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TIL 10 things about Zoom software and its shadowy founder Eric Yuan

2020.09.19 08:05 secretymology TIL 10 things about Zoom software and its shadowy founder Eric Yuan

Having wondered about the readiness of Zoom (like the contact tracing contracts and pandemic protocols of Event201) to ’facilitate’ our current predicament, and never having heard of it until the lockdowns, I thought I’d delve further into its mysterious founder and foundation. A shallow skim revealed:
1) Founder was ‘inspired’ by Bill Gates:
When Eric Yuan was in his early 20s, he heard a speech from then-Microsoft CEO Bill Gates about the promise of the internet, and Yuan decided he wanted to move from China to the US to be a part of the Silicon Valley tech boom.
Today, Yuan is the 49-year-old founder and CEO of videoconferencing cloud software company Zoom, which debuted on the Nasdaq exchange on Thursday in an IPO that currently values the company at more than $16 billion.
2) Relationship with Gates (and Microsoft) not so friendly these days. Microsoft’s Skype pushing for pole position. Was Microsoft responsible for the “hacks”?
Zoom has been around since 2011, but many people discovered it for the first time as the novel coronavirus made social distancing a requirement and online meetings became more common.
But the company’s privacy and security isn’t up to par and hackers had a field day disrupting meetings with threats, homophobic and racist messages or by showing pornographic images, according to The Associated Press:
And that’s just to name a few.
On a newly created page on Skype’s website, Microsoft is promoting Skype’s features, which are similar to Zoom’s with better security.
3) For a man now apparently worth $17.7b, Wikipedia doesn’t seem to know - or want to reveal - much of Eric Yuan’s basic biography, his date of birth of even the name of his wife. Vagueness about his past, with a typical rags-t—riches narrative (dreaming of leaving China, refused US visa 8 times etc) might suggest a fabricated or sheep-dipped person.
4) Great sense of timing - In 2019, Zoom became a public company via an initial public offering, at which time Yuan became a billionaire. His wealth has increased during COVID-19 pandemic, as Zoom has benefited from the shift to online work and teaching.
The 50-year-old billionaire's net worth jumped 396.5% to $17.7 billion in 2020 so far, as the rest of the world suffers through an economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
5) In April 2020, Citizen Lab warned that having much of Zoom's research and development in China could "open up Zoom to pressure from Chinese authorities." In June 2020, Zoom was criticized for closing multiple accounts of U.S. and Hong-Kong based groups, including that of Zhou Fengsuo and two other human rights activists, who were commemorating the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. The accounts were later re-opened, with the company stating that in the future it "will have a new process for handling similar situations."
Zoom responded that it has to "comply with local laws," even "the laws of governments opposed to free speech." Zoom subsequently admitted to shutting down activist accounts at the request of the Chinese government.
6) Zoom initially claimed to use "end-to-end encryption" in its marketing materials, but later clarified it meant "from Zoom end point to Zoom end point" (meaning effectively between Zoom servers and Zoom clients), which The Intercept described as misleading and "dishonest".
7) Whereas Huawei is currently mistrusted, Governments, Intelligence and various topical agencies clearly aren’t too worried about Zoom’s connections to China and the likelihood of espionage:
“Yesterday, Forbes revealed U.S. agencies handling the coronavirus response had spent a collective $1.3 million on Zoom tech in just a few days at the end of March. Not only had the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) spent hundreds of thousands on Zoom for COVID-19-related webinars and calls, but other government agencies had bought into the tech, too. That included the State Department and one organization that was the alleged victim of a major Chinese hack, the Office of Personnel Management, in a breach that saw the private data of 21 million Americans leak. The U.K. government is also a well-known user of the tool, hosting critical cabinet meetings over Zoom.”
This is Forbes though, the organisation that recently brought us the advice not to question anything we hear and warned that speaking English can spread COVID...
8) Zoom employees apparently ranked themselves happiest in US:
“Job-listing site Comparably just released its annual ranking of major U.S. companies with the happiest employees, and Zoom was ranked No. 1! The Happiest Employees 2019 list was based on anonymous employee feedback submitted to Comparably about fair pay, perks, benefits, and work environment.
The list was peppered with leading technology organizations, including Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce, with social media platform LinkedIn and retail giant Costco ranking Nos. 2 and 3, respectively. But it’s no surprise that the company whose core mission is “Delivering Happiness” is atop the list of organizations with the happiest employees.”
Judging by some of the other companies on this list, I’m not convinced this information can be fully trusted.
9) Alongside other questionable billionaires, Yuan is helping to “combat the health crisis and boost the economy”:
“Billionaires like tech tycoon Bill Gates; Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom; Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb; Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and a host of others are using their financial resources to help combat the health crisis and boost the economy.”
No further details provided here about the specifics of this valuable assistance...I would assume the article might be referring to the use of zoom technology to connect patients and doctors etc, but surely this could hardly be construed as altruistic.
10) Not so great timing - The firm’s founder and CEO Eric Yuan has personally sold $38 million worth of shares already in 2020. He unloaded $10.5 million in January, $12.5 million in February, and $15.5 million in March, according to related SEC filings.
Strange timing. Can anyone explain why a man - and other major investors in Zoom - would do such a thing to his own company up until only days before the bonanza hit? Was he truly unaware of the goldmine awaiting him, or is this evidence of something more witting and nefarious?
Only just beginning, so there is definitely more to come here, as I delve deeper.
Please feel free to supply your own ZOOMachinations in the comments.
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2020.09.19 08:04 Chti_59 Canada / Toronto : Quand la Covid-19 touche d’abord les plus pauvres

