Mickey Rourke partner

Mickey Rourke has dated celebrities like Terry Farrell and Sasha Volkova. In 1981, he married actress Debra Feuer. The couple divorced in 1989. He married actress Carré Otis on June 26, 1992. Rourke was arrested in 1994 for “spousal abuse”, but the case was later dropped when the couple reconciled. However, they divorced in December 1998. Mickey Rourke dated many celebrities and they include Sasha Volkova and Terry Farrell. He got married first to Debra Feuer who was the co-star in Hardcase and also his love interest. Carré Otis was the co-star in Wild Orchid and she became his wife in 1992. His latest partner is anastassija makarenko and they came together since 2009. Actor Mickey Rourke will be starring in upcoming indie film The Commando.The project, which will start production in New Mexico next month, will be directed by Asif Akbar, according to Deadline.The story is about a DEA agent with PTSD who returns home after a botched mission and must now protect his Mickey Rourke has had encounters with Bai Ling (2009), Diana Kauffman (2002), Gabriela Sabatini (1990), Gia Carangi (1980), Ava Vincent, Charlotte Lewis, Nikita Denise and Tabitha Stevens.. Mickey Rourke is rumoured to have hooked up with Lydia Scott-Lee.. About. Mickey Rourke is a 67 year old American Actor. Born Philip Andre Rourke Jr. on 16th September, 1952 in Schenectady, New York, United ... Mickey Rourke was able to leave the Latvian capital of Riga after being quarantined amid the coronavirus pandemic. Footage shot on Wednesday shows the Wrestler star leaving his hotel and getting in a car. Rourke can be seen stretching and posting for photos to pass time as he waited for his ride. - In what conditions does Mickey Rourke live? ... On the other hand, a star can influence the choice of a partner, based on personal preferences. And if, for example, an 2 actor aspires to the role, preference will be given to the one with whom the star wants to work - this is simpler and more constructive. ... Mickey Rourke breaks down in tears while out in LA ...as he is consoled by model girlfriend Anastassija Makarenko. By Helen Zhao and Alexa Rae Johnson for MailOnline. Published: 22:48 EDT, 15 ... On 16-9-1952 Mickey Rourke (nickname: El Marielito) was born in Schenectady, New York, USA. He made his 10 million dollar fortune with Nine 1/2 Weeks, Angel Heart & The Westler. The actor is dating , his starsign is Virgo and he is now 68 years of age. And when Carre Otis was cast in the 1990 sex thriller Wild Orchid with Mickey Rourke, ... International Film Festival The 56-year-old put on a loved-up display with his partner, 44 ... “Mickey Rourke is a goddamn idiot,” said one on social media. “Does he even know how many of us men would have died to get such looks that he had in the 1980s. Damn.”

Help fact-checking a list of well known Childfree people

2020.06.04 17:08 ChildfreeFamily Help fact-checking a list of well known Childfree people

I'm compiling a list of childfree people for a blog. I have found a few lists online (which have been helpful). But in some cases they were not up-to-date. A person may have had children since being added to their list (example: I had to remove George Clooney who appeared on a number of lists). Or there might be some people missing who should be on the list.
If you have a moment to scan the list and let me know of any other errors or omissions it would be appreciated.
It has been fun working on this list. A few people on it surprised me. Thanks again for any help.
\Edit for clarification: the term "childfree", in the sense of this list, will be in regards to people who never had a child from a live birth, fostered a child, adopted a child, or was a step-parent.*

Herbert Samuel Adams – Sculptor
Charles Addams – Cartoonist (The New Yorker)
Jane Addams - Social Worker, Political Activist, Co-Founder of the ACLU, & Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Nancy Addison – Actress
Louisa May Alcott – Author
Cynthia May Westover Alden – Author, Philanthropist
Grover Cleveland Alexander – Baseball Player
Suzy Allegra – Author
Marty Allen – Comedian
John Murray Anderson – Musical Theatre Producer
Laurie Anderson – Performance Artist
Marian Anderson – Concert Singer
Louis Andriessen – Composer
Jennifer Aniston – Actress
Susan B. Anthony – Womans’ Suffragist
Samuel Appleton – Politician, Philanthropist
Geoffrey Arend - Actor
Louis Armstrong – Musician (Contested: The Louis Armstrong Museum states he had no children, but in 2012 Sharon Preston-Folta has claimed to be his daughter from Lucille “Sweets” Preston, a dancer at the New York Cotton Club)
Boris Artzybasheff – Artist
Dorothy Arzner – Film Director
Dr. Robert C. Atkins – Diet Doctor, Author, Creator of the Atkins Diet
V.C. Andrews – Author
Jane Austen – Author
Max Baer Jr. – Actor
Francis Bacon – Politician, Philosopher, Scientist
Florence Bailey – Author, Naturalist, Ornithologist
Tallulah Bankhead – Actress
Abdullah al-Baradouni – Yemeni Poet
Bob Barker – Game Show Host
Joe Barr – Canadian Politician
Lynda Barry – Cartoonist
Clara Barton - Nurse, Humanitarian, Founder and First President of the American Red Cross
Kathy Bates – Actress
Jaya Battacharya – Actress
King Baudouin – King of Belgium
Samuel Beckett – Author, Playwright, Poet
Ludwig Van Beethoven – Composer
Joe Besser – Actor
Isabella Bird – Author
Jacqueline Bisset – Actress
Lewis Black – Comedian
Eubie Blake – Musician, Composer
William Blake – Artist
Brenda Blethyn – Actress
Marc Blitzstein – Composer, Dramatist
Baroness Karen Blixen – Author
Rosa Bonheur – French Painter and Sculptor
Pierre Bonnard – Artist
William Edgar Borah – Politician
Lara Flynn Boyle – Actress
Georges Brassens – Singer
Alison Brie – Actress
Joe Bob Briggs aka John Bloom – Author, Movie Critic
Raymond Briggs – Children’s Book Author
Poppy Z. Brite – Author
Anne Bronte – Author
Louise Brooks – Actress
Helen Gurley Brown – Feminist, Editor
Reno Browne – Actress, Equestrian
Delta Burke – Actress
Kathy Burke - Actress, Comedian
James Buchanan – 15th U.S. President
Pat Buchanan – Politician, Presidential Candidate
James Burke – Creator of the PBS Series “Connections”, Scientific American columnist
Raymond Burr – Actor
Caryl Lee Burroughs – Hollywood Animal Trainer
Leo Buscaglia – Author
Brett Butler – Actress, Comedian
Julia Cameron – Director
Phyllis Carlyle – Film Producer
Dora Carrington – Bloomsbury Artist
Laura Carroll – Author
Mary Casatt – Artist
Roger Casement – Irish Patriot
Nina Cassian – Poet
Barbara Castle – British Politician
Kim Cattrall – Actress
Mary Chapin Carpenter – Singer, Songwriter
Rosamond Halsey Carr – Founder of Rwanda’s Imbabazi Orphanage, Author, Fashion Designer
Richard Chamberlain – Actor
Coco Chanel – Fashion Designer (Contested: Following her elder sister’s suicide, she looked after her son)
Stockard Channing – Actress
RuPaul Andre Charles - Drag Performer, TV Personality
Judy Chicago – Artist
Margaret Cho – Comedian
Julia Child – Professional Chef, Cookbook Author
Helen Clark – New Zealand Prime Minister
Patricia Clarkson – Actress
Dorothy Clewes – Children’s Book Author
Imogene Coca – Actress
Claudette Colbert – Actress
Billy Collins – U.S. Poet Laureate
C. Collodi – Author
William Conrad – Actor
Frances Conroy – Actress
Storm Constantine – Fantasy Writer
Jill Ker Conway – Author, first woman President of Smith College
Anne Cool – Canadian Senator
Pat Coombs – Actress
Copernicus – Scientist
John Corbett – Actor
Joseph Cornell – Artist and Creator of the Cornell Box
Ann Coulter – Political Commentator
Alec Sadler Craig – Australian Politician, Philanthropist
Quentin Crisp – Author, Actor
Tim Curry – Actor
Charlotte Curtis – First woman on the masthead of The New York Times
Patrika Darbo – Actress
Simone de Beauvoir – Author
Mahmoud Darwish – Palestinian Poet
Leonardo Da Vinci – Artist
Gray Davis – Governor of California
Ellen Degeneres – Comedian
Jeffery Deaver – Author
Eugene Victor Debs – Activist
Bessie and Sadie Delaney – Authors
Dana Delany – Actress
Don DeLillo – Author
Del Rubio Triplets – Musical Group
Bo Derek – Actress
Rene Descartes – Philosopher
Portia De Rossi – Actress
Emily Dickinson – Poet
Benjamin Disraeli – Politician, Author
Steve Ditko – Cartoonist, co-creator of the Spider-Man Comics
Dorothea Dix – Educator, writer, philanthropist
Hannah Dobryn – Author
Tamara Dobson – Actress
Richard Donner – Film Director
Lauren Shuler Donner – Film Producer
Lizzie Douglas aka Memphis Minnie- Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter
Marjory Stoneman Douglas – Environmentalist, Founder of Friends of the Everglades
Maureen Dowd – Columnist, Pulitzer Prize winner
Sir George Downing – Founder of Downing College, Cambridge, England
Gabriel Dumont – Native American Tribal Leader
Lena Dunham - Actress, Director, Producer
Francis Drake – Explorer
Fran Drescher – Actress
Esther Dyson – Author, Internet Expert
Amelia Earhart – Aviator
Deborah Eisenberg – Author
Liubov Egorova – Dancer
Anita Ekberg – Actress
T.S. Eliot – Poet
Havelock Ellis – Psychologist, Author
Tracee Ellis Ross – Actress
Harlan Ellison – Author
Elizabeth I – Queen of England
Joan Elm – Canadian Politician, Community Activist
Bonnie Erbé – PBS Commentator and Columnist
Dame Edith Evans – British Film and Stage Actress
Linda Evans – Actress
Rupert Everett – Actor
Anne Ewers – CEO of the Utah Symphony & Opera
Jane Fallon – Author
Chow Yun-Fat – Actor
Barbara Feldon – Actress
Pamelyn Ferdin – Actress
Ralph Fiennes – Actor
Lynn Fontanne – Actress
Margot Fonteyn – British Ballerina
Juliana Rieser Force – Whitney Museum Director
Richard Ford – Author, Editor of Granta
Margaretta Forten – Abolitionist
Dian Fossey – Anthropologist
Janet Frame – Poet
Felix Frankfurter – Supreme Court Justice
Tanya Franks – Actress
William Frawley – Actor
Frank Frazetta – Artist
Alice Freeman – First woman to be President of a liberal arts college, (Wellesley), helped establish the University of Chicago.
Elsie Freund – Artist, Jewelry Designer
Louis Freund – Artist
Robert Fripp – Composer, Musician
Stephen Fry - Actor, Comedian
Eva Gabor – Actress
Magda Gabor – Actress
Maxwell Gage – Noted New Zealand Geologist
Diamanda Galas – Singer
Tess Gallagher – Author
Paul William Gallico – Author
Janeane Garofalo – Actress, Comedian
Greta Garbo – Actress
Ava Gardner – Actress
Henry Garfiled aka Henry Rollins - Musician (Black Flag, Rollins Band)
Greer Garson – Actress
Gloria Gaynor – Singer
Anthony Geary – Soap Opera Actor
Ricky Gervais – Comedian
William Schwenck Gilbert – Composer for Gilbert & Sullivan
Althea Gibson – Athlete
Dorothy Gish – Actress
Lillian Gish – Actress
Katharine Bruce Glasier – Author
Susan Glaspell – Playwright
Sharon Gless – Actress
Crispin Glover – Actor
Christoph Willibald Gluck – Composer
Paulette Goddard – Actress
Robert Hutchings Goddard – Physicist
Kurt Godel – Author
Alexander Godunov – Actor, Dancer
Stephen Goldin – Author
Emma Goldman – Activist, Feminist
Valeria Golino – Actress
Jan Goodwin – Author, Travel Writer
Edward Gorey – Artist
Lotte Goslar – Dancer
Lauren Graham - Actress (Contested - Her long-term partner has a child.)
Martha Graham – Choreographer
Cecil Green – Former CEO of Texas Instruments, Philanthropist
Johnny Green – Musician
Gael Greene – Food Critic, Author
Baroness Susan Greenfield – Director of the Royal Institution, Professor of Synaptic Pharmacology at Oxford University, Neurologist
John Robert Gregg – Inventor of the Gregg Shorthand Method, Publisher
Joyce Grenfell – British Actress
Nanci Griffith – Singer, Songwriter
Martha Griffiths – First Female Michigan Lieutenant Governor
Terry Gross – NPR Host
James Grout – Actor
Mabel Dole Haden – Former President of NABWA
Catherine Hakim – British Sociologist
Daryl Hall – Singer, Musician (Hall & Oates)
Jon Hamm - Actor
Celia Hammond – Former Model and Animal Activist
Lionel Hampton – Musician
Georg Friedrich Handel – Composer
Chelsea Handler - Comedian
Howard Harold Hanson – Pulitzer-Prize Winning Composer
Setsuko Hara – Japanese Actress
Warren Gamaliel Harding – 29th U.S. President
E Chambré Hardman – Photographer
Jean Harlow - Actress
Debbie Harry – Singer (Blondie)
Alex Heard – Author
Sir Edward Heath - Politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Susan Helms – Astronaut
Christina Hendricks - Actress, Model
Adrian Henri – Poet, Painter
Marguerite Henry – Children’s Book Author
Katherine Hepburn – Actress
Milton S. Hershey – Founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company
Lorena Hickok – AP Political Reporter
Taiko Hirabayashi – Author
Nicole Hollander – Cartoonist
Thelma Holt – Actress, Theatre Producer
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court (USA)
Grace Murray Hopper – Computer Scientist
Rima Horton - Politician
Soad Hosni – Egyptian Actress
Lila Kedrova Howard – Actress
Mick Hucknall – Singer
Howard Hughes - American Business Magnate, Investor, Pilot, Engineer, Film Director, Philanthropist
Bonnie Hunt – Actress
Kristin Hunter – Children’s Book Author
Lauren Hutton – Actress, Model
Patricia Ireland – President of the National Organization for Women, NOW
George J. Irbe – Creator of the Great Lakes water temperature climatology
John A. “Jack” Jackson – Philanthropist, Oilman
Tove Jansson – Children’s Book Author
Randall Jarrell – Poet
Anna Jarvis – the “Founder of Mother’s Day”
Joan of Arc – Christian Saint
Jack Johnson – First African-American to win the heavyweight boxing championship of the world.
Margaret Johnston – Actress
Martin and Osa Johnson – Authors, Photographers, explorers, and naturalists.
Richard Mentor Johnson – U.S. Vice-President
Samuel Johnson – Author, Editor
William Hugh Johnston – Labor Leader
Carolyn Jones – Actress
Renee Jones – Actress
Spike Jonze – Film Director
Ashley Judd – Actress, Activist
Madeline Kahn – Actress
Immanuel Kant – Philosopher
Julie Kavner – Actress
Nikos Kazantzakis – Author
Odette Keene – Musician
Helen Keller – Author
Joyce Kennard – Judge
Joe Kernan – Politician
Maynard Keynes – Economist, Founder of the Vic-Wells Ballet, Financed the Arts Theatre in Cambridge, England
King Louis XVI – King of France
William Lyon MacKenzie King – Former Canadian Prime Minister
William Rufus King – U.S. Vice-President
Robert Kiyosaki – Author
Caroline Knapp – Author
Aleksandra Kollontai – Author
Dean Koontz – Author
Tadeusz Kościuszko – Polish Patriot
Jerzy Kosinski – Author
Jonathan Kozol – Author, Activist
Lee Krasner – Artist
Albert Kroc – Co-Developer of McDonald’s Fast Food Chain
Henry Richardson Labouisse – Diplomat, Former Head of UNICEF
Karl Lagerfeld - Fashion Designer
Princess Lakshmi – Indian Princess
Elsa Lanchester – Actress
Philip Larkin – Author, Poet
Charles Laughton – Actor, Director
Dan Lauria – Actor
Frank John Lausche – Politician
Tom Lehrer – Singer, Musician
Jay Leno – TV Host
Richard Lewis – Comedian
Lyn Lifshin – Poet
Queen Liliuokalani – Queen of Hawaii
Siân Lloyd – Weather Broadcaster
Carole Lombard – Actress
Jack Lord – Actor
Pauline Lord – Actress
Patty Loveless – Singer
Alfred Lunt – Actor
John Lyon – Philanthropist, Regarded as the Founder of The Great Public School Of Harrow
Rose McClendon – Actress
Robert McCormick – Former Owner of the Chicago Tribune
Mary Jackson McCrorey – Politician, Activist
Hattie McDaniel – Actress
Roddy McDowall – Actor, Photographer
Odd McIntyre – Newspaper Columnist
Ian McKellen – Actor
Kristy McNichol – Actress
Janet McTeer – Actress
Christine McVie – Singer, Songwriter (Fleetwood Mac)
Dora Maar – Photographer
René Magritte – Artist
Bill Maher – TV Personality
Katherine Mansfield – Author
Shirley Manson – Singer
Vito Anthony Marcantonio – Politician
Francesca Marciano – Actress
Miriam Margoyles – Actress
Mary Ellen Mark – Award-Winning Photographer
William III & Mary II of England – King & Queen of England, Ireland, and Scotland
Bobbie Ann Mason – Children’s Book Author
Mari Matsunaga – Creator of i-mode, Named One of the Top 25 Tech Women of the Web
Theresa May - Politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Giuseppe Mazzini – Italian Patriot
Fradique de Menezes – President of Sao Tome and Principe
Melina Mercouri – Greek Actress
Freddie Mercury – Musician
Angela Merkel – German Chancellor
George Michael – Musician
Oscar Micheaux – Film Director, Producer, Author
Edna St. Vincent Millay – Poet
Alley Mills – Actress
Brenda Milner – Renowned Professor of Neuro-Psychology: Mcgill’s Faculty Of Medicine And At The Montreal Neurological Institute
Kylie Minogue - Singer
Helen Mirren – Actress
Margaret Mitchell – Author
Eugenio Montale – Nobel Prize Winner, Poet, Author, Editor, Translator
Vicki Moore – Spanish Animal Rights Philanthropist
John Morgan – Founder of the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, and Medical Director of the Continental Army
Lady Morgan (Sydney Owenson) – Author
Morrissey – Musician
Rob Morse – Columnist (San Francisco Chronicle)
Marjorie “Mo” Mowlam – Britain’s Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
John Mulaney – Comedian
Annamarie Tendler Mulaney – Artist
Diana Muldaur – Actress
Megan Mullally - Actress
Ona Munson – Actress
Haruki Murakami – Author
Iris Murdoch – Author
Mikayil Mushfig – Poet
Modest Mussorgsky – Composer
Kanagarajah Muthiah – Tamil Activist
Ralph Nader – Activist
Taslima Nasrin – Author
Alla Nazimova – Actress
Noel Neill – Actress
Bebe Neuwirth – Actress
Sir Isaac Newton – Scientist
Stevie Nicks – Singer (Fleetwood Mac)
Friedrich Nietzsche – Philosopher
Florence Nightingale – Nurse
Ursula Nordstrom – Children’s Book Editor
Jessye Norman – Opera Singer
Kim Novak – Actress
Rudolph Nureyev – Dancer
Anita O’Day – Jazz Singer
Georgia O’Keeffe – Artist
Frederick D. O’Neal – Actor, Playwright
Joyce Carol Oates – Author
Nick Offerman - Actor
Sandra Oh - Actress
Claire Parker – Director, Animator
Dorothy Parker – Author
Suzanne-Lori Parks – Playwright
Rosa Parks – Activist
Dolly Parton – Singer, Actress
Julia Pascal – Playwright
Ann Patchett – Author
Alicia Patterson – Editor
Wolfgang Pauli – Physicist
Linus Pauling – Winner of Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Peace
Sarah Paulson – Actress
Michelle Paver – Author
Anna Pavlova – Dancer
Molly Peacock – Poet, President Emerita of the Poetry Society of America
Minnie Pearl – Singer
Samuel Pepys – Author
Matthew Perry - Actor
Bernadette Peters – Actress
Jean Peters - Actress
Arthur Phillip – First British Administrator Sent to Australia
Wendell Phillips – Orator and Reformer
William Phillips – Co-founder and Editor of Partisan Review , Writer, Critic
Marge Piercy – Author, Poet
Plato – Philosopher
Martha Plimpton - Actress
Edgar Allan Poe – Author
Jackson Pollock – Artist
Katherine Ann Porter – Author
Parker Posey – Actress
Beatrix Potter – Children’s Book Author
Charles Edward Potter – Politician, Philanthropist, Administrator of the Cheboygan County Bureau of Social Aid
Joyce Purnick – Former New York Times Metro Editor, Journalist
Edna Purviance – Silent Movie Actress
Colin Quinn – Comedian
Robin Quivers – Radio Host
Raffi – Children’s Musician
Bonnie Raitt – Singer, Songwriter
Joey Ramone – Musician
Ayn Rand – Writer, Philosopher, Author
A. Philip Randolph – Politician
Jeanette Rankin – 1st Female US Representative
Man Ray – Artist
Rachel Ray – Celebrity Chef
Lou Reed – Singer, Musician
George Reeves – Actor
Frances Reid – Actress
Leni Riefenstahl – Filmmaker
Janet Reno – Former U.S. Attorney-General
Judith Resnick – Astronaut
Jennifer Rhodes – Actress
Condoleezza Rice – National Security Advisor
Cliff Richards – Musician
Miranda Richardson – Actress
Alan Rickman – Actor, Director
Elizabeth Riddell – Journalist
Sally Ride – First American Female Astronaut
Bridget Riley – Artist
John Ringling – Founder of Ringling Brothers Circus
Mary Roach - Author
Morgan Andrew Robertson – Author
Debbie Rochon – Actress
Norman Perceval Rockwell – Illustrator
Eric Rohmann – Author, Winner of the 2003 Caldecott Medal for Best Illustrated Children’s Book
Ginger Rogers – Actress
Richard Roeper – Film Reviewer, Chicago Sun-Times
Wilhelm Rontgen – Awarded the first Nobel Prize for Physics in 1901, discoverer of X-Rays
William Bruce Rose Jr. aka Axl Rose - Musician (Guns N' Roses)
Mickey Rourke – Actor, Boxer
Patricia Routledge – Actress
Joan Ruddock – Activist
John Ruskin – Author
Winona Ryder – Actress
Yves Saint-Laurent - Fashion Designer
Dr. Lee Salk – Child Psychologist
Renu Saluja – Indian Film Editor
Diana Sands – Actress
Aligi Sassu – Artist
John Sayles – Director
Jean-Paul Sartre – Existential Philosopher
Diane Sawyer – TV News Anchor
Rosika Schwimmer – Author, Activist
Ed and Thelma Schoenberger – Co-founders of the Indiana Flower & Patio Show
Ellen Browning Scripps – Newspaper Columnist, Philanthropist
Joel Schumacher – Film Director
Maurice Sendak – Children’s Book Author
George Bernard Shaw – Playwright
Lionel Shriver – Author
Sarah Silverman – Comedian, Actress
Michael Sinelnikoff – Actor
Siouxsie – Singer, Musician (Siouxsie and the Banshees)
Robert Smith – Singer, Musician (The Cure)
David Shogren – Bassist (Doobie Brothers)
Betty Smith – Author
Dodie Smith – Playwright, Author of The Hundred and One Dalmatians
Gladys Louise Smith aka Mary Pickford - Actress, Producer, Screenwriter, Businesswoman
Howard Worth Smith – Politician
Kate Smith – Singer
Lemony Snicket (Real Name: Daniel Handler) – Children’s Book Author
David Souter – Supreme Court Justice
Jill St. John – Actress
Mabel Stark – Female Tiger Trainer
Gertrude Stein – Author, Patron of the Arts
Victor Strauss – WWII Journalist
Gloria Steinem – Activist, Writer
Maria W. Stewart – Author, Activist
Lily Strickland – Composer, Writer, Artist
Patrick Swayze – Actor
Loretta Swit – Actress
Henrietta Szold – Holocaust Heroine
Wislawa Szymborska – Nobel Prize Winning Poet
Amy Tan - Writer, Author
Sara Teasdale – Poet
Toni Tennille – Singer (Captain and Tennille)
Princess María Teresa of Bourbon-Parma – French-Spanish Political Activist and Academic
Nikola Tesla – Scientist, Inventor
Theodora – Empress and wife of Justinian I
Susanna Thompson – Actress
Georgianne Thon – Actress
M. Carey Thomas – President of Bryn Mawr College
Willie Mae Thornton – Singer, Songwriter
Jennifer Tilly – Actress
Wendy Tokunaga – Author
Lily Tomlin – Actress, Playwright
Ann Turkel – Model
Randy Travis – Singer
Edward Tylor – Anthropologist
Names "U - Z" will be in a comment below (the new additions put the list over the character limit).
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2020.04.08 03:11 lucysugar Kimmy Schmidt Coronavirus Episode

