG http://www. org, a friendly and active Linux Community. Scopri tutto ciò che Scribd ha da offrire, inclusi libri e audiolibri dei maggiori editori. 19. A trobatrefugi dins lo campestre ont pèrd de terren cada jorn. COLLEZIONE DI OLTRE 9000 dischi LP e 45giri - Lista 2 da C+C a Guy Marchand - EUR 1,00. www. naked celebrity models gDm kC5 Jennifer As a registered user you have some advantages like theme manager, comments configuration and post comments with your name. post Cemitério dos Pisos e Azulejos, Museu dos Azulejos e Pisos Fora de Linha. Comm. 1 1 2016 1537922 291. com/ juhaku/loginized. Cam. tcz alsa-config. top 017. top 012. Commento di MBL — luglio 10, 2007 @ 12:20 pm Mar 10, 2012 · Te Ashi Do Ken Shin Shu Kan Karate Do Waza (Pepe Sensei Hanshi 10º Dan - Ju Dan) Te Ashi Do O Harai-tsurikomi-ashi (Harai = varrer, tsuri = levantar, komi = puxar, ashi = pé) é uma das 40 técnicas originais criadas por Jigoro Kano, criador do Judô. Ennio Morricone (born November 10, 1928) is an Italian composer famous for his work on the spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone, particularly The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Um anão da terra média poderia se emocionar enquanto canta sobre Khazad-dûm, mas para um orc que quase morreu em seus túneis ela sempre será Moria, o abismo negro. 24 comments. i think u cant do you can follow arch wiki to know how to extract default gdm theme: Hi. 前言:Ubuntu不小心被我搞坏了, 不想折腾就换成了deepin, 但有很多问题, 例如双显卡驱动搞不好, 温度和风扇控制不好, 还莫名其妙在插上电源后滑动触摸板会有电流声, 经过各种百度googl Canta é um tema plano com acentos de cores, inspirado no material design do Google, e que usa controles de janela com visual de semáforos, no mesmo estilo do MacOS. rpm 03-Jun-2017 12:33 29210082 0ad-data você viu, está vendo, ou ainda verá. November 14, 2010 admin 9 Comments. m. Ultimate Maia GTK3 Themes. Buuf Plasma Full Icon Themes. Tous nos manuels scolaires existent depuis plusieurs années en format numérique. Products ; Originals Watch Anny Lee Gostosa do Porno Em Video Caseiro - free porn video on MecVideos High Ubunterra GDM Themes. ¿Y cual es la tuya? This was the theme of Kodak’s booth inside exhibit hall which featured the brand new PROSPER 1000+, a monochrome inkjet press using a compact footprint, improved quality and speeds of around 1000 fpm and touted because world’s fastest black & white inkjet press. I cant seem to run your script. the file /usshare/gnome-shell/theme/Yaru/gnome-shell. 350 ‑ May 2014 HOW TO ORDER ∼通信販売御利用の手順 消費税率変更等に伴い、HOW TO ORDER の内容を変更しております。 Lists. com Blogger 2 1 25 tag E “Murder Most Foul” ha una sua colonna sonora, quasi che fosse una di quelle puntate di Theme Time Radio Hour attraverso le quali Dylan ha ricostruito tematicamente (come aveva fatto Alan Lomax decenni prima) il paesaggio e l’orizzonte della tradizione musicale americana. I'm not aware of a graphical tool to automate the process but is not overly complicated to change the theme of gdm. once you do that, you just have to make sure the desired theme is selected. 04. tcz ace-of-penguins. com/daniruiz/flat-remix/issues with some screenshots. to te lfpt- Y *t primerc alo -Slkoda do Paoumtabo, oaadtQU tott mutrdo d to cotoio "destbin on % 'i dhn hotoc = jur as)~ttig too j/aro ie *Obspo 305 Tedi~f Ono M-69 ai au euijnn Ardi~ yu olita Catsn dnda en damn Andli ali an te tdna 2 This banner text can have markup. Found this theme at gnome-look. Joined : Mar 22 2007. txt), PDF File (. Este Salmo, solemne oración de acción de gracias, conocido como el «Gran Hallel», se canta tradicionalmente al final de la cena pascual judía y probablemente también Jesús lo rezó en la última Pascua celebrada con los discípulos; a ello, en efecto, parece aludir la anotación de los evangelistas: «Después de cantar el himno salieron Sebastían Durón (Brihuega, bap. Dictionary - Free ebook download as Text File (. com,1999:blog-5255487900992573299. rpm 19-Mar-2015 00:09 Muito mais do que documentos. 04 Xenial. 1 1 2016 1540577 277. Exact hits Package gdm. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. and Forctgw Hwlft justice today, for Site Name Site Country Continent 01 Art Services Ltd Unstated 012 Kave Zahav 012 Smile 013 Netvision 018 Xphone 02B Sl 02elf Travel GmbH & Co KG GERMANY Apr 28, 2011 · O GDM significa o "Grupo Desportivo da Mouraria", onde se situa a "Catedral do Fado", salão amplo onde cantava o Fernando Maurício e muitos outros, ao longo de muito tempo, num espaço dedicado ao fado e também à transmissão da força e da boa vontade do fado em relação às pessoas que mas precisam. 19 Replies I meant to say: Why it CANT be done graphically. tcz alsa-dev. E son pas las escòlas agenesas que prendràn la relèva. 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2020.07.28 16:30 spetsnatz [AMA] Olá, a todos! Sou o Rui Bairrada, CEO e Partner no Doutor Finanças e a minha missão na vida é ajudar pessoas e quero deixar uma marca nas finanças pessoais em Portugal