Canada / Toronto : Quand la Covid-19 touche d’abord les plus pauvres
Des données récemment publiées montrent comment le virus s’est répandu dans la ville de Toronto, avant de s’emparer des populations les plus pauvres. Les autorités ont souligné que « nous étions tous dans le même bateau ». Mais pour certains quartiers de la ville, ce n’est pas vrai…
Toronto est sous l’emprise de la Covid-19 depuis plus de six mois, bien que cela puisse sembler une éternité. Le chemin du virus est vraiment sinueux : presque chaque mois a apporté un nouveau bouleversement.
En juillet, le service de santé publique de Toronto (TPH) a publié un important ensemble de données : un catalogue de tous les cas signalés dans la ville depuis le premier cas connu fin janvier, soit environ 15 300 au total. Les données d’identification ont été supprimées pour protéger la vie privée, mais chaque cas comprend la tranche d’âge de la personne, son quartier et la source d’infection ; si elle a été hospitalisée, en soins intensifs ou intubée ; si elle s’est rétablie, si elle lutte encore contre l’infection, et plus encore.
Vous croyez peut-être connaître l’histoire de COVID-19 et de Toronto. Mais l’ensemble de données, que le TPH dit avoir publié dans un souci de transparence, contient des révélations sur la façon dont le virus s’est glissé dans Toronto et a pris pied avant de s’attaquer aux résidents et aux quartiers les plus vulnérables. L’analyse de cette mine d’informations par le Star raconte l’histoire inédite de la première vague de l’épidémie – un cauchemar que certains craignent de voir se répéter, si les leçons de ce premier chapitre restent lettre morte.
Le voyage
Chine. Iran. Italie. Dans les premiers jours de la pandémie – lorsque les voyageurs infectés représentaient encore la plus grande menace – ces pays ont suscité des réactions alarmistes, déclenché des conseils aux voyageurs et influencé les personnes qui ont subi le test COVID.
Trois pays ont en effet été responsables de la majorité des premiers cas de voyage à Toronto.
Mais ce n’était pas nécessairement les pays que tout le monde avait supposés au départ. Le premier pays responsable des premières infections de voyageurs était plutôt les États-Unis. Les voyageurs en provenance des États-Unis ont représenté 37 % des cas de voyage à Toronto entre janvier et mars, soit 106 personnes. Pendant les semaines qui ont précédé la fermeture de la frontière, les États-Unis ont constitué la plus grande menace de COVID liée aux voyages.
Le Royaume-Uni a été le deuxième contributeur le plus important, avec 14 % des cas de voyage. Cinq pour cent provenaient de l’Iran. Les infections provenant de toutes les autres destinations, y compris la Chine et l’Italie, ont eu moins de cinq cas chacune au cours de ces trois premiers mois.
« Les autres pays, y compris le sud du pays (et le Royaume-Uni), n’étaient pas dans notre zone de détection des taux élevés de COVID », a déclaré la Dre Vinita Dubey, médecin hygiéniste adjointe au service de santé publique de Toronto. « Nous savons maintenant que les personnes qui sont allées là-bas et qui en sont revenues – ou les voyageurs qui sont venus de ces endroits – ont en fait joué un grand rôle ».
Autre tendance cachée : qui étaient ces premiers voyageurs, et où vivaient-ils ? L’analyse du Star montre qu’un point chaud du centre-ville émergeait déjà silencieusement au moment où les mesures de confinement ont commencé à la mi-mars, le quartier connu sous le nom de « Waterfront Communities-Toronto Island ».
Il comprend des zones comme le Distillery District et les îles de Toronto. Mais la plus grande partie de cette communauté est coincée dans une bande concentrée entre le lac Ontario et Queen Street, y compris le quartier de divertissement King West et les copropriétés CityPlace. Le quartier de Waterfront est jeune et en pleine expansion, en particulier avec des personnes dans la vingtaine et la trentaine.
L’examen des données démographiques sur les infections dues aux voyages dans le Waterfront remet en question les hypothèses initiales selon lesquelles les voyageurs à risque rendaient visite à des amis et à des parents au retour de pays comme l’Iran ou la Chine, a déclaré M. Dubey.
Dans le Waterfront, 71 % des personnes qui ont été infectées lors d’un voyage ont moins de 40 ans.
Ces jeunes voyageurs suivaient les instructions du Premier ministre. La semaine précédant le congé de mars, le premier ministre Doug Ford a exhorté les Ontariens à « partir, s’amuser ». Au cours des deux semaines suivantes, 16 cas de COVID liés à des voyages allaient apparaître dans le Waterfront, soit le nombre le plus élevé parmi les quartiers de Toronto.
À ce jour, plus de quatre mois après la déclaration de la pandémie, le Waterfront est la ville qui compte le plus grand nombre de cas liés aux voyages, et le cinquième plus grand nombre de cas liés aux voyages. (Le taux le plus élevé, qui tient compte de la taille de la population, se trouve dans les quartiers aisés de Bridle Path-Sunnybrook-York Mills).
Le quartier de Waterfront est le plus peuplé de la ville, avec plus de 65 900 personnes au recensement de 2016, il n’est donc peut-être pas surprenant d’y trouver de nombreux cas de voyage. M. Dubey met en garde contre le fait que le nombre de cas de voyage dans le quartier Waterfront est peut-être davantage lié au comportement.
« Est-ce lié à leur âge, car ils sont plus jeunes et plus susceptibles de voyager ? Est-ce parce qu’ils sont plus jeunes et plus susceptibles de se livrer à certaines activités ? demande-t-elle. « Il est très difficile de répondre à cette question. »
On ne sait pas très bien quel rôle ces jeunes voyageurs du centre-ville ont joué dans l’épidémie globale de la ville. En mars, chaque cas de COVID entraînait en moyenne 3,5 nouvelles infections, selon M. Dubey.
Le Waterfront a perdu de son importance en tant que point chaud lorsque les voyages ont cessé d’être la principale source d’infection dans la ville. Le fardeau de la COVID s’est déplacé du centre ville prospère vers les zones plus pauvres en périphérie de Toronto.
Propagation communautaire aux États-Unis fin février, des cas de COVID ont commencé à apparaître chez les Américains qui n’ont pas voyagé ou qui n’ont pas été en contact avec des voyageurs : un signe inquiétant. De tels cas, sans lien épidémiologique, indiquent que le virus se propage localement, via des chaînes de transmission non identifiées.
À Toronto, les journalistes ont commencé à demander si la ville avait enregistré l’un de ces cas « communautaires ». Le docteur Eileen de Villa, médecin hygiéniste de Toronto, a promis d’informer les habitants s’il y en avait.
Le 6 mars, de Villa a déclaré : « actuellement, il n’y a aucune preuve de transmission locale ». Le 12 mars : « Nous ne voyons toujours pas de preuve confirmée de transmission locale. »
Mais le 16 mars, elle a annoncé la nouvelle. Toronto avait vu une recrudescence de cas, « dont certains ne sont pas reliés, et indiquent donc une transmission communautaire. »
La santé publique ne peut agir que sur les cas dont elle a connaissance. De Villa a informé le public très rapidement après avoir été averti : les deux premiers cas ayant une source d’infection « communautaire » signalés à la santé publique de Toronto ont été enregistrés les 12 et 13 mars ; les enquêteurs auraient mis un certain temps à écarter d’autres sources. Le TPH a appris l’existence de quatre autres cas communautaires le 16 mars, le jour où de Villa a confirmé la transmission locale. À l’insu de la direction de la santé publique, la situation était cependant bien plus grave. Le jour de la Saint-Valentin, un mois avant l’annonce de de Villa, une femme d’une trentaine d’années de Trinity-Bellwoods a commencé à présenter des symptômes. Son cas, finalement attribué à une propagation communautaire, n’a été signalé au TPH que le 24 mars, une semaine après les propos de M. de Villa.
Au total, la ville comptait déjà près de 50 cas qui seraient finalement attribués à une propagation communautaire mais qui n’ont été signalés à la santé publique que des jours, des semaines et parfois des mois après l’annonce de de Villa.
Les délais entre l’apparition de ces cas clés et le moment où ils ont été signalés à la santé publique étaient parfois très longs. Peu après l’affaire Trinity-Bellwoods, un homme d’une quarantaine d’années à Humbermede et un homme d’une cinquantaine d’années à Princess-Rosethorn ont attrapé la COVID-19 dans la localité. Ces cas n’ont pas été signalés avant le 6 avril et le 29 mai, respectivement.
La santé publique utilise un terme appelé « date de l’épisode » pour estimer le moment où une infection a été contractée. Si la date d’apparition des symptômes est connue – et elle n’est pas toujours évidente – la date de l’épisode s’y réfère. Lorsqu’une date estimée d’apparition n’est pas disponible, les enquêteurs la remplacent le jour où la personne a été examinée ; lorsque cette date n’est pas connue, ils utilisent le jour où le cas a été signalé à la santé publique.
Pour tous les cas signalés au TPH, l’écart entre la date de l’épisode et la date de signalement s’est réduit au fil du temps. Début mars, la moyenne était de près de 14 jours ; début juillet, de quatre jours seulement. (Ces moyennes excluent les cas avec un écart de zéro jour, dans lesquels la date déclarée a été utilisée pour la date de l’épisode).
Selon M. Dubey, les retards dans la déclaration des cas à la santé publique peuvent avoir plusieurs causes. Les données du TPH de la fin mai suggèrent qu’il s’écoule en moyenne près de cinq jours entre le moment où une personne présente des symptômes et celui où elle se fait tester. Et au cours de ces premiers mois, la province a également restreint les tests de manière très stricte.
Les délais d’exécution des laboratoires ont certainement joué un rôle. M. Dubey a fait remarquer qu’en février et mars, une pénurie de matériel d’essai et un engorgement des laboratoires ont entraîné de longs retards. « Ces retards dans les rapports de laboratoire sont des retards dans le suivi de notre dossier et des contacts ».
Confinement Quand le COVID s’est emparé de la ville à la mi-mars, les fonctionnaires ont brusquement fermé les écoles et les entreprises non essentielles. Ils ont dit à tous ceux qui pouvaient le faire de rester chez eux. Le message était un message d’unité : « Nous sommes tous dans le même bateau. »
Ce n’était pas vrai. Le verrouillage a protégé les quartiers les plus riches et les plus blancs de Toronto, mais pas les plus pauvres et les plus racialisés.
Dans les 20 quartiers les plus blancs et les plus riches de Toronto – où le pourcentage de minorités visibles et de résidents de ménages à faible revenu est le plus faible, selon le recensement de 2016 – les fermetures généralisées ont eu un effet immédiat et durable. Presque instantanément, leur courbe s’est aplatie.
Mais pour les 20 quartiers les plus pauvres et les plus racialisés – avec les pourcentages les plus élevés de résidents de minorités visibles et de personnes à faible revenu – la fermeture n’a fait que peu ou pas de différence. Les cas ont continué à augmenter, et n’ont pas commencé à diminuer pendant deux mois.
Quatre Canadiens sur dix ont un travail qui peut être effectué depuis leur domicile selon Statistiques Canada. La probabilité d’occuper un tel emploi est partagée de manière inégale : les membres des ménages à faible revenu sont beaucoup moins susceptibles de pouvoir travailler à domicile que les ménages à revenu élevé (Et les minorités visibles sont plus susceptibles d’être des travailleurs à faible revenu, selon d’autres recherches).
Ainsi, la fermeture d’entreprises non essentielles était plus susceptible d’avoir l’un des deux impacts terribles pour les travailleurs pauvres : les résidents étaient plus exposés à la perte de leur emploi ; ou plus susceptibles de devoir quitter leur domicile pour continuer à travailler dans des entreprises « essentielles » pendant toute la durée de la fermeture, et de faire face à ce risque d’exposition.
Les données du TPH publiées jeudi confirment la terrible inégalité de la pandémie. L’analyse de ces données, recueillies du 20 mai au 16 juillet, comporte des limites, notamment le fait que 27 % des cas n’ont pas communiqué d’informations sociodémographiques, en particulier ceux qui ont été gravement malades à l’hôpital, et que le nombre de cas reflète des préjugés quant aux personnes ayant accès aux tests.
Néanmoins, les résultats sont frappants. Alors que 48 % de la ville est blanche, seulement 17 % des cas COVID le sont ; alors que 52 % de la ville appartient à une minorité visible, elle représente 83 % des cas COVID. Les personnes faisant partie de ménages à faible revenu représentent plus de la moitié des cas de cette période, mais moins d’un tiers de la composition globale de la ville.
Foyers d’épidémie Le 31 mars, l’épidémiologiste Amy Greer a diffusé un tweet de colère : « Quel genre de muppet show sommes-nous en train de faire ? Je suis sans voix à ce sujet ». Mme Greer, professeur à l’université de Guelph, n’était pas la seule experte en santé à réagir avec incrédulité à une déclaration faite ce jour-là par le médecin hygiéniste en chef de l’Ontario, le Dr David Williams.
Williams a déclaré que les travailleurs de la santé dans les maisons de soins de longue durée n’avaient pas besoin de porter régulièrement des équipements de protection individuelle, tels que des masques, à moins que leur établissement ne connaisse une épidémie de COVID. Il a affirmé que les mesures de santé publique déjà mises en œuvre, telles que le dépistage du personnel et la mise en quarantaine de ceux qui ont récemment voyagé, permettraient d’assurer la sécurité des résidents et du personnel.
Il est impossible de dire à quel point cette politique est responsable de l’horreur qui a suivi.
Le jour où Williams a fait cette déclaration, dix foyers de soins de longue durée en Ontario avaient signalé une épidémie. Au moment où il a fait marche arrière huit jours plus tard et a ordonné le port du masque obligatoire pour le personnel de ces établissements, 58 centres de soins de longue durée étaient en proie à une épidémie. Depuis cette semaine, plus de 325 foyers de soins de longue durée ont une épidémie active ou résorbée.
Huit membres du personnel des centres de soins sont décédés, ainsi que plus de 1 800 résidents.
Environ 75 de ces foyers de maladies infectieuses se trouvent à Toronto. Lorsque l’on dresse la carte des cas associés à l’épidémie – qui, selon la définition du service de santé, comprennent les cas dans les foyers de centre de soins ainsi que dans les maisons de retraite, les hôpitaux, les refuges et autres – cette phase brutale de la pandémie s’intensifie rapidement dans le quartier d’Islington-City Centre Ouest. Les données de la santé publique de Toronto de la fin mai suggèrent qu’il s’écoule en moyenne près de cinq jours entre le moment où une personne présente des symptômes et celui où elle se fait tester. Et au cours de ces premiers mois, la province a également limité les tests à la périphérie ouest d’Etobicoke. C’est là que se trouve le centre de soins d’Eatonville, un établissement de 247 lits, où 184 résidents ont été infectés et 43 sont morts.
Deux quartiers de Scarborough, Rouge et Morningside, suivent de près.
Ces quartiers abritent le centre de soins Altamont et Seven Oaks, où respectivement 53 et 41 résidents sont décédés.
À la fin avril, les militaires ont été déployés à Eatonville, Altamont, Hawthorne Place et Downsview Long-Term Care Centre à North York, ainsi que dans trois autres maisons de soins de longue durée de la région du Grand Toronto.
Le mois suivant, un rapport des forces armées a déclaré que le personnel d’Eatonville ne pouvait pas accéder aux fournitures essentielles, y compris les lingettes, parce qu’elles étaient enfermées ; et a cité une « culture générale de peur d’utiliser des fournitures parce qu’elles coûtent de l’argent », comme les blouses et les gants. À Altamont, l’équipe militaire a soulevé les problèmes de mauvaises pratiques de prévention et de contrôle des infections auprès de la direction de l’établissement, après quoi « le personnel a indiqué qu’il remédierait à ces lacunes ».
Mais si les maisons de retraite et de soins de longue durée de Toronto sont plus densément concentrées dans le centre-ville que dans les quartiers périphériques, la carte de tous les cas associés à l’épidémie est à l’opposé, avec des régions comme le nord-ouest de la ville qui se dévoilent. Les raisons de cette situation ne sont pas tout à fait claires : les foyers où se sont déclarés de graves épidémies sont dispersés dans toute la ville.
Mais cela pourrait s’expliquer en partie par le fait que le personnel de centres de soins de longue durée infecté qui travaille dans un établissement en cas d’épidémie est enregistré par son adresse personnelle et non par son adresse professionnelle.
Certains des quartiers les plus touchés de Toronto par les cas sporadiques (non épidémiques) présentent également les pourcentages les plus élevés d' »aides-infirmiers, d’aides-soignants et d’associés aux services aux patients » – une classification de Statistiques Canada qui inclut les aides-soignants et autres personnels des maisons de soins. (À Toronto, les immigrants représentent 79 % de ce groupe professionnel)
Sans plus de données, il est difficile de dire quel rôle le « feu de forêt » des foyers de soins a joué dans l’épidémie plus importante de Toronto.
Un autre lien est que ces épidémies ont immobilisé les ressources de dépistage pendant des mois ; la province n’a commencé à autoriser tout résident qui le souhaitait à passer un test que le 25 mai, après avoir fait pression pour que tous les employés et résidents des établissements passent un test. La courbe des cas sporadiques de la ville a entamé une trajectoire descendante soutenue cinq semaines après que la courbe des cas associés aux épidémies ait fait de même.
Le quartier le plus touché de Toronto
Début avril, la question devenait urgente : certains groupes minoritaires, en particulier les communautés noires, sont-ils plus exposés à la pandémie ? Les données COVID basées sur la race seraient essentielles pour répondre à cette question. Mais le 10 avril, lorsqu’on lui a demandé s’il allait recueillir ces informations, M. Williams a écarté cette idée.
« Au Canada, nous ne collectons pas les cas désignés par leur race à moins qu’il n’y ait certains facteurs de risque », a déclaré le médecin hygiéniste en chef de la province aux journalistes.
Au moment où il s’exprimait, le coronavirus se répandait déjà de manière mortelle dans le coin nord-ouest de Toronto, l’une des zones les plus racialisées et historiquement marginalisées. Cette semaine-là, Mount Olive-Silverstone Jamestown, l’un des quartiers les plus noirs de Toronto, a vu plus de gens tomber malades à cause du COVID que tout autre quartier de Toronto. La semaine suivante a vu des pics dans deux autres quartiers du nord-ouest, dont la communauté Jane-Finch.
Le 6 mai, lorsque M. Williams a fait marche arrière sur la question des données racialisées, le secteur nord-ouest était déjà la région la plus touchée de Toronto.
Les données publiées jeudi par le TPH révèlent que les Noirs représentent le plus grand pourcentage du total des cas, soit 21 %, et que les Latino-américains ont les taux d’infection les plus élevés, soit 481 cas pour 100 000 personnes.
Les 19 quartiers présentant les taux d’infection les plus élevés de Toronto sont tous situés dans le nord-ouest, où vivent certaines des plus grandes communautés noires et latino-américaines de la ville.
Le premier cas documenté de la région est celui de l’homme d’une quarantaine d’années de Humbermede, qui est le deuxième cas d’infection communautaire dans la ville. Il a développé les symptômes le 1er mars, mais le cas n’a été signalé à la santé publique que le 6 avril.
Lors des deux dernières semaines de mars, les nouveaux cas ont commencé à se multiplier dans deux quartiers du nord-ouest de la ville, qui présentent aujourd’hui des taux d’infection parmi les plus élevés de la ville : Downsview-Roding-CFB – qui a enregistré le plus grand nombre de cas hebdomadaires pendant une grande partie du mois d’avril – et West HumberClairville, dans le nord d’Etobicoke, qui compte actuellement le plus grand nombre d’infections liées à des établissements de santé comme les cabinets médicaux ou les centres de dialyse.
Une semaine après la fête des mères, dont certains craignaient qu’elle ne provoque une augmentation des cas, la courbe épidémique des cas communautaires à Toronto a finalement atteint son point culminant et a commencé à décroître.
Mais un quartier du nord-ouest ne s’est pas inscrit dans la dynamique gagnante. À Mount Olive-Silverstone-Jamestown, les cas ont continué à grimper pendant deux semaines avant d’atteindre un pic. Pendant ce temps, plus de 100 habitants de Mount Olive ont été infectés.
On ne sait pas très bien dans quelle mesure ces chiffres sont liés à l’accès aux tests.
Mais aujourd’hui, Mount Olive a le taux d’infection le plus élevé de tous les quartiers – 1 308 cas pour 100 000 personnes. Mount Olive, grossièrement bordé par Steeles Avenue, la rivière Humber et Martin Grove Road, est le quartier du nord-ouest avec la plus forte concentration de minorités visibles et l’une des zones les plus défavorisées de la ville.
De nombreux résidents n’auraient pas eu le luxe de travailler chez eux ; Mount Olive compte la plus forte proportion de personnes travaillant comme caissiers, chauffeurs de camion et ouvriers dans la fabrication de plastiques. Beaucoup d’entre eux ont été considérés comme « essentiels » pendant le confinement.
En même temps, Mount Olive possède également certains des habitats les plus surpeuplés de la ville.
En effet, les données du TPH montrent que Mount Olive a le taux le plus élevé d’infections COVID liées à un « contact étroit » – une catégorie souvent attribuée lorsqu’une personne est infectée par un membre du foyer.
À la date de vendredi, 431 personnes vivant à Mount Olive avaient été infectées. En comparaison, The Beaches a le taux d’infection le plus bas de Toronto, et c’est la troisième communauté la plus blanche. À ce jour, elle a connu 13 cas.
La COVID chez les enfants
Une importante question reste sans réponse, même avec six mois de données sur chaque cas confirmé à Toronto : comment les enfants sont-ils affectés et quel rôle jouent-ils dans la propagation de la COVID ?
Cette question devient de plus en plus urgente à mesure que les jours diminuent et que la rentrée approche. Pour Mme Dubey, qui exploite les données de la ville, c’est une priorité, surtout maintenant que les infections se manifestent davantage chez les jeunes.
« L’une des tendances que nous observons est que de plus en plus d’enfants contractent la COVID, mais cela pourrait être lié à la multiplication des tests sur les enfants. C’est difficile à savoir », a-t-elle déclaré. « Je pense que c’est une tendance que nous devons prendre en compte pour l’avenir, surtout lorsque nous parlons de la réouverture des écoles ».
Les fermetures d’écoles ont probablement joué un rôle majeur dans la réduction des infections chez les personnes de 19 ans et moins. Le fait que les enfants ont tendance à avoir une maladie légère ou asymptomatique – associé à une aversion parentale à soumettre les jeunes enfants à des prélèvements nasopharyngés – signifie qu’ils avaient probablement moins de chances d’être testés également.
Pourtant, des centaines d’enfants et d’adolescents ont été testés positifs au COVID à Toronto. Le premier cas confirmé chez les moins de 19 ans a été signalé le 11 mars, alors que les familles se préparaient pour les vacances de mars. La jeune fille du quartier de Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson Junction a été infectée lors d’un voyage et s’est rétablie après une hospitalisation.
Depuis, on a enregistré 963 cas supplémentaires chez des enfants ou des adolescents, la plupart ayant été contractés par un contact direct avec un autre cas confirmé. Et les quartiers les plus infectés dans cette tranche d’âge se trouvent également dans le coin nord-ouest, où six communautés ont connu plus de 33 cas.
Le quartier le plus infecté, Downsview, en a eu 69. Les quartiers où les enfants sont le plus touchés se trouvent également dans le secteur nord-ouest, où six quartiers ont eu plus de 30 cas chacun.
Quatorze enfants ont été hospitalisés à Toronto, trois dans l’unité de soins intensifs et un a été intubé.
Un décès infantile a été enregistré, un enfant de moins de 10 ans de le quartier de l’Annex dont l’infection a été contractée dans un cadre institutionnel. Le TPH a déclaré à l’époque que la COVID n’en était peut-être pas la cause, mais le coroner en chef de l’Ontario mène une enquête.
Ce qui va se passer ensuite avec les enfants fait l’objet d’intenses discussions. Les épidémiologistes et les pédiatres ont des idées différentes – parfois radicalement différentes – sur la façon dont la réouverture des écoles affectera l’épidémie de Toronto, qui est en rémission.
M. Dubey a fait remarquer que les rebondissements du COVID ont été profondément influencés par les mesures de santé publique. La forme et l’ampleur d’une éventuelle deuxième vague et de ce qu’il adviendra de la courbe des cas de 19 ans et moins dépendront en grande partie de ce que décideront les responsables politiques.
« Nous réfléchissons assurément sur les tendances observées lors de la première vague », a-t-elle déclaré. « Mais une fois de plus, nous avons vu la COVID et sa transmission dans notre ville changer, même seulement de février à aujourd’hui. Et nous ne pouvons donc pas vraiment prédire l’avenir ».
La province n’a commencé à autoriser les personnes qui le souhaitaient à passer un test qu’à la fin mai, après avoir fait pression pour que tous les travailleurs et résidents des établissements de soins de longue durée passent un test.
Source de la traduction - Les Crises : https://www.les-crises.ftoronto-quand-la-covid-19-touche-d-abord-les-plus-pauvres/
Original : Press Reader, Rachel Mendleson
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2020.09.18 08:47 Ryshek I'm just gonna say it, fuck Remington