Kimmy is learning how to sew, so she can sew masks for every healthcare worker in New York. No wait, the WORLD! This means Kimmy needs to learn how to use a postage stamp… which she never had to do in Indiana because the local mail system was just a possum with a hat and messenger bag. Kimmy hates social distancing, so she tries to help by facetiming everyone she knows several times a day, always upsidedown.
Titus & Mikey are enjoying quarantine. Mikey got paid time off as the new construction manager in charge of hole watcher watchers, and Titus is taking this time to focus on his new project, The Capist 2: too many Capists. Mikey only knows how to cook meatballs. Titus likes Kimmy’s idea of sewing masks, and does so… for his Borbie collection.
Lillian is kicking ass on city council. She is fighting for East Dogmouth to get testing- since they actually don’t even count on the census thanks to redlining. She gets daily calls from Sheba, who claims to be in hospital for the virus, when she’s actually sick at home with herpes.
Jacqueline has escaped to the Hamptons, next-door to Deirdre Robespierre. Jacqueline is convinced Deirdre bought the house just to compete with Jacqueline in who’s hedge is more well manicured- because last week, Mickey Rourke was living there. Jacqueline bought her parents iPad pros so they could FaceTime. She also is donating money from her latest perfume sponsorship to Relief Aid. But, she also bought out the entire CVS stockpile of gloves. She plans on putting them on her feet to keep them safe.
Russ, voted ‘Most Agreeable’ on the Real Househusbands of the Potomac, is donating half of the profits from his new memoir, “From Squished to Sploosh: How Getting Hot Made Me A Better Man.”
Mimi is trying to rekindle her old flame Andrew Cuomo, her high school boyfriend, in order to get tested. By accident, she contacts Andrej Couomo, the Russian spy that homeland season 8 was based on. He falls in love with her and she fakes a pregnancy to get him to marry her.
Xanthippe is trying to be a TikTok star. When Cap Tylenol contracts the virus and gets immediate treatment, she rants on twitter about white privilege. Her tweets get picked up by Buzzfeed and she starts a budding career as their Junior Woke Coach in Charge of White Privilege From a Personal Experience.
Andrea is arrested. She is patient #1 from her trip to Key West, Florida- she accidentally planned a layover in China.
The Banana Boys donate their bandanas to medical workers and servicemen. Two of them even volunteer to go grocery shopping for the elderly.
Cydnee Pokorny thinks she had the virus. She claims to be supremely immune and tries selling her blood and plasma online. She partners with Walgreens to sponsor home-made hand sanitizer that can survive an apocalypse, Bunker Goo.
Donna Maria cancels her sponsorship deal with Corona Beer, which was set to roll out in May for the annual Mole Festival. She also instructs her restaurants to stop using bat meat… for now.
Because of budget cuts and concerns over the virus, Gretchen is released early from prison. Gretchen has plans on kidnapping Dr Fauci to add him to her new cult. In the process, she contracts the virus en route to the White House. While in hospital, she Zooms her cult following to pray for her. Gretchen is awesome.
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2019.12.07 20:41 defmagic Aspiring Filmmaker+Nikon D5000 user ADVICE??****

I hope this is the right sub.....
FIRST, I want to apologize if i come off as arrogant, thinking of myself as some pathetic "tortured artist" or some BS. I just LOVE film and want to free film (along with scoring music for them at least at first) and I have no clue what to do on the technical stand point of settings, lenses, lighting conditions vs int/ext
I have wanted to write+Direct films since I was a kid. I am now 29 and I cannot afford to buy the equipment I REAPPY want (if i even knew what i actually needed)
As a "filmmaker" I don't have much of a resumè. I've directed some dramatic-comedy scenes as apart of larger episodes for a youtube series back from 2008-2013 off and on (my best friend was the show runner so to speak).
About 2 years ago when I would plan a music video for myself (yes i am a multi-musician and semi amateur music producer too)-- that same best friend would co-direct it for me. - what I realized is no matter HOW MUCH my friend wanted to shoot strictly on 2 different iphones of the latest model in 4k-- I was not a fan. I realized when we shot clips in dark shadowy areas with some direction lights that his Nikon D5000 was my favorite (especially when applying custom LUTs in FCPX. I LOVE the gritty-slightly-noise filled frames and the sense of "urgency" each shot gives off.
Anyway he eventually went to JUST using iphone 4k for his hobby shoots as well as wedding videographer gigs. - and he GAVE me his Nikon D5000. It came with the battery wall charger and the stock 18-55 lens. I've been wanting to research everything from what DIFFERENT LENSES i would need and also what shots and environments to use what aperture/f settings and or shutter speed (i don't even know all of what i'm even saying there... my mind can't compute.)
I don't know what i need to set the camera up as or what lenses to use for what shots - but all I know is when i start a short film project - before i even know what the story is, I see certain shots in my head. Usually when i toy around mentally with what shots i'm seeing will a story start sticking in my head (or hints of one). I desperately need a partner in crime (a co-writer and producer) but my friend is the opposite of me. He likes realistic shots with bland color balance (zero grading) and medium tripod still shots with lots of dialog. I like a lot of trippy visuals or very mundane sequences with the camera doing the storylking sometimes. I like altering some highlights and shadows to make my stories clear in terms of "this is an adventure. It's make believe. An escape." because that's what hooked me as a kid.
What inspired me growing up: - Halloween. Back To The Future. Batman RETURNS (my god, so good). etc.
As an adult and aspiring filmmaker: - Hell Or High Water. I'm Still Here (Joaquin/Mocu'). Breaking Bad. Dexter. Mad Max Fury Road. The Program (Ben Foster). THE WRESTLER (2008/Mickey Rourke)
So I know what my "voice" is telling me and it's dying to get out. Only thing is, I don't know how to shoot the following visual ideas i've had for a year:
Then the idea stops. This is usually how projects start in my head. This is why I have 6 short/feature final drafts about 6 pages long with no true story. Being in a think tank with 1 other person to throw out ideas would help but i'd have to find someone who is into visual storytelling too.
Sorry I rambled on, but that opening sequence idea I wrote about- i don't plan on the entire film to be outside at night - i also want "two football fields away showing g two people talking face to face" shots ala Breaking Bad in the daytime too. Then there's interior shots with Daytime or brightly lit vs dark interior -- my mind is going crazy.
Sorry if i have annoyed anyone for being such a lame N00B, I just get depressed every day knowing that I'll never get closer to being able to direct and write a film starring Ben Foster, Christian Slater, + Joaquin Phoenix where the story is SMALL and INTIMATE but the camera and pacing make it large. Idk how to describe it.
I'm afraid all i'll ever be is someone who sees stuff in his head but has nothing to show for it. I think of the greats like Tarantino etc. His fit attempt at a short film or feature - i'm sure he knew everything technically about the camera itself, lenses, depth of field etc. I feel like such a loser.
I hope anyone out there can offer some advice so my brain can understand what i need to do (once i find my 'routine' or set up - i'll probably never change it-- that's how i am - so all these options and possibilities make my brain itch.
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2018.10.25 05:12 neorandomizer [SF] New York Time Slip - my short story posted on Republibot.com 2011

