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Group to discuss and get technical support for backing up your virtual estate.

2012.01.23 20:39 stripe-brian Stripe

Stripe is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of every size—from new startups to public companies—use our software to accept payments and manage their businesses online. This is a community subreddit. If you're you're looking for help, reach out to Stripe at

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This is the place where up and coming entrepreneurs congregate and meet one another, exchange ideas, and maybe even partner up! The possibilities are endless, and let the connections connect and the new businesses thrive!

2020.09.22 13:03 autotldr Elizabeth Warren And Bernie Sanders Want Big Banking Reforms Following The FinCEN Files Investigations

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 74%. (I'm a bot)
In the FinCEN Files, a series of stories that began publishing Sunday, BuzzFeed News and its partners revealed how the giants of Western banking move trillions of dollars in suspicious transactions, enriching themselves and their shareholders while facilitating the actions of terrorists, kleptocrats, and drug kingpins.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren called on Monday for reforming the government practice of offering banks deferred prosecution agreements instead of real punishments when they are caught abetting money laundering, one of the problems highlighted in the series.
"It does not make sense that the basis for media allegations that banks knowingly hid illegal activity consisted solely of Suspicious Activity Reports that those banks filed alerting law enforcement to that very activity," said Bank Policy Institute President Greg Baer.
The FinCEN Files series is based in part on a huge trove of government documents, called "Suspicious activity reports," which are compiled by banks and sent to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.
A story published Monday about that bank also revealed how it continued to facilitate and profit from transactions it suspected were dirty, including money the Treasury Department later declared was connected to narco kingpins.
HSBC officials have contended that the bank met its obligations under the law.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Bank#1 financial#2 new#3 call#4 series#5
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2020.09.22 12:20 Heart-Soul-Yours Life Partner vs Twin Flame

I recently came across an article that says TF connection is not necessarily romantic and often they dont end up with each other. This is because unlike life partners whose relationship is bound by love, TF connection is grounded in truth. And so more often their relationship is quite painful. I wonder if this is accurate?
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2020.09.22 12:05 InfantryMOD Connected Conservation Foundation launches Together with local conservation partners and supported by NTT and Cisco, to combat poaching, in the wake of COVID-19

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2020.09.22 11:26 kothalitalwar Get High-speed Broadband Connection & Digital Cable Service ZEE5

Now you can get the Internet High-speed broadband connection, digital cable service from ACT, SITI, and Alliance across India with a free 1 month ZEE5 Premium Subscription. Experience the high-speed wifi connection and cable operator service from ZEE5 Partners.
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2020.09.22 11:19 FauxFoxglove Should I tell my ex-friend why I ghosted her?