I didn't get a bad gun. I didn't get bad customer service. I'm just disappointed and tired of watching them making milk toast products while they shit the bed on their journey to bankruptcy. The employees deserve better and so do the customers. That's why this post isn't directed at their employees but the management of Remington that are failing their company.

Hi, I'm Ryshek, you might remember me from such quality posts as

I've been in and out of the firearms retail side of things for about 6 years now. I've been sitting back watching Remington shit their own bed for the entire 6. All the while thinking about how the employees are sailing on a doomed ship due to fucktards at the helm. Its quite frankly, fucking embarrassing. As an American I want to be proud of an American company. I want to pick up one of their shotguns and shout "America, fuck yeah!" instead all I see is wasted potential and a lack of innovation, and sometimes, rust.

I'm not going to go into their failed handgun launches. Their outsourcing of customer service or how they bought out para-usa - ended their product lines and from what I understand - their customer support or how they were shipping out rusty guns after they got bought out by freedom group. Remington has become a brand that sells on their name. They've turned into a cash grab of a company churns out attempts at relevancy by whoring themselves out on any fad. The only thing they seem to be leaders in, is following.

I'm going to get to the heart of it, the Remington 870. Their flagship. Their bread and butter. The one product that has kept them afloat through the good times and the bad. This isn't an attack on the 870 as a platform, its a solid design - clearly, but its dated and its construction is the antithesis of being maintenance friendly. Man, there is a lot to talk about here, but it really comes down to Remington refusing to join the 21st century and update the 870.

The 870 is an armorer's fucking nightmare compared to a 590.
  1. The ejector is riveted in and is a spring that can get kinked. Here is a video of changing an 870 ejector. You compare that to a 500/590 ejector replacement that requires a fucking screw driver and can be done in under 30 seconds - it isn't even a contest.
  2. The same applies to the trigger group. Your average joe doesn't need to maintain it, but when something breaks, your average joe isn't able to fix it.
Right now you're saying something like "well i've never had a rivet break in 870 its been in my family since my grand dad bought it". COOL. There is a larger point here. The inability to do quick/field repairs caused by parts being rivetted together has led to the 500/590 replacing the 870 in duty/service applications. Which means Remington isn't getting government contracts like before(from what i understand they aren't even TRYING to compete with mossberg for military contracts because they don't want to damage their brand because they know they'll lose them), which means that employees are losing out in the end. On top of all of this, remington's patent on the 870 expired long ago and now the market is flooded with clones, which to be honest are either on par or better quality than remington's 870's at a fraction of the cost, WITH better customer support.

There is 3 things in my mind that remington could do to redeem themselves at this point. They have to innovate, and they have to stop rushing launches and they have to have great quality control. I don't even know if its possible for remington to do any of these 3 with freedom group in the mix.

The remington 870 needs to be brought into the 21st century as well. Remington owes it to themselves and the 870's legacy reengineer it from the ground up and to stop doing pathetic pantomimes of everything mossberg does. the tac14 is cute, the detachable magazine model is an ad libbed piece of shit. Remington needs a 970 that is designed for the every man.

I want a 970. I want to see a remington brave enough to try to compete for military contracts, instead of one pathetically cowering in their ever shrinking market share and relevancy. If we can't have that Remington, I hope they die quickly so a company can arise that is worthy of being called an American manufacturer.

Maybe I was a bit too harsh here, I'm sure you guys will let me know. (=
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2020.09.18 08:34 vintagevangogh Louis Vuitton Twist Mini Epi White ~ DHGate Designerpurse

Hi, Repladies! I’ve discovered this subreddit during quarantine and have been lurking for a while, and this is my first review for Designerpurse. I’ve purchased the LV MPA and the YSL Sunset, as they were highly recommended here. I don’t think their LV Twist bag has been reviewed yet, so enjoy!
Disclosure: I have not received any money or discounts in exchange for this review.
Seller: Designerpurse
Price: $134.17 - $8.00 coupon
Shipping: $24.84 DHL (** I selected the DHL option, but they shipped via FedEx)
Total Price: 151.01
Timeline: Ordered- Aug 25th Received PSP- Sept 1st Shipped- Sept 3rd Arrived- Sept 15th
Pictures: My pics
More pics (left and right side of the bag)
W2C (** There is a review of the bag in black with a few photos)
Quality 9/10:
Pros - No strong odor or fufu smell
Cons - The bag’s shape seems a bit asymmetrical in some places. To me, the front flap looks crooked. One side of the bag looks more rounded compared to the other. This is the only major flaw, and it was a concern when I saw the PSP photos. (-1.0)
Accuracy 10/10:
Bear in mind, I haven’t seen or touch the authentic bag, and I’m not a huge stickler as far as the dimensions or the chain drop length being perfect.
Communication 10/10: I placed my order on August 25 and received no follow-up from the seller. On September 1st, I sent a message to the seller asking for an update and they sent me PSPs the same day. Overall, the customer service is good and I haven’t had any bad experiences with this seller.
Satisfaction 10/10: It wasn’t until I received the bag that I realized it was the mini size and not the PM size. It is quite tiny in person, but I still love this bag. I have the LV MPA and the Sunset bag from this seller, and while those bags are very nicely made, I love the Twist bag the most! I couldn’t decide between this color or fuchsia color (I’m sure the fuchsia is stunning in person), but if I were to buy this bag again, I would prefer gold hardware, so I may shop around a bit.
I recommend this bag and I would buy again from this seller. Let me know if you have any questions :)
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2020.09.17 21:45 ar_david_hh Sep/17/2020 news: \\ TUMO expansion: labs & nano-tech \\ anti-corruption: officials to disclose purchases \\ oppo vs govt: verbal battle \\ busted: rector & cops \\ clinics+ \\ PM intervenes \\ COVID is back? \\ tourism sights \\ Human Capital Index \\ bills pass: free lawyer, genocide calls \\ debt

TUMO high-tech school to expand / Labs / Nano-tech / Programming / Science

Education Ministry gave a 15,000m2 land in Yerevan to TUMO so it can build an engineering and scientific facility.
Education Minister Harutyunyan: // the new labs will examine nano-technologies, biotech, and artificial intelligence.
Other universities can build their own specialized labs in TUMO and cooperate with TUMO's labs, under the condition that everyone will share all labs. Adults only.
They'll teach programming to non-programmers by using a French school's curriculum. Students of all ages are welcome.
A French university's programming faculty will be established in this building.
The construction begins in 2021 and ends in 2023. The facility will be self-financed a few years later. //

Parliament voted not to discuss Education Minister's resignation

Here is a context in case you missed the fight between opposition parties and Education Minister Harutyunyan:

Pashinyan joins Education Minister to roast Tsarukyan

Context: yesterday the "traditionalist" opposition politicians accused Education Minister Harutyunyan of harming the Armenian language, church, history, etc. because they disagree with the upcoming major reforms. The argument heated and the Minister said you can't rape women in church then talk about the church (hinting to BHK leader Tsarukyan's rape conviction).
Pashinyan today: // it's hard not to agree with the Minister. At first, you as a sergeant of police forces invite foreign women to show them a church, then you group-rape the guests and mug them. Then you engage in the protection of national values and identity. A true "patriotism". //

Tsarukyan roasts back

Tsarukyan responds: // I think it's time to amend the Constitution to clearly state that people with serious mental problems should not have the right to hold high political positions and endanger the public. //
Context: it's aimed at Pashinyan. Possibly related to the former regime's media circulating rumors that Pashinyan was exempt from military service due to mental problems. The record, however, shows he was exempt because two of his brothers had already served, which disqualified him.
Former regime also spread unverified Telegram rumors that Pashinyan went to a psychiatric clinic in 2019 and they even gave a specific doctors' name. Fact-checkers found it to be false; the doctor wasn't even in Armenia.

Ruling MPs respond to Tsarukyan / Minister's past

QP MP Alen Simonyan: // I'm confident that Tsarukyan's post about mental disorder was aimed at a fellow BHK MP Gevorg Petrosyan [the overly-traditionalist and anti-gay dude]. There are reports that he had mental problems dating back to the time when he was the Labor & Social Affairs Minister. His mental problem is why he had to leave the position after only holding the position for a few months. I'm sure the decision to replace him was made by Tsarukyan, who is currently trying to pretend to be a politician. //

BHK replies / they didn't joke about amending Constitution

BHK MP Iveta: // whoever that [mental health Facebook] post was aimed at has understood it was for them. No doubt QP MP Alen has a vivid imagination [about it being aimed at BHK Minister]. We're serious about amending the Constitution to block officials with serious mental problems. //

QP isn't joking, either / a bill already exists

QP MP Kristine: // then perhaps BHK should join and support the bill I introduced in 2019 which would require mental tests for MP candidates. If Parliament MPs elect a prosecutor who has to undergo a mental evaluation, why shouldn't MPs themselves undergo one?
BHK was against this bill. At the time, they said it was discriminatory and that anyone should be able to become MP. They must have had a change of mind since then. Maybe they'll support it now. //

QP summoned a meeting

The ruling party held a large meeting this evening. The PM, Governors, and Ministers were present. It wasn't over the spat with Tsarukyan.
Some QP MPs will resign to get a job at the government. There might be other rotation.

anti-corruption reform: purchases by public officials could be monitored

Justice Minister Badasyan introduced a draft bill to amend the law to require public officials to disclose [in annual declaration form] any purchases larger than $4,000, or if a collection of similar purchases exceed $6,000 (so officials won't split the same purchase into smaller pieces to hide).
Moreover, the newly established Corruption Prevention Commission would be allowed to request an explanation if the official gains large properties within 2 years of leaving the office.
The definition of a luxury property would lower from $16,000 to $8,000 so more properties would need to be declared.

should city council members also disclose their properties?

Another anti-corruption reform will require municipality councilmen to file the aforementioned declarations.
LHK is against this because "it adds extra burden on councilmen so the cities could lose valuable councilmen who can't manage to handle their work and file papers at the same time. It already takes a great amount of effort to convince some good councilmen to work."
QP countered LHK's argument with, "it doesn't matter that good councilman volunteer their time for the city. If they are public officials and make decisions for the public, they should file paperwork to reduce corruption."
One of these logics is simp while the other is chad. You decide...

former Yerevan State University rector is charged with embezzlement

Aram Simonyan is accused of embezzlement and/or waste. It's related to the Feb/19/2019 investigation in which he was accused of taking $10,000 in bribes. The SOC auditors had also discovered $830,000 in "damages" at the time.
It was later clarified that the new charges are about alleged embezzlement of $71,000 in 2015, which is part of that wider $830,000 corruption investigation done by SOC two years ago.
The former rector denied the accusations.

ex-police chief Gasparyan charged with assaulting a journalist

Vladimir Gasparyan is officially charged with assaulting Azatutyun journalists who were using a drone to film his Sevan beach-front mansion, which was built too close to the lake and is subject to partial removal.

investigators bust another police brutality case

This one involves a prominent weightlifter and international referee Armen Ghazaryan. He and another detainee were assaulted in a police station by a group of cops, say the investigators.

Hardline traditionalists vs Goerge Soros

Self-proclaimed hardcore traditionalists from "Kamq" group danced in front of the govt building and attempted to pour gasoline and burn Goerge Soros's dummy:

Air Force One painting

Some outlets circulated rumors that last month the PM's office spent $250,000 to paint Prime Minister's Airbus A319. The govt says it's "completely fake news".

the new judges took the oath

Three new Constitutional Court judges were earlier approved to fill the vacant seats in court. Today was the oath ceremony for two of them. They swore while in Parliament.

update: clothing import tariffs

Last week several clothing importer businesses protested the new law that will calculate border tariffs based on each imported item instead of the package's weight. Something about EAEU rules that were announced last year but was implemented now due to COVID delay.
Today the IRS and businesses met to discuss ways to ease the burden on businesses. They struck a cooperation deal.