Penny was almost in a trance as the music washed over her. Reading about or listening to a recording of this performance could not reproduce or explain the emotional and physiological reaction she and the rest of the audience were having to it. It was fortunate that the stream had carried her here.
The here was the Fillmore East ten pm December thirty-first nineteen-sixty nine. Penny was one of the privileged few that could ride the stream back and forth creating for a short time what the experts called a time-space anomaly but what she and her fellow travelers called a time slip. These lucky few could slip into another time and spend a few hours or days there. The universe did not allow this without a price first if you stay an hour in the past you come back an hour after you left and there also seemed to be a limit of a hundred years with no traveling into the future.
On this night Penny had traveled to one of the storied points in Rock n Roll history the one and only concert by Jimi Hendrix and the Band of Gypsies.
Hendrix had some undefined ability to cause his audience to achieve a higher mental state only seen in a few Zen masters. This effect was so powerful that a few of his recordings can almost produce the state. The Fillmore East recording of Machine Gun was one of these. You could also feel this power on the Are You Experienced track of his first album.
Penny was sent by her employer Global Media International to see if she could discern how he did it and if it could be reproduced by one of Global’s prepackaged pop bands. She also was discreetly recording the concert in 3D and surround for later release to the small but growing virtual history market.
Penny was already a rising star in GMI and to the public at large. She was being paid in the range of seven figures for this job; she would have come for free the performance was all that it was said to be.
The inexpensive entertainment that the modern media companies produced was starting to lose its hold on the general public and GMI’s market share was slipping.
A way was needed to stem the flow of internet independent bands now appearing and selling there songs at a dollar a download and by actually playing their instruments and singing their songs without digitally enhanced playback at live events in small venues.
Global and the other multimedia giants wanted to be in on this shift by the public unlike when in the late nineties people stopped buying compact disks and started downloading just the one or two songs they wanted it had taken almost a decade to reestablish control of the music scene. It still was a point of contention that Jobs and his company had to be brought in as a middleman for the industry.
As the session ended Penny walked out wondering what it would have been like to live in these freer times. Once back on Second Avenue she started to think of home and 2019. This should bring her back to where she started a few hours ago to her, fifty years into the future for the people around her. Before she had a chance to come home a dart with a neural toxin stuck in her neck.
She started to move as if high or drunk. She stumbled into an alley off of East Sixth Street. Penny Goldman died in a dirty alley in the Village early January First 1970 NYC.
Thomas O’Rourke stood in the alley off East Sixth; it was still dirty with debris that could have been here fifty years ago. He was a Detective Sergeant in the NYPD’s time crimes squad. Early on the first day of 1970 Penny Goldman died, the death was ruled a drug overdose which was common in those times in the Village. The then NYPD could not have detected the neural toxin or the biodegradable dart used to deliver it.
Both the toxin and the dart fired from an air pistol were products of the end of the Cold War. They were developed by both sides so tracing it was near impossible since officially manufacture of such weapons was banned by the UN. If it was not for a tissue sample saved by the coroners office because Goldman had a cancer unknown at that time the murder would have been written off as a slip rider dieing by misadventure.
So now O’Rourke had to solve a fifty year old murder of a time traveler, not what he foresaw when he joined the force?
His family had been New York cops since before the Civil War. With a fair share becoming detectives or police captains or both so it was expected that Thomas Benjamin O’Rourke, Ben to family and friends would go far. He was on a trajectory to rise to the top when he experienced his first time slip.
He was working plain clothes going for a bookie in Harlem. While moving toward the door to the bookie joint something happened and O’Rourke found himself standing on the same spot but in a different time at the door of a speakeasy in the 1920’s. The slip only lasted a few minutes and he returned in time to complete the raid.
Time slips had been making the news at the time so O’Rourke knew what had happened when he went to report the incident to his Lieutenant that was his first mistake.
Their were three classes of people who experienced slips people who had one for unknown reasons and may never have another. People that had multiple slips but had no control O’Rourke was in this category and people like Goldman; this last group was able to control where and when their slips happened as long was there was a large enough event to leave a echo in the flow of time for them to feel and lock onto.
Hendrix’s Band of Gypsies New Year’s eve concert was just such an event. And the file that O’Rourke was reading in the alley on Goldman showed that she was a registered time slip researcher her specialty the New York music scene of the mid sixties to the early eighties. Her employer was GMI one of the super sized media companies to come out of the economic crash of the last decade.
Well O’Rourke thought time to take a ride uptown.
GMI’s research and new talent offices where high up in the Empire State Building made once again chic because of the new found fascination with the past.
It was believed that time slips started to happen in verifiable numbers do to the stresses of the crash, war on terror and the general feeling that the future was not all it was cracked up to be. More and more people wished they could escape to the past. The human mind being what it was made it happen, now there have always been stories of people going into the past or future going all the back to classical times.
American media business being what it is jumped on the chance to exploit this new phenomenon.
The reception area was done in a neo art deco style that made one feel like they where in an old time diner. There was one pretty girl of unknowable age behind the faux counter.
O’Rourke flashed his badge at the receptionist who made a quick call not wanting a cop hanging around. A few minutes later O’Rourke encountered Surge.
“Oh officer I am Ms Roberts man Friday Surge.” Said a light skinned man of medium height holding out his hand has if he expected O’Rourke to kiss it. O’Rourke wanting to cover his surprise repeated the whole badge flashing routine saying.
“Detective Sergeant O’Rourke I believe I have an appointment.” Legally this was a fifty year old cold case and there was not a lot of pressure one can bring to bear so it was appointments and not surprise interviews even though two days ago Penny Goldman was alive and breathing in this very office. With the death happening in 1970 legally it was a cold case. Albany keeps saying they are going to update the laws to reflect time travel as a fact but politicians have always had their own schedules.
O’Rourke was shown through a maze of cubicles to a corner office with a spectacular view of the river and harbor. A big Chinese container ship was just coming in churning up the greenish water. The room looked more like a sitting room than a corporate office.
Ms Roberts was a tall redhead with too fair skin that looked was if it has never seen the sun. She thrust her hand at O’Rourke in a manly gesture. The proper way to greet a woman had become so complicated by 2019 with the norms seeming to change every week that most men just let the women be the primary in the encounter. In the war of the sexes most men had finally and gladly surrendered and let the women be dominating it was just not worth the energy anymore.
“Sergeant I am Mary Roberts please sit down.” O’Rourke was given a power hand shake that showed that even though she looked like an elf she had strength.
“Thank you madam I just have a few questions. You were the person that reported Ms Goldman missing?” With that O’Rourke started the interview with the prime suspect. At no time did he let Roberts know what he thought but with each question O’Rourke made her draw a picture of two people who wanted to be the top dog.
Roberts had come up the corporate ladder the old fashion way with talent, ruthless maneuvering and sex. Penny Goldman on the other hand became a corporate and media star mostly because she could slip through time. She showed that not only did she want to be the talent she also wanted to be in on the corporate side of the business.
“Yes I would do the search for a target performance and Penny would go there with the recorders so the event could be recreated.”
“Recorders?” asked O’Rourke.
“Yes most of Penny’s clothing and jewelry had 3D audio and visual sensors with a 200 terabit flash drive.”
“Do you know where these recorders are now?”
“No I would think the police would have them.”
O’Rourke made himself sit still and finish. If the property room still had her effects she just might have recorded her killer. The NYPD was famous for keeping evidence of cold cases for decades and just as famous for losing said evidence.
Standing O’Rourke said “I will be in touch and thank you.”
O’Rourke started to call his office the moment he was out of Roberts’s.
On O’Rourke’s desk at One Police Plaza in his closet sized office was a box with fifty year old clothing. Property Division after a search found the evidence in a Brooklyn police warehouse. Everything was there that GMI sent Goldman to 1969 with except the flash drive. The only conclusion that could be made is that the killer had removed it.
The clothes looked authentic but on close examination if one knew what to look for you could discern that they were of modern manufacture. For one they were totally synthetic, the animal rights people had finally won. The more telling detail was the clothes had nano circuits throughout that made them a wearable computer unit more powerful than any main frame in 1970.
If the drive was removed the killer either was told of its existence or he or she was familiar with the equipment. The drive was a crystal and silver ring Goldman would have worn on her right hand.
Roberts was still high on O’Rourke’s list. This would not be the first time that corporate climbers had knifed each other it all started in Rome on the Ides of March. But something did not feel right and O’Rourke could not put his finger on it which gave him a headache.
This case was made more complicated by the fact that the people that worked recording the past were treated like the rock stars they were stealing from. Big media had turned on the hype machine when they started sending people into the past.
One other point the equipment was like the poison used a product of the Cold War could the supplier of the recorders have access to the poison and dart system? The equipment supplier and any employees that had access to Goldman’s equipment had to be checked. Too many companies were now selling gear once the province of Special Forces and intelligence agencies. The government has privatized almost everything so as to be able to pay the social service bill.
O’Rourke was working this case solo the Time Crimes Squad was undermanned and funded. Some did not see the need for it and others did not want the police getting too involved with the slip phenomena.
The one thing O’Rourke could be sure of is the killer came from this time. The weapon used and the fact that the Novikov self-consistency principle prevented the timeline from being changed. So a native of 1970 could not be killed by a slip rider or vise versa someone from 2019 could not be killed by a person from 1970 with a 2019 weapon the universe just would not allow the paradox or so say the egg heads.
O’Rourke was wishing for a break in the case even though he knew well that one had to be careful what you wised for.
Another day and another murder scene, this one had a fresh body to add color. Looking down O’Rourke saw a lithe athletic attractive woman with mouse brown hair. It seemed wrong to have a corpse in such a historic building. The Dakota one time home to Leonard Bernstein, Judy Garland, and John Lennon now had another famous death to add it its history.
“Mary Kawasaki age 26 3D star for Time-Warner-MGM-Universal.” Said Detective Michael (Mickey) Washington as O’Rourke stared down at the dead girl. She looked as if she died in agony, a side effect of the neural toxin as it caused all your neurons to fire at once.
“Any recordings found on her?” asked O’Rourke.
“No boss she turned the equipment in this afternoon.” With a fresh corpse O’Rourke was now working a real homicide and Washington was assigned as his partner with O’Rourke as Lead Detective.
“TWMU security called in at 10pm, she managed to hit her panic button.”
“Did they say where she went and when I can see the recording.” Asked O’Rourke even though he knew what the answer would be.
“She was recording a concert by the Doors in Miami, you know the one where Jim Morrison was arrested for indecent exposure.
“And” O’Rourke made a rolling motion with his hand as he said this.
“They said legal will get back to us tomorrow.”
“Shit! Alright I want every photo, film clip drawing from that concert on my desk yesterday. And Mickey try to remember this is a multiple homicide case not a recording convention.”
Two hours later O’Rourke was in his office looking at old photos of Jim Morrison and the Doors in Miami on March 1, 1969. He did not know what he was looking for but he knew there was something.
Washington came in with a thumb drive in his hand. “Boss here is a bunch of crowd shots.”
O’Rourke thanked his partner and loaded the new drive. The concert was standing room only and there where hundreds of people there. Flipping through the new shots O’Rourke was about to call it a day when he thought he saw something. He tapped his finger on the screen and said “Zoom in.” O’Rourke repeated this three times when he saw it. A person late could be Surge was in the crowd.
“Washington!” O’Rourke shouted as he left his office in search of his partner. He was found at the coffee machine.
“The GMI personal files where are they.” Washington looked puzzled then said “I uploaded them to you an hour ago.
Trying not to show his embarrassment he he pulled his com pad from his belt. His in box was full and it took a minute but he found it.
Sergei (Surge) Stepanov born in the former Soviet Union in 1995 father former FSB/KGB; emigrated 2002 expert on 1960’s American music with a degree from NYU in music history.
“Christ!” Was all that O’Rourke said as he read the file he had zeroed in on Mary Roberts when Surge was the one.
“Washington find Stepanov and bring him here to be questioned I will be hitting the photo archive again.
After two hours O’Rourke found what he was looking for Surge in a photo of the New Year’s Fillmore concert. There in the crowd sitting at a table alone was Surge.
Surge can slip and he is unregistered. Registration is voluntary but no company will work with an unregistered person, the company would lose its bonding and insurance.
Washington came in at this point. “Boss no sign of Surge and we just got a request for a secure slip.” Sometimes if the slip is by a big name or to a very special event the media companies would ask for the area to be roped off.
“What’s the slip?”
“The Rolling Stones November ‘69 concert at Madison Square Garden.”
“Crap the other two were ‘69 to. OK put an all points on Surge as a person of interest in a homicide. Warn the units at the Garden I am going there now follow when you are done.”
O’Rourke opened his lower desk draw and withdrew a standard issue needle gun.
Madison Square Garden the center of the entertainment universe perform here and you know you have made it to the top. America’s Roman Coliseum where people sing, play and fight for the gratification of the masses.
It was dark and wet when O’Rourke made it to the venue. A patrol unit working the perimeter gave him the heads up on where the media people went. O’Rourke had them look at a photo of Surge and they confirmed he went in a few minutes after the main group. Once again screwed by the NYPD’s all points system thought the detective.
O’Rourke entered the building through the same side entrance that Surge used. The building was eerie with its lights on but no people about. This was a normal dark night as the entertainment people called it, a day used for maintenance and to give the building a thorough cleaning.
The door had lead into the back stage area and O’Rourke was giving the place a slow once over trying to see if anything as amiss.
As he slowly walked toward the stage that was setup for a concert tomorrow by a retro band he saw the world waver. As his foot came down he was suddenly in a chaotic space with people moving about on unknown errands, O’Rourke had literally stepped into 1969 and as proof he almost walked right into Mick Jagger. Like the first time he had slipped into the past he had no notion how he had done it.
A security man came running over and O’Rourke flashed him his badge. Thankfully the NYPD has used the same badges for almost a hundred years.
Now that it seemed that the universe had place him into the correct time and place all he had to do was find Surge. This was going to be almost impossible with the number of roadies running around. One had to assume that Surge had taken steps to blend in like the media star O’Rourke just stopped. She had a press pass and was talking to a man in a suit. So she was going for the back stage look an always popular recording style for big name acts that did the same sets in every city of a tour.
If she was here then Surge must not be far behind. Walking around and checking doors made it look like O’Rourke was checking the security for the Stones.
There pushing a dolly loaded with equipment was Surge come right toward his target. O’Rourke cut an angle to intercept that a football Free Safety would have admired. Surge for his part saw O’Rourke and stop and then started to run the way he had come.
Down a tunnel to the loading dock area Surge pushed his way through the people readying the Garden for this historic concert until he made it to clear area and poured it on. O’Rourke was feeling those extra donuts he had eaten over the years when he tackled Surge.
Surge younger and in better shape was able to pull away from the detective and come up holding a small gun like shape in his hands.
On his knees O’Rourke drew his needle gun creating a stand off. The two men where in an empty area so had no one to interfere with there encounter.
“Drop it Surge we know everything.”
“No those bitches needed to be stopped they are fouling the memory of these great events. This is the time of Giants; they walked the earth and took us to the Moon. This is the height of American and Western power before the posers and moochers destroyed this country like they destroyed Russia after the communists fell.”
O’Rourke took a chance and shifted his hand and fired from his hip. The needle gun released its cloud of nano hypodermics filled with a sedative that is safe for 98 percent of the population.
Surge took the full burst and dropped to the ground back into 2019. O’Rourke blinked and saw that Surge was foaming at the mouth.
Surge was dead. He was of the small percentage of the population that had an adverse reaction to the needle gun’s sedative; it was a deadly potion to him. An irony that O’Rourke did not appreciate two innocent women were dead and with Surge gone no real answers were forthcoming.
When they searched Surge’s apartment they found that it was a shrine to 1969 America. He had posters and authentic vinyl records of the Rolling Stones, Doors, Hendrix and others that must have been worth a small fortune.
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2018.09.14 14:05 Anonymous_1-2-3-4-5 MCU Movies Behind the Scenes Facts *Wanted to do this for fun* Day 3: Iron Man 2

So i'm going to go on IMDB and look at each MCU movies behind the scenes facts and POST THE MOST INTERESTING ONES here, I will post each movie a day instead of what I did before where I did 10 posts, I will start with the first Iron Man and each day will be the next MCU movie after it, ending with Guardians 3, I will also do the Netflix Shows, Agents of Shield and Agent Carter


1. Jon Favreau had a lot of friction with the Marvel higher-ups, due to their constant intervention, to the point that they were having him rewrite the script as the film was still shooting. In particular, elements such as the increased prominence of the S.H.I.E.L.D. subplot, were the result of a need to establish the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe in preparation for The Avengers (2012), at the expense of the coherence of the film's own plot. These disputes got so bad, that Favreau turned down directing Iron Man 3 (2013)

2. Scarlett Johansson dyed her hair red before she even got the part of Natasha Romanov, a.k.a. Black Widow, because she wanted the role so badly.

3. (At around fourteen minutes) When first talking with Senator Stern (Garry Shandling), Tony Stark says he would gladly accept the position of Secretary of Defense. In the comics, Tony Stark actually was appointed the Secretary of Defense.

4. Samuel L. Jackson was promised that Nick Fury would be given more screentime by Jon Favreau. Jackson almost didn't return to play Fury due to problems with contract negotiations, but secured a landmark nine-picture deal to play Nick Fury not only in this movie, but in many other Marvel Studio productions.

5. A lot of Whiplash's identifying features were suggested by Mickey Rourke. He wanted to perform half of his role in Russian, and consulted on the character's tattoos and gold teeth, as well as having a pet cockatoo. In fact, Rourke paid for the bird and the gold teeth out of his own pocket.

6. Although Mickey Rourke spent several months on a treadmill and weight training, he initially was still unable to move around and use the whip prop in the Whiplash outfit test, due to its sheer weight. To get around this problem, Rourke would wear heavy vests in subsequent physical training sessions to accustom his body in moving while wearing heavy armor.

7. Not being tech literate, Mickey Rourke found the most challenging part about playing Whiplash was pretending to know his way around a computer.

8. Don Cheadle replaced Terrence Howard as Rhodey, due to a falling out between Howard and Marvel Studios. The two actors worked with each other in Crash (2004).

9. To prepare for her role, Scarlett Johansson trained six weeks before the movie started principal photography and the entire six months of shooting the movie.

10. According to director Jon Favreau, the technology in this film was portrayed as more futuristic: "After the first film, a number of tech companies talked about how uncanny a lot of our depictions of technology had turned out to be, and how many different films and videogames ended up being inspired by the imagery we used. This forced us to go a bit further into the future, and try and change the nature of this technology. If we'd just duplicated what happened in the first one, we would be behind the curve. So now we're dealing with holograms, the interface within the suit, and the suit being upgraded too."

11. Writer Shane Black recommended that Tony Stark's characterization be inspired by J. Robert Oppenheimer, the scientist who led the team that developed the atomic bomb. After witnessing his creation's destructive potential, Oppenheimer defamed himself as "the Destroyer of Worlds" and sank into depression.

12. Robert Downey, Jr. gained twenty pounds of muscle to reprise his role of Tony Stark.

13. Scarlett Johansson had an initial freak-out moment when she first saw her character's catsuit, wondering how she was going to be able to move in such a tight costume.

14. (At around forty-seven minutes) The photo of Ivan being arrested that Tony Stark views in his research is an actual media photo of Mickey Rourke being arrested on a drugs charge when he was younger.

15. According to Mickey Rourke, he carried out a lot of research in Russia choosing what tattoos Ivan Vanko should carry on his body. He wanted authentic Russian tattoos, which would represent Vanko's Russian heritage, prison societies, and special clubs he might be in.

16. Mickey Rourke almost dropped out of the film when Marvel's initial pay offer to him was just $250,000.

17. Numerous news clippings shown in the film show Tony Stark and Ivan Vanko when they were younger men. Most of these are actual photos of Robert Downey, Jr. and Mickey Rourke, both of whom came to fame in the 1980s.

18. (At around twenty-two minutes) According to Jon Favreau, the Asian man who hands Vanko false papers, in order to get to Monaco, is a member of the Ten Rings, the terrorist organization Stark encountered in the first film. This organization is reportedly headed by Iron Man's nemesis, the Mandarin.

19. When Marvel first hired Samuel L. Jackson to play Nick Fury in the first two Iron Man movies, they wanted to keep it very secret. They actually drove Samuel's car onto the middle of the set, and they surrounded it with dressing trailers so that no one could see him get out of the car, and get into character, until Iron Man (2008) was released in theaters.

20. (At around one hour and thirty minutes) The dance Sam Rockwell (Justin Hammer) does before presenting the drones at the Expo was improvised, and something he does to help himself get into character. It may also be a nod to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who was known for his energetic stage presence.

21. Tony Stark's race car at Monaco was supposed to be Iron Man red, but Robert Downey, Jr. insisted on driving the blue and white car.

22. Hammer's factory is really Elon Musk's SpaceX facility in Hawthorne, California. The people walking in the background are actual employees, even though filming took place at night.

23. Kenneth Branagh directed the post-credits scene that sets up Thor (2011).

24. To prepare for his role as Ivan Vanko, a.k.a. Whiplash, Mickey Rourke paid a visit to Butyrka Prison, Moscow: "I tried to incorporate the whole Russian philosophy. It's a culture of its own, and I really enjoyed doing the research, and meeting the people, and they were very gracious there at the prison." Rourke also commented that Vanko's dialogue is in a Slovakian accent.

25. It has been confirmed by actor Tom Holland, who plays Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Kevin Feige, that his character appeared in the movie, and was the little boy at the Stark Expo wearing the Iron Man helmet when the expo is attacked by Hammer Tech drones.

26. Mickey Rourke complained that many of his scenes were cut, especially scenes that provided more character development for Ivan Vanko.

27. In the comics, Tony Stark possesses a suitcase containing a portable suit of armor. This famous "suitcase armor" has been revised for the film. The suitcase converts into a series of plates that slide over a wire framework.

28. The year in which Anton Vanko is said to have defected to the U.S., 1963, is actually the year in which Vanko first appeared in the comics (as the Crimson Dynamo) and defected.

29. Tony Stark refers to the suitcase armor as "the football", a reference to the briefcase with nuclear launch codes that accompanies a U.S. President.

30. Though Black Widow is a Russian, she is given an American accent for the films, as the character is a flawless linguist.

31. In the comics, Justin Hammer was a shrewd but elderly businessman. He was re-worked as a younger character in the film, to make him a contemporary rival to Tony Stark. The original purpose of the character in the comics was to explain why the various enemies Iron Man fought somehow gained unique and extremely advanced weapons, but usually kept them for themselves to commit violent crimes instead of making money by bringing them to market. Iron Man eventually discovers the reason is because Hammer gives the weapons to various criminals as part of their contracts to become his mercenaries, with the agreement that they hand over a percentage of the loot from their crimes.

32. Terrence Howard was replaced in the part of Rhodes for no perceived reason. The actor claimed that his contract wasn't honored. Entertainment Weekly stated that director Jon Favreau did not enjoy working with him, often re-shooting or cutting his scenes. There was also speculation that Marvel had gone to Howard asking him to accept a pay cut for appearing in this movie, as Howard had been the first actor cast for Iron Man (2008), he was paid the most.

33. According to Don Cheadle, he tried to make the role of Stark's right-hand man Rhodes his own, but eventually stole as much as possible from Terrence Howard's performance in the first film to bring him to life.

34. (At around three minutes) One of the very few Marvel Cinematic Universe films that has a full opening credits sequence, which plays over footage of Ivan Vanko building an arc reactor.

35. (At around fifty-eight minutes) Near the end of Tony Stark's fight with Rhodes, he says "You wanna be the War Machine? Then take your shot!" This is an homage to War Machine, Rhodes' superhero alias in the comics.

36. In an interview with MTV.com, Don Cheadle revealed that before Iron Man (2008) was released, he thought the hero was a robot.