This is mainly about Sally, We arent close anymore and I don't want to be, but I have regretted how I have acted in the past. Sally was not a good friend to me, but I wasn't great with conflict either and cut ties without explaining why. Looking back I feel like this was a shitty thing to do. Should I contact her and explain what happened? Edit: Im sorry about how long it is I hope titles help skip parts you aren't interested in.
Sally and I met when we were 12. I would say we were two dorky bookworm peas in a pod. We got in incredibly well and were intensely close until partway through highschool. We turned into very different teenagers. She was outgoing and drawn to lots of risktaking behaviours, She particularly was obsessed with showing she was an adult with experience in things like sex, alcohol, smoking and drugs. I was pretty much a boring goody-two shoes, and incredibly risk-adverse in temperament. Those things just did not appeal to me. This is important because I think it underlies a lot of the later unease in our continued friendship. I refused to take part in these things and only wanted to do other stuff, she only wanted to do these things and interpreted my refusal to take part as both me being judgemental and also a sign that I was immature. I theme that has continued throughout our friendship.
As teenagers our friendship basically fizzled out, there was no big fight, or break-up we just spent more and more time with other friends in our friendgroup. This meant we were still in the same circles but hardly spoke.
Until my second year of uni where we reunited. We were both going to the same university, her path there had been rockier than mine (when we started she was doing a pre-university qualifying, so I ended up a few years ahead of her in my degree.) I think this bothered her a lot, because the more we hung out the more it felt like she was always trying to show that she was the smarter one. Eventually I was seeing her every week along with Nina and another friend (also highschool friends, different levels of history for another time) and we would always meet in a bar for drinks and a chat. I have to say I never really enjoyed these, I wasn't a huge fan of alcoholic drinks, and Sally and Nina used to always want to sit outside so they could smoke which would set my asthma off. One night on my way home I realised I actually always left the meetings feeling really awful about myself and it made me ask myself some questions about what I was getting out of it.
The Reason I ghosted
I realised that Sally was constantly putting me down subtly throughout the meetings. If I had any good news about my achievements, she would undermine them and try and one up them. She sort of did this with worries as well, if i mentioned a struggle she would go on and on about how much more troubled she was, like it was a competition and I shouldn't complain. She would constantly have snide comments about my love life or other life choices, making it sound like I was nieve and prudish (I don't fall in love fast and at that point had had only one serious boyfriend), If I so much as asked if we could do something else, or if they could maybe not smoke in my face She made it sound like I was judging her.
I realised I was getting nothing out of the friendship, except a weekly asthma attack, all for the pleasure of being put down and spending money on a token drink I didn't even really enjoy.
The last meeting had particularly upset me. I suffer from depression, but due to an extremely bad reaction to an antidepressant in my teens I had for years been coping using cognitive strategies and an elaborate support network instead of antidepressants. In the meeting I had said I felt I was coping fine without antidepressants so probably wouldn't try others. Sally scoffed and said "well that's because you've never really had depression anyway, its always been cognitive, unlike me I which is real."
and I was just stunned that she could say that, having known me for years, having known what I've been through. I know some of it was because I have managed without antidepressants but its not that I'm cured, its just.. honestly I was too traumatised by what happened last time I was on them ( longstory short: delusions, thought i was invisible, Invasive thoughts telling me to set myself on fire to prove I existed, not fun time) , I would rather tough out the depression.
Before I changed my mind, I sent a message saying I had decided I didn't want to go to "drinks night" anymore, and unfriended her.
The next day Nina came over and was almost yelling at me about how bitchy I was and how hurt Sally was that I unfriended her and she went on about how I had said I didnt want to "hang out with the likes of them," Which i categorically didnt say, i went and checked the message to make sure and I hadn't. Nina and I had a fight, I explained to her that Sally's friendship wasn't good for me, I felt depressed every time we hung out and I didn't want to keep doing it. I didn't talk to her about it because whenever I bring up anything remotely challenging she gets extremely defensive and turns it back on me. I just wanted out.
For the next 8 years I did not speak to Sally. I spoke a bit with Nina, but we lost touch after I moved away.
Until last year, Sally found me on Instagram and sent a friend request. I thought "its been ages I've matured, so she may have as well, I'll open up the door" and accepted. She seemed to have her life together, and I found out through another friend (Jess) she was re-connecting with a lot of us. But for a long time she didnt say anything to me. She talked to Jess, (who has her own resentments with Sally) and Jess said she got the distinct impression that this had come about because Sally had recently got married and was "checking up" on how her old mates were doing. Jess is super private on social media said Sally had only asked her about her relationship status and then didn't really seem interested in anything else so she suspected she only got in contact with her because it wasn't readily available. I don't know if this is true but it fit with my experiences of Sally in the past (always competitive, always trying to one up friends) and with the lack of actual contact, just an ask to snoop my Insta (which has lots of photos of me and my partner), it made sense.
However 6 months later she did eventually speak to me. I made a typo on a post and she made a snide comment about it and then called me a "bloody-expact" (the typo was the name of a native flower). And I was pissed. the first thing she says to me after 8 years is another put down, which she does "publicly" (my insta is set to private but it was a comment all my friends and family could see). It just felt like, yes I had been right to cut ties with her.
So I blocked her, and made sure she was blocked on everything else. I have no intention of being friends with her.
Current concern:
That was a year ago. Ive been doing a lot of introspection. I recognise that I am terrible at dealing with conflict head on, and that I also acted unfair in this. She was a shitty friend, but I was shitty in how I just unfriended her which probably felt out of no where for her.
I'm trying to be better, I am more assertive about my feelings and boundaries. But i deeply regret how I handled our friendship breakup. I've talked to Jess about maybe contacting Sally and apologising for ghosting her and explaining that for me the relationship has some toxic dynamics, that I found her competitiveness incompatible with my own friendship style. (I do not like competing with friends, I like celebrating each other's accomplishments).
Jess is very much against this. She feels that Sally will just use it to pull me in to more drama, turn it back on me and just make it a bigger mess. I think I mostly agree with Jess. I think part of the reason why I never confronted Sally, like I have done with other friends, is I dont actually think I've ever trusted Sally to take my feelings on board. I mean if Sally cant even not smoke in my face because it gives me asthma, how can I expect her to understand that her constant need to compete in a competition i never signed up for was too hurtful for me and the reason I didnt want to be friends anymore?
But I still feel guilty, I've never been good at letting go of things where I've felt I've done wrong.. I want to fix it. I would love some advice or some reassurance that the kind thing is to leave it be.
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2020.09.22 11:01 matchmedelhi Elite Matrimonial Service MatchMe

If you're someone who is looking for a talented, interesting, and like-minded individual as a soulmate, then you need MatchMe. Based in New Delhi, this elite matrimonial service will help you curate your choices and bring a happy ending to your search for the perfect partner. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with MatchMe.
Address: D 112, Panchsheel Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110017 Contact No. 9818185905
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2020.09.22 10:58 dreamatcha1 Barely remember the facts, don't know how to process

Hey guys sorry its 5am and I'm feeling really anxious so this might not be the most coherent post but I just kind of wanted to get this off my chest and talk with someone. TW for CSA obviously so please don't read if it'll trigger you. I'm 21f and around a year ago my friend was dating someone who had been molested as a child and after she told me his story I started having flashbacks to what I suspect is abuse that happened to me. The trouble is I only remember a few things, and even those things I only remember vaguely--it was by a close friend of my father, who also was his roommate (parents are divorced). I remember him masturbating in front of me while I was in the room when I was around age 8 and I'm haunted by the memory of him audibly moaning. I also have another memory of a similar thing around age 12, and I have a vague younger memory of seeing a penis for the first time in my life in the shower and feeling uncomfortable (I remember the wall and the shower curtain very vividly). I also remember always feeling unsafe around him and hating that I had to be around him all the time, and one day when I was around 13 I had an absolute crying breakdown where I told my dad I never wanted to see him again and that was the last time I saw him (no idea if they're still in contact). Beyond this I truly don't know if anything else happened. I have no memory of him touching me which kind of makes me think I'm exaggerating or making up the trauma, but thinking about these memories makes me sick and fills me with a sense of full-body panic and recently I can't stop compulsively thinking about them and triggering myself.
I was a sensitive kid in general and I remember as a child I struggled for a period of time with constant guilt and intrusive thoughts, particularly about sex and about a fear of being penetratively r*ped. I also compulsively masturbated from a young age although that might be natural for some kids idk. I had a fear of most men (teachers, doctors, even family members) growing up and for a while believed I was lesbian or asexual because of it. I also have struggled with anxiety, bulimia, depression on and off throughout my life . Now I'm in a loving and caring relationship for over a year thankfully but I am struggling with having panic attacks during sex, I am unable to orgasm at all with my partner and never have, and if I get close to orgasm I basically get too anxious and have to stop or I'll have a panic attack, he thankfully is really patient with me but I do feel really bad and guilty about it. I also am into r*pekink and ddlg and basically can't get turned on unless he's saying fucked up things to me (I know being kinky is not always a result of abuse but I can't shake the sense that in my case it is at least partially.)
Was I abused?? If so how do I proceed to heal myself? I guess I'm worried that if I start therapy for this I'll unnecessarily give power to these memories if this wasn't actually abuse or if it wasn't actually that bad, and also that if I start therapy I'll never be able to stop having these anxious thoughts/feelings if I actually have to talk about this stuff.... I feel like the panic attacks around sex and intense anxiety I'm having recently might be related to this stuff but I'm not sure if I'm exaggerating the connection since I have no memories of actually being touched. This was longer than I intended so thanks for reading xxx
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2020.09.22 10:51 anonnyi Learning new language