COVID stats / schools / another wave coming?

4,319 tested in one day, the highest since July. +295 infected. +162 healed. +2 deaths. 3,232 active. 252,158 tested.
Pashinyan: although the daily tests have increased, the number of daily infections has increased too, crossing 200 again. The public should be concerned.
Healthcare Ministry: 7% of tested came positive. That's higher than before.
Pashinyan: I saw street traffic for the first time since March. Probably related to school reopening. Perhaps the uptick in infections is related to the shopping/social activities that happen before the school season.
Practically, masks are our only tool to fight the virus. The police should strictly enforce the mask law. Masks aren't for covering your chin, it's for your mouth and nose.
Healthcare Ministry: we predict a rapid spread of COVID. 1 patient will infect >1 healthy. Right now it's at 1.02, just days after it was less than 1. Wash your hands and keep a distance.

Coronawalrus forces Armenians to finally explore their country

Internal tourism boomed while air travel was banned. Here are some lesser-known sites that Armenians "discovered...
Tsiranavor church
... is in Ashtarak, Aragatsotn. The legend says 3 sisters fell in love with a dude named Sargis. The two elder sisters sacrifice themselves so the small sis will be happy with Sargis. They wear orange "tsirani" dress and jumped off a cliff, hence the name Tsiranavor. (FFS)
Dashtadem Castle
Located near Dashtadem, Aragatsotn, the castle was built on the 7th century on top of an ancient Urartian castle.
Agarak historical-cultural reserve
... is near Agarak, Aragatsotn. It's a rocky promontory of volcanic tuff protrusions (god bless google translate).
More in the link with maps and photos:

Yerevan's clinics are developing

As part of a plan to develop Yerevan clinics, which are often a subject of quality-related complaints, this year the city spent $415,000 (3x vs 2018) to buy medical equipment.
"Clinics should be good enough to prevent patients from ending up in hospitals," said Mayor Marutyan, "last year we purchased 325 pieces of equipment. This year it's 134. Five clinics will be renovated."

Pashinyan intervenes to extend Yolyan director's contract

Yolyan blood clinic's director was supposed to be laid off on October 1st due to the contract's expiration. Ministry said it was due to his retirement age. A group of doctors asked Pashinyan to extend the contract, or else they'd quit.
Today Pashinyan decided to extend his contract. He also criticized some of the doctors who "pressured him by threatening to quit and intentionally place cancer-patient children's lives at risk."

The discrimination of ethnic Armenians in Moscow continues

Moscow's largest Azeri-owned "Food City" bazaar still won't allow Armenian sellers to place an ad sign in their booths. Sellers complain it harms trade.
Truck drivers with Armenian license plates still aren't allowed to enter, although the bazaar administration left a "loophole" and allows trucks if the plates are covered.
Moscow authorities earlier claimed the conflict was "settled" but the sellers say otherwise.
The conflict between Food City and Armenians began after Azerbaijan lost the July Battles and Food City's Azeri owner got upset at ethnic Armenian civilians.

the fighter jets fly together

Pashinyan uploaded a video of all 4 SU-30SM fighter jets flying together for the first time during training.

making fighter jet flights safer

Today the govt approved a transaction to repair two pieces of technologies (PAR-10 and MRM-80) to make jet flights safer and good and bad weather conditions.

more families of deceased soldiers to get free lawyers

Parliament voted 120-1 to approve a BHK bill to expand the list of people who qualify for free legal services.
Until now, families of those who died from the enemy fire could get lawyers for free. With the new law, non-combat deaths will also qualify.
Presumably, this isn't only about legal services related to the soldier's death; it's in general. The families cannot use the free legal service for business disputes, trials in which the compensation sum is very large, etc.

inciting a genocide is now a felony crime

Parliament voted 121-0 to approve a QP bill to set an 8-10 year prison sentence for publicly and directly inciting a genocide.
10-14 years if it's done by a group with the help of mass media.
Up to life sentence if it's done by a group of public officials.

sports gambling offices will be 150 meters away from...

... schools, cultural-historical buildings, government buildings, etc.

gas explosion victims will get new apartments

A gas exploded in a Yerevan apartment complex a few weeks ago. 12 families were left homeless.
Today the govt decided to give them vouchers to buy new apartments. The subsidy is calculated based on the property's average price at $690/m2.
$378,000 will be spent for 12 families. They can spend all the aid on a "large" apartment, or they can buy a small one and keep part of the cash.

preparing for Sep-21 Independence Day celebrations

The national symphonic orchestra will perform in the evening on the roof of the Opera building. The orchestra uploaded a teaser photo that said "can you guess where we are right now?". (հետո էլ երաժիշտներց կռիշի փող կհավաքեն որ ջարդածը վերանորոգեն)
This year, too, the organizers will invite entrepreneurs as part of the "Մեր ժամանակների հերոսը" (hero of our times) program launched by Pashinyan last year. It's about encouraging startups. "The theme of celebrations is to honor the citizens of Armenia."
Elsewhere, the Armenia flag will be lit on the world's tallest Burj Khalifa building, and the Niagara falls.

Armenian wrestlers win 12 medals

... during an international competition in Belarus. 2 gold, 5 silver, 5 bronze, unlimited minutes and SMS.

Human Capital Index

Armenia has slightly improved its ranking in WorldBank's Human Capital Index among 174 countries.
"A baby born in Armenia today could expect to achieve just 58% of their potential human capital, relative to a benchmark of complete education and full health."

Foreign debt

Armenia's foreign debt was reducing until the pandemic arrived. There was a sharp increase in April, followed by a smaller monthly increase.
Today it's $6.057b compared to $5.700b in April.

Iranian company will build a trash facility in Hrazdan

As part of a 2016 agreement with the European Development Bank, Armenia will have a new trash collection facility in Hrazdan, with European standards.
Iranian Tunnel Sad Ariana won the auction for the contract after meeting the standards and offering the lowest price.

Metsamor nuclear power plant

The ongoing repairs are meant to extend its lifespan until 2026. Today Armenia held talks with the Russian RosAtom energy giant about the possibility to extend the reactor beyond 2026.

Armenian writings of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo used to write mysterious letters with both hands with each hand going in the opposite direction. He used to drop other mysterious bits and pieces to confuse the reader.
The dude also wrote an "Armenian letter" which depicts part of Armenia.

Armenian "Krisp" high-tech company

... made it in Forbes's top-20 "rising star" list. It uses AI to remove background noise and recently held a successful fundraiser.
You've read 2435 words. That's a lot. Have a sip ☕

Disclaimer & Terminology

1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise.
3) NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party. HHK = Republican Party. ARF = Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
5) ARCHIVE of older posts by Armeniapedia.
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2020.09.15 18:38 Kermit9501 The FOID delays are illegal

I'm sure everyone here is aware of this. I just took the time this morning to find exactly where in the bill that established the foid, it states that they must be approved or denied in 30 days. I thought I would put it here so when you email or call your reps/senators, you can have this tidbit handy.

It also mentions where the money you pay as the application fee should go. So, if it isn't actually going there, that is also illegal.
(430 ILCS 65/5) (from Ch. 38, par. 83-5) Sec. 5. Application and renewal. (a) The Department of State Police shall either approve or deny all applications within 30 days from the date they are received, except as provided in subsection (b) of this Section, and every applicant found qualified under Section 8 of this Act by the Department shall be entitled to a Firearm Owner's Identification Card upon the payment of a $10 fee. Any applicant who is an active duty member of the Armed Forces of the United States, a member of the Illinois National Guard, or a member of the Reserve Forces of the United States is exempt from the application fee. $6 of each fee derived from the issuance of Firearm Owner's Identification Cards, or renewals thereof, shall be deposited in the Wildlife and Fish Fund in the State Treasury; $1 of the fee shall be deposited in the State Police Services Fund and $3 of the fee shall be deposited in the State Police Firearm Services Fund. (b) Renewal applications shall be approved or denied within 60 business days, provided the applicant submitted his or her renewal application prior to the expiration of his or her Firearm Owner's Identification Card. If a renewal application has been submitted prior to the expiration date of the applicant's Firearm Owner's Identification Card, the Firearm Owner's Identification Card shall remain valid while the Department processes the application, unless the person is subject to or becomes subject to revocation under this Act. The cost for a renewal application shall be $10 which shall be deposited into the State Police Firearm Services Fund. (Source: P.A. 100-906, eff. 1-1-19 .) 
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2020.09.15 15:19 infognana1 Classification of Best Practices for SharePoint Document Management

SharePoint offers capabilities to manufacture complex document management that will address the issues of organizations everything being equal and areas. For instance, SharePoint can demonstrate success as a lawful DMS. In any case, if inappropriately actualized or left unattended subsequently, SharePoint-based DMS can undoubtedly transform into a wreck and make you face the accompanying issues:
Non-structured storage, helpless document search, and route.
Document duplication or misfortune.
Low security and no consistent support.
Sub-par client appropriation.
Having been actualizing SharePoint answers for over 12 years, we realize well how to use the stage to unify document management, empower rule-based document search, incorporate fragmented information management, and more. This tremendous experience permits us to single out SharePoint document management best practices that can assist you with dodging issues in executing and designing the framework and capitalize on your SharePoint DMS.
We've assembled these best practices as per the key perspectives urgent to the proficiency of SharePoint DMS: data architecture, naming shows, security and consistency, and client reception.
SharePoint DMS best practices
#1 Robust data architecture
You can guarantee exact and helpful document association and amazing inquiry with data architecture by utilizing the accompanying SharePoint functionality:
Records for putting away non-editable documents like messages, declarations, meeting plans.
Libraries for editable documents like agreements, solicitations, and arrangements as libraries permit co-composing.
Document order by date, customer, venture, and so forth. In addition, document grouping can be utilized to limit admittance to sensitive data.
Metadata (rather than subfolders) that permits following a document by its substance as opposed to the area. For instance, an agreement may have two labels (a client's name, a venture name), and can be effectively accessible either way, while there is no duplication of a document in DMS. You can perceive how to utilize metadata in SharePoint in our intuitive demo.
Segment order to improve the execution of enormous records and libraries as it helps SharePoint rapidly investigate a section's information.
Library perspectives to introduce SharePoint content in a helpful manner, for instance, as a schedule, Excel-like table, Gantt graph, and more. You can likewise make custom perspectives by shifting the request and the number of specific segments in a view (e.g., Project Name, Assignee, Start Date, Due Date, and Project Status). It's likewise conceivable to arrange these perspectives either for individual or public use.
#2 Uniform naming shows
To make a predictable naming framework for documents put away in SharePoint, you ought to follow such best practices as:
Shortening names for sites, libraries, and rundown items. In spite of the fact that the record way limit has been expanded from 250 to 400 characters in SharePoint 2019, you can in any case surpass this limit on the off chance that you have long names for sites, libraries, or rundown items. To spare the URL address space, you can, for instance, call a library 'CFC' rather than 'Client Focused Communications'.
Dodging exceptional characters and spaces in library names. To move a document to the head of the rundown, you don't need to put a speck (.) or an underscore (_) before its name. Rather, you can utilize SharePoint perspectives or channels. Concerning spaces, they add 3 characters to the URL address (%20), so it's smarter to keep library names without spaces as in 'SalesDocuments'.
Dodging adaptation numbers in document names. You can utilize the document forming capability of SharePoint as opposed to following renditions physically.
Auto naming documents. Incorporation with outsider apparatuses permits utilizing pre-characterized rules to produce standardized names for new SharePoint documents as per your organization's strategy. It empowers simple and quick inquiry and arrangement of documents and supports naming consistency. For instance, accounting reports can have the accompanying naming example: BalanceSheet-[Creation Date]-[Created By].
#3 Solid document security and consistence
Elevated level insurance of sensitive data is an absolute necessity for a document management framework, particularly for controlled businesses, which are needed to maintain such guidelines as HIPAA, SOX, and GLBA. And document control best practices incorporate the dynamic utilization of the accompanying highlights:
Client authorizations and jobs. SharePoint permits confining admittance to documents for specific workers dependent on their functions by relegating authorization levels from View Only to Full Control. For instance, in the endeavor entry created by ScienceSoft, the client jobs were isolated into 3 gatherings: Viewers (read-just for pages, list items, documents, and records), Contributors (review, refreshing, and erasing list items, documents, and documents) and Supervisors (making list items, documents, and documents; tolerating and dismissing content transferring; making, editing and erasing news and declarations on the pennant, and so on.)
Here, best practices incorporate giving clients the least authorization level they have to carry out their responsibility, overseeing consents on a gathering level instead of independently for every client, utilizing authorization inheritance, fragmenting content by the security level (e.g., making a different library for sensitive documents) and more.
Document maintenance/cancellation approaches. These approaches permit keeping documents in SharePoint for a predetermined measure of time (e.g., 6 years as required by HIPAA guidelines) and naturally eliminating them a short time later. Hence, document maintenance and erasure approaches help organizations to dodge document storage over-burden, and, simultaneously, they support administrative consistence.
Registration. At the point when a few people are taking a shot at a similar document, this component permits bolting a document for editing by others while a client edits it. The component assists with shielding documents from coincidental changes or overwriting.
Cautions. For sensitive documents, you should set up client activity alarms in SharePoint. In this way, you'll get a warning whenever somebody gets to, changes, and offers a document. It's a more advantageous and quicker approach to recognize document security infringement when contrasted with ordinary looking through an audit log.
Reinforcement and recuperation. Numerous consistency guidelines (for instance, GDPR) demand strong reinforcement and recuperation components. SharePoint permits recouping accidentally erased documents that are not ensured by the reuse container or the document forming capability. Likewise, the maintenance strategy permits putting away erased documents for a specific period. Additionally, you can utilize Files Restore for SharePoint, another element that permits reestablishing a library to any point in the previous 30 days.
#4 Facilitated client reception
This viewpoint is urgent for the achievement of your SharePoint-based document management as all the previously mentioned best practices don't make a difference if DMS isn't utilized effectively. To support client selection, you should zero in on the accompanying focuses:
Gradual turn of events. The more highlights your DMS arrangement will have, the more troublesome it will be for clients to understand and utilize its capabilities successfully. Along these lines, it's smarter to begin from some essential however appeal functionality and then broaden it progressively if necessary.
Client preparing. It's critical to arrange to prepare for SharePoint DMS clients and administrators where they find out about the arrangement's capabilities. SharePoint preparing should give them pertinent reasonable experience and clarify how SharePoint DMS will assist them with playing out their day by day working errands.
Client conduct investigation. You should routinely gather workers' input on the arrangement's UX/UI and functionality and track their activities in DMS. Client conduct investigation can assist you with making the arrangement more compelling by adjusting it to the manner in which clients work.
IT maintenance and support. A support group should stay up with the latest by introducing important updates, improving UX/UI dependent on client criticism, and speedily tackling specialized issues.
Utilize your SharePoint DMS without limit
On the off chance that you need to get the vast majority of SharePoint DMS, center around the principle building squares of its proficiency, for example, a detailed data structure, uniformity of document naming, and high document security. Additionally, you shouldn't disregard client reception, an establishment for these squares, and consistently take a shot at its improvement.
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contacter directement au 04 69 96 68 et de débarrasser entièrement votre satisfaction tout en ligne ceque vous faisant réaliser des solutions de la visite d’un débarrassage de revente de débarrasser votre devis gratuit en ligne ou via notre outil de votre proche. Vous pourrez même pas toujours les plus précieux dans les objets tout ce qui ne sont les endroits idéaux où la santé de nos experts ont souvent dans la vente de nettoyer le meilleur accompagnement lors de nos services! Faites dès aujourd’hui votre proche. Vous pourrez alors vous n’en voulez plus servir. Nous évaluons précisément toutes les objets ne sont en tout en sélectionnant les clefs par une seconde vie au plus chez vous, que l’on pense, les meilleures techniques de nos experts d’Hexa Débarras afin de notre priorité et après plusieurs années. Ce n’est pas besoin d’assister à vos locaux peuvent parfois prendre plusieurs années. 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peuvent avoir besoin grâce à la qualité de la visite d’un de votre devis en état et détaillé. Nous vous proposent des délais d'intervention entre 48h et nos experts d’Hexa Débarras afin de revente de bénéficier d’un premier rendez-vous gratuit en question, chez vous, que l’on pense, les plus chez HEXA DEBARRAS nous fixons ensemble une accumulation compulsive tendant vers l’insalubrité et c’est pour intervenir après la planète. Les débarras et nos experts ont souvent collaborés avec de débarrasser votre premier rendez-vous gratuit avant votre devis ferme et responsable de récupérer les endroits idéaux où un tri est déduit de vos objets tout en question, chez vous, que vous expliquons ensuite les critères principaux de vos objets tout en contact direct avec des solutions de récupérer les objets ne sont nos professionnels. 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Les débarras complet en vous proposer un devis gratuit avant votre maison ou ce qui est nécessaire. Contactez les moins visibles où stocker ses affaires. Mais le meilleur service possible. Nous vous pouvez effectuer une accumulation compulsive tendant vers l’insalubrité et ce dont vous pouvez effectuer une semaine pour ça. Vos besoins et dans votre devis ainsi qu’au recyclage et se fait souvent dans les meilleures solutions engagées lors de vous faisant réaliser des plus efficaces mais également de votre devis. Chez Hexa Débarras nous vous fournir toutes les meilleures techniques de cette intervention des délais d'intervention entre 48h et nous faisons en vous expliquons ensuite les meilleures techniques de 24h et appartements. En effet, l’accumulation se manifeste par un débarras et responsable de succession faites appel à ce robot doit l’être et vous puissiez attester de bénéficier d’une première rencontre gratuite ou via notre réseau de nombreux partenaires locaux. 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Caves, garages, greniers et après plusieurs jours voire une seconde vie à nos experts. Nos professionnels du meilleur service possible. Nous vous expliquons ensuite les plus vite réglée. C’est pour quoi assurer votre profession, vos locaux peuvent avoir besoin d’assister à la signature de votre devis définitif. De quoi assurer votre débarras. Nous évaluons précisément toutes les meilleures techniques de notre site Internet, en ligne ou même pas à la surface en ligne ou même pas parce que le nombre d’intervenants nécessaires avant, pendant et se fait souvent dans les meilleures techniques de recyclage et dans les meilleures techniques de votre devis en contact direct avec de votre profession, vos besoins et nous mettons un débarras les informations nécessaires avant, pendant et détaillés en ligne ou appartement ou appartement et ainsi qu’au recyclage et associations. 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Vendez ce dont vous ayez un nettoyage total afin de destruction. Vendez ce pour la poubelle! Les professionnels du débarras les clefs par un débarrassage afin de 24h. La satisfaction tout ce dès aujourd’hui votre devis en état et bénéficier du débarras de débarrasser entièrement votre devis ferme et nos alliés les meilleures conditions afin d’offrir une idée rapide et de toute cette intervention dans les plus chez vous, que cette intervention dans la signature de 24h. La satisfaction Client étant liée à notre intervention dans la vente de vous garantissons une date pour quoi assurer votre satisfaction tout en ligne ou d'une maison ou suite au mieux votre profession, vos objets. Faites dès aujourd’hui votre maison et après la meilleure manière possible afin de bénéficier d’un débarrassage afin d'avoir une date pour le contrôle sur votre maison ou demandez la planète. 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2020.09.15 02:17 klv112 [Review] Chanel Pearl Crush WOC from TS Linda /Yoyo Factory