37. Sam Rockwell, who was one of the original choices for the role of Tony Stark in Iron Man (2008), plays Stark's antagonist Justin Hammer in the film.

38. Sam Rockwell accepted the role of Hammer without even reading the script, as he had enjoyed filming Made (2001) with Jon Favreau, while screenwriter Justin Theroux is a long-time friend of Rockwell's.

39. The character of Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke) is a combination of Iron Man's enemy the Crimson Dynamo (Dr. Vanko, who wears weaponry and armor that can control electricity), and the supervillain Whiplash (who possesses a specially designed razor and acid whip). In addition, the character is portrayed as the son of Anton Vanko, who was the original Crimson Dynamo in the comics, and assumes the identity of B. Turgenev (Boris Turgenev, in the comics, the second Crimson Dynamo).

40. Tony making Pepper the CEO of Stark Industries is taken from The Invincible Iron Man comic, though under different circumstances.

41. (At around one hour and twenty-nine minutes) When Hammer starts berating Ivan for failing to complete the drones, Vanko replies in Russian to Hammer's frustration. Vanko's comment roughly translates to "you talk too much."

42. Don Cheadle only had a few hours to accept the role of Rhodes. Although a comic book fan, Cheadle had never made one before due to the lack of black superheroes in the comic book universe.

43. Jessica Biel, Gemma Arterton, Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba, and Angelina Jolie were considered for the role of Natasha Romanov a.k.a. Black Widow. Alba played Susan Storm in the first Fantastic Four film franchise, and Portman played Jane Foster in Thor (2011) and Thor: The Dark World (2013).

44. Emily Blunt was set to star as Natasha Romanov a.k.a. Black Widow, but had to pull out due to scheduling conflicts with her movie Gulliver's Travels (2010).

45. The layout, and many of the buildings of "Stark Expo 1974", were based on the 1964-65 New York World's Fair. In the Expo promo film outtakes shown in the movie, young Tony Stark picks up the Bell System Pavilion.

46. Tanner Foust took the role of driving Stark's racing car.

47. The part of Tony Stark getting drunk at his birthday party in the film is an homage to the comics where Stark has a recurring problem with alcoholism.

48. Mickey Rourke's Oscar-nominated performance in The Wrestler (2008) was the main reason why the producers wanted him to play Vanko.

49. (At around one hour and fifty-five minutes) The medals presented to Rhodes (Don Cheadle) and Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) at the end of the movie are actual military medals: Rhodes is awarded a Meritorious Service Medal, and Stark is awarded the Army's Distinguished Service Medal.
50. This is Scarlett Johansson's third foray into comic book films. Her previous comic book films were Ghost World (2001) and The Spirit (2008), in which her character worked for the Octopus (played by Samuel L. Jackson). In this film, Johansson is again working under Jackson (as Nick Fury). Johansson had earlier expressed interest in playing the Marvel supervillain Moonstone.

51. This is the only film where Tony Stark is called by his legal name "Anthony Stark". Justin Hammer addresses Tony Stark as "Anthony Stark" twice in the movie.

52. Robert Downey, Jr. recommended Justin Theroux (who wrote Tropic Thunder (2008)) to Jon Favreau, to write the script.

53. The vintage automobiles seen in Stark's private collection, the 1953 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe by Ghia, once owned by Rita Hayworth (a present from Prince Aly Khan); a 1949 Mercury "lead sled" customized by Sam Barris (brother of George Barris, was provided by the Petersen Automotive Museum. The 1932 Ford flathead Roadster belonged to director Jon Favreau.

54. This film has cameos for two actresses that co-starred in movies based on Marvel Comic characters. Kate Mara plays a U.S. Marshal that serves Tony Stark with papers. She played Susan Storm in Fantastic Four (2015). Also making a cameo is Olivia Munn, who plays the television show presenter at the Stark Expo. Munn starred as Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse (2016).

55. The new element Stark creates comes from the Zeeman effect (a magnetic field) and the Stark effect (static electric fields).

56. In total, eleven different visual effects companies worked on the film.

57. (At around one hour and thirty minutes) As Justin Hammer is introducing each group of Hammer Drones, the anthem of each respective branch of the military plays in the background: The U.S. Army's "The Army Goes Rolling Along (The Caisson Song)", the U.S. Navy's "Anchors Aweigh", the U.S. Air Force's "The U.S. Air Force (Into the Wild Blue Yonder)", and the U.S. Marine Corps' "Marines' Hymn".

58. Al Pacino was considered for the role of Justin Hammer.

59. Chapter Three of Phase One in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

60. Tony Stark's artificial intelligence "J.A.R.V.I.S." stands for "Just A Rather Very Intelligent System".

61. During Stark's birthday party, partygoers begin throwing items into the air for a drunk Stark (suited up as Iron Man) to blast. One girl throws a watermelon, and Stark comments "Oh, you want the Gallagher?" This is a reference to Gallagher, whose famous Sledge-O-Matic comedy routine splatters produce (usually juicy items, like watermelons and tomatoes) onto the front rows of the audience.

62. Jon Favreau's first sequel as a director, and as an actor.

63. Five authentic vintage formula one race cars were used in the Monaco race. Among them is a 1976 Lotus type 77 owned by collector Chris Locke. In the starting list of drivers shown on the television, one of the drivers names is Locke while another is Chapman, after Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus and their F1 team manager until his death in 1982.

64. Composer John Debney recorded the score in only four days.

65. Renowned animator Genndy Tartakovsky was hired to storyboard the film's action sequences.

66. The idea of being poisoned by the suit is a reference to the Mark XVI in the comics, where Tony had to abandon it because it created health problems.

67. The first appearance in the cinematic Marvel comic book universe of Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow.

68. Edward Norton was rumored to reprise his The Incredible Hulk (2008) role as Bruce Banner, in a cameo for this film, as a foreshadowing of The Avengers (2012).

69. Eliza Dushku actively campaigned for the role of Natasha Romanov a.k.a. Black Widow.

70. According to the January 2012 Air & Space Magazine, Tony Stark's character was also inspired by South African-born (SpaceX and PayPal co-founder) Elon Musk. A statue of Iron Man, complete with company ID, "stands guard" at SpaceX, along with a Battlestar Galactica (2004) Cylon.

71. Tim Robbins was considered to play Howard Stark, Tony's father. Robbins appeared as a father character in Green Lantern (2011), a superhero film based on a DC Comics character.

72. Six Formula One cars were provided by the Historic Grand Prix Association.

73. Sam Rockwell (Justin Hammer) and Leslie Bibb (Christine Everhart) have been in a relationship since about 2008. In this movie, they play against their real-life romance, as journalist Everhart is especially unimpressed by Hammer, both as a potential romantic partner and as a story for her magazine.

74. The film's plot has a resemblance to a storyline in the comics called "Armor Wars II", which was published in 1990. In the comic, a man named Kearson DeWitt accused Tony Stark of stealing his father's designs, and uses technology given to him by Desmond and Phoebe Marrs, owners of the Marrs Corporation, to infect Tony with a techno-organic virus, and eventually battles Stark in a large armored suit. James Rhodes also helps Stark in the final battle. In the film, DeWitt is replaced by Ivan Vanko, and the Marrs siblings are replaced with Justin Hammer. The comic story also utilized remote-controlled empty armored suits, which appear in Iron Man 3 (2013).

75. (At around fourteen minutes) Tony is surprised to see Rhodey (Don Cheadle) at the Senate hearing. Rhodey says to Tony, "Look, it's me. I'm here. Deal with it. Let's move on." This is not only Rhodey speaking to Tony, but could also be perceived as Cheadle speaking subliminally to the viewers making a fuss about Rhodes being re-cast between Iron Man (2008) and this movie.

76. Principal photography took place over seventy-one days.

77. The only solo Iron Man film (as opposed to superhero team up films) that doesn't end (post-credit scenes excluded) with Tony Stark saying "I am Iron Man".

78. Features two Oscar winners: Gwyneth Paltrow and Sam Rockwell; and four Oscar nominees: Robert Downey, Jr., Don Cheadle, Mickey Rourke, and Samuel L. Jackson.

79. CAMEO: DJ AM: (At around fifty-three minutes) The D.J. at Tony's birthday party is DJ-AM, who died after principal photography had wrapped, making this his last film project. During the end credits, the film is dedicated to him.

80. CAMEO: Elon Musk: (At around twenty-seven minutes) Musk was introduced to Stark in the restaurant in Monaco.

81. CAMEO: Stan Lee: (At around ten minutes) The man wearing suspenders, who Stark identifies as Larry King.

82. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Garry Shandling reprised the role of Senator Stern. In Winter Soldier, it is revealed that Stern is a sleeper Agent of Hydra, which explains why the character was trying so hard to take Tony Stark's Iron Man suits and technology in this movie.

83. Scenes in the film explicitly foreshadow The Avengers (2012): -When Tony goes through his father's case, an old Captain America comic book can be seen inside. Later, he uses Captain America's shield (a prototype) to build a reactor. -When Tony is watching the old reels of his father, and going through his notebooks, one of the sketches is of a Tesseract, drawn in the form of a so-called "Schlegel diagram". The Tesseract is a very important item in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) and The Avengers (2012). -News report of The Incredible Hulk (2008)'s campus battle is seen near the end of the film. -Stark and Fury discuss Stark's membership throughout the film. -Agent Coulson finds Thor's hammer in a crater in the post-credits scene.

84. The film's basic storyline (Stark must cope with the government confiscating his armor, and a mid-life crisis of depression and alcoholism, with his manipulative rival Justin Hammer scheming to ruin him) is inspired by the Iron Man comic "Demon in a Bottle".

85. The map locations on the monitors in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters at the end, correspond to characters and events from the Marvel Comic books. The location in Africa, is a reference to Black Panther. Other locations refer to Thor, Captain America, Hulk, and others.

86. The post credit scene shows Mjolnir, a hammer in the open land of New Mexico. Teasing the next film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor (2011).

87. The film takes place 13 years after Captain Marvel (2019).
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2018.06.17 19:22 livinginclip Wrestling Documentary ‘350 Days’ AMA Series: 4 Days of AMAs ft Bill Eadie, Producer Evan Ginzburg, “The Genius” Lanny Poffo and WWE Hall-of-Famer, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine

/squaredcircle and https://ProWrestlingStories.com are happy to carry a 4 part AMA series for the upcoming wrestling documentary film '350 Days - Legends. Champions. Survivors'. In theatres nationwide only on Thursday July 12th. Grab your advance tickets now while you still can!
AMA Schedule This Week:
Monday June 18th 7pm EST: Bill Eadie (Ax of Demolition / The Masked Superstar)
Tuesday June 19th 7pm EST: Evan Ginzburg (Associate Producer of the movie The Wrestler and upcoming documentary 350 Days)
Wednesday June 20th 7pm EST: “The Genius” Lanny Poffo
Thursday June 21st 7pm EST: WWE Hall-of-Famer, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
Fathom Events, Happy Fish Productions, and Rivalry Championship Wrestling are excited to bring 350 Days - Legends. Champions. Survivors. to movie theatres nationwide on July 12th.
The film features behind-the-scenes of the world of professional wresting featuring interviews with dozens of legendary wrestlers such as: Bret "The Hitman" Hart, "Superstar" Billy Graham, Lex Luger, Ted DiBiase, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Abdullah "The Butcher, Bill Eadie (Ax of Demolition/The Masked Superstar), "Mr Wonderful" Paul Orndorff, Wendi Richter, Tito Santana, Angelo Mosca, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Stan Hanson, JJ Dillon, Angelo Mosca, "The Genius" Lanny Poffo, and so much more. The event also includes some of the last interviews ever done with George “The Animal” Steele, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, Ox Baker, The Wolfman, Don Fargo, and 99-year-old Angelo Savoldi.
'350Days' examines the grueling life of being on the road 350 days a year and the effect it had on their marriages, family, physical and mental health.
350 DAYS - Wrestling Documentary- OFFICIAL TRAILER
350 Days: The Story Behind the Documentary: https://prowrestlingstories.com/pro-wrestling-stories/350-days-the-story/
New Trailer #350Days
Tickets on sale at: Fathom Events In Movie Theatres Nationwide - Thursday July 12th Only
Offical Website: http://www.350daysthemovie.com
About Bill Eadie:
William Reid "Bill" Eadie is a former three-time WWF Tag-Team Champion who has competed under the names of Ax as part of Demolition and The Masked Superstar.
He was best known as Ax of Demolition in the WWF from 1987-1990. Before he was Ax, he was a member of The Machines with Bob Windham (aka "Blackjack Mulligan"). Since his WWF days he can be seen exclusively in several small Independant Regional Promotions as Ax, Axis The Demolisher and The Masked Superstar, among others. At one point he even formed a new Demolition tandem with partner Blast (aka Richard Charland).
More on Bill Eadie: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ax_(wrestler)
About Evan Ginzburg:
Evan Ginzburg is the Associate Producer and appears as himself in Darren Aronofsky's Academy Award-nominated The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke. He is currently a regular contributor on https://ProWrestlingStories.com and is the producer and host of The Evan Ginzburg Show, a net radio variety/talk show streamed live on video on multiple platforms at http://www.villageconnectionradio.com. He was the editopublisher of the "Wrestling-Then & Now" newsletter featuring columnist Killer Kowalski for 20 years. Formerly a 16-year radio host on 50,000 Watt WBAI-FM 99.5 Pacifica Radio's Light Show, and the host of Evan Ginzburg's Legends TV, he is Associate Producer on the upcoming 350 Days documentary starring Bret Hart and Superstar Billy Graham. Evan’s critically acclaimed book, "Apartment 4B, Life in Brooklyn" about the turbulent East Flatbush of the 60’s and 70’s is available in paperback.
About “The Genius” Lanny Poffo:
American professional wrestler who wrestled under the names Leaping Lanny and The Genius in promotions like NWA Mid-America and International Championship Wrestling. He became a four-time ICW United States Tag Team Champion with George Weingeroff and Mike Doggendorf. Poffo is the son of former pro wrestler Angelo Poffo, He is also the younger brother of "Macho Man" Randy Savage.
Outside of wrestling, Poffo has published two books. One is a collection of poems and limericks, most of which were related to drug and alcohol awareness, directed toward young children. Poffo is a vocal opponent of tobacco smoking and also published an anti-smoking book of limericks entitled "Limericks from the Heart and Lungs!". He appeared in infomercials as an endorser of Tony Little's Gazelle Freestyle exercise machine, and is a certified credit counselor and motivational speaker.
More on Lanny Poffo
About Greg “The Hammer” Valentine:
One of the toughest, most rugged competitors ever to come down the pike, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine more than carried on the tradition first established by his legendary father, the late Johnny Valentine. A top-ranked Superstar during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, his career saw him earn a slew of singles and tag team championships in different eras of sports-entertainment history in the NWA, WCW and WWE.
In the course of his career, which has spanned over four decades, Valentine has held more than 40 championships, including the NWA United States Heavyweight Championship, WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship and WWF World Tag Team Championship. An alumnus of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2004 and the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2016.
More on Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
This AMA series will be conducted over the phone with Bill Eadie and Evan Ginzburg by livinginclip and Lanny Poffo and Greg Valentine by inmynothing.
The AMA thread will be posted 30 minutes prior to our guests going live to provide early access to have your questions submitted.
Thank you to broken_beat and https://ProWrestlingStories.com for setting these AMAs up for us! Check out their great site if you haven't already!
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2017.12.23 09:33 Phenenas Phenenas #2: Iron Man 2 (2010)

Date started: 12/18/2017
The first thing I reviewed for this challenge was a remake, and now here I am, reviewing a sequel. I hope to get to some original content eventually. But Iron Man 2 was next on my lineup, and you never, ever defy the lineup. My reasoning is that I need to do some serious catching up on the MCU. All these Marvel movies that come out every year, like Avengers: Infinity War for 2018, are woven together in a massive web of interconnecting storylines. So ideally, to fully appreciate any Marvel movie, you will have seen everything that came before it.
I watched Iron Man a couple months back and adored it. Not perfect, but I can definitely see why it's so highly praised. From what I understand, this sequel, which came out two years later, was hated by many. Why? It's not as great as the first one, but it's decent in its own right...let me explain.
In the famous ending to the first movie, Spoiler! I'm sure it's been done before, but not that I know of, and I loved seeing how they explored the idea.
And that's not the only good aspect. Mickey Rourke is very fun as the Russian bad guy, the action is cool, and we get to see some neat new gadgets. And we get a closer look at Tony Stark's human side. He wasn't perfect in the last movie, but he's really not perfect in this movie. An arrogant, alcoholic, careless, caustic, deceitful dickhead at times. But that's much more interesting than say, a perfect paragon like Superman. Still, the movie's riddled with problems. Spoiler! Does that sound at all familiar? Like...how Spoiler! I get what they're trying to hammer in, but that's pretty repetitive. And while the action is impressive, it would've been more so if there was more suspense and emotion attached to it. Like the scene where Tony and his friend are fighting. We as the audience know they're gonna make up later, so why should we be invested? Just put Mickey Rourke in his place, you barely get to see him in action anyway.
In fact, a lot of the movie could've been cut and you wouldn't have lost anything. Think about it. Spoiler! What was the point of all this?!
I guess that's my problem with sequels in general. If you're going to continue a movie's story, there has to be something new learned or gained along the way. And while Iron Man 2 did some interesting new stuff, everything goes more or less back to normal at the end. It doesn't deserve as bad of a rep as it gets, but I'm sure not gonna call it flawless.
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2017.09.05 08:28 CFCChampions Chris Jericho did not want to work with Fandango at WM29

From Y2J's latest book(of Jericho read it maaaan) he speaks in the opening chapter of how he came back and had agreed with Vince to work Ryback(who Jericho notes was a big deal at the time and was at one point considered as The Undertakers Wrestlemania dance partner) . However without Chris knowing Ryback started an angle with Mark Henry the night after Elimination Chamber. Chris was kept in the dark for a few weeks about his opponent. He thought it was a celebrity again like Mickey Rourke or a returning star. Everyone else on the roster worth wrestling had an opponent. Except some mid card guy with goofy vignettes on RAW. "But theirs no way is he wrestling him right?"
A few weeks after the Chamber Vince called Y2J and said"I've got a great new guy who gets heat and has a gimmick with potential:Fandango" Jericho groaned and did not wanna do it. He went to Undertaker who told him(paraphrased) "The last few matches I've been in at Mania have been great but Vince put me in with a lot of guys who weren't good at all. You gotta suck it up man. You got a job to do".
Vince told Chris that "Fandango was a good worker with a great gimmick and you can get him over Chris!" Issue is Jericho thought he was GOING OVER until the week of Mania. Vince originally told him "take 90% of the match then go to the finish" which he misinterpreted. So when David Kapoor asked him the finish and Jericho said Codebreaker sequence he was confused. Y2J let Vince have it over the phone. Eventually Jericho did the job for Fandango because he's an awesome guy and all was well. Jericho says he takes a little credit for getting Fandango over but sadly it was a short term fad.
At the end of the chapter Chris says he is pleased that Johnny(Fandango) has a good thing going on on Smackdown with Tyler Breeze at time of writing. Which was around July he finished the book as he talks about being written off tv
The entire book is awesome as are his previous three and I recommend them to any fan of Jericho or even just a fan of wrestling. They all focus on certain parts of his career.
A Lions Tale:Early life up to leaving WCW
Undisputed:WWF Debut up to decision to return in 2007
Best In The World(At what I have no idea):2007 return up to 2013 Rumble
No is a four letter word:How I failed spelling but succeeded in life:2013 RR To end of most recent run.Also includes 21 motivational principles from Jericho and people he's met in both music and wrestling.
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2017.05.18 05:39 PM_ME_UR_FAVE_MOVIES Earmuff's Filmography Guide: Emma Roberts

In memoriam of Scream Queens, 2015-2016.
Hi, I'm Earmuffs, world-renowned starlet stanner and closeted Sam and Cat expert. This may be the start of a series I might do (and if I do, the next one will probably be Taissa Farmiga) where I run down everything I've seen of someone's filmography; obviously not all of it, as there's lots that are mostly irrelevant and I haven't seen, but if I've seen it, it's got a review down below.
First up, the filmography of Emma Rose Roberts!