Anyone else have a partner overseas and learning your s/o’s native language? I’m from the US and my boyfriend lives in Germany so I’m really determined to study German right now. I think sharing language is a great way to connect on another level.
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2020.09.22 10:08 123shelly123verma Paxful Clone Script

The Paxful Clone Script content outcomes the crypto trade stage that offers its types of assistance through its site and Virtual booth connect which can be utilized by any site proprietor. The virtual connection is a partner program did by Paxful which will permit clients to spread a word about Paxful Clone Script as a byproduct of the 2% income from any sum that is purchased.

The vast majority of the trade stage has geographic limitations or installment issues, while Paxful Clone Script is liberated from both; in this way enabling to bring bitcoins to individuals in an unavoidable way and permitting more decentralized vehicle of trade. Different choices of installment gave by Paxful to its purchasers are not something which is significant in convention trade stages.

Pulsehyip presents to you an instant Paxful Clone Script involving all the current highlights found in Paxful. You can likewise modify your own digital currency trade stage dependent on your business necessities in our Paxful Clone Software.
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2020.09.22 09:49 supernova27189 Girl i was dating blocked me on everything overnight with no explanation at all whatsoever and i dont know what to do.

were both 21. amazing girl. known her for years as friends but started taking things seriously for 5 months now. we connected on a whole different level and it sucks because i dont give my attention like that to just any female. iknow my worth. i value her like she values me. just this saturday me and her were out spending time together and its already clear that we both feel each other we like each other alot. she even posted me on social media with “lovey dovey” emojis so its genuine. i didnt post her because as long as we arent official why would i lol. but we both had a blast and she even told me shes happy to see me. well come sunday she just says she is so disappointed with some personal problems she doesnt seem interested opening up about. so i let her be. it is now Monday. and i received no call or text the whole day. i txted back last with 3 messages on sunday. the only thing i found out Monday evening right after work was that she blocked me on everything all social media and my phone number blocked. without saying anything. its been years that ive felt anything for a girl. like you can be a friend and a loving partner at the same time. that type of vibe where is nothing but laughs around yall. i guess ive never got “ghosted” before but ill tell ya. this shit hurts. it just makes no sense. shes not even the type to do that. need help
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2020.09.22 09:25 PuzzleheadedWasabi77 Can anyone suggest trans/non-binary media in Mandarin?

Hello. I am posting this as a white person who is beginning to learn Mandarin so I can better connect with my partner's family and understand their culture. I hope this is appropriate for me to ask here and if it's not, just let me know and I'll take this down. I only posted this here because I can't find any other platforms where people are able to help (I tried posting in NonBinary and asktransgender but got no response).
I am looking for recommendations for any type of media involving trans, especially non-binary, topics in the Mandarin language. That could be vloggers, pages to follow, books/dramas/fiction (even fanfiction or other informal online writing), podcasts, groups to join, or social media influencers to follow. And if not that, then I'd appreciate recommendations for other places to ask, or just general directions for where to look (like apps to use and possible searches). I've tried looking on various platforms but I've not been able to find anything specifically non-binary related, or even just trans in general. More broadly, I've barely been able to even find LGB media in Mandarin. Not even any groups on social media.
The reason I'm looking for this type of thing in particular is because I myself am non-binary and I want to see even just a small amount of representation in materials I could use for Mandarin practice. While my partner is accepting of my gender identity (they are agender themself), their family isn't, and I can't seem to shake this fear that I can't interact with their culture while being authentically non-binary. I know this isn't true, and that there is indeed a Chinese LGBT community, although it seems difficult to find any traces of it online within the Mandarin language. All my empty-handed searches just feed into those irrational fears and trigger my dysphoria. It doesn't help that my disability makes me at-risk for COVID-19 and I've been quarantining with my partner's family, all the while having little access to anyone else, including my friends in the LGBT community.
Any help anyone can offer is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time.
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2020.09.22 09:02 autotldr S. Korea's state power company partners with SK Telecom to prevent lonely death at single households

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 60%. (I'm a bot)
SEOUL - In an effort to prevent lonely death, a phenomenon of old people dying alone at their homes, a state power company has joined hands with SK Telecom, a top mobile carrier in South Korea, to look after vulnerable single households.
Korea Electric Power Corporation said in a statement on September 22 that it signed a memorandum of understanding with SK Telecom and Seogwipo City in the southern resort island of Jeju to provide a special care service based on big data for vulnerable single households.
"We hope this service will help improve the safety of vulnerable single households who are even more burdened by COVID-19," a KEPCO official was quoted as saying.
Data released by the Ministry of Health and Welfare showed that the number of lonely deaths skyrocketed from 68 in 2011 to 1,245 in 2015, reflecting an increased number of single households.
Lawmakers and government officials have been locked in debate over whether people who commit suicide because of loneliness should be classified as lonely death.
A 2020 joint survey of 3,200 single elderlies, conducted by SKT and the Social Solidarity Economy Committee and Happy Connect, a social enterprise, found that care services using AI voice assistant speakers increased the happiness of old people by seven percent and decreased the feelings of loneliness by four percent.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: single#1 people#2 old#3 power#4 data#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2020.09.22 08:46 JAMESFAULKNERSS How to Add New Images to Your Digital Picture Frame