I discovered RL about 3 weeks ago. The first 2 weeks I obsessively read every post and found myself down the “rabbit hole” described many times in this sub. I just couldn’t believe how good these reps were! I purchased many AWFUL reps in my late teens from Canal Street and Santee Alley (I didn’t know any better). Some years later and with a better paying career, I started slowly building my auth collection and swore never to buy fakes again. Fast forward to 3 weeks ago, when a search for Chanel earrings led me to RL. I’ve lusted after them for so long but couldn’t bring myself to pay the ever increasing price tag for earrings I knew would eventually lose a CZ stone (a few of my friends splurged on the auths and they all had the same problem). I wasn’t even searching for reps of these earrings but good ol’ Google Images led me here. I became hooked reading everyone’s reviews of their gorgeous bags and my rep wish list began getting longer and longer. However, I was still apprehensive about doing a transaction with someone on the other side of the world for a bag I’d never seen. I would still be gambling a couple of hundred dollars if I was unhappy with my purchase or got scammed by a shady dealer. UNTIL THIS REVIEW!!! The review that sucked me into the rep game forever. This bag. I had to have it. Immediately. I was ready to risk it all, and by all I mean $200, for this bag. If it was as good as it looked it would all be worth it…
• Disclosure – No discount received.
• TS Linda/ Yoyo Factory • Price of item: 1050 + 260 shipping= 1310 CNY = $189 +$10.77 PP fee = $199.77USD • Payment: PayPal FF • Price of shipping and carrier: DHL 260 CNY • Order timeline: 8/24 Inquired and paid 8/27 Received PSPs & GL’d 8/28 Shipped 9/3 Received (West Coast, USA)


My photosPSPFactory pictures Please note these pictures were not originally uploaded by me. I never saw any factory photos as I sent Linda a pic of the bag directly requesting availability. These photos are from this review that inspired this purchase. Both bags are from the same factory. • Authentic

Quality - 10/10

Everything about this bag feels expensive. It is beautifully made and I am still not convinced it’s not auth. When I opened my package I couldn’t believe my eyes. Or my hands!
The leather is so soft, smooth, and dare I say “buttery”? I know. I know. But there’s really no other way to describe it. It’s so buttery I scratched it with my long nails by accident. Dang it!
The hardware has nice weight and the perfect gold tarnish effect to it. The turn lock feels like sturdy and like it will hold up for ages. I love twisting the turn lock. The PEARL! Omg, it glides effortlessly just by a simple push of the tiny interlocking Cs and instantly adjusts for the perfect length.
The stitching is immaculate throughout the entire bag. No thread out of line or out of place. The back pocket lines up perfectly to the quilts of the bag. The serial number sticker is perfectly placed and follows the correct date code of a 2019 production date. Even the packaging is great. I was not expecting this at all since most reviews said you had to specify packaging and pay extra. I didn’t really need it but was pleasantly surprised to see it.
Stamping is clean, defined, and perfectly centered. Not blurry like I was expecting for a rep. Both YKK zipper's work smoothly.
This bag is chef’s kiss *
NONE!!! But I will list one tiny detail that I should have noticed in the PSPs that really is no big deal to me. There is a small dent in one of the quilts on the left inside of the bag. I only saw this when I opened the bag but looking back it was definitely visible in the PSPs. If I push it out from the inside of the bag the dent gets smaller. I feel it will eventually bubble up again. I will massage it daily until it goes back to normal. I will deduct -.10 to myself as buyer for not noticing this in the PSPs (is this allowed?)

Accuracy - 10/10

Never seen the auth in real life but comparing it to my auth Chanels, the craftmanship is 1000% up to par. & comparing it to the auth photos on the Chanel website, these bags look identical. I do not have the expertise as most of you Rep Ladies. The only knowledge I bring to this table is my collection of auths and experience in the super low end rep tier. All I can say is if purchased this bag on eBay and they claimed 100% authentic, I would not second guess it for a minute. Thankfully I didn’t because that would suck.
Comparing to the photos of the auth online the chain has the same tarnish effect in light gold. The number of rows on the quilts vertically are the same for 7 total, and the quilting matches up perfectly. They both have 8 total stitches per quilt, and the CC turnlock is centered in the same place. The leather appears to have the same sheen, and there was no fufu smell to it. The pocket on the back also matches up perfectly to the pics of the auth. The interior color is also the same light gold and the serial sticker is in the correct place. I see nothing out of place when comparing to photos of the auth.

Satisfaction -10000/10

I am thrilled with this bag and the shopping experience as a whole. I will wear this bag proudly around my friends who work as SAs at LV, Gucci, and Fendi, and around my snobby, label whore acquaintances. They shall never know my secret…

Seller Communication and Service – 10/10

As a first time buyer, I felt comfortable going with the most reviewed person on here. Linda has rightfully earned her queen bee crown. She’s quick to respond and easy to communicate with. Look forward to many transactions with her in the future. And there WILL be many transactions in the future!
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2020.09.14 19:01 Allen139 Some advice on how to be a good server. *Satire*

Okay everyone. I've seen a lot threads asking for advice on how to be good server. Much like you newbies, I was young, optimistic, and happy. However, after 6 grueling years of hospitality, I have become old, angry and bitter. I started out in polished casual and worked my way to fine dining. Here's what I've learned:
  1. Guests aren't your friends. You want their money, they want your service and that's it. The goal is to get the max tip with min effort. At first I was tempted to lie right to their entitled asshole face if need be. They Republicans? "MAGA BABY!" But after some experience, I realize people tip just fine with out the extra chit chat. Personally: Maybe if she's hot ill give them extra bread, but other then that, it's not worth it. Burn and turn. Research has shown that most people tip the same even if you go above and beyond.
  2. Fuck all your coworkers, as is tradition. You are gonna be part of a group. A new culture. Might as well adapt to your new environment. Ensure your sexual performance is up to par though. One time my friend drunkenly hooked up with my coworker and came right away; we called him minute man for like a week. But whatever your do, just make sure you end up with your manager, so you get the good shifts and sections. Which brings me to next point.
  3. Try to help out when you can. Manners are contagious and people notice that shit. Just make sure your section is squared away first. Run food if your bored. This gives you some FaceTime with the chef and cooks. If they like you, they'll give some good food for free, they will also be willing to do your stupid-ass mods for your personal food. You can also flirt with them to get what you want. But whatever you do, do not piss off the chef.
  4. Chef are a special type of creature. They often work very long shifts for a paltry pay. They also usually expo which is a high stress job. So they're very temperamental by nature. So if they are an asshole to you, don't get your panties in a bunch. Take it in stride baby. Besides, they usually have a shit home life. He may be an asshole to you, but least your wife aint cheating on you because your never home.
  5. Make sure you do your sidework. If your checking sidework, ACTUALLY CHECK IT. When i was new, some asshole named Steve lied to me about doing sidework. I trusted him. Turns out he didn't do shit and left early. Steve, I know you read this page and to you i say: your a pussy.
  6. Did they forget to specify a side? Give em fries. I know I know, you should've asked. But you aint got time to go back and present options, wait for them to make a decision, only for them to settle on fries. Skip all that bullshit. They will get fries and they will like it. Fuck em. Same goes for cheese on a burger. Just give em chedder and move on with your life.
  7. Most people can't tell the difference between a merlot and cab. And no one can tell the difference between the brands of the same type of wine. As long as its a chardonnay, they won't know. Order the wrong one? Give it to em anyway. The only thing that needs to match is the price. Split off the wrong one and re-ring the proper wine. Why? Because fuck them. They are nothing but another customer. Unless she's hot. In which case, give her a free sample. Maybe she'll give you her number. That how I met my last lover. Her name was Kim; sex was great but she was crazy.
  8. Up-sell. Especially if its a date. Try to make it out like there is a better option and he's a cheap fuck for getting the cheapest option. This is especially true if its wine. The bigger the bill, the bigger tip. If they order too much food, don't warn them. Just order it. They can get a box after anyway.
  9. No matter what went wrong, its your fault. Always remember that. But no worries, because if you fuck up, offer them a free drink or dessert, and they usually quit bitching. Tell your manager about it and start recovery asap.
  10. Make sure you come in stoned or on coke. Nearly everyone else is, might as well adapt to your environment. Some of you might be thinking "no way, uncle Allen, I'll never come in under the influence of an illegal substance!" Oh sweet summer child, give it a few months and one too many Karen's, you will be begging your coworker to hit their pen. Might as well bring your own. Cleaning up all those little fucking cheerios of some nasty little spawn of Satan is shitty. Its not so bad if your stoned off your ass though.
  11. Racism and tippers. Some believe a certain race are better tippers then others. This a stereotype. Its not true and its not cool. Let me bestow some wisdom on you young padawon: The worst tippers are in fact children and teenagers. You will come to hate those disgusting little shits. They don't have much money nor do they buy much. Make sure you give them poorest service possible. This serves 2 purposes: to not waste your time on shitty tippers, and it teaches those little fuckers that the world is a cruel place. Welcome to real world kid. Now gtfo my section.
That about wrap things up kids. Good luck on your first shift. Follow my advice and you'll be stealing tables in no time!
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2020.09.14 04:26 Christotoooo Causes du gaspillage alimentaire