Part One: The Straight-To-DVD Years

BigLove (2001)

An old-ass short that just... I don't know. Emma and no-name brother are going to school, guy from Moon and discount Harley Quinn have super powers and bring them a folder or something? Reviewers on IMDB call the thing a "role reversal dramedy where mum and dad struggle with their anxiety over the kids leaving each morning" so maybe it's actually 10/10 and I'm too unintelligent to comprehend it? Maybe. Oh yeah, and the Earth has rings around it in the end??
What I'm saying is that that actress looks like Harley Quinn, and this is still better than Suicide Squad.
Watch if... I wouldn't bother. But, if you must, it's on youtube in all its 360p glory.

Grand Champion (2002)

One of the few here I haven't actually watched but wanted to bring up anyway, and I think I'm justified in this one. Something about cow herding. Chances are you'll be able to get exactly what you expect from the trailer; underdog story, calfs, thinly-veiled patriotism, calfs, hats larger than this movie's production budget, calfs... The synopsis says it has a 'toe-tapping surprise ending' so I'm guessing it's a musical in the end. IDK, just go watch La La Land again or something.
Watch if... Uh... Don't.

Unfabulous (2004-2007)

Hey, something relevant! Through the hard work and dedication of Julia Robert's wallet Emma's incredible acting ability, she got her own show on Nickelodeon. Watching this just makes you realize that those stock Disney shows that are the same kind of thing every time are not in the slightest a new invention, as this show pretty much is just that same formula. This show also features the first ever case of the legendary 'mega-bitch Emma' which comes out in the episode The Rep. Which is, like, one of three episodes I remember.
Really, I should have more to talk about a four-season TV show, but it's so painfully run of the mill that there isn't really much I can even talk about that isn't obviously going to be in it.
This show does have its gimmick, as every one of these shows have (you know, something like a dog who runs a blog or something like that) and that's that Emma's character sings. And plays guitar. And that's why we have this monstrosity.
Give New Shoes your 11s.
Watch if... You want mid-2000s Nick nostalgia but are too cool for Lizzie McGuire or Clarissa Explains It All. Alternatively, just watch that Drake and Josh cameo she did. This is a Nick Verse show, after all.

Spymate (2006)

This movie's trailer begins with "from the creators of Air Bud and Most Valuable Primate and only on DVD". Brace yourselves.
Honestly, I love this thing. My simultaneously nostalgic and painfully ironic-humor-loving ass still regards this as a masterpiece. It belongs to that 'animal does things that animal does not normally do' mid-2000s slapstick kid’s movie that was extremely, EXTREMELY popular back in those days.
Emma plays Amelia, an unearthly intelligent ten year old who builds a giant fucking chemical drill and is kidnapped by some mad scientist or whatever so he can use the drill to destroy the world. Amelia's dad and the titular secret agent monkey team up and rescue her, you know the (giant chemical) drill. Think Dunston Checks in crossed with Secret Agent Cody Banks and Catch That Kid or something.
Watch if... You're nostalgic or ironic. Or really, really like monkeys and direct to DVD movies.

Aquamarine (2006)

It's a movie about young girls and mermaids. Just like Spymate, you know what you're getting going in. Interestingly starring Joanna Levesque (AKA JoJo for you popheads in the audience), two girls discover a mermaid in a swimming pool after a storm who promises them a wish each if they can get her hooked up with this life guard. Hijinks ensue. It's fine, I guess, but pretty skippable when it comes to this list thanks to Emma probably being the weakest link of the main cast. This one did actually get a theatrical release and grossed six million more than its budget, but I'll still lump it in here.
Watch if... You're a hardcore JoJo stan.

Era Ranking

  1. Unfabulous
  2. Spymate
  3. Aquamarine
  4. BigLove

Part Two: Relevancy and Halfway Decent Stuff

Nancy Drew (2007)

From what I know this thing doesn't even really have anything to do with Nancy Drew and is just vaguely similar, but I'd be lying if it wasn't pretty enjoyable, even to a cynical old codger like myself. The sets and costumes are pretty nice, if a bit confusing when it comes to figuring out when exactly this thing is set, and for all the holes the plot has it can still be enjoyable and occasionally witty, not even in a switch-your-brain-off kind of way. But really, you're better off watching it with younger siblings or something. Emma herself is Nancy probably the biggest draw the movie has, and this is probably the first movie role she's had where she's really had the ability and the script to be especially charming, making this her first truly 'iconic' role.
Watch if... You need to show something to a younger audience, or just down for some simplistic sleuthing.

Wild Child (2008)

A nostalgic favourite for a lot of people, at least from my experience, Wild Child is the true origin of Emma's reputation as always playing the bitch. Her character, Poppy, is a spoiled and antagonistic brat who can think she can get away with anything just because she's rich as hell. Because of this and a tumultuous relationship with her father, she gets sent off to an English boarding school to bed taught how to behave, where she just enlists a bunch of fellow students to try and get herself expelled. Think a fish out of water story like The Princess Diaries. Clearly a chick flick if there ever was one, it can be pretty fun at times, and an honest recommendation.
Interestingly, this movie was also written by Roald Dahl's daughter. That alone sparks some interest.
Watch if... You just want to watch more of Emma being a bitch.

Hotel for Dogs (2009)

It's Hotel for fuckin Dogs. Come on, you know this one already.
Emma plays a character I forget the name of in a pet-denying orphanage who rescues stray dogs off the street and houses them in an abandoned hotel, thus making it a hotel... For dogs. Wow, this movie is clever. It basically just ends up being Home Alone with dogs in the end, anyway.
Obviously this is a return to dud territory for a now eighteen year old Emma, which would have been run of the mill before her last two movies but just seems like a drop afterwards. Fine for kids, not so much for everyone else.
Watch if... Don't bother. (2010)

Wew lads. This one's a stinker.
Pretty much the entire movie functions as an excuse to push the '4 Girls, 3 Days, 2 Cities, 1 Chance.....' tagline and to show a bunch of upskirt shots and lesbian make-out scenes. Even just watching it on some base level for the 'sexy' stuff is barely rewarding. And the nonsensical plot involving a diamond heist or something isn't worth following either, so... Why bother?
Watch if... The answer is don't.

It's Kind of a Funny Story (2010)

My favourite of this category, It's Kind of a Funny Story tells the story of suicidal teenager Craig checking himself into the mental wing of a hospital and, after finding he's stuck in there, befriends fellow patients Bobby and Noelle (played by Zach Galifianakis and, of course, Emma Roberts). Let's see, depressive and reclusive male main character, eccentric female love interest, both around high school age... This was based on a YA novel, wasn't it?
It was, and while this movie doesn't shy away from the overused trope and clichés John Green made so popular (to an almost detrimental degree) this one's still far from the worst that the genre has churned out and is still pretty enjoyable on its own.
Watch if... You enjoyed the likes of The Fault in our Stars, The Spectacular Now or Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

The Art of Getting By (2011)

Remember when I said It's Kind of a Funny Story was far from the worst of the boy meets girl YA genre? Yeah, well, this is that worst I was talking about. Freddie Highmore plays Depressed Boy #21 alongside Emma's Manic Pixie Dream Girl #6. Attempting to capture the slice-of-life kind of story that movies like (500) Days of Summer did so well and just coming out a cliché-ridden and ultimately pretty boring mess, The Art of Getting By does at least hit the same story beats as other movies of the genre, and excessively lazy people like myself can at least get a kick out of identifying with the main character's commitment to avoiding any and all work. Both these actors would go on to play better versions of these characters in Bates Motel and Palo Alto respectively, so there isn't much point to this one.
Watch if... Same as It's Kind of a Funny Story, but only if you've exhausted literally every other possibility.

Scream 4 (2011)

Certainly an interesting one for Emma and one I can't talk too much about without heading into spoiler territory, Scream 4 is (apparently) an improvement for the franchise compared to the other Scream sequels that are so infamously terrible, and even I as a complete newbie to horror movies found it pretty entertaining, mainly for the fun kills and star studded cast (Kristen Bell, Aimee Teegarden, Alison Brie and Courteney Cox all in this too?! Sign me up). It definitely knows what it is, that being Scream 4, with the meta humour and obviously played up kills, and for that I definitely hold a respect.
Watch if... You're a horror movie fan, or want to see Emma in a more non-conventional role.

Era Ranking

  1. It's Kind of a Funny Story
  2. Wild Child
  3. Nancy Drew
  4. Scream 4
  5. Hotel for Dogs
  6. The Art of Getting By

Part Three: The Golden Age

We're The Millers (2013)

You may or may not remember this comedy hitting the theatres four years ago, but more probably saw the advertising than actually saw the movie; it's one of those simply shot, somewhat crudely written mature-rated comedy, though I (and a lot of other people, as the much higher audience score on Rotten Tomatoes seems to indicate) believe this is actually a better one. The concept is awesome, being about a drug dealer who enlists a runaway, a stripper and a dorky teen in his apartment block to pretend to be his family for a drug smuggling job. Emma plays the runaway, another bitchy role for her, though with a much more redeemable and somewhat sympathetic side, and does it really well. The plot in this one's a bit uneven but if you don't mind a fair amount of crude humour you should like it.
Watch if... You're looking for a comedy, but don't want to sink time into Scream Queens.

Adult World (2013)

Fun fact, the set of this one was the first meeting between Evan Peters and Emma. Boy was that the start of something.
In this Emma plays Amy, a pretty naive and somewhat pretentious arts degree graduate convinced that she's going to be the next great poet, who takes a job in an adult shop to be under the tutelage of a successful but withdrawn writer (surprisingly not Evan's character, but John Cusack's). While touted as a comedy it's not exactly laugh-a-minute hilarious, but should be taken as an equal comedy/drama. Hell, it's got a pretty depressing tone, which you wouldn't expect for any traditional comedy.
Emma's character is of debatable quality in this one and could be seen as really great or just insufferable. Personally I see the struggle she obviously goes through trying to achieve this hopeless dream of hers pretty sweet, but at the same time her extreme naivety could easily be annoying. Overall, it's not great, but it's good.
Watch if... You've exhausted most of the other options and enjoy being a depressive wreck.

American Horror Story: Coven (2013)

I constantly find myself debating and being unable to decide whether Chanel Oberlin or Madison is Emma's best role, even if in a lot of ways they are just the same character. Guess Ryan Murphy just really brings out the best in her.
Coven is the third season of AHS, an anthology horror show and one of two that Emma was a main cast member in. While technically having a main character in the form of Taissa Farmiga's Zoe Benson, the season is much more of an ensemble with Emma's Madison definitely being a highlight. The season focuses on Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, a secret school and coven for the last few witches in the world as they try to discover the next Supreme, the most powerful witch of this generation and leader of the coven. Madison was a former child star (yes, it's painfully meta) who went off the rails and eventually dropped off the map completely after finding out she was a witch.
I admit that Coven, especially when it comes to the people that would like AHS in the first place, is not to everyone's taste. It's by far the least scary season and pretty camp, but if you watch it in the right mindset the season can be insanely enjoyable.
Watch if... You're an AHS or Ryan Murphy fan, or just like campy stuff.

Palo Alto (2014)

Palo Alto may not actually be a James Franco movie, but if falls into the same category as a lot of the things that guy directs does; it's just meh. While looking nice and hitting all the beats it needs to find, it doesn't really do anything of worthy note or anything especially entertaining. While I think it is worth watching to see Emma in a more different role than usual (she plays a shy, virginal teenager in this one, so practically the exact opposite of her from someone like Madison) and the movie is good, I think there are others that might even by worse, but are more interesting to watch, like Adult World.
Watch if... You enjoy styled over substance, and don't mind a lingering plot.

Ashby (2015)

While less of an Emma vehicle than the advertising might have suggested, Ashby isn't one of the better but is probably one of my personal favourites of this era. Starring Nat Wolff, another favourite actor of mine, playing a high school student who attempts to do a report on the life story of his neighbour Ashby Holt, played by powerhouse Mickey Rourke, who turns out to actually be a retired CIA assassin.
Emma's role in this one is of the love interest Eloise, a bit of a departure from her usual roles as a girl obsessed with neurology and studying human behaviour, to the point where she has a CAT scanner in her house and routinely drags 'interesting' people over there to take a look inside their heads. She shows a lot of pitfalls I'd expect from such a nerdy character, like lack of normal social skills and quick attachment, which could be character traits or bad writing. Depends on the viewer.
Overall this one has the same kind of YA tone as something like It's Kind of a Funny Story, but shows off a lot less of the same tropes and clichés. Nat Wolff's character is a pretty interesting one as well.
Watch if... You're looking for a YA movie without the usual pitfalls.

American Horror Story: Freak Show (2015)

Freak Show remains one of the AHS seasons with a more hotly debated quality, and that's largely due to it being in my opinion one of the most unique seasons. It's one of the only two period seasons, set in 1952 Florida in, who would have thought, a freak show.
Emma in this one plays Maggie Esmerelda, the assistant of a conman wanting to procure body parts of the freaks to sell to museums and who joins the freak show as a fortune teller in order to win their trust. While her character has some bad intentions she's much less a villain than her partner, regularly fighting against his demands and being very obviously regretful of what she's doing.
This season is just depressing. All of the other ones at least try to be more scary in tone, and while the series does have one scary facet in the form of Twisty the Clown, for the most part everything that happens is really just sad. Not in the bawl-your-eyes-out sense, but in the sense that watching it is just draining and disheartening. Not that it's bad, and it's still got plenty of Ryan Murphy cheese, but it's got its moments.
It did, however, give us Dandy Mott, one of the greatest characters AHS has ever had. And that's a fact.
Watch if... You want AHS but something a little less melodramatic.

The Blackcoat's Daughter (2015)

Disclaimer: As a mega fan of both Emma and Kiernan Shipka, I'm legally required to like this movie. Note my bae bias.
Blackcoat's Daughter is another style over substance movie, but this time the style is pretty damn amazing. When I say style I include things like tone and atmosphere, and for a horror movie like this one style is half the substance anyway. A horror movie about two girls trapped in their boarding school over the winter break and having to survive a malevolent and mysterious supernatural force, the whole thing feels oppressive and bleak (helped a great deal by its cinematography) and features some pretty good performances from the leads. While it may not be deep in any way, it is an exceptionally good horror movie that I think should be at the least satisfying to horror fans.
Watch if... You want something horror, but without the cheese of Scream 4 or a Ryan Murphy production.

Scream Queens (2015-2016)

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I am slightly obsessed with this show.
Starting off set in Kappa Kappa Tau, a prestigious sorority house at a university, Scream Queens revolves around new pledge Grace Gardner (Skyler Samuels) joining the sorority only for a killer known as the Red Devil to suddenly start murdering the girls inside, prompting Grace to begin an investigation.
I'll get it out of the way now; the mystery ranges from ok to plain bad. Hell, in the second season they even straight up abandon the mystery in the end just because it's pretty obvious nobody really cares about it anymore. To throw some other cons out there, Grace is a pretty boring protagonist; I get she's meant to be the everyman, but she's too straight-laced and bland for me. I like her, but not as much as some other characters.
Speaking of which, THE CHARACTERS. The true stars of this show are the Chanels, the head bitches of the sorority named after their leader Chanel Oberlin (played by, of course, Emma) the others only known at first as Chanel #2 (Ariana Grande), Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd) and Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin). #4 died of meningitis. Later in season one also gives us the addition of Chanel #6, and Chanels #7 to 11 plus an extra are all recruited in the second season. Vapid, horrible, abusive and hilarious, the show makes them the protagonists in the second season and it's an obvious improvement. They're all very distinct as well, Chanel being the ultra-rich bitch, #2 being a ditzy alcoholic, #3 being my flair an apathetic cynic and #5 being a klutz and the somewhat most pathetic one yet often the only Chanel voice of reason.
The show also sports an amazing cast of side characters that for some fans even trump the Chanels; Dean Munsch, the quintessential scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis playing the proudly sarcastic and sometimes destructive head of the school, Chad Radwell, Chanel's boyfriend and the jockiest prettyboy you'll ever see, Denise Hemphill, the loud and erratic security guard who's simultaneously terrible and amazing at her job, Slayday Zayday Williams, Hester Ulrich Deaf Taylor Swift, Predatory Lez, Candle Girl... The number of hilarious characters here is almost stifling. And season two doesn't let up in the slightest.
It's not for everyone, I know; it's incredibly overblown and vapid, the plot is weak and the tone can frustratingly vary in tons of places, but if you can get really attached to the characters and get caught up in their relationships and iconic quotes, I think this one's a truly a gem.
Watch if... You are a human being.

Nerve (2016)

Nerve is Emma's most high-profile movie since We're The Millers, and thankfully this one showed her playing something other than a bitch; this time in the role of Vee, a somewhat level-headed teenage hipster who gets caught up in an underground online game where players are dared by people watching to perform dares steadily increasing in intensity for cash.
Vee is kind of bland but she's not bad, perfectly enjoyable as a protagonist. This movie is definitely style over substance, with the cinematography filled with lots of neon and other tech-inspired aesthetics; the movie definitely takes the fact this Nerve is an online game and runs with it visually. The plot gets a bit nonsensical at times and has some massive holes (personally, I think Sydney should have been the protagonist of this movie, but whatever) but if you can ignore those it's a fun concept executed decently.
Watch if... You're looking for something less niche.