Do you want to transfer your favorite photos to your digital photos frame? If your reply to this question is yes, then we are glad to say you have arrived at the place. This guide explains how users can easily insert their favorite pictures into their digital image frame, which can be a little troublesome for a newbie.
📷If you own a digital frame, you may want to update it with your beautiful memories that can add a little smile to your face each time you look at them.
For your knowledge, adding new photos to these frames is not a complicated or a strange process. It is much similar to how you transfer files to your other equipment.
Whatsoever, we decided to answer your query and launched this fantastic guide to illustrate how you can effortlessly make it happen. Let’s get started.
Global and Ultimate Method: Using an SD Card
Suppose your camera has an SD card in which it stores all your photos. To view these all photos in your digital photo frame, you can simply remove the SD card from the camera and insert it into your digital frame. If you like to sort out and edit the images before putting them in your frame, you can do that easily by connecting your SD card to your computer.
Then first copy all your photos into your computer storage. After that, you can sort them out to send into your smart frame. Once you have sorted out your photos you want to send to the frame, you can edit some selected photos if you need.
When you have all photos that you need to transfer, just put them in a single folder and then copy them to the SD card.
Finally, you can fix that SD card into your frame to see your new photos. This is how easy it is to copy files to your digital photo frame. If you don’t know how to connect your SD card to your computer, you can check if your computer has a dedicated slot for it. In case your computer doesn’t have the SD card slot, then you will need to buy an SD card reader. Otherwise, you can put the SD card into a phone and then try to connect your phone to the computer. Alternatively, you can also use your smartphone to read and edit your SD card photos.
In case you don’t click photos with a digital camera, you can still use SD cards to slideshow photos in your digital frame.
Using a USB Flash Drive
Many photo frames come with a USB slot that allows you to play your photos directly with a USB pen drive. All you need to do is transfer all your favorite pics to the USB drive and then plug it into your frame. When you plug the drive into your frame, it should slideshow your photos automatically. If it doesn’t, then you will need to select the option to view photos from the USB drive on your digital frame. While viewing pictures from the USB, please study which format your device supports. It might not show the images that have an unsupported format. While feeding photos to the pen drive your computer, keep in mind that all images have a supported format.
If some images are in an incompatible format, you can easily convert the image format with any third-party photo editor.
Use the Partner App
Many frames have no physical connectivity ports like USB or SD card. Instead, these frames use cloud storage to show you photos. They have a Wi-Fi connection which allows them to read photos from your cloud storage. These frames feature a partner app that allows you to add new photos to your frame. This means these frames don’t require anything else except your smartphone and a partner app. You need to check which app your frame offers and install it.
Source-Add New Images to Your Digital Picture Frame
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2020.09.22 08:46 arianamar96 272**** considering hanging the apron

Just to clarify I don’t consider myself the best worker at my store, I always feel like their is something I can work on and don’t mind getting advice on how to improve my workflow. But I’m starting to feel like my store has a very toxic environment.
So I work at a pretty busy DT store and majority of my shifts are at nights either closing or off just before the store closes. Anyway we are one of those DT stores where we get just as much customers in the night then in the morning and afternoon, so it’s get pretty busy. But here is the thing honestly what irritates me the most is not the fact that my store is sometimes shortstaff or that we get way to busy, but the environment influence by the people working night shift at my store. For one, almost every shift I have I just get DTO/DTW to solo by myself and never really get put in other positions, while this isn’t really the biggest concern I really do wish I can be planted on other positions more frequently. But my main concern is that most of the people I work with in night shift kiss major ass to the SSVs at night and while I’m trying to get orders through at drive thru and serve the customers to the best of my abilities, half of the time they are just chatting not really working on drinks and frequently pausing what they are doing while I’m on drive thru taking orders and charging at window simultaneously while also getting food and half their drinks. What gets really irritating is I try to mention to them that I need certain things but they just ignore me and continue being distracted, the supervisor does this as well and if I keep mentioning what I need they get upset and try to pin the blame on me on why drive is going slow even though I’m waiting on the drinks they need to make. What irritates me even more is that after trying to get their attention I just go get all the food and drinks I need anyway because I can tell the customer is getting annoyed waiting, I apologize to them and tell them, “I apologize for the wait, we’re really busy today, I’ll try to get your order out as soon as possible” and then proceed to get what I need to get, I do this then the team gets angry me telling me I need to “communicate” with them even though I told them like 5 times what I needed and then tell me that I’m the one who needs to be focus. Keep in mind that I am doing both DTO/DTW simultaneously in peak like conditions while also getting food and making some of the drinks myself. To add insult to injury half of the time I am taking a order, they are always having conversation in the headset which makes it hard to hear the order and then I have a hard time hearing and then they get all mad at me when I can’t hear the order even though they are laughing and talking on the headset, it’s like wtf.
Sorry if it seems like I’m venting a lot, another thing that irked me and this happened today. So apparently one of the reason the customer connections at my store dropped was because customers complain about partners saying this, “Just give me a quick second to check if we have this (food or item)”. For one this seems like a trivial complain because we don’t always know at DTO what pastries we have because they go by so quickly and to expect someone to remember all that while doing so many other things is stupid, aside from that point though, a customer asked me if we had Pumpkin Loaf, as soon as I said let me just check real quick if we have it, my SSV blast me in front of the whole night crew and tells me that it’s my responsibility to always know how much of each pastry we have and that I’m at fault for customer connections dropping because of this reason, but specifically makes this complain with me in front of everyone, instead of accepting that everyone does this, it’s unrealistic to always know how much of each pastry we have, and instead of making one partner look bad, she could have at least said to the team, “hey our customer connections scores been dropping for this reason, is it possible if we can work as a team to always keep in mind what pastries we are out of to provide that better service.” But instead of stating that my SSV had to specifically put me on blast.
They also gossip a lot and talk a lot of shit and behind peoples back to anyone working night shift, like seriously instead of trying to divide people and tell everyone in the night about other people it’s best they keep the problem between themselves and that other person. They get annoyed that I don’t involve myself in that drama either. I’m just getting really fed up and have considered hanging my apron. I try to work my hardest, I always listen to what I need to do without complaining I mean I hate being on drive thru almost every shift but I refuse to complain because I try to keep things peaceful, I refuse to get involved in the drama, and try my best to make sure that we serves those customers to the best of my ability. I know I make my mistakes just like anyone else and I do feel like their are things I can work on, I know that sometimes I do have trouble hearing orders naturally or that I struggle on some things initially so would ask my store manager on how I can best approach this. But I feel like the environment is toxic and is not a environment that helps me grow. I may not consider myself the best partner but I prefer to be an environment where I can grow and where teamwork is valued.
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2020.09.22 08:36 astro-anshu How will be My Life Partner According To my Janam Kundali Predictions?