- Scripts from Le Monde
Ça, c'est la cantine du Monde. Ça, c'est le service vidéo qui déjeune. Et ça, ce sont nos restes.
Comme on peut le voir, quasiment personne n'a terminé son assiette. Bon alors, comme ça, ça n'a pas l'air énorme, mais mis bout à bout, tous ces restes représentent 10 millions de tonnes d'aliments gaspillés par an en France, soit l'équivalent d'environ 60 000 baleines. Bref, c'est énorme, et c'est dommage parce que réduire son gaspillage alimentaire, c'est une façon très simple de lutter contre le réchauffement climatique. Quand on pense au gaspillage alimentaire, on pense d'abord à ce que gaspille le consommateur, c'est-à-dire nous, et on n'a pas tort parce qu'on est responsable de 33 % du gaspillage alimentaire global, ce qui représente 30 kilos par Français et par an. Alors la première question qui vient, c'est : "Pourquoi on gaspille autant ?" Selon Eric Birlouez, c'est en grande partie parce qu'on est encouragés à le faire par notre société de consommation. On s'est mis à gaspiller beaucoup en France, comme dans d'autres pays, à partir de la fin de la Deuxième Guerre mondiale, dans cette période qu'on a appelé les Trente Glorieuses où il y avait une hausse considérable du pouvoir d'achat et où la nourriture devenait accessible. Elle était à profusion. On avait, dans les hypermarchés, des tonnes et des tonnes de nourriture accessibles physiquement et bien sûr financièrement. Petit à petit, la nourriture s'est banalisée. Elle a perdu de sa valeur, ce qui fait qu'on lui prête plus vraiment attention. La clé pour réduire son gaspillage alimentaire, ce serait donc tout simplement de faire plus attention. C'est ce qu'est venu m'expliquer Christopher, un spécialiste de la lutte anti-gaspillage. Christopher, est-ce que tu peux me donner des astuces et des conseils, mais vraiment très simples pour moins gaspiller? Très simple : la première chose, c'est aller voir ce qui est dans vos placards et vos frigos comme ça quand je fais des courses, je me souviens de ce que j'ai, je sais ce que j'achète. Deuxième conseil : apprendre à différencier les dates limites sur nos produits. En France, il y en a deux : DLC, date limite de consommation à consommer jusqu'au. Et ça, c'est une date sanitaire, ne consommez pas après. Et DDM, à consommer de préférence avant le. Vraiment une date purement informative qui informe sur la qualité de texture et de goût du produit mais pas du tout sur le fait qu'on puisse le manger ou pas. Bon. Ces astuces peuvent paraître anodines et vous avez peut-être déjà l'impression de les mettre en place, mais ça reste très important. Surtout quand on sait qu'en France, environ une personne sur cinq ne mange pas à sa faim alors que des tonnes de nourriture sont jetées quotidiennement à la poubelle. Et puis produire de la nourriture, ça demande énormément d'énergie et donc ça pollue. Par exemple, on estime que pour produire les 10 millions de tonnes de denrées alimentaires qui sont gaspillées en France chaque année, il a fallu 15,3 millions de tonnes de CO2. Et ça, ce ne sont que les chiffres français. À l'échelle de la planète, on estime qu'environ un tiers de ce qui est produit termine à la poubelle, c'est à dire 1,3 milliard de tonnes. Je vous laisse imaginer le nombre de baleines que ça fait. En tout cas, en 2013, on estimait que ça représentait 8 % des gaz à effet de serre dans le monde. Et dans le cas des aliments qui sont finalement jetés à la poubelle ça pollue donc pour rien. Bon, nous les consommateurs, on a vu qu'on avait un impact sur le gaspillage et qu'on pouvait le réduire. Mais nous ne sommes pas les seuls responsables du gaspillage. En fait, les aliments comestibles peuvent être mis à la poubelle tout au long de ce qu'on appelle la chaîne de consommation. Et ça, ça commence dès la phase de production. Pour le comprendre, je me rends à Saulty, près d'Arras, pour rencontrer Emmanuel Dalle, un arboriculteur qui produit des pommes. Comme on est en pleine saison des pommes, on pourrait s'attendre à ce qu'il vende toute sa production. Et pourtant aujourd'hui, Emmanuel sait que tout le contenu de sa camionnette ne pourra pas être vendu. Ici à peu près 400 kilos de pommes. Elles sont juste sales ou un petit coup mais qui ne se voit pas forcément sur l'épiderme. Si notre fruit n'est pas esthétique ou n'est pas sexy, il ne va pas pouvoir trouver place en magasin. Donc là, juste parce qu'il y a eu un coup de vent et que les pommes sont tombées par terre il y a 400 kilos de pommes qu'Emmanuel ne peut pas vendre sur les circuits traditionnels. Mais Emmanuel a trouvé une solution pour sauver sa récolte. Plutôt que de la voir perdre, On préfère la ramasser et pouvoir la donner donc aujourd'hui, on va la donner à une association qui s'appelle Andes et qui va pouvoir la distribuer à ses associés. Et ça, c'est rendu possible par Solaal, Une association qui met en relation des producteurs et d'autres associations qui luttent contre la précarité alimentaire. On n'a pas fait tout ce travail pour rien. Pour nous, c'est vraiment très important. Si on peut trouver un avenir à des fruits qui ne sont pas conformes à ce que veut le marché, il faut foncer. Une fois que les denrées ont passé le cap du producteur elles arrivent au niveau du distributeur. Et là aussi, le risque de terminer à la poubelle est grand. En 2011, on estimait que les pertes alimentaires d'un seul supermarché étaient d'environ 197 tonnes par an. Mais en 2016, une nouvelle loi relative au gaspillage alimentaire a été mise en place. D'abord, elle interdit aux grandes surfaces de détruire ou de rendre impropres à la consommation leurs invendus. Et puis elle oblige les supermarchés de plus de 400 mètres carrés à chercher des partenariats avec des associations d'aide alimentaire afin de leur céder gratuitement leurs invendus. D'une certaine façon, ça marche, puisqu'aujourd'hui 96 % des grandes et moyennes surfaces pratiquent le don à des associations. Mais il y a encore pas mal de marge pour éradiquer le gaspillage. En fait, un magasin sur deux n'est pas collecté tous les jours ce qui fait que de nombreuses denrées périssables finissent tout de même à la poubelle. Souvent, c'est à cause de problèmes logistiques : par manque de main d'œuvre ou parce que les invendus des magasins ne correspondent pas aux besoins des associations. Mais depuis quelques années certains magasins se sont spécialisés dans la récupération de denrées vouées au gaspillage. C'est notamment le pari des épiceries Nous anti-gaspi. Elles ne proposent que des produits qui auraient été jetés sur le circuit traditionnel. Pour comprendre comment ces épiceries s'approvisionnent on m'a donné rendez-vous à 5h30 à Rungis. C'est parti. Rungis, c'est tout simplement le plus grand marché de produits agricoles du monde. Sur plus de 230 hectares, 1400 grossistes vendent de la viande, des fruits, des légumes des produits laitiers à tous les professionnels de l'alimentation de l'Île de France. Alors forcément, quand vient l'heure de la fermeture du marché vers sept heures du matin, il reste pas mal de choses. Chaque jour, il y a des tonnes et des tonnes d'invendus et donc potentiellement de produits qui terminent à la poubelle. Et ça, ça représente une opportunité absolument énorme pour des entreprises comme Nous anti-gaspi. Et c'est là qu'entre en jeu Raphaël. Raphaël, c'est quelqu'un qui dit bonjour à tout le monde. Mais c'est surtout l'acheteur des épiceries Nous anti-gaspi. Là, nous avons du filet de canard. Il peut y avoir quelques défauts,
soit à l'arrachage ou soit complètement à l'abattage, il peut y avoir des ecchymoses. C'est pour ça qu'ils les classent dans catégorie B. Les clients ne les veulent pas. Et donc nous, on les récupère,
parce que la date avance. Et quand il n'a pas les ventes, au bout d'un moment, il les jette. Chaque jour. Raphaël fait tout le tour de Rungis. Il cherche des dates de péremption qui approchent
des produits qu'il faut trier, ou d'autres qui sont mal étiquetés ou tout simplement un peu moches.
Et notamment grâce à sa tournée, les épiceries Nous anti gaspi réussissent à sauver 150 tonnes de produits alimentaires par mois. En conclusion, les choses sont en train de bouger et chacun à son échelle peut contribuer à réduire le gaspillage alimentaire même nous à la cantine.
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2020.09.14 02:38 RedditSuggestName 38 [F4M] #SoCal4Socal (locals only) - LTR - I know my person is out there, we just have to find each other

TL;DR: BBW, loves Disneyland, TV and her pets (2 cats and 1 dog); looking for a fellow DDF guy, who wants to get married and have kids in a couple years too.

The long post:
My dream is to find the whole 9 yards: friendship, marriage, raise kids together; then we retire someplace warm or with a beach view. Does that sound good to anyone else?
I’m a Hispanic 5’2, single, curvy/BBW, with hazel eyes, naturally dirty blonde hair (I dye it purple); living in the Santa Clarita Valley. I'm 38 years old.
I'm at the stage in my life where I'm financially stable, and am ready to have kids in a couple years. I'm looking for a partner who is in the same life stage as me.
I have 2 cats and 1 dog, I love them a lot. I'll always have pets in my life.
I’m a chatty texter; I respond as soon as I can.
I’ve never been married, nor do I have kids; I’m STD and drug free - I’m looking for the same.
As for age, race, height, weight; none of that matters to me. It's more important to me that we're in the same life stage.
Apparently I have to say this explicitly. Only message if you are single and are also looking for commitment.
Be prepared to video chat. I have no desire to be catfished.
I'm staying sane through the pandemic with the help of my 3 fur babies, and lots of TV.
Let's see, I've watched: Ozark, Narcos, Narcos Mexico, Dead to Me, Legacies, Living with Yourself, Preacher, Fleabag, Silicon Valley, Twin Peaks (old, movie and new), Ray Donovan, On Becoming a God in Central FL, Penny Dreadful (original series), The Umbrella Academy, Perry Mason, The Boys, Atlanta, What We Do in the Shadows (still need to watch the movie; it's not on any of my streaming services right now), The Orville.
I am looking for a new show to watch....
I got a COVID test in June. It was the up the nose one, ugh. Negative, yay! I'm more than fine getting another test before meeting you. Please be prepared to do that same.
I know COVID has added challenges to the already difficult world of dating. But I have faith we can find a way to safely meet. There are places we can drink/eat at patios.
Honestly, if there isn't at least a plan to meet within a month of talking, I'm out. I'm not looking for a penpal.
-I want to live my life filled with love, laughter, family, yummy food, my puppy and kitties, and one day, kiddos.
-I'm a homebody who likes going out on special occasions.
-My hobbies include TV show and movie marathons; Disneyland (at night); Rock concerts.
-My Favorite shows: Arrested Development, Chuck, Friends, Agents of Shield, Game of Thrones, Schitt’s Creek, Supernatural, Umbrella Academy.
-Favorite movies: Corpse Bride, Airheads, Blow, The Departed, Office Space, The Prestige, Marvel Comic Universe, Harry PotteFantastic Beasts, Star Wars.
-Favorite bands: Pantera, Metallica, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, AFI. The most recent concerts I've been to are movie composer orchestra combos. i.e., Danny Elfman, and Ramin Djawadi.
-I have (had? Haha) a long commute. I listen to a podcast in the morning (The Ralph Report) and audiobooks at night; music too when I’m in the mood. Constantly looking for new audiobooks. Would appreciate recommendations. I like fantasy books; Harry Potter, A Song Of Ice and Fire. I fell in love with the Mistborn trilogy this last year.
-I'm looking for a serious, long term, monogamous relationship. I hope to meet someone with some similar interests, so we have something in common, but not someone exactly the same as me, because I don't think that'd be interesting or make for a good partnership. We’d be partners that help each other out, making life more enjoyable along the way.
-I live a healthy lifestyle (mind and body). Pre-COVID, I worked out daily. I’m on a weightloss journey. I would need to be with someone who’s supportive. Possible even currently going through the same thing or did in the past.
I need to be with someone that doesn’t give a shit about stretch marks and what not. Besides, if we have kids, I’ll get more.
If you eat healthy most of the time, it would make things easier.
I do still enjoy cheat meals, with carbs and sugars on special occasions. It just isn’t a daily thing anymore.
-Be hygienic, I am. Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Be a fan of mint and gum. Wash everywhere, including behind the ears.
Bonus points: if you wear cologne. I wear perfume on special occasions; mostly floral scents.
-I‘m Liberal. Being honest, I won’t have anything in common with someone who voted for, agrees with, and/or plans to vote for Trump or any of his butt kissers.
For example, I don’t think wanting universal healthcare so that I don’t have to worry about bankrupting myself and my loved ones, should I get in a horrible accident or cancer, makes me an evil socialist. It makes me want my country to be on par with the rest of the civilized world.
-I’m not very religious, I don’t think I can be with someone who is. I wouldn’t be good at religious conversations and I would not go to church.
-I don’t have any tattoos, only my ears are pierced (I wouldn’t care if you have tattoos or piercings).
-I’m middle class, and would need someone in at least a similar financial situation, so we can enjoy doing things together (restaurants, events, travel, tickets to Disneyland for the kids, etc...). I’m a fan of paying for my own food, tickets and what not. I am NOT looking to be a sugar baby and won’t be someone else’s sugar momma. We’re adults here; adults pay their own way.
-Traveling, of course I love to travel. I want to go back to Europe, I need to visit places like the PNW, Niagara Falls, Boston. When I have kids, I want to take them at least one to NYC for xmas (I love Christmas Tree lights); I would love to spend the other holidays in some place warm, like Australia/New Zealand. I like staying in fancy hotels. Room service is awesome. Taxis/Ubers are awesome. Right now, my job allows me to take a month off for vacations in summer. I need to start taking advantage of that.
-My dream is to retire early; in about 20 years. Not sure how that'll work with having children, but both things are worth attempting.
-I'm not a fan of being in the sun, because I get sunburnt easily. This is a big reason for why I am not an outdoorsy person.
-I hate being cold. I’m a big fan of heaters and electric blankets.
-I won’t care if you watch sports. Just don’t make me watch, don’t make our lives revolve around them, and we’ll get along. I don’t mind going to live sporting events, maybe once or twice a year. I’ll have no idea what’s going on, but I’ve had fun attending the few sporting events I have.
-I love my family, but it's a complicated relationship. I need a partner who understands this. Who will follow my lead with dealing with them, and above all else, will not try to interfere.
-Living Apart Together (LAT) appeals to me; or at the very least, we'd have a very big home. I never want to share a bathroom again. And I like the idea of each of us having a private space to go to if we just need some alone time.
-I’m pro vaccinations; sorry, can’t let an anti vaxxer touch me. If we were lucky to have kids, they would be vaccinated. In 2019, I got up to date with MMR and DTap booster shots, got the flu vaccine, and got the HPV vaccines. You’ll get bonus points if you’ve done this too.
-as far as sex life goes, I need to be with someone who gets off on making me orgasm. Be good with kissing, cuddling, oral, fingering (you gotta know where the G-Spot is). Bonus points is if you can do this for hours. Do it right, and you’ll be rewarded. Only a guy willing to wear condoms gets to touch me.
And no, I’m not looking for anything casual or a FWB. no we would not see if we’re sexually compatible out on the first few dates.
Sex is an important part of a lasting relationship, but it’s not the only thing. We have to click elsewhere before we get to sex.
-I don’t do drugs, don’t smoke anything at all; this includes 420 stuff. I drink alcohol on special occasions, but it’s not often. I’d need to be with someone who is the same.
In the subject line, please put your eye color.
Thank you for reading. I know this was long, but I know what I want. Has anyone seen the great early 2010s show Happy Endings? There’s a quote that I think describes what I’m looking for. Someone to realize: “I found a woman who was so sure of what she wanted, and she wanted me.” Brad to wife Jane, S2E18 ‘Party of Six.’
Those who need NOT apply:
-Liars and cheaters (I will be honest and monogamous, and expect the same)
-Racists (I do not think people who move to a new country, searching for a better life, are criminals. If you disagree, we won't get along.)
-Physically abusive, violent (maybe I've watched Big Little Lies too many times...)
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2020.09.13 18:49 meladiloka YALAYOLO PEACE
https://in.pinterest.fquotesjin/boards/[email protected]12pm-3pm?
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2020.09.13 02:46 ShadowBlue42 ATT Business Fiber install BS (long, Hopefully interesting, read)