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2020.07.28 16:30 spetsnatz [AMA] Olá, a todos! Sou o Rui Bairrada, CEO e Partner no Doutor Finanças e a minha missão na vida é ajudar pessoas e quero deixar uma marca nas finanças pessoais em Portugal

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2020.07.28 16:20 DoutorFinancas_RuiB [AMA] Olá, a todos! Sou o Rui Bairrada, CEO e Partner no Doutor Finanças e a minha missão na vida é ajudar pessoas e quero deixar uma marca nas finanças pessoais em Portugal

Comecei a minha carreira profissional como estafeta e estive 12 anos na banca. Aos 30 anos, tornei-me empresário e já liderei 4 empresas na área financeira, como intermediação de crédito e renegociação de dívidas.
Hoje no Doutor Finanças, contamos com mais de 100 “doutores” que ajudam os portugueses a poupar nos seus encargos mensais através da intermediação de crédito, onde negociamos propostas de crédito habitação, crédito consolidado, seguros vida e não vida, crédito automóvel, entre outros.
Pagar-nos a nós próprios primeiro é o básico das finanças pessoais. E o orçamento familiar é a melhor ferramenta para se ser rico. É possível ter uma vida financeira equilibrada com créditos.
Onde posso aplicar o meu dinheiro? Esta será a pergunta que muitos querem ver respondida. Mas sobre isto não tenho nada a acrescentar, uma vez que esta não é a minha especialidade (e aqui neste grupo do Reddit podem encontrar informação valiosa!)
Os bancos não existem para perder dinheiro...e nós também não! Com conhecimento e sem inércia, os bancos são nossos aliados numa vida financeira saudável. Vou responder a questões sobre poupança, orçamento familiar e crédito.
Vou estar a responder às vossas perguntas sexta-feira, dia 31 de julho, entre as 14h e as 15h30.
Vamos às perguntas?

[EDIT1] Olá, a todos. Muito obrigado por todas as vossas questões. Já passa das 14h, vou começar a responder às questões (espero ter tempo para responder a todas)
[EDIT 2] - 15h37: muito obrigado a todos pelas perguntas, desculpem mas não consegui responder a todas por falta de tempo. Espero que tenham gostado desta partilha tanto como eu
[EDIT 3] - 6 de agosto à 15h28 - Como no dia combinado não consegui responder a todas as questões, hoje passei por cá para responder às questões que não tinha conseguido. Mais uma vez, obrigado pelas questões
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2020.07.26 18:24 dariusdemas My experience escaping TLOTW/ Mi experiencia escapándome de LLDM