How will be My Life Partner According To my Janam Kundali Predictions?
Will you have a arrange marriage, or you will tie love knot? Will you meet your dream man across the oceans, or your love story will take place in India? Imagination all this may give you goosebumps. Free Janam Kundali predictions for Marriage can rest your curiosity.
When a couple decides to get married, astrologers carefully match their Janam Kundali’s online (horoscope). Based on the positions of various stars, they check their compatibility. Online Kundali matching can project your future journey as a couple

Indications about your life partner by analysis Janam Kundali:

As per Vedic astrology, each and every planet impacts our journey. By analysing Janam Kundali, an expert astrologer can accurately foretell at which age you will marry and what will be the first alphabet of your life partner's name. A few planets and their places are very significant and have a considerable influence on your romantic relationship.
· Venus is known as the planet of love, beauty, art, and expression. The feeling of love grows with Venus. When your Venus is on the right placement and has a strong position in your Janam Kundali by date of birth, an expert astrologer predicts a harmonious and fruitful relationship.
· Ascendants play an important role while you check marital horoscope. Ascendants indicate interpersonal relationships. Will he be a chatterbox? Or your spouse will be shy and introverted? Check your chemistry through ascendants.
· Nodes of the Moon are one essential consideration in Janam Kundali matching. This axis represents the previous life connection. It reflects the bond between the two. This is how you can understand your soul mates in a real sense.
· How to know you both are made for each other? Vertex is a lesser-known point. It acts in coordination with the descendant. When two birth charts show strong inter-aspects along with the Vertex, this match is literally made in heaven.
· Sun -Moon placements-When in JanmaKundali, one partner's Sun aspects another's Moon, it depicts natural affection. Both support each other and can lead to a meaningful life. Their energy and actions always complement each other.
· Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (and Chiron) -The Trio Connections- These outer planets rule the marital life indirectly. When these trios are in the dynasty in both of their Kundli’s, it channels a powerful feeling of transformation – up liftmen in connection with each other. Such a couple motivates and boosts each other throughout life.
· The placement of Rahu- Rahu position, you can read another person's mind easily. It gives excellent analytical skills. Also, Rahu show sudden changes. If your planet Venus has strong placement along with Rahu having a favorable position, there are high chances of love marriage! Such a person is jolly and practical in nature.
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2020.09.22 08:32 FlyFree861012 Reflection after first connection ending

So I very recently decided that I was ready join ok cupid & attempt to make some new connections. I've posted here before explaining my current situation, I'm (33F bi) primary nesting partner in a 5yr relationship with 40M. I put myself out there with what I originally thought I was looking for & what was important to me in finding a new partner but being extremely new to this & navigating for the first time has been extremely difficult. I already have a wonderful partner & we have a really great life, there are however things that are missing, things that I've only ever experienced when being in a ff relationship & things that my partner & I don't share a common interest in. Example I guess is the level of affection that I like, activities I enjoy that he doesn't but that I don't want to force him to do knowing he would only be doing them to make me happy & for a long time I just accepted that it has to be that way. But recently have decided it is something I wanted to have in my life that my partner isn't able to fulfil. So I joined OKC from suggestion on here of poly friendly apps & I chatted with a few ladies & clicked really well with one in particular. Things were going great via text, we seemed to have a lot in common & we eventually went out on some dates. Her home life, marriage dynamic & lifestyle was extremely different to mine, she has children & a don't ask don't tell policy with her husband & her primary relationship is (according to her) lacking in things that she wants or is seeking from finding new connections even with all that at first I didn't think was going to be any kind obstacle that couldn't be overcome.
So we've been on a couple of dates, I'm extremely open with my partner & he suggests that they meet so that she is able to come over to our house (hers is off limits for above reasons) if we want to hang out, home cooked dinner movie intimacy etc now my partner is in LE, he works a lot of nightshift so there was always going to be a lot of opportunity for her & I to be alone on those shifts however on the weekends where he wasn't working & weekends were really the only time she was able to have dates we wanted to still be able to have her over, the point of them meeting & building a friendship where the three of us could hang out in a non sexual capacity & then she & I go off do our own thing at that point of the evening. It didn't seem unreasonable to us that if they got along, that the 1% of times she was over when he wasn't on nightshift that it should be an issue for us to include him in whatever we were doing movie dinner etc as 99% of our time together was alone going on dates outside our place & her being here when I was alone.
As the dates went on I'm realising more that our dynamics are so different, my partner & I talk about everything & very open about things that are bothering us, work through the issues as they happen, however she didn't seem to have the ability to communicate openly, on a few occasions would say something was ok only to be acting off later on & I would have to drag it out of her.
I struggled really badly with this as it's just not something I have had to deal with, I tried to be helpful patient & reassuring that it would make things a lot easier to work through anything as it came up but apparently not something she is used to doing or was willing to try to improve.
As things went on it has become really apparent to me that the type of connection I'm wanting is not something that is just going to come easily. I learnt that it really is going to be so important that the person I bring in to my life, my home, while isn't going to have to be sexually involved with my partner, I do need them to want to build a friendship where there is the opportunity to hang out together, if my partner surprises me with a date to go whale watching & thinks it would be awesome for the other person in my life to come along & experience it that they're open to those things, him wanting to plan something special for my birthday but wanting input from my other someone special that he has the friendship to do that without worry they're thinking he's making a move on them.
I didn't know that those things were going to be important to me before I went in to the OKC scene or that for my lifestyle & home life there would be things that I don't want to change. Yes I want it to feel natural & for it to be an enjoyable experience getting to know me & then eventually moving towards building this friendship with someone who is truly the sweetest person who is so loving & kind & who would make an amazing friend to whoever would let him in. The example I give to this is that we were meant to go on a date this past weekend & he had arranged without me knowing that our lunch at the restaurant we picked was paid for. He actively encouraged me to go out & do things that we don't share the same interest in but that he knows I love to go & do. The same amount of energy he puts in to doing things that make me happy he wants to give to the person that I find special because for him there is a flow on effect on if I'm happy healthy & enjoying life than it only makes our relationship that much better and enjoyable.
The deal breaker in this specific situation though is after realising that these things are important to me, I've had to respect that this lady isn't after the same thing. And quite frankly it sucks because there felt like so much potential for the situation. So today after she made it clear that she isn't interested in building a friendship with my partner or what I have no learnt is what is considered a non sexual threesome? I have to respect that & had to make the decision to let her know that it wasn't going to work out. So right now even though I can see that it's a positive thing that I've learnt things that I wouldn't have known were important to me unless I'd gone through this first experience I'm sad for what has been a really great couple of weeks & that after sending a message explaining where I'm at but telling her how wonderful I think she is & how much I've enjoyed getting to know her,she has blocked me without any kind of reply.
Where I go from this I dont know but ultimately I'll let myself feel a bit sad for what could have been if things were different & perhaps find the courage to reactivate my OKC with an updated profile of what I'm looking for with the hopes that there might be that someone special out there.
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2020.09.22 08:12 inabelaytionship Struggling infj with issues