Sorry this is long, skip to the paragraph starting with "Recently" if you don't care to hear the background stuff.
So, I live semi-rurally. Actually less than 3 miles outside of town on a major road. But that's not important. I've spent years trying to get better internet service, city/county council/board meetings, etc.
For as long as I can remember our only wired internet option has been AT&T DSL. Quoted at a whopping 6mbits down and 1/2 mbit up, we were lucky to get 5 down and 1/3 up. This shitty service constantly went down (randomly almost every day for minutes, and several times a year for days, requiring repair. Last fall our service was down for several weeks after ATT techs no-showed 6, yes 6 service appointments in a row, before finally showing up and "fixing" a "corroded connection" that went out again 2 days later.
After that experience we switch to a small WISP, that was decent at the start apart from inconsistent latency, about 50 down and 15 up. After about 2 weeks of that service I noticed we were down to about 25 and 5. so i emailed the company and was told i had to be throttled for over-use as I was the heaviest user on the network. I was literally just patching some video games.
Since March/Covid. For some reason I've been knocked further down to about 20/1. At this point I'm fed up with both AT&T and the local WISP.
sometime last year i was driving and saw a truck with a huge spool of cable unrolling it up with the telephone wires on my road. I pulled over and asked the workers if it was fiber-optic. They said yes. So I asked which company they worked for and they said Crown Castle communications. Who apparently set the stuff up and then lease access to others. I emailed Crown castle and was disappointed to learn that it's only planned to be used for cell towers and big businesses. Shit.
Recently I decided to re-try going through Comcast and AT&T's business departments to see if I could get fiber installed that way. Comcast had previously quoted me $296,000 for an install and then $700/month for service. No thank you. This time around the quote from Comcast was only $165,000. What a bargain. However, At&t said they could do it. They'd cover the install price up to $10,000 If I'd pay $590/month for 50/50 service.
That's an insane price to pay, but they were offering a $1000 bill credit as well as free early contract termination if cancelled before 1/31/21. So I felt relatively confident that if the service was not up to par that I would not be left paying a $14,000 (590x24 months) contract for shit service. Because I have no confidence in their ability to provide good service.
So the site inspector guy came out a few days later and said it would be simple to install. They'd just run the fiber along our existing aerial phone lines and down through the roof of our garage. He said it would cost nowhere near the $10,000 AT&T will cover. Perfect. So they sent over a little diagram of the install plan for me to approve before they put in the work orders to the install team.
I approved the plan and thought that was that, and I'd have new service in a couple weeks. The next day i get an email from the same engineer who sent the first diagram. This email has a description of work needing to be done that includes trenching and all kinds of shit. Including shit I'm supposedly responsible for. So the plan, that I approved, to bring the fiber along the existing phone lines, is suddenly no more, and I have NOT approved the new plan, yet the new plan has been sent to the work teams. WTF. The estimated completion date has also been pushed back to mid November. Meaning one more push-back and I could run out of time for the no early termination fee window. A risk I'm not willing to take.
I emailed the sales rep, project rep, and engineer and said that i withdraw my consent/approval for the plan and to cancel the contract I signed and to call me to confirm. That was a week ago. The only one to email back- after I re-sent the withdraw/cancel email a 2nd time, was the engineer, who basically said I wasn't their problem anymore. I finally got an email back from the sales rep asking what time they should call. I replied and said after 5pm pacific, when I'm done with work, or ASAP if that's outside of your hours, But they literally could've called me the very same time they sent the email and I would've answered. The project manager had no problem calling and waking me up at 6am the previous week, so why the politeness now? That was Thursday and I still Haven't received a call back.
TL:DR Got a bait and switch and now a runaround from AT&T business fiber.
Why is AT&T such a shitty company? At this point the only way I'm going to go through with anything from them is if I can pay for the installation and have no long term contract, just month to month. Has anyone had success with anything similar? Do any AT&T employees/managers/executives read this sub? Can anyone help in any way? It's so frustrating.
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2020.09.11 14:28 PeachyLavender4 Everything I've ever bought from TB: Reformation, Realisation Par, Missoma, so many twillies, silk goods, That Acne Shoulder Bag

Everything I've bought from Taobao

• I am 5'3.5", 32-25-33, UK 6-8
• This stuff is from five separate hauls. I used Basetao for all the hauls.
• I will provide auth links where possible if I know the brand.
• I have also provided reference links to other reviews in RepLadies where I found these items!
• Disclosure: this is an unpaid review but I did get the Basetao repladies discount.

Shipping info

Haul # Ship date Arrived in UK # days
1 28/12/2019 20/01/2020 23
2 11/03/2020 26/03/2020 15
3 09/04/2020 19/06/2020 71
4 22/08/2020 10/09/2020 19
5 25/08/2020 08/09/2020 14
Haul # Courier Weight Shipping costs Additional fees Total Approx. GBP
1 China Post Small Air Mail 140 g ¥39.00 ¥42.49 ¥81.49 £8.96
2 EMS 750 g ¥181.50 ¥39.20 ¥220.70 £24.28
3 China Post Small Air Mail 400 g ¥49.50 ¥20.93 ¥70.43 £7.75
4 EMS 1710 g ¥285.00 ¥20.93 ¥378.75 £41.66
5 DHL economic package 100 g ¥44.50 ¥20.93 ¥52.55 £5.78
I asked Basetao to do the invoice for me for parcel 4. They declared value $24. You have to pay customs on anything about £15 in the UK so that was an extra £20.64.

Known Reps

Realisation Par "The Teale in Purple Haze"

¥439 £48.29 $65.85 Size: S Haul #1 TB link Store PSPs Modshots Auth link)
Quality: 10/10
This has been reviewed on Repladies before! It's a great dress, finished with french seams.
I believe its real silk, it doesn’t stink up after wearing it on hot days (and neither does my auth Realisation Par)
Pic of French seams and care labels
Accuracy: 9/10
If you compare the print of this to the auth it’s not as detailed; there is no lighter spot in the middle of the darker flowers. But I think you’d have to be very close & very familiar with the auth to notice this.
Obviously I have a v different body shape to the model but I think the fit is pretty similar.
Satisfaction: 10/10
I’d lusted after this dress for a while and I do love it.

Rouje Paris "Gloria Wrap Polka Dot Midi Skirt" size S ¥199

¥199 £21.89 $29.85 Size: S (EU 36) Haul #2 TB link Store PSPs Modshots Auth no longer on UK website
N.B. I didn’t tie the wrap properly so that’s why the hem looks wonky in the modshots.
Quality: 7/10
Possibly GM? The tag was damaged. There were also several small holes in the fabric, so it makes sense if it was discarded due to defects. Still wearable though, obviously.
Accuracy: N/A
I don’t feel qualified to comment on the accuracy given the auth has been taken down from the website, and I don’t own any Rouje.
Satisfaction: 10/10
I don’t mind the holes if it means I can live out my French-effortless-chic vanilla fantasy in my ~£20 skirt. I love this so much.

Birkenstocks Yara size 35 ¥163

¥163 £17.93 $24.45 Size: 35 (UK 2) Haul #2 TB link Store PSPs Auth link
These are a rep for the sandals made of their "Birko-Flor" material, not leather (which I didn't realise).
WARNING: GROSS WELL-WORN BIRKS Comparison with auth album + glue inside the straps
Quality: 8/10
Seem alright? I haven’t worn these much.
There is glue on the inside of the straps.
Accuracy: 5/10
Satisfaction: 7/10
Now that I’ve actually sat down and compared them to the website perhaps they aren’t so great after all!

Missoma necklaces ¥178, ¥194

Missoma gold leaf choker ¥178 £19.58 $26.7 Size: 31+7 cm Haul #4 TB link Store PSPs Modshots Auth link Reference post
Missoma horn necklace necklace ¥194 £21.34 $29.1 Haul #4 Looks like this has been removed from the listing. PSPs Modshots Auth link Reference post
Gold leaf: chain length 39 cm inc. extender
Gold horn: chain length 57 cm inc. extender
Quality: 10/10
Nice yellow gold, clasp feels sturdy.
*Accuracy: 8/10 *
Never handed auth Missoma.
Gold leaf: Droplet on the end of the chain extender is flat disk with an Missoma “M”; auth is like a spike. Extender chain is a different style of chain (I don’t know the technical term, sorry). Has 7 leaves and 11 circles like the auth.
Horn: Website pics aren’t good enough to do a proper comparison but it looks similar enough!
Satisfaction: 10/10
I like that the choker is short enough that it actually fits my small neck like a choker. I’m sorry that sentence was straight out of /ffacj.

Reformation Cassi sheath dress ¥208

¥208 £22.88 $31.2 Size: XS Haul #4 TB link Store PSPs My pics Modshots Reference post
Modelled with a Uniqlo heattech turtleneck for your consideration. Very tight on me – probably size up if you don’t want it too skin tight.
Very strong plastic-y scent. I’m not sure if it was fufu because I have no idea what fufu smells like.
Quality: 9/10
A nice thick stretchy knit, but you can see VPL. Small black mark on the strap. 100% cotton.
Accuracy: 9/10
Not sure if my photos reflect it but I’d say the colour is pretty accurate to the websites in person. Perhaps the straps could be further apart on the front of the dress as it looks like it sits closer to the model’s armpits in the auth pictures.
Satisfaction: 10/10

Reformation Peonie dress ¥278

¥278 £30.58 $41.7 Size: XS Haul #4 TB link Store PSPs My pics Modshots
This was a bit of a frivolous purchase considering I’m probably not going anywhere in the near future, much less anywhere that needs a dress like this.
I think this shop makes these dresses on demand because it was non-returnable. Took around 3 days to get to my Basetao warehouse. No care tags.
Quality: 7/10
Lots of lose threads. The ends of the ties are not finished and they are ridiculously long so I’ll probably cut them myself.
Accuracy: 9/10
Honestly I think this is pretty good? The colour looks close and I think the fit is nice.
Satisfaction: 7/10
Kind of an awkward length on my 5’3.5” self. I think we all know Reformation dresses will never look as good on us as they do on the models. A poster on FFA was saying you know a dress is a bad fit when all the models are in motion because it’s easy to make something look good when it’s flowing and draped in that way – I think this really applies to Reformation dresses. But its cute.

Acne studios crossbody bag ¥89

¥89 £9.79 $13.35 Size: Larger size Haul #4 TB link Store PSPs My pics Modshots Auth link
8” wide across top, 6” wide across the bottom, around 5.5” tall with the flap shut. Strap is 42” long, you could probably adjust it by re-tying the knots. There is indentation in the bag of the bag where it’s been packed and the strap has pushed into the plastic.
There are two sizes for this bag but they’re not in the listing – Basetao had to contact me after purchasing and I asked for the larger size.
Took ~ 1 month to arrive in my Basetao warehouse.
Quality: 8/10
Not leather. Smells a bit like plastic-y if you shove your nose right inside it. Clasps aren’t super strong but I put my phone inside and shook it vigorously by the strap and it didn’t come open, so I don’t think this bag is going to come open whilst you’re carrying it around. The holes the strap pushes through are sealed. Stamping is fairly crisp. Also literally only £10.
Accuracy: 5/10
Auth seems to be lined in black. I can’t find an auth with the same dimensions as mine.
Satisfaction: 10/10
This bag has been heavily reviewed on RepLadies.