Era Ranking

  1. Scream Queens
  2. American Horror Story: Coven
  3. The Blackcoat's Daughter
  4. Nerve
  5. We're The Millers
  6. Ashby
  7. American Horror Story: Freak Show
  8. Palo Alto
  9. Adult World

Part Four: The Future

Four Seasons (coming 2017) is a comedy/drama with Emma and Jane Levy of Don't Breathe and Evil Dead (2013) fame, about 'two siblings struggle to forge their own identities and rise above the chaos, when their parents file for a divorce'. That synopsis certainly sounds like something more dramatic than comedic, and could end up being like Adult World, but we'll probably know more about the tone when trailers and the like come out. The director-writer duo haven't done anything else of note and there's not too much info, so aside from the presence of Emma and Jane there isn't too much I'm hyped about.
Billionaire Boys Club (coming 2017), on the other hand, is by far the movie I'm most excited for; not just for Emma, but also Billie Lourd's cinematic debut (aside from Force Awakens, but that barely counts). Combined with a really stellar cast of Taron Egerton, Kevin Spacey, Ansel Elgort and Judd Nelson, a sophisticated and vintage 80's setting and a plotline about a get-rich-quick scheme turning deadly all combine to make this one a movie I'm definitely waiting for.
Who We Are Now (coming 2018) is probably the movie I have the second largest amount of hype for, mainly because of it being a unique role for Emma; that of a mother sentenced to ten years in jail for manslaughter and who enlists a public defines lawyer, I believe being played by Zachary Quinto, to help her children. We've never really seen Emma in an older, motherly role before so it should be interesting, plus even if they were in different seasons it's technically an AHS reunion. So hey, that's something.
In A Relationship (coming 2018) I know nothing about. I know that Emma's in it and that it's a romance, but the directowritecast isn't that notable and there's no plot anywhere. But hey. It's a thing.
Now I See You (coming whenever) is one I literally read about minutes before finishing this post, and actually does sound interesting. A drama based off a memoir written by Nicole Kear, the movie will revolve around a woman who finds out she'll lose her eyesight in a few years and goes about trying to make the most of her eyesight as it slowly fades away. I'd probably say I'm as hype for this as I am Who We Are Now; the premise is interesting, but aside from that don't really have anything else.
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2017.05.14 05:58 roh2002fan This is a test

Tyler is shown driving the milk truck down I-75, looking confident about his upcoming match at House Party in his hometown.
Tyler: This is my chance. I mean, I know that I’m not the best wrestler out there, I’m not a monster, I’m not a hoss, I’m just a guy. You know? But to be successful, I don’t believe that you have to be better than everyone else; to be really successful, you just have to be better than you ever thought you could be.
Tyler takes gets off at the intersection, onto ford road.
Tyler: Even though, I've had a rough past with drugs, attitude problems. That's the past, and this is now. This is the present, where I could have the top prize in Wrestling is Reddit. I could go from this low midcarder to a main eventer. Especially in my hometown of Dearborn, Michigan. The place where I grew up at with my dad. I could win in front of my girlfriend, the love of my life. Michelle.
Tyler: Are you ok? That seemed like a really dickish dude back there, man.
The girl finally looks up at Tyler, and speaks.
Girl: My name is Michelle by the way, thanks for comforting me. What's your name?
Tyler blushes and smiles.
Tyler: My name is uhh.... What's my name?
Michelle laughs.
Michelle: You have no name? Such a funny man.
Tyler: No my name is Tyler..... Tyler Dylan. I wrestle, well used to wrestle for a company called WiR, but I was fired for behavior issues. What was that guy up to?
Michelle: He's my boyfriend.... well ex boyfriend. He's been very violent to me for the past couple of months, because I have a different opinion than him. I fucking hate him.
Tyler: Willem Dave will also be there. My former tag partner.
Dylan: I guess this is it William, it was truly a honor working with you. You've been a good friend to me.
William smirks a little.
Dave: Thanks, Tyler. I can say the same for you. You've been a great tag team partner, showed me what to do in the ring and all that jazz. Even though we lost all of our matches, and lost Gimp Party. We still made a very good team.
Dylan: Hey you did most of the work during Gimp Party, I would've died, if it weren't for you man!
William: I've been on Naked and Afraid before all that. Trust me, when a mosquito bites your testicles it fucking hurts and itches like crabs.
A uber drives up to the curb, honking his horn, for William.
William: I guess that's my ride, see you in the future Tyler.
William gives Tyler a strong hug.
William: How are you getting home?
Tyler: Well the car service, said that my green Malibu won't be here til tomorrow morning, so I'm just going to take the bus.
The uber driver honks his horn again and rolls down the window to yell at the grunge heads.
Driver: Can you two culos, kiss and make up some other time? I've got a tight schedule!
Tyler starts to get pissy with the man.
Tyler: Oh yeah? I'll give you something tight! Something that'll make every bone in your body shake!
William looks at Tyler, like what the fuck did he just say?
William: I hope that's not what I think it means. Well, I should I get going before, shit hits the fan, see ya Tyler.
William opens the uber door, and gets in. The uber drives off as William is seen waving goodbye to Tyler. Tyler waves back at his buddy. Tyler looks down in sadness, that he has no one to talk to. He sees that the bus is picking people up to get to their destination. Tyler walks up to the bus, and gets on it. He goes to the very back, and sits down, putting in earbuds to ignore the homeless man rambling on about something. The homeless man keeps nudging Tyler, trying to get his attention. Finally Tyler pulls out his jearbuds, and says something to the dirty man.
Tyler: And my dad will be there. I haven't talked to him since high school.
Tyler confronts his dad, about his dad about selling his car, and forcing sabotaging his relationship with his girlfriend.
Tyler: What is wrong with you! You fucking sell my car, and you tell Sara that I can't see her anymore? What the hell is wrong with you?
Mark: She's a bad influence on you! I'm trying to help you Tyler, she's an addict. I don't want you to go down that path.
Tyler: Dad, you know me better than that.
Mark: That's a lie! I caught you smoking pot that one time. That's why I told the bitch that you can't see my son again! Don't fucking bitch and whine, suck it up like a man!
Tyler gets in his fathers face
Tyler: Don't you dare call her that!
Mark: What are you going to do? She's a fucking bitch! A whore! Your mom is a whore! You are a disgrace to me goddamit! Ever since you've been listening to that pussy ass Grunge shit, you've been a pussy. Remember that time when you saved your girl from a suicide attempt? Well maybe, you shouldn't of saved her! Maybe she could've killed her self like the shitty human being she is!
Tylers face gets redder and redder by each word his father says. He balls up his fist and punches his dad in the face.
Tyler: FUCK YOU! IM FUCKING LEAVING! I hope I never see you again!
Tyler leaves out the front door, as his dad lies there in some blood and tears.
Tears start to come down Tyler's cheeks.
Tyler: She killed herself two days later...
Tyler wipes the tears from his eyes.
Tyler: But it's my job to make them proud, everyone makes mistakes. I'll show the wrestling world that's Tyler The Milkman isn't just a milkman, but he's also a wrestler. And in my hometown I will win that battle royal, and I will beat Maverick for the WiR World Title. I'll do it for Willem, my friends, family, my fans, and the most important person to me...Michelle.
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2017.03.13 03:45 RighteousZeal [CLAIM] House Lectris of Tyrosh

House Lectris (PC's)

Corvonyx Lectris (Born 25BTD): Born in Tyrosh to a wealthy family that emigrated to from the Valyrian Freehold. His father was a decorated soldier, and though he passed long ago, Corvonyx still bears his helm as an heirloom. Educated in Myr from the age of 16 returning home to Tyrosh after the Doom. Corvonyx is a classical example of the educated and refined noblesse, for only a member of the aristocracy possesses the wealth and leisure to study the enlightened pursuit of logic, grammar, rhetoric and the intellectual capacity to learn astronomy, arithmetic, music, geometry. Even after returning to Tyrosh Corvonyx continued to expand his personal library, reading the works of military strategists, historians, philosophers and theologians. Corvonyx can only claim to be an expert in but a few areas of these, but he understands in principle much of what he could not achieve with his own hands; he considers this a strength rather than a weakness. For to understand something is to be able to recognise true genius and competence in others (even in excess of your own), and thus to make use of such people for one’s own gain. In this Corvonyx has mastery, surrounding himself with experts for every need, desire or whim. Many find a home in his court (and in his purse), but none so undeservingly.
Corvonyx is firm practitioner of stoicism, and sometimes this causes him to seem aloof and distant. Certainly to his own children his role is more akin to watchful guardian than loving father. He has aspirations for both his children, though their needs and wants have little impact on his own intentions for them. Corvonyx uses people, even his own blood, like cutlery that is too often changed after each course (though his family escape the general status of expendability). He is an ambitious man and it is no secret he considers himself to be a major contender for Archon, his private thoughts bordering on megalomania. Such belief is not entirely unfounded… after all, a man can have anything if he is willing to sacrifice...
Lazario Lectris (Born 18BTD): Corvonyx’s younger brother. Where his brother is intrigued by knowledge towards some sort of enlightenment, Lazario is concerned with knowledge of a far darker sort. He is an avid torturer and sadist, always exploring new avenues to create pain, forever striving to walk that blissful line between agonising life and death on his ‘subjects’. Where his brother patrons art, philosophy and music; Lazario funds twisted engineers to build ever more painful devices for his ‘work’. Corvonyx is aware of his brother’s darker interests, though this is not unusual as Tyrosh has a reputation for torture.
Aurelia Lectris (Born 20BTD): Aurelia was the lover and consort of Corvonyx shortly after the Doom. She was an intelligent woman, perhaps the only one Corvonyx has met so far that truly matched his wit. She did not wish to be married, and though she bore him two children, she soon abandoned them. She has not returned to Tyrosh since and Corvonyx is not aware of her location. Some say Corvonyx was more warm then, embracing stoicism heavily after her departure.
Commorah Lectris (Born 1ATD): Daughter of Corvonyx and Aurelia. Commorah reminds her father of her mother; and so this has somewhat strained their relationship in addition to his generally non-affectionate demeanour. Her father has had Corvonyx trained in combat and subterfuge, keeping her as much a secret as he has been able to despite his position. Now that much of her martial training and subterfuge skills have been honed, Corvonyx has expressed a wish that she go to Lys to learn about poisons. She dare not defy him openly, for even her status as his own blood might not spare her from his cold response. Instead she bends the rules whilst her father (or his agents) is not able to monitor her. Commorah herself is not entirely sure what her father intends for her. Pitfighter? Courtesan? Assassin? Only time will tell.
Slisco Lectris (Born 4ATD): Son of Corvonyx and Aurelia, his father’s intended prodigy. He observes his father closely to learn as much as he can from him. Slisco also studies under his mentor Sallo Sannonis, who teaches him much of the classical education his father enjoyed in Myr. Slisco cannot match his father’s enlightened wisdom, however he likely exceeds him in cunning and working outside the rules. Like his father he uses people for his own ends, at his age mainly translating to manipulating adolescents his own age, especially women. He maintains some contacts with illicit figures as well, for it is even easier to have something smuggled in or someone beat up than it is to politically maneuver around them.

Household (AC's)

Vogyrio (Born 13BTD): Bodyguard to Corvonyx.
Meqqo the Cupbearer (born 11ATD): A small slave boy who has been lucky enough to become Corvonyx’s cupbearer and by extension food taster. It is rumoured that Corvonyx prefers small children for this role as any dosage that might harm a man will present itself much earlier in a child. Meqqo is a quiet boy, enjoying the tastes of foods and drinks that most slaves could not even dream of.
Adaryrio (Born 32BTD): Emissary of House Lectris to Myr.
Jaqaphos (Born 24BTD): Emissary of House Lectris to Volantis. Selected for his relatively pure Valyrian blood and features, so as not to insult the Old Blood.

Retainers, contacts and patronees (SC's)

Pirogi Thous (Born 3BTD): Pirogi Thous was born three years Before The Doom in the Disputed Lands. His mother and father were made Myrish slaves in one such settlement changing hands. Pirogi was sold to a Myrish college to serve as a servant and bibliothecary, whereupon he was trained by older literate slaves to read. His life continued in this role for a time; locating and organising his master’s collection, even occasionally being involved in the acquisition of new pieces. Although he was enslaved, he rarely received beatings, and was reasonably well fed and clothed. He learned well as a boy, becoming lettered not only in bastardised Valyrian, but also the Common Tongue and to an elementary level, High Valyrian, as his master had eccentric literary tastes.
His master perished many years later passed; his supreme library had been bought by a collegia in Myr, the last few shipments of his works to be transported over the next few months. Pirogi assisted in the transportation of these works and upon arriving at the collegia was deemed also their property. Pirogi was bought by a Collegia member, Rheum Kleideim; a Bedenite theorist who detested slavery. Giving Pirogi his freedom, he placed a gold coin in his hand and said that he should go to wherever he pleases. Pirogi placed the coin back in the man’s hand and asked if he would take him on as a student - pleased by the Myrman’s thirst for knowledge Rheum accepted. Under his guidance Pirogi became an avid advocate for Bedenism, lending his voice to that cause in many philosophical debates. He studied many of the great philosophers of Essos, even those of opposing views, so as to further his own understanding and thinking.
Unfortunately his luck did not hold. On a trip to Braavos to observe their unique slave free society, Pirogi was captured by Tyroshi slavers; once more losing his freedom. At the slave auctions in Tyrosh he caught the eye of Corvonyx, whom had him purchased. Now Pirogi remains in his court, well tended to but forbidden to leave; Corvonyx finds his ideas and debates too intriguing to allow him to leave...
Sallo Sannonis (Born 42 BTD): Sallo Sannonis is a classical philosopher in the employ of Corvonyx. Like Pirogi he is an educated Myrman, however unlike the former, Sallo is a free man; present at court by choice. Though he is an ascetic, Corvonyx is sure to make available to him whatever he requires. Sallo tutors Corvonyx son, Slisco, ensuring the boy, as Corvonyx’s prodigy, is well versed in rhetoric and other orating skills that will serve him well in the future. Sallo often finds himself debating Pirogi, as their world views are radically different on many topics from the role of government, to slavery and the natural order. Indeed their shared patron often indulges himself with listening to their discussions, weighing in on one against the other, or offering a third perspective entirely.
Draqidos (Born 13BTD): A ruthless slaver and Corvonyx’s personal contact in the slave trade. Apart from partners in business, Draqidos also acquires any unique slaves Corvonyx may have an interest in, as was the case with Pirogi Thous. More recently in a slaving raid beyond the wall, Draqidos captured Jöt, a wildling warrior whom Corvonyx has purchased to be trained as a pitfighter. In return for such ‘gifts’, Corvonyx uses his influence to favour Draqidos when possible; a lucrative arrangement for both men.
Jöt (Born 9BTD): A wildling warrior taken in slave raids beyond the wall by Draqidos, now the property of Corvonyx. Jöt is a large man bearing many scars and missing one eye. He speaks little to none of the tongue of Tyrosh or the other Free Cities, understanding only the most basic of instructions. Originally purchased as a worker, Jöt showed his potential for pitfighting after beating several other slaves for their food rations. Since then he has been placed under the tutelage of Arhra, a trainer of many successful fighters. Food is given as reward for learning well, though for special treats Jöt is allowed to go down to the shores of Tyrosh and collect seashells, which he has a strange affection for. He binds them on strings and adorns himself with shell bracelets and torques that jingle as he fights in the training pits.
Arhra (Born 16BTD): Formerly pit fighter, Arhra now trains pit fighters in his craft; a markedly safer proffession. He trains both Commorah and Jöt, though his focus lately has been on the latter, attempting to prepare him for some pitfights within the next 3 years.
Garraphos (6BTD): An artisan in the emply of House Lectris. He is currently working on a marble piece for Corvonyx, should he win the election.
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2017.01.21 13:38 GlalieOnigohri The life of Mitsuharu Misawa