I often realize how overwhelming it can be to do the pattern recognition thing. Let me just say that I’m not a professional and I recognize each infj person has their own flavor. ...I don’t know if anyone can relate to being extra petty.
This is what happened. My boyfriend and I went on a night drive to pick up wine. (On the way to Idaho since UT doesn’t sell wine on Sundays) he was telling me about his new job. He was also talking about the HR lady who was really happy he was back.
Back to the “pattern recognition” 40 mins or so pass and we had talked about some other things.
When we were pulling up to our cozy townhome apartment he was quoting The office.
I haven’t seen that much of the office so he proceeded telling me about this scene where :
X had a crush on Z and X wanted to impress Z but during a closing-interview X gives Y a gift and he opens it in front of X & Z. Aah, at the time it didn’t seem like there was a connection. A couple hours later pass and boom 💥 there’s that intrusive thought. Like a gremlin whispering in my ear my mind was harassing me like “ Ah crap, on second thought, my partner might be trying to spill the beans about his attractive HR lady” as I tried to be logical my mind was creating a story and rationalizing how he was in a roundabout way sharing how he actually felt with the HR lady who’s training him.
How can someone like me who is mindful 78% is the time. Who tries to tell the truth while being supportive and loving can be so ridiculous? I can’t just snap out of it. It’s like there is a switch. The paranoid thoughts will lure me in. I begin entertaining off/ on the fears. And it gets really shameful.
My recent struggle went down like this. I got hung up on the details where he is training and then there’s the HR lady. And they’re alone in the room. But then my mind reminds me that love is not ownership. And that I’m blessed to have a supportive partner. But I nearly always loose. And the sad truth is that I know it’s dump and that I know better •. That I’m older now and that the part where he tells me about The office , is just a scene .
But as much as I try to self-improve.., my mind hears on repeat
“ x had a crush on Z” Z feels like the HR lady. Is the person prettier than me? -Are they more lady like. “ I’m unlovable... and you pretty much get the visual, right?
.. layers of shame stack up. And before I could even stop myself there I was. Acting like I’m a crazy person. I create a FB and deleted it within mins after. I admittedly cave in to curiosity, found so called HR lady. HR lady is gorgeous. 😶
And as I’m adjusting to the three nights a week where I’m left to sleep by myself I realize how I’m not even close to where I want to be. Alone with our cat in the apartment and relying on the Benadryl to get sleepy.... The separation anxiety is still there. It can get heavy and I’m ashamed that I can’t just snap out of it. Most infjs are probably not dealing with mental health issues but here’s one ☝️ thanks for reding sappy post. Much love and light.
Kindly, Infj w issues
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2020.09.22 08:10 akurio Struggling in my relationship with my newly identified aromantic partner