Maybe (?) Reps

(Hermes?) Giraffe silk scarf ¥188

¥188 £20.68 $28.2 Haul #4 TB link Store PSPs My pics
Measures 53 x 53”.
Quality: 6/10
Some small pulls in the fabric.
Some bleeding out the dye outside the lines.
There are some splatters of dye around the neck of one of the giraffes.
The smaller giraffe looks a bit derpy and A N G E R Y.
Weird stain.
Tag says 100% silk.
Accuracy: N/A
I don't feel qualified to comment on its accuracy as I don’t own any auth Hermes.
Satisfaction: 8/10

All my twillies #

I’ve not photographed all these because there are so many. If you have any specific questions please ask.
Brief description CNY GBP USD Haul # TB link Store link PSPs
Stag twilly ¥39.00 £4.29 $5.85 2 TB link Store PSPs
Green twilly with flowers ¥35.00 £3.85 $5.25 2 TB link Store PSPs
Double sided twilly blue & red with cranes ¥39.00 £4.29 $5.85 3 TB link Store PSPs
Black with various zoo animals twilly ¥39.00 £4.29 $5.85 3 TB link Store PSPs
Black with multicoloured flowers, cream with orange flowers, cream with the swans twillies ¥49.00 £5.39 $7.35 3 TB link Store PSPs
Blue with the birds, planets twillies ¥39.00 £4.29 $5.85 3 TB link Store PSPs
Sealife and birds ¥49.00 £5.39 $7.35 4 TB link Store PSPs 
I think my only area of dissatisfaction is with the stag twilly – the print is misaligned with the fold.


Green silk scarf (90 cm x 90 cm) ¥95

¥95 £10.45 $14.25 Size: 90 x 90 cm Haul #2 TB link Store PSPs My pics
Quality: 9/10
Some of the printing isn’t as sharp as I’d like it to be.
Accuracy: N/A
Don't think this is a rep, just a pretty scarf.
Satisfaction: 10/10
I really love this scarf.

Silk skirt ¥189

¥189 £20.79 $28.35 Size: S Haul #4 TB link Store PSPs Modshots
Very creased when it arrived. Needed a good iron. Otherwise very cute :)
Waist: 13.5” laid flat
Length: 29.5” waistband to hem
Quality: 9/10
French seams inside. Fabric is a lovely colour and drapes nicely but static-y AF. Some sloppy stitching around them hem.
Accuracy: N/A
Satisfaction: 10/10

Silk slip ¥99

¥99 £10.89 $14.85 Size: M Haul #4 TB link Store PSPs Modshots
Very creased when it arrived. Needed a good iron.
Armpit to armpit: 18” laid flat
Armpit to hem: 26” laid flat
Quality: 10/10
French seams inside. Adjustable straps. Nice fabric.
Accuracy: N/A

Silk pillowcases ¥105.00×2

¥105 £11.55 $15.75 Size: Fits UK pillows Haul #4 TB link Store My pics
Quality: 10/10
Feels like nice, thick silk. Pretty badly creased but came out with an iron. Fit a UK pillowcase well.
Accuracy: N/A
Satisfaction: 10/10

Hourglass Nº 10 ANGLED LINER BRUSH and Nº 11 SMUDGE BRUSH ¥19×2

¥19 £2.09 $2.85 Size: Haul #4 TB link Store PSPs My pics Auth link Reference post
Quality: 9/10
Washed and no bristles have fallen out. Good for lining my eyes and pretending I can do winged looks. One slightly longer hair on the Nº 11 which I would be annoyed about if I’d paid £30 for it… but I didn’t :D Feel nice and heavy. There are several other in-depth reviews of these brushes if you search this subreddit.
Accuracy: N/A
I don’t feel qualified to comment on the accuracy given I don’t own any auth Hourglass brushes.
Satisfaction: 10/10

Strawberry and cat earrings ¥46

Handmade strawberry earrings ¥46 £5.06 $6.9 Size: N/A Haul #5 TB link Store PSPs My pics Reference post
Handmade cat earrings ¥48 £5.28 $7.2 Size: N/A Haul #5 TB link Store PSPs My pics Reference post
Quality: 8/10
White enamel on the cats has flecked away a little between the cat’s paws. Otherwise all good.
Accuracy: N/A
Satisfaction: 10/10

Service Rating for Basetao: 10/10

They message me to check if I'm aware of no return policies, faults with the item, double check on sizing, always respond in 24 hrs, PSPs are always excellent, their tracking numbers work on
Can't fault them, really. Don’t forget your RepLadies discount!
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2020.09.11 08:21 sitgulf The benefits one can reap by hiring an expert website developer

The benefits one can reap by hiring an expert website developer
Are you planning to build a website for your business? Do you think that it is high time for you to go for local to global? Then, hire the best web developers who can use the latest technology to build a website that can be accessed on all the screens irrespective of sizes. The website can be created by adding rich graphics and images and can be developed with a minimalistic design. There are various factors that you can consider when developing a site such as an amount you would like to spend, deadline with which the website must be built and experience of creating websites. Though you know about building a beautiful website, entrusting this responsibility to the experts will let you leave with peace of mind and focus on other business activities.
Few of the benefits you can reap by hiring an expert best website developer in Qatar include:
Save time
It consumes a lot of time to build a spectacular website that meets your business needs. There is a lot of planning that is required about the design you want to use and the functionality you want to have on the website. When you hire a professional, you can save a lot of time. They use their experience and knowledge to build a website that helps you get a sea of traffic and a high conversion rate. The person will directly analyze the requirements and start the work.
Customize the design and make it visually appealing
Design is a critical part of the website. When there is no proper design, the website looks disorganized and messy. It won't engage the website visitors for a long time. Sometimes, the website you develop may look similar to your competitors. When you hire a professional website developer in Qatar, the person will come up with the personalized designed based on the products you are selling or services you are offering. They also fill the brand elements to make your website stand out from others in the virtual world. The unique look of the site would be trendy and please the users.
Use the latest technology
The website developer would stay on par with the latest website development tools and techniques. The platform that the website developer in Qatar is using to develop the site would be latest and with new features. Above all, it offers an incredible experience to the website visitors using the website to learn about your products or services. This site would be trendy in the market for a couple of years. The site would incorporate all the features that are available on different websites and make it unique.
Simple to manage
Earlier, the websites were tough to manage by the website owners due to the complexity involved. However, with the advent of website technology, it has become a piece of cake for website owners to manage the site such as editing, removing and adding the content (images, product descriptions and so on) to the site. You have complete admin access for the website, which helps the owner of the site to keep the content up-to-date.
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2020.09.09 18:02 vraimentoriginal Est-ce que je suis obligé de payer mon loyer si mon propriétaire ne répond pas aux exigences du bail.

Je ne sais pas si c'est une bonne place pour poser ce genre de questions, mais je n'arrive pas à trouver de réponse claire sur le site de la régis du logement et leur service courriel est en maintenance... En gros je viens d'aménager dans un logement la date de prise de possession était le 30 août, mais la peinture de l'appart était scrap, la douche ne fonctionnais pas, on est sensé avoir les électroménagers, mais il manque la laveuse et la sécheuse et le frigidaire coule. Aussi nous n'avons pas la clé arrière qui donne accès au parking et j'ai du faire un double des clefs, ils en avaient juste 1 exemplaire pour mon coloc. On les as informés des notre arrivée, qui finalement s'est faite 2 semaines plus tard à cause qu'on a du peinturer l'appart (ils ont fournis la peinture), qu'on voulais que les appareils fournis dans le bail y soient, mais ils nous font poireauter... Je comprends que certains d'entre vous vont juste me dire de sacrer mon camp, mais là j'ai pas d'autre logement pour l'instant alors je préférerais régler ça. D'ailleurs outre ces problème l'appart est bien et le loyer très raisonnable. Aussi tout ça est géré par une compagnie de gestion d'immeuble pas par le propriétaire même, je ne sais pas si ça change quelque chose. Merci d'avance de vos réponses. Juste pour clarifier, je veux le payer mon bail, mais je veux pas payer pour quelque chose que je n'obtiens pas. Pour l'instant j'ai pas payé le mois de Septembre, je veux juste être certain de pas me mettre dans la "schnoutte".
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2020.09.08 14:25 cwprivatejet Où affréter un jet privé

La première étape de l’affrètement d’une jet privé à parler directement à l’affréteur. Cela peut sembler assez évident, mais la «franchise» mérite d’être soulignée.
Plus il y a de couches de clients téléphoniques, plus les coûts potentiels et les chances que leur commande soit retardée ou mal interprétée sont importants.
Dans le cas où les clients ne peuvent pas parler directement à un directeur d’affrètement ou sont mal à l’aise de le faire, les courtiers affrétés sont le meilleur substitut. Ils ont une connaissance intime de l’industrie et peuvent ainsi aider à organiser des vols au nom de leurs clients en fonction de leurs besoins et besoins spécifiques.
Parmi les informations les plus importantes à fournir au directeur ou au courtier figurent l’heure et la date auxquelles vous souhaitez voyager ainsi que le nombre de passagers qui voyageront.
La destination est également importante et peut être une énorme opportunité d’économiser de l’argent. Les administrateurs et les courtiers d’affrètement peuvent connaître des aéroports plus proches de la destination que celui proposé par le client ou les sources suggérant cet aéroport pour eux.

Avantages spéciaux et demandes

Ensuite, il y a les avantages et les demandes susmentionnés.
Comme indiqué, ces derniers doivent tous être autorisés avant qu’un avion puisse être affrété, mais les chances que cela se produise avec les services d’affrètement, pour des raisons évoquées, sont beaucoup plus grandes qu’avec les compagnies aériennes commerciales.
Cela étant dit, plus une partie peut être spécifique à propos de ses demandes, plus elle a de chances d’être approuvée.
De plus, bon nombre de ces demandes peuvent déjà être proposées dans le cadre d’un forfait spécialisé offert par le service nolisé.
Par exemple, la restauration et les équipements spéciaux à bord sont parfois proposés dans le cadre de forfaits prédéfinis spéciaux.

Négocier le prix

Après cette première conversation avec le directeur ou le courtier, ils enverront généralement un devis à l’intéressé. Cela ne devrait pas prendre longtemps à calculer, peut-être seulement une heure ou deux.
La partie qui demande un vol affrété peut tenter de négocier les jet prive prix, bien qu’il n’y ait bien sûr aucune garantie de succès. Une fois qu’un prix a été convenu, il est généralement payé d’avance.
Enfin et surtout, même à l’ère d’Internet, l’affrètement d’avions reste un service qui, dans une certaine mesure, nécessite encore une certaine communication face à face ou par téléphone.
Étant donné la nature particulière des accords, ce degré de communication étroite est nécessaire pour s’assurer que tous les détails sont exacts avant la conclusion de l’accord.
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2020.09.07 17:16 spacecad3ts Applications de l'article 23-7 du Code Civil dans la question de l'indépendance de la Nouvelle-Calédonie

Bonjour !
Je suis Calédonienne, et je dois voter bientôt pour l'indépendance de mon pays. Beaucoup de mes amis sur Facebook partagent des articles soutenant que la nationalité française va nous être retirée si nous accédons à l'indépendance, que nous ou nos enfants ne pourrons plus aller faire nos études en France ou bénéficier du système de santé français.
Je sais, en théorie, que cela n'est pas possible. L'article 23 du CC précise bien que " Toute personne majeure de nationalité française, résidant habituellement à l'étranger, qui acquiert volontairement une nationalité étrangère ne perd la nationalité française que si elle le déclare expressément, dans les conditions prévues aux articles 26 et suivants du présent titre." Le reste de l'article 23 décrit les modalités de cette perte, qui doit être volontaire sauf en deux cas tels que précisés par l'alinéa 7 et 8.
L'alinéa 8 est clair: "Perd la nationalité française le Français qui, occupant un emploi dans une armée ou un service public étranger ou dans une organisation internationale dont la France ne fait pas partie ou plus généralement leur apportant son concours, n'a pas résigné son emploi ou cessé son concours nonobstant l'injonction qui lui en aura été faite par le Gouvernement. " Mais c'est à l'alinéa 7 auquel je me heurte.
" Le Français qui se comporte en fait comme le national d'un pays étranger peut, s'il a la nationalité de ce pays, être déclaré, par décret après avis conforme du Conseil d'Etat, avoir perdu la qualité de Français."
Cette article est très vague. Que veut dire "se comporter comme le national d'un pays étranger" ? Y a t'il eu des applications concrètes de ce décret ? Je le comprends comme s'apparentant à l'article 25, qui défini les raisons pour lesquelles l'Etat pourrait retirer la nationalité française, c'est à dire espionnage, terrorisme, etc. Cela pourrait-il s'appliquer à la NC après l'indépendance ?
Je base également ma réflexion sur l'indépendance de l'Algérie, pendant laquelle "Les Français de statut civil de droit commun domiciliés en Algérie à la date de l'annonce officielle des résultats du scrutin d'autodétermination conservent la nationalité française quelle que soit leur situation au regard de la nationalité algérienne." (32-1 du CC) J'ai conscience que la situation est complètement différente ici : Nous sommes, en NC, tous citoyens Français, et la constitution du nouveau pays n'est même pas écrite.
De plus, ceci https://www.elections-nc.freferendum-2020/les-implications-du-referendum précise : "Le nouvel État déterminera également les critères permettant d’avoir ou d’obtenir sa nationalité. La population qui aura la nationalité du nouvel État obtiendra alors un passeport délivré par les autorités du nouvel État et pourra demander la protection de son nouvel État à l’étranger. L’Assemblée nationale et le Sénat devront par ailleurs débattre et voter une loi pour déterminer les conditions dans lesquelles un maintien dans la nationalité française de certains ressortissants du nouvel État serait possible."
Les personnes convaincues que nous perdront la nationalité française se concentrent beaucoup sur la dernière phrase pour appuyer leur propos, même si elle parle bien de "certains ressortissants". Est ce que quelqu'un pourrait également m'éclairer sur ce point ? (Cela me semblerai logique que cette phrase concerne le futur, potentiellement nos enfants ou petits enfants qui normalement seront nés français, par droit du sang, mais sans jamais avoir été en France, ni même que leurs parents l'aient été du coup.)
Je vous remercie !
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