 Wrestling Observer Newsletter 
PO Box 1228, Campbell, CA 95009-1228 ISSN10839593
June 22, 2009
You could make a great case that the biggest pro wrestling event of all-time took place on April 2, 1995, and it obviously wasn’t Wrestlemania at the Hartford Civic Center.
The last survivor of the old line of Japanese weekly wrestling magazines, Weekly Pro Wrestling, was, like pro wrestling in Japan in general, at a popularity peak. The magazine would sell 300,000 copies every week on newsstands on virtually any street corner in any city of any size in the country. The magazine put together a show at the Tokyo Dome. Because its influence in star making and popularity of wrestling was so strong that only one promotion, WAR, which had bad relations with the magazine, would dare turn down the invitation to appear. At first, many of the 13 different promotions involved in the 13-match show were just going to send some representatives. But it turned into major competition. Once a few companies announced sending their biggest stars and in most cases, matches that were being sent to steal the show, the ante was upped. Every company wanted to shine on the biggest stage that most would ever perform before, or at the very least, not look second-rate.
There were 54 wrestlers appearing on that show, all but a few of whom were major stars. 15 of them ended up as Hall of Famers.
The show drew a sellout of about 50,000 fans and, at the time, the largest live gate in pro wrestling history, hovering in the $5 million range. There have been bigger gates, bigger events and far more publicized shows since that day, but no show in history ever contained that much superstar talent with that kind of variety of matches.
On that day, there was little question that the biggest star in pro wrestling was Mitsuharu Misawa. There were plenty of superstars and superstar reactions on a smorgasbord of types of wrestlers and styles of wrestlers, ranging from the fast-paced heyday of in-ring women’s pro wrestling, Lucha Libre, worked shoot UWFI style, a women’s MMA match, a Pancrase style shoot, a science fiction style Alien death match for the Interplanetary heavyweight title with challengers from other planets, a barbed wire barricade barbed wire baseball bat tornado death match, and an explosive barbed wire match.
After Atsushi Onita used a barbed wire baseball bat and took a full swing to the gut of rival King Pogo (Mr. Pogo), knocking him into the exploding barbed wire and blowing him up, and then pinning him, he waited for his usual huge pop from the biggest crowd he had ever performed before. It never came.
Instead, the people were salivating over what their program said was next.
“Misawa! Misawa! Misawa!” started the loud chant, which built until the first bar of music played for the entrance one of the All Japan wrestlers. The crowd gave one after another the biggest pop up to that point on the show. To that crowd, All Japan was so over that the referee for All Japan got a bigger reaction than legends like Onita and Nobuhiko Takada. It seemed impossible to follow the thunderous reaction of Stan Hansen and Kenta Kobashi moments earlier, but Misawa’s was clearly the biggest of the night.
For the next 30 minutes, Misawa & Kobashi & Hansen battled Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue & Johnny Ace (current WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis) in a match that was so stiff you could hear every blow 100 yards away, with heat that never let down, and psychology at a level above anything in pro wrestling not only at that time, but likely anytime up to that point in pro wrestling history.
It didn’t matter that the fans had seen every high spot, every gimmick, real fights and a whole slew of some of the biggest stars and most charismatic performers in pro wrestling history for the previous four-and-a-half hours. They had also seen the emotion of Lou Thesz having to fight back tears as the big screen played tapes of his famous battles with Rikidozan, while a wheelchair bound Kintaro Oki got up as he was wheeled out of the ring, kissed the ringpost and broke down and cried as he left the ring for the final time in his life.
Every argument about what you can’t follow and how long you can go and do on a show without burning out the audience early had been violated for the previous few hours. But it didn’t matter. At the time, the top stars of All Japan Pro Wrestling were just that much better than anyone else in the world.
Those days were long gone on Saturday night in Hiroshima, Japan, a city best known on a worldwide basis for having a nuclear bomb dropped on it without warning by the U.S. forces in 1945, that killed 90,000 civilians that day and probably as many as 200,000 within five years directly related to the residual effects of the radiation, and which ended World War II.
Pro Wrestling NOAH, only a few years removed from being the best pro wrestling promotion on the planet, was a struggling entity. They were one of the most publicized casualties of how the worldwide economic crisis had affected television. Nippon Television had broadcast pro wrestling since 1954, with it starting out as a physical morality play where a native North Korean posing as a Japanese national sports hero, gained revenge on the huge Americans (who were actually two giant Canadians) who had destroyed that city and some others, rebuilding the psyche of a nation destroyed by the war. Pro wrestling for decades was a part of the national fabric. Rikidozan is still considered one of the 10 or 15 most influential men in the history of Japanese culture, closer in ranking to George Washington or Abraham Lincoln than to a sports hero. From the mid-60s through the 70s, the four biggest cultural sports stars were baseball legends Shigeo Nagashima and Sadaharu Oh of the Yomiuri Giants baseball team, and wrestlers Shohei “Giant” Baba and Kanji “Antonio” Inoki. More people watched some of the early pro wrestling matches on television, which was in its infancy in Japan, than any matches at any time in the world.
At another time in history, Saturday’s show, a TV taping featuring a tag team title match, would have been viewed by millions on network television. But in March, as part of making economic cutbacks because they had lost so much money due to the decline in advertising, NTV axed wrestling after 55 years, the oldest program in the history of the network. Of course, this was not the wrestling of Rikidozan, Baba and Inoki, or even the heyday of Misawa. It was airing on Sunday nights at about 3 a.m., about 30 minutes of sometimes chopped up matches. The exposure was limited to hardcores who would remember to tape it and assorted insomniacs. The time slot made it next to impossible to create new drawing cards. He had an excellent group of younger wrestlers that his company had trained, following in the footsteps of what he established in his prime. The younger hardcore fans saw them as stars. But they had virtually no casual name identity nor the exposure to get any.
They had 2,300 fans that night, which by today’s standards was a good crowd, at Hiroshima’s Sogo Taiikukan, also known as the Green Arena. It was taped for NTV’s satellite station that only a small percentage of the population can get, and few outside the hardcore wrestling community ever watch.
Just five days before his 47th birthday, Mitsuharu Misawa was a decade removed from the last year when he was the consensus greatest in-ring performer on the planet.
In 1999, Misawa’s mentor, Shohei “Giant” Baba, the legendary Cal Ripken Jr. of Japanese wrestling, who during his career was noted for only missing one match (in the 80s) due to injury, had missed the final shows of 1998, and for the first time, he wasn’t going on the January tour. Instead, he was in the hospital in Tokyo, with the vague reports of why making people fear the worst. On 1/24, Baba watched his television show, featuring a singles match with his two biggest stars battling for his created Triple Crown world title in a match held two nights earlier in Osaka.
Seven minutes into the match, Toshiaki Kawada suffered a legitimate broken arm early in the match when he went to deliver a spinning backfist, but instead his elbow cracked the top of Misawa’s head with such force that both his wrist and forearm were broken. Kawada worked the remainder of the match, with limited use of one arm, used a power bomb where he dropped Misawa on the top of his head, the dreaded ganso bomb spot, and later, a high kick to the face, followed by a brainbuster to win the Triple Crown at 24:15 on a show that drew a phenomenal 5.4 rating airing after midnight on a Sunday night. Given the time it aired with most people asleep, nearly half the television sets that were turned on at that point in Japan were watching the match.
Baba, who started wrestling 39 years earlier and had likely seen as many great matches live during his lifetime as anyone who had ever lived, remarked that night that it was the greatest match he had ever seen. Seven days later he passed away at the age of 61 from renal cancer.
Already the company’s top star since winning the Triple Crown from Stan Hansen for the first time in 1992, after Baba’s death, Misawa found himself in the exhausting position of being company president, booker, and the top wrestler in the world, all at the same time. His career at the top had survived multiple injuries that would have crippled most humans and ended the careers of most wrestlers. He worked through them, and rarely missed a match, because of the mentality instilled in him to be tough and never complain. He could not go all out every night, but remained as good a big show wrestler as there was. He had learned how to work believable enough to bring people into his matches and have them believe the roller coaster rides were really the most exciting athletic competitions around, done well enough that they overcame his own lack of facial expressions, usually the death knell for successful drawing card. He regularly took psychotic bumps, most notably back suplexes where he and his partners in crime would be dropped on their heads. His neck, knees and back ached all the time. He relied on chiropractic help and acupuncture therapy but never used traditional medical treatment, nor in recent years did he take time off from the ring.
Ten years after Baba’s death, Misawa walked to the ring unsteady. He was terribly out of shape because he was injured too badly to train hard. Chain smoking is prevalent in Japan and Misawa was no different. It genuinely hurt to watch him. Still, for economic survival, there were times he had to headline, such as in the recent Global Tag Team tournament, where he felt it necessary to give Go Shiozaki the star and credibility rub of being his tag team partner. Misawa had decided that Shiozaki, and not Takeshi Morishima, because of the latters’ weight problems, would be the superstar counted on to carry the promotion in the future. The talent was there, just not the credibility with the public. The first part of the push was giving Shiozaki several big wins to lead to a title challenge against GHC heavyweight champion Jun Akiyama, which he lost.
To rebound, Shiozaki teamed with Misawa in April and May for the tag team tournament. Shiozaki would win the tournament, and headline Budokan Hall, where hopefully his ability would show that he belonged in the spot.
On 5/6, Misawa headlined Budokan Hall for the record setting 69th time in his career. A far cry from his 53 sellouts at Budokan Hall, there were only 7,300 fans there, one of the two or three smallest crowds he’d ever headlined the building in front of. It was a bad sign as it was the first Budokan Hall show since losing network television.
Misawa’s mark is likely the most sellouts as a headliner of any wrestler in a building of that size in the history of the business. The U.S. record for that sized arena is likely held by Bruno Sammartino, who sold out Madison Square Garden about 45 times in 130 main events.
Misawa & Shiozaki won the Global Tag League tournament, beating Morishima & Kensuke Sasaki in the finals. In the match, the storyline was that Misawa was injured, thus keeping him out of the ring most of the match. Shiozaki, single-handedly, survived and won against the team being marketed as a Japanese modern version of the Road Warriors, complete with the same finishing move.
When Kobashi was out fighting cancer in the second half of 2006, attendance had plummeted at the Budokan Hall shows that carried the company business. After going against tradition and putting the company’s two best workers, Naomichi Marufuji and KENTA, both less than 200 pounds, in the Budokan Hall main event spot, the first-ever match-up of two junior heavyweights battling for the heavyweight title only did about 5,000 paid. For economic survival, Misawa, as the only wrestler on the roster who could consistently draw on top, had to win the title on December 10, 2006, nearly four years after he had decided to retire from the heavyweight title position with his last-ever singles match of the year against Kobashi.
His 15-month title reign wasn’t filled with sellouts or legendary matches. It was a Band-Aid, trying to be able to at least run big shows that would draw decent crowds and keep from bleeding badly until Kobashi’s return would be a temporary cure. The hope was that his opponents, some of whom were among the most talented wrestlers in the business, could carry him enough to where the matches would be decent. Business wasn’t good, but due to usually great undercard matches, the big shows were still well received. After dropping the title to Morishima, Misawa worked almost always in tags, often in the middle of the card, where his partners handled the vast majority of the ring time.
While never publicly acknowledged, the plan had been in place for Misawa to retire, first in 2007, but with Kobashi out, the feeling was he was needed as world champion. Then the plan was for him to retire when Kobashi could return full-time, but with the company struggling, the date had been put off. He had told his wife the prior week that he would retire at the end of the year, and had gone so far as to tell Ryu Nakata, who business head of the company on Tuesday, that he would retire this year but that he didn’t want to have a farewell tour.
But no matter what he thought he should do physically or was thinking at home, the odds were just as good that he would end up like Baba, who wrestled until two months before his death and until the last tour of his career, had gone more than 14 straight years without missing one match. He could work easy trios matches in the middle of the card where his partners would do all the work, for years to come, since his presence on the shows was important for company survival.
On the last night of his life, Misawa & Shiozaki, coming off their tournament win, were to challenge Bison Smith & Akitoshi Saito for the GHC tag team titles.
Misawa’s neck was bothering him during the match, so he must have worsened the damage he’s had for years at a show over the previous week. He had believed he suffered a shoulder injury earlier in the tour. He was having a hard time, because this was a title match, which meant you had to work at that level. After Shiozaki worked most of the way, Misawa made the hot tag on both guys, mostly throwing his standing elbows to Smith, before getting cut off. Smith delivered an Iron Claw slam, one of his finishers, but Misawa kicked out, and Smith tagged to Saito. Saito did a series of moves, one of which was to be a back suplex.
It was described as a seven when it came to the degree of danger on a one-to-ten scale, but his head did hit the mat. Misawa just laid there. He immediately told ref Shuichi Nishinaga, “I can’t move,” and then passed out. Nishinaga immediately stopped the match at the 27:03 mark, at about 8:45 p.m.
At first, the crowd didn’t quite understand what they were seeing. Because Japanese pro wrestling is not regulated, there was not, as would be the case if it was a New Japan show, a doctor at the show.
Misawa wasn’t moving, but to the fans, they had seen people sell that all the time, and had seen plenty of spectacular knockouts in televised kickboxing and MMA matches. The first sign of a big problem was, when over the microphone, they asked if there was a doctor in the arena.
There was a local doctor who was a spectator, and came to the ring and saw there was no pulse, and tried to perform CPR. He used automated external defibrillator pads to try and shock Misawa’s heart into beating, without success. Very quickly, all the wrestlers came to the ring, and were all stunned and very nervous. A lot of women in the crowd were crying and there were chants of his name. Some of the wrestlers, in a panic, were screaming his name as well, begging for him to hear them and for him to respond. Fans watched, and soon sensed the panic as Misawa started turning purple. EMT’s arrived and worked on him for a long time, trying without success. This scene of them working on him aired on a number of national news and sportscasts over the weekend.
He was rushed to Hiroshima College Hospital. Saito went to the hospital to stand by his side. Morishima was told to stay at the arena and address the crowd, as most of them had stayed, waiting for word on what they had just seen. Morishima told the fans that Misawa was at the hospital and his condition was critical, but said, “We don’t know anything new.” He said somberly, “Thank you for caring.”
Misawa was pronounced dead in the hospital at 10:10 p.m. In the history of pro wrestling, there have been probably 100 or more deaths either in the ring, or in the hospital shortly thereafter from circumstances related to a match. But with all due respect to Owen Hart, or a regional legend like Ray Gunkel, none of those people were near Misawa’s level of stature.
The belief was that he died in the ring, but they publicly announced he died at the hospital so those in the arena wouldn’t think that he died in front of them.
His family was called and flew in, and saw the doctor the next morning, who told them the cause of death. The family took the body home to Koshigaya, Saitama, where they live and asked that the cause of death remain confidential. They had a secret funeral right away and he was cremated. Pro Wrestling NOAH is going to arrange a public service for fans to attend on 7/4 at Differ Ariake. Business manager Ryu Nakata said Differ Ariake will be the site because it is the company’s home base, and where the company’s offices are located. He noted that this was where Misawa worked both in and out of the ring, and it was the site of the first show of the promotion.
The next night at the house show, NOAH Vice President Mitsuo Momota said that he could not reveal the cause of death because the family asked it be kept confidential.
However, the Hiroshima Police Department report on the incident released his cause of death as cervical spinal cord trauma, after interviewing the doctors.
The actual injury was a shattered C-1 and C-2 vertebrae, essentially meaning his head and spine were no longer connected, which led to him suffering cardiopulmonary arrest. It was roughly the same injury that actor Christopher Reeve suffered in 1995 when he was thrown off by a horse he was riding. Reeve would have died in that accident without the immediate medical care he received. Even if Misawa had survived, and it would have taken a miracle for that to happen, he would have likely been a paraplegic. Most likely, if he had gone to a doctor in the U.S., like Steve Austin or DDP did when they had serious neck injuries, his level of his neck damage would have been discovered. It’s very possible, if not likely, he’d have been told, like Austin, DDP and Ted DiBiase had, that one more bad bump could leave him as a paraplegic. DiBiase retired at that point, although in the last year has talked of coming back for one last match. Austin and DDP wrestled a few times after that diagnosis, but got out for good, in the case of Austin, spurning some huge offers to come back, and at times considering them.
Misawa never got that medical opinion, even though he was diagnosed two years ago with a cervical sprain in a match he suffered a concussion in. Even the Japanese media reported after his death that he should not have been wrestling at this point.
To the shock of many people, the tour continued with a show the next night in Fukuoka, where Akiyama was scheduled to defend the GHC heavyweight title against Takeshi Rikio. Tons of fans came to the NOAH offices in Tokyo leaving flowers. In Fukuoka, a huge walk-up crowd came to the Hakata Star Lanes, a 2,600-seat converted bowling alley that is now, because wrestling is no longer drawing big crowds, the home for most of the promotions in Japan when they come to the city. A large throng was milling around the arena long before the show was scheduled to start, and selling it out.
It was surreal as everyone involved tried to act like it was just another day and another show, almost as if pretending would take everyone’s minds off what obviously everyone was thinking. Going out of your way to do what you would normally do was making it so obvious that it reminded everyone that this was no normal day, and this was no normal show.
And it couldn’t be. All Misawa merchandise that they had brought to last the entire tour sold out before the show started. They opened the show with a ten count for Misawa, as shows did all over the world on that day (of major promotions running around the world the next day, only WWE and TNA failed to acknowledge it at their house shows, although both did post messages on their web site. WWE did not acknowledge it during Raw, but C.M. Punk did manage to sneak a mention in, writing his name in huge letters on the tape on his wrists and forearms). They played his music one last time and fans chanted his name.
The death got the expected huge coverage in Japan, on network news and talk shows, lead stories in sports sections. At least one sports newspaper got the word late Saturday night, and stopped the presses for the Sunday edition to redo its front page. It was the lead story in every sports newspaper in the country, and top story on the Google and Yahoo Japan web sites.
Reaction to the death was worldwide. There was even a loud “Misawa!” chant the next day that started out of nowhere at a major fireworks show in Dusseldorf, Germany, a city with a large Japanese population, where transplanted Japanese talked about seeing his matches with Tsuruta, Kawada and Kobashi on television.
But there were high-brow papers in Japan that gave it very little coverage, limited to a few graphs. NHK television’s news, considered the most authoritative in the country, infuriated wrestling fans by making the decision that the death was not major news, with only one minute of coverage on the prime time newscast. To older editors, wrestling was something huge in the days of Rikidozan, and certainly Baba and Inoki were household names. Tsuruta’s death was covered huge, as were deaths of people like Lou Thesz, Karl Gotch and Fred Blassie. The country practically went into mourning when Baba died, and from a sports standpoint, Bruiser Brody’s death got nearly two months worth of regular coverage, yet Terry Gordy’s death got minimal coverage.
The leading English language newspaper, the Japan Times, had a seven-paragraph Japanese wire service story buried in the “In brief” section. Aside from mentioning him in the lead as one of the most popular wrestlers in Japan, the article talked almost exclusively about the circumstances of his death that night in Sapporo, and coverage of his entire career came down to two sentences: “Making his professional debut in 1981, Misawa became popular partly for wearing his trademark mask designed to look like a tiger’s head. He set up wrestling organization Pro Wrestling NOAH in 2000 and became its president.”
On the NTV morning show hosted by Kazuo Tokumitsu, something of a Japanese version of Walter Cronkite, he devoted 20 minutes the next morning to coverage of Misawa’s death. Tokumitsu, a powerful player in NTV, was friends with Misawa and was said to be one of the key guys at the network arguing against cutting the wrestling show a few months ago. Tokumitsu got his first national exposure as the lead wrestling announcer on the network in the Rikidozan era, and he was a player on the popular 70s network comedy show that The Destroyer was on.
NTV announced that the day after his public funeral, on 7/5, they would air a 90-minute special on his life, replaying his most famous matches. Special commemorative magazines were being rushed to hit the newsstands. It was even a front page story in the U.S. on the ESPN web site and was covered in the sports section in Australia in the Sydney Morning Herald.
After the moment of silence to start the show in Fukuoka, Akiyama, 39, then came out and announced he had a herniated the disc between his L-4 and L-5 vertebrae, and would be out of action indefinitely. He had been working through a lot of pain, with the usual Japanese athlete mentality that you deny pain because admitting it is considered a weakness, really not appreciably different than the attitude of American athletes except that trait is, as a rule, stronger in Japanese because of being taught never to complain. After what happened the night before, he looked at his own situation got himself examined. In fact, this was a wake up call for many in the industry who routinely did their job and ignored their discomfort because that’s what you do in the wrestling business. Akiyama said he would have to vacate the championship and it was announced that Shiozaki would face Rikio for the title.
Akiyama himself is under a lot of pressure, because the company is expecting him to take over Misawa’s front office duties. Vice president Momota said they would be having a meeting on 6/23, the day after the current tour ends, and discuss the direction of the company, and expect to announce a new president within three months.
27-year-old Shiozaki pinned Rikio in 22:37 with the Go flasher to win the championship. Shiozaki has the talent to be the top star of the promotion, but with the television situation as it is, he’s never going to have the exposure to be a major star. The reality of the business today is no matter how talented or charismatic the young talent is, the television vehicle isn’t there to create a new Misawa, Kobashi, Keiji Muto or Riki Choshu.
Shiozaki was in the role of a guy who had exciting matches against the top and middle guys, but always lost in the end, until going to the U.S. in 2008 to work for ROH. Unlike Morishima, who was a world champion in ROH to prepare for him to come back and be the top guy, Shiozaki was a mid-carder in ROH, and while it was hoped he would eventually get to the top position, it was not scheduled to be any time soon. People aren’t ready for him as a world champion, but at this point, he may have been the best option. The place was very emotional due to the circumstances and they had a decent main event. Shiozaki said nothing after winning the title, which was symbolic, since Misawa rarely did mic work after winning a major championship.
The most vivid scene of the night was Saito, 43, who had to be talked out of announcing his retirement that day, getting on his hands and knees to a large framed photo of Misawa, crying and being apologetic. It was actually at that point when fans realized that Misawa died directly related to the move, as opposed to the possibility it was a heart attack suffered in the heat of battle.
There have been an endless number of high profile pro wrestler deaths over the past 25 years. There were the drug deaths, the accidents in and out of the ring, and even a high profile murder. Many were the result of the lifestyle of being a high profile pro wrestling star and falling to the easy temptations. Some, like Eddy Guerrero, may have been, as Dusty Rhodes said right after his death, that he died trying to be a main eventer, essentially steroids and Growth Hormone to try and overcompensate for his small stature that was the only thing holding him from that status. Misawa was the first to die not from trying to be a champion, nor from the lifestyle of the spoils from that success, but because of being the champion.
In a country that thrives on symbolism, there were plenty here. It was noted in some media reports how the last move of the match, called in Japanese Noten Sakasa Otoshi, or Lou Thesz style Greco-Roman backdrop, was the same move Thesz used to pin Rikidozan in Honolulu when Thesz was world champion. Beating Rikidozan, who never lost in Japan, and being the first world champion when wrestling became huge in Japan made Thesz larger than life. It was why the later Thesz vs. Rikidozan matches in Japan were so big. Something to the effect of him dying from the original great finishing move in Japanese culture. Others used it as a symbolic end of pro wrestling, that began with Thesz doing the move to Rikidozan and ended with Misawa dying after the same move.
In many of the news reports, they aired Misawa’s first-ever match on television, on April 22, 1983, from Sapporo, in the finals of the Lou Thesz trophy, for all the younger wrestlers. Thesz was brought in to referee all the matches, with the idea that the young wrestlers would do their best with the most sacred wrestler in the ring with them watching. Misawa lost that match to Shiro Koshinaka, but it was clear he was the better of the two. The idea was the winner of the tournament would get to go on a foreign tour where they could gain experience to come back as a star. It wasn’t quite Dana White after the Forrest Griffin-Stephan Bonnar fight, but Baba said after the match that he was so impressed with it, that both of them could go to Mexico.
The movie “The Wrestler,” heavily advertised on all the wrestling TV shows, debuted in Japan with essentially the same ending. While Randy the Ram was in no way portrayed as a Misawa level star, he was past his prime, working a smaller show, and in the final scene, at least in theory since the ending of the movie was ambiguous, he passed away. Even more of that symbolism was that Misawa’s final match in the United States, on November 3, 2007, for Ring Of Honor at the Manhattan Center, where he defended the GHC title and pinned KENTA. Despite being run down with the flu, the combination of the crowd that was hot for everything, seeing him as a legend they had grown up watching only on videotape, and KENTA’s ability to carry him, led to his last singles match that was in the **** range. Among the people watching the match were Darren Aronofsky, the producer of the “The Wrestler,” coming with Nicholas Cage, who at the same was scheduled to star in the movie before it ended up with Mickey Rourke in the role.
The problems that led to the end of the All Japan Pro Wrestling organization as people knew it, were due to problems with Misawa and Motoko Baba, the widow and owner of the company, that took place after Giant Baba’s death. Misawa was the company’s biggest star and was the locker room leader. It was a locker room of athletes and he was the star quarterback. The year earlier, Baba had made the decision to have Misawa replace him as booker for the first time in the 26-year history of the company. Her husband hand-picked Misawa, who he and his wife, who had no children of their own, treated as their golden child, to be the top star of the next generation, carefully grooming him, even though Toshiaki Kawada and Kenta Kobashi were actually more dynamic performers.
She herself, running the business of the company in the 90s when they set a record with more than 200 consecutive Tokyo sellouts, noted that it was the popularity of Misawa and Kobashi that led to the company’s most successful business period. Whenever people would bring up why business was on fire, and there were a lot of big stars in the mix, she would say at the time that it was Misawa and Kobashi that were the reasons for all the sellouts. The record streak started right after Misawa beat Tsuruta on June 8, 1990, at Budokan Hall (the match itself actually came 500 tickets from selling out, the last time such a thing would happen for years), and continued on every show in the city through early 1996, which is almost surely a record that has never been approached by any company in any major city in the history of the business.
Still, when her husband died, she made the decision to hand the presidency over to Mitsuo Momota, a popular aging prelim wrestler who wasn’t big enough or good enough to make it in spite of royal bloodlines as the son of Rikidozan.
Mitsuharu Misawa came from a broken home, and grew up as a fan of All Japan Pro Wrestling, and in particular, Tomomi “Jumbo” Tsuruta, who was the young star of the company. At the age of 12, he decided he was going to become a pro wrestler for that promotion. A few years later, he wanted to drop out of school and become a pro wrestler. He met Tsuruta at the All Japan dojo wanting to sign up.
Tsuruta told him, “I joined All Japan after I graduated from college and got a degree. I think you should graduate high school. That would be the best thing for your life.”
Tsuruta told him that he had been recruited into pro wrestling after he won several national college wrestling championships, and then gone on to the Olympics. He told Misawa that if he was serious about pro wrestling, he should concentrate on becoming the best amateur wrestler he could be.
It was 13 years later when Tsuruta, at the time the top star in the company, was shocked when Giant Baba asked him a few hours before their match to lose in a Budokan Hall main event to Misawa. That wasn’t how wrestling in Japan worked at that time, but as history has shown pretty clearly, Baba’s instincts in seeing the audience reaction with loud “Misawa” chants coming out of nowhere every few minutes in the hour before the show started in the building, as well as in the hours before outside the ring in the giant line to get in the lone exit, sensed it was the right time to do the unexpected. It was a unique atmosphere that night, something that I’d never experienced before and never experienced live since at any sporting event.
Part of the reason that match became so famous, and turned business around, the Japanese equivalent of the December 25, 1982, Ric Flair vs. Kerry Von Erich cage match in Dallas (which set up The Freebirds vs. Von Erichs feud), or the Steve Austin I Quit match with Bret Hart and title win over Shawn Michaels with Mike Tyson as referee, which led to Austin’s popularity exploding, is because everyone in the arena that night wanted to see Misawa win. And pretty much, nobody really expected that he would. Baba was sitting at the concession stand near the entrance of the building, seeing the huge business for Misawa merchandise almost out of nowhere , hearing the buzz of the crowd, and sent the message to Tsuruta, in the dressing room.
Three weeks before what turned out to be the most pivotal match of his career, All Japan was running at the Tokyo Gym. During a match with Tiger Mask & Kawada vs. Yoshiaki Yatsu & Samson Fuyuki, after Tiger Mask pinned Fuyuki with a German suplex, he told Kawada to untie his mask. After doing so, Misawa pulled his mask off and threw it to the crowd, grabbed the mic, and challenged Tsuruta to a singles match, which headlined the June 8, 1990, show at Budokan Hall.
It was a moment that nobody could have fully expected the reaction to, as Tiger Mask was certainly a star, but he was not at the time, that big of a star. But the crowd exploded in chants of “Misawa,” which started happening at all the house shows over the next few weeks. It was certainly the reaction they wanted, but far better than even the most optimistic expectations.
After being sent to Mexico from his performance in the Lou Thesz Cup, a little over a year later, on August 26, 1984, Misawa returned, with the idea of being a superstar, as the reincarnation of Tiger Mask. Baba had reached a deal with Ikki Kajiwara, who created the Tiger Mask character, a popular comic book and cartoon character. In the original television cartoon, where Tiger Mask feuded with his rival, Black Tiger, an animated version of Baba was one of the characters.
It was New Japan in 1981 who came up with the Tiger Mask concept on a wrestler, Satoru Sayama, who became a sensation who was largely responsible for the success of every smaller wrestler who made it in Japan. Sayama had retired a year earlier, and a series of scandals and unhappy wrestlers had left New Japan with a lot of problems. Baba was in the process of making aggressive moves to turn build his own company at the expense of his rival, and a few months later, came very close to finishing New Japan after a talent raid. One of his moves was buying the rights to the Tiger Mask character, and picking Misawa for the role.
Misawa was only 22 when he had the spotlight put on him, as in his debut, pushed heavily for more than a month on television and magazines, at the Denen Coliseum in Tokyo, a sellout crowd of 13,000 fans saw Tiger Mask pin one of Mexico’s best workers of the era, La Fiera, with Sayama’s trademark Tiger suplex, on a show headlined by Bruiser Brody & Stan Hansen retaining the PWF world tag team titles against Dory Funk & Baba. His push was so strong that soon, at the Korakuen Hall main event, Tiger Mask & Tsuruta drew with Baba & Genichiro Tenryu.
Baba brought in a steady stream of top junior heavyweight and high flying talent to face Tiger Mask, including Jerry Estrada, Pirata Morgan, Chavo Guerrero, as well as the two biggest rivals of the original Tiger Mask, Dynamite Kid and Kuniaki Kobayashi, eventually winning the NWA International junior heavyweight championship. But after knee problems, Baba made the call to move him to the heavyweight division in late 1985. It would be unfair to call him a great success as Tiger Mask, nor a failure. His lack of size hurt him, and he didn’t have quite the flashy ability or charisma of the original Tiger Mask that he was being constantly compared with.
The timing was largely because All Japan for the previous few years had been built around Tsuruta and Genichiro Tenryu feuding over the top position. Tenryu received an unheard of offer at the time of $800,000 per year by Hachiro Tanaka, the billionaire owner of Megane Super Opticals, to head up a new wrestling group, called Super World Sports. The idea was to elevate Misawa and Kawada to be more viable main event headliners against Tsuruta.
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2016.01.14 12:39 throwaway80saction 80s Action Hero Martin Freeman