My partner (27 m) and I (35 m) have been in a monogamous, romantic relationship for about two years. We have had our ups and downs but have worked through our issues so far with patience and understanding.
Over the past year, I noticed he stopped connecting with me emotionally and physically. I would connect with him, and it was well received, but my actions were seldom reciprocated. He is new to relationships (this is his first ltr) and so I thought he just didn't know how I felt about affection, so I talked with him about my needs and he agreed to try to connect with me more often and that he likes the affection that I show him. In turn I agreed to try and tone down my attempts to connect with him at his request. We also wrote up relationship goals and agreed we could provide the required support to each other going forward.
Flash forward to now, several months later, he has realized that he has no desire to reciprocate my love in those ways. He thinks he might be an aromantic and that before, when he would reciprocate more often, it was because the relationship was new and he thought it was fun to reciprocate. Then the novelty wore off, and he didn't think anything of it. He just doesn't want to connect with me in that way anymore.
I want to try and work things out with him but am finding it very difficult. Due in part to previous attachment issues on my end, instead of approaching this situation with understanding and compassion, I feel cheated, jaded, upset and hurt. I am resentful that he didn't know he was aro beforehand because if he would have known, we definitely would not have dated or become this close and I wouldn't have had to go through all of this emotional strife thinking I was too clingy and that I was asking too much for him to connect with me. I beat myself up now because I think there should have been a red flag or something I should have noticed and we could have dealt with things then. At the worst of times, I can convince myself that it would have been better not to have met him because of all the pain this has caused. Indeed the worst part is knowing that he didn't ever really love me in the way I wanted to he loved. Even now he doesn't know if he loves me... And given the current situation I don't think he ever will.
Even though my heart is full of anguish for myself, I want to think that he didn't do anything wrong because he didn't choose to be aromantic and that he is hurting and struggling with this new way of being, not to mention with being new to relationships in general. He did try to support me in the way that I needed and I appreciate that. He really did try. And in turn I want to be able to help him through this and be with him, but I don't think he wants my support. Right now he is super depressed about things, saying he is worthless and doesn't deserve me, doesn't want to discuss it and he tells me he doesn't know if he will ever be ready to talk about it. I know he needs support from someone, be it a friend or whatever, but he doesn't want it and I feel like I can't do anything to help him.
I just don't know what my limit is here. I wonder if I can come to terms with the resentment, and if I do, will I be open to him as he is? Will I be okay if he never reciprocates my feelings? That he will never love me in a romantic way? Can I compromise that much or is it giving away too much of myself? I want to be open and challenge my own relationship biases but if I want a romantic relationship in the end and he didn't, but didn't know better, is it okay to hold him responsible for that? Even if I do, will it even make me feel better?
I know that only I can decide what is right for me... I think these answers will come if I remain patient. One day I will look back at this time and be grateful for how much I learned. It just sucks now being in the thick of it, not seeing any way out except one that involves complicated feelings and hurt and huge changes ahead...
Thank you for reading.
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2020.09.22 08:04 XMG_gg Statement on Zen 3 in XMG APEX 15 + Call for Feature Requests

Hi everyone,
we would like to give a current statement on the future of Zen 3 CPUs in the current hardware generation of XMG APEX 15. After this, we will give some idea about our current thoughts on the roadmap and a call for feature requests (survey) from the global community.
This call is not only relevant for XMG customers but for everyone who is interested in a high-powered laptops system with a modern AMD Desktop CPU anywhere in the world.

AMD Roadmap Plans
AMD's current high-end CPU generation is 'Matisse' (e.g. Ryzen 9 3950X) for the desktop and 'Renoir' (e.g. Ryzen 7 4800H) for the laptop. Both these CPU platforms are based on the current Zen 2 architecture. According to press reports, AMD might release the first SKUs of Zen 3 for the AM4 socket by the end of 2020. The codename of this new CPU generation is ‘Vermeer’. AMD's own statement on the future of the AM4 socket can be read here:

XMG APEX 15 and the B450 chipset
XMG APEX 15 has a standard AM4 socket, connected to the B450 chipset. When AMD made the B550 successor chipset widely available, XMG APEX 15 was already on the market.
AMD has announced that motherboards with B450 will only have limited support for Zen 3 CPUs. This is partially due to a limit in BIOS ROM size. The AM4 socket has been around for a while and the list of supported CPUs goes back to the very first generation of AMD Ryzen. To make Zen 3 work on a motherboard with B450 chipset, the motherboard maker will need AMD’s special support to customize the AGESA BIOS code and remove support for a lot of the older CPU and APU generations.

Intention vs. Guarantee
Even if we assume that Firmware support (i.e. a compatible AGESA BIOS) would be relatively straightfoward, to really support a new CPU in an existing product, there is much more to be done for validation and fine-tuning. Technically speaking, it cannot be ruled out yet that some minor barriers might have to be overcome. Even if TDP and Voltages are all the same, there might be minute details such as tolerances in signal quality, memory and voltage control etc. that might affect system stability on the current motherboard in XMG APEX 15.
In the absence of CPU samples and firmware, those and other potential, hypothetical stumbling blocks are what we would call known unknowns and unknown unknowns. (copyright D. Rumsfeld)
Motherboards for Desktops usually have higher overprovisioning for such factors due to their larger size and their higher power consumption limits. Desktop motherboards are generally optimized to leave headroom for overclocking. On the other hand, due to the constrained thermal budget of laptops, a laptop motherboard might not have to work around tighter production and operational tolerances.
Due to these reasons, we cannot yet give a legally binding guarantee that the current hardware generation of XMG APEX 15 will receive support for Zen 3 (Vermeer) CPUs via BIOS update in the future. Our ODM does not yet have access to samples of Vermeer and is not yet able to run any tests in this direction yet.

Getting ready for Zen 3
However, what we can do, is to get prepared. To meet this end, we have discussed this matter with AMD and our ODM. AMD has already made it clear that they are willing to support mainboard vendors with B450 chipsets in their effort to backport the next-gen AGESA BIOS back to their platform. After our discussions over the last few months we have no reason to believe that our ODM will be an exception to this supposed rule.
At the same time, we have good reason to believe that our ODM has the intention to spend the necessary time, resources, and their best effort (assuming support from AMD) to try and create a working firmware upgrade that could allow Zen 3 to run on the current hardware of XMG APEX 15.
Our believe is based on prior experience with similar generational upgrades on Desktop hardware, for example the major Intel Skylake to Kaby Lake firmware upgrade in XMG ULTRA series in 2017.
This statement is merely concluded based on our own XMG-internal deliberations and not signed-off by any 3rd partys.
We do not expect our ODM partners to formulate an official commitment in this direction due to the slippery slope between marketing intents and legally binding guarantees. But based on informal discussions with our contact windows and the overwhelming demand for a Zen 3 upgrade from all global regions and key local OEM partners, we are highly optimistic that our ODM will follow through on their tradition to try and support reasonable upgrades on their flagship products even after the launch of potential successor models.
However, even if everything goes smoothly, the release of such a firmware upgrade might take some time and might be prioritised lower than the launch of other mainstream models or even a potential successor model to XMG APEX 15.
The roll-out of Vermeer and other Zen 3 processors in new products will be prioritised first. The effort in backporting Vermeer to the B450 motherboard in XMG APEX 15 can only follow after the initial rollout.
Let me conclude by saying: we at XMG have a strong interest in supporting Zen 3 on the current hardware platform in order to make XMG APEX 15 a stronger and more long-living product.