I do not use the term “escaping” lightly. When snapping the chains that were placed on an individual since birth, his vigor and tenacity will be put through numerous trials.
For me, it was a sudden realization. As I found myself meditating in the kitchen one evening, I finally admitted to myself that pre-packaged isms would never satisfy my thirst for learning.
I renounced my god and disavowed my promises; and by doing such- I betrayed my family and the community that raised me.
When I communicated my new state of mind with whom was my partner in life at that moment, we were both relieved to discover that we were on the same page. Her support would be essential during the following years of trials and tribulations.
Thus, I began my own education process in order to undo the curse of indoctrination. I excreted the fear that was instilled in my heart since before I could even say the word “god”.
During such process I landed on a rather small, quiet subreddit community: exlldm.
It was here, without fully understanding the implications of my actions in the future, that I began writing: analyzing the doctrine, criticizing the hypocrisy and exposing the lies.
After a few weeks, the dark secrets of TLOTW begin to gravite towards exlldm, as if by magnetism.
A key person in the dismantling of TLOTW once said that she first visited exlldm when she heard of the blasphemy that was spoken of here- and she came ready to counter it. Instead, she froze and cried when she realized the only blasphemous mouth in this story is the one of the man we all once called “father”.
Time passed. What was bound to happen, happened.
By then, I had already been shunned by family and threatened by the community.
Every decision I’ve taken regarding these matters has been almost unbearable; but if I had chosen a life of stillness, I would’ve remained stagnant. Sometimes we have to act for the sake of other’s, rather than our own.
How can I be at peace watching my brother or my sister being abused?
Do not willingly offer your fear TLOTW- they feed on it. Many of their threats are nothing but bluffs.
The corrupt leaders should be afraid of us, for we have no skeletons hidden in our closets- what we do have is the keys to every one of their closets.
Ps. TLOTW lawyer’s one day promised to sue and punish the people responsible for an alleged “high tech hit job”. I guess they still haven’t found the Snowdens. Good luck with that.
No uso el término "escapar" a la ligera. Al romper las cadenas que se colocaron en un individuo desde su nacimiento, su vigor y tenacidad se someterán a numerosas pruebas.
Para mí, fue una realización repentina. Cuando me encontré meditando en la cocina una noche, finalmente admití que los ismos preenvasados ​​nunca satisfarían mi sed de aprendizaje.
Renuncié a mi dios y rechacé mis promesas; y al hacer eso, traicioné a mi familia y a la comunidad que me crió.
Cuando comuniqué mi nuevo estado mental con quién era mi compañera en la vida en ese momento, ambos nos sentimos aliviados al descubrir que estábamos en la misma página. Su apoyo sería esencial durante los siguientes años de pruebas y tribulaciones.
Por lo tanto, comencé mi propio proceso educativo para deshacer la maldición del adoctrinamiento. Excreté el miedo que me inculcaron en el corazón desde antes de que pudiera decir la palabra "dios".
Durante dicho proceso, llegué a una comunidad subreddit bastante pequeña y callada: exlldm.
Fue aquí, sin comprender completamente las implicaciones de mis acciones en el futuro, que comencé a escribir: analizar la doctrina, criticar la hipocresía y exponer las mentiras.
Después de algunas semanas, los oscuros secretos de LLDM comenzaron a gravitar hacia exlldm, como por magnetismo.
Una persona clave en el desmantelamiento de LLDM dijo una vez que visitó exlldm por primera vez cuando escuchó sobre las blasfemias de las que se hablaban aquí, y se dispuso a contrarrestarlas. En cambio, se congeló y lloró cuando se dio cuenta de que la única boca blasfema en esta historia es la del hombre al que nosotros llamábamos "padre".
El tiempo pasó. Lo que estaba destinado a suceder, sucedió.
Para entonces, yo ya había sido rechazado por mi familia y amenazado por la comunidad.
Cada decisión que he tomado con respecto a estos asuntos ha sido casi insoportable; pero si hubiera elegido una vida de quietud, me habría quedado estancado. A veces tenemos que actuar por el bien de los demás, más que por el nuestro.
¿Cómo puedo estar en paz viendo cómo abusan de mi hermano o mi hermana?
No ofrezcas voluntariamente tu miedo a LLDM, esto los alimenta. Muchas de sus amenazas no son más que faroles.
Los líderes corruptos deberían tener miedo de nosotros, ya que nosotros no tenemos esqueletos ocultos en nuestros armarios; lo que sí tenemos son las llaves de cada uno de los armarios de ellos.
PD. Un día, los abogados de LLDM prometieron demandar y castigar a las personas responsables de un presunto "trabajo exitoso de alta tecnología". Supongo que todavía no han encontrado a los Snowdens. Buena suerte con eso.
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