In the mid-00s, when I was a weird middle schooler, I had a bit of a fixation on 80s movies. I've seen most that the decade has to offer, the good, the bad, and the cheesy. In the time since, I'm fairly certain I have also seen the non-existent.
I can set the scene for you perfectly: Nitty gritty urban shots all bathed in a blue filter, a slow, dirge-like synth soundtrack, and about halfway through the opening credits, just as the camera cuts to a still of a police car in a decrepit parking lot, there it is in bold, brash 80s font: MARTIN FREEMAN. You see, to me Freeman was always a staple of the 80s, a greying, sarcastic little short arse who made his career in cheesy flicks where he was almost often a cop, with a few more dramatic roles sprinkled in to give the man some measure of credibility. He was always opposition or sidekick to the more popular action heroes of the era, your Swayze and Gibson types. Even today, I can clearly remember him quipping away in a dry British tone, skeptical of anti-heroes and their crusades, your typical movie cop of the era. If it sounds ridiculous, it pretty much was. I remember he stood out so because he seemed so unsuited for these films, but carried himself well enough that it was never too distracting. I just sort of accepted it after a while.
The opening scrawl I mention also belongs to a movie I am convinced does not exist at all in this timestream rather than my remembering the actor in actual 80s movies, but I digress. To my best recollection, Freeman appeared and was billed in Cimino's Year of the Dragon, playing at an American accent as a corrupt cop who betrays lead Mickey Rourke, and also had a role in Red Heat as Belushi's partner before Ahnuld steps up to playe.
So, having long ago written Freeman off as a cheesy 80s staple and largely forgetting him, I find myself using tumblr. Anyone who has even glanced at the site will know that Sherlock is as good as religion to many of the younger users, and I found myself filled with a sort of nostalgia to hear that Freeman had found a new role in the series. Of course, then I found out he was playing Watson, a role I thought him to be a bit too old for. Googling around had me stunned. Who was this man's plastic surgeon? He hadn't aged a day since the 80s!
And then wikipedia turned me on to the realization that Freeman was born in 1971. He would have been anywhere from a child to a teenager during that time, and certainly not a grown actor.
This vivid but apparently false memory has haunted me since high school. Tonight, one of my friends drops a link to the Mandela effect website. I discovered while browsing there was a subreddit, and I just had to post. I had to get this off my chest after all these years of doubting my sense of reality. Martin Freeman was a 1980s thirty-something needs-more-dakka style action sidekick from before I was even born. I knew his name and his voice from a time period where he apparently had not yet been imported stateside, save but in a low-grossing Adams adaption I was ignorant to at the time.
I'm not even sure that anything can be done with this information. Is there a similarly named/looking actor from the time period that I've just never found through google? Does anyone else have similar recollections? I don't need confirmation at this point, but I won't turn down an explanation or solidarity either, after all the time this has plagued me.
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2015.06.02 17:37 -Just-Stop- [LIST] Family Spy or Superhero Teens/Kids Film list.

Need a family friendly movie but don't want to watch Frozen, again!? Need Superheroes or Spies? Try a movie from this list that can be enjoyed by kids too!
At a school in the sky where teens learn how to be superheroes, Will Stronghold lands in a class for students who show special promise. Classmate Gwen quickly cozies up to Will, but it's soon clear that she has other motives. When he learns that Gwen's mother is a villain who was defeated by his father, Steve Stronghold, Will realizes that Gwen is aiming for revenge, and he rushes to a school dance in the hope of stopping her.
Featuring Michael Angarano, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kurt Russell, and Kelly Preston.
Capt. Zoom, or Jack as he is now known, has long since given up his career of fighting evil and protecting the defenseless. The former superhero gets back into the game when he takes a job at a private academy, where he must whip into shape a ragtag group of heroes-in-training.
Featuring Tim Allen, Courteney Cox, Chevy Chase, Spencer Breslin, Kevin Zegers, Kate Mara, Michael Cassidy, and Ryan Newman.
High-school student Cody Banks wants nothing more than what every other teen wants: to survive the banality of adolescence and become an adult. But Banks is no ordinary teen; he's a CIA agent. And, when he's not doing his homework, Banks is on the case, spying on fellow student Natalie Connors in order to get close to her father, a scientist who has invented killer nanobots designed to bring down the country.
Featuring Frankie Muniz, Hilary Duff, Martin Donovan, and Angie Harmon.
Teenage spy Cody Banks returns for another mission, and this time around he has a new partner, the humorous and amiable Derek Bowman. Cody and Derek must travel to England to foil the plot of Victor Diaz, a villainous operative who aims to wreak havoc with experimental mind-control technology. Joining Cody and Derek is pretty British schoolgirl Emily Sommers, who turns out to be a fellow undercover spy.
Featuring Frankie Muniz, Anthony Anderson, Keith Allen, and Hannah Spearritt.
Two young kids become spies in attempt to save their parents, who are ex-spies, from an evil mastermind. Armed with a bag of high tech gadgets and out-of-this world transportation, Carmen and Juni will bravely jet through the air, dive under the seas and crisscross the globe in a series of thrilling adventures on a mission to save their parents ... and maybe even the world.
Featuring Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, Carla Gugino, Antonio Banderas, and Alan Cumming.
*Now full fledged Spy Kids, Carmen and Juni Cortez are back for another James Bond style adventure. Their newest mission takes them to a distant island where they take on a mysterious man and his imaginative creatures. But this time, they also have to fight the forces of rival sibling Spy Kids, Gary and Gerti Giggles, as they head right into a trap that will test each and every spy in the Cortez family.
Featuring Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, Carla Gugino, Antonio Banderas, Steve Buscemi, Matt O'Leary, and Emily Osment.
*Pint-sized kid spy Juni Cortez faces his biggest challenge yet when he confronts the Toymaker, a ruthless villain sentenced to virtual prison by the Organization of Super Spies. The Toymaker has captured Juni's sister, OSS agent Carmen, and is holding her inside a virtual reality environment called "Game Over." Now Juni must use his cunning to advance to the nearly impossible "Level Five" in order to rescue his sister.
Featuring Alexa Vega, Daryl Sabara, Carla Gugino, Antonio Banderas, Sylvester Stallone.
Alex Rider is a British teenager, whom MI6 recruits into its ranks, for his skills as a linguist, scuba diver, sharpshooter and martial artist are perfect for a career in espionage; his first assignment is to investigate billionaire Darrius Sayle, who may have a nefarious motive for his recent donation of megacomputers to all of England's schools.
Featuring Alex Pettyfer, Mickey Rourke, and Ewan McGregor.
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MICKEY ROURKE a MICHAEL CIMINO FILM Mickey Rourke and Giuseppe Franco Mickey Rourke on How His Psychiatrist Told Him to Take ... Hollywood Legend Mickey Rourke and Bodybuilding Champ ... Mickey Rourke's ARMY would include TUPAC! Mickey Rourke vs Get Carter Mickey Rourke Greets Photographers In West Hollywood Mickey Rourke par Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster - Blow up - ARTE

Mickey Rourke captured looking unrecognisable after ...

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  3. Mickey Rourke on How His Psychiatrist Told Him to Take ...
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  5. Mickey Rourke's ARMY would include TUPAC!
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MICKEY ROURKE SHARES HIS EXPERIENCES - Duration: 8:21. MyTalkShowHeroes 141,216 views. ... Senior Partners Emergency Meeting - Duration: 9:49. Olivier BOSSARD Recommended for you. MICKEY ROURKE VS STALLONE FINALE 'CARTER' By Gino'S - Duration: 3:12 ... Archy L Recommended for you. 54:10. The Big Short 6 - Jared Vennett's Pitch to Front Point Partners (Jenga Blocks Scene ... Mickey Rourke Interview at Giuseppe Franco.salon opening early 90's - Duration: 4:52. Mike Tunick 30,767 views. ... Margin Call 4 - Senior Partners Emergency Meeting - Duration: 9:49. Saturday, November 19, 2016: Mickey Rourke responded to a celebrity photographer's request for a selfie in West Hollywood. The actor didn't mince his words. X17online.com For all the latest ... Hollywood's Mickey Rourke spoke to GMB live from LA today as he spoke of his wilderness years and making a career comeback with the 2008 film The Wrestler. S... Margin Call 4 - Senior Partners Emergency Meeting - Duration: 9:49. ... Mickey Rourke - Transformation 2018 From 19 To 65 Years Old - Duration: 10:08. MindUpload 868,954 views. In one of the most unique training videos you'll ever see, Golden Globe winning actor Mickey Rourke and his champion training partner Danny Hester get in a w... Mickey Rourke par Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster - Blow up - ARTE Blow Up, l'actualité du cinéma (ou presque) - ARTE ... The Big Short 6 - Jared Vennett's Pitch to Front Point Partners (Jenga ...