CPU User Upgrades, Thermals and Warranty
Assuming we would be able to get Zen 3 working in current hardware, we would of course find some form of support for our existing customer base to upgrade their CPU down the line, either soon after release or any time within or after the warranty period.
As you know from this thread, improper disassembly of thermal components and heatpipes and improper repastes might risk your warranty. To help our XMG APEX 15 customer with their potential future Zen 3 CPU upgrade, we would publish a policy on how to avoid any such worst cases. This might include instructional videos and will definitely include the offer to send your device back to us for a CPU upgrade. The exact policy and offered services would be communicated in due time.

Future Plans for XMG APEX Series
At the beginning of September NVIDIA introduced the RTX 3000 graphics cards (codenamed 'Ampere'). However, these are initially only graphics cards for desktop PCs. Related modules and cards for laptops have not been introduced yet.
It should be noted that the newly introduced desktop graphics cards have a higher power consumption (and therefore also heat emission) than their respective predecessors. For example the previous RTX 2080 Ti consumed only up to 250 watts, the successor model RTX 3080 is now rated for 320 watts.
Due to NDAs with our suppliers and partners we are not able to give any estimates as to when potential successor modules are going to be available.
As you might now, the NVIDIA GPU in XMG APEX 15 is not an MXM module – it is fully integrated into the motherboard. Upgrading the GPU with a potential ‘Ampere’ successor would essentially mean to replace the whole product. This also includes factors such as the heatpipe/thermal layout due to modifications of the component placement (GPU, VRAM, VRAM) on the potential future ‘Ampere’ board.
If XMG APEX 15 continues to sell well, based on prior experience, our ODM might have an interest to develop such a future successor model in the same (or similar) chassis with a new GPU and a new motherboard. However, such plans are not firm yet and not officially announced. It is also quite difficult to estimate a timeline after the prospected launch of ‘Ampere’ in laptops and ‘Vermeer’ on AM4. The development of a successor model might have a lower priority than other more mainstream models.

Global Feature Requests for XMG APEX 15 and beyond
Since we are still some time away from the potential kick-off of a successor model, now is the right time to submit your wishes and requests for a successor model. Some of your requests might be based on Firmware and could potentially be incorporated in a potential Zen 3 firmware upgrade on the current hardware. Other requests might be a hardware upgrade for a potential successor model.
Please write your requests in the comments below and help us to fill out this survey:
This form already includes a number of requests (such as 1.35V memory support, NVIDIA G-SYNC or AMD FreeSync on higher resolution panels) but we ask you to prioritise them: to help us find out which ones are critically important and which ones are merely nice-to-have.
We invite the whole global community (not only XMG customer) to participate in this survey. The results will be analysed and shared with our ODM Partners.
Thank you for reading this announcement and for your kind understanding. If you have any questions regarding the content or implications of the statements in this post, please let us know in the comments below.
// Tom
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2020.09.22 07:57 Comstark99 Rickard Dustin, Heir to Barrowton

Discord Name: Deckard#5005
Name and House: Rickard Dustin
Age: 20
Cultural Group: First men (Northman)
Appearance: A tall man for his age, Rickard is well over 6 ft tall.
Gift(s): Commander
Skill(s): Swords, Riding, Armored
Talent(s): Hunting, Tracking, Riding
Negative Trait: N/A
Starting Title(s): Heir to High Lordship of Barrowton
Starting Location: Winterfell
Alternate Characters: N/A
Born 289 to Lord Hother Dustin and Lady Branda Stout. Rickard is an only child and heir to the High Lordship of Barrowton. His father Lord Hother is an avid huntsman and swordsman, and has trained his son since Rickard could hold a sword. His mother Lady Branda is the daughter of Lord Beron Stout. Lady Branda has one younger brother Halys who is heir to Goldgrass. Halys has one son William around his nephews age. The family is very close and spends many moons traveling back and forth between Goldgrass and Barrowton.
After Rickards birth his mother Lady Branda became ill and near death. Only after months of treatment was she able to leave her bed, the maesters confirmed the Lord and Lady’s worst fears, she could not conceive any longer without great risk to both her and the child. Many lords pleaded with Hother to take a new wife and set aside Branda to have more heirs. Hother stood by Lady Branda and declared that Rickard would be his only heir.
From birth Rickard was brought into a loving family that instilled in him great values that he would carry for the rest of his life. A born swordsman, his father made him practice everyday and made sure no man, but Hother himself, could beat him. Hother also made sure to instill his love for hunting and horseback riding. His mother raised him to value family and was very often traveling to and from Goldgrass to establish a good relationship between House Dustin and House Stout.
Rickard was raised mainly in Barrowton but did spend some years under his grandfather Lord Beron Stout. When Rickard Dustin turned one and ten he was sent to foster under his grandfather and uncle. He became fast friend with his cousin William who Rickard was two years his senior. His grandfather taught him about diplomacy and statecraft. His grandfather also took him on hunting trips as a way of connecting. His uncle Halys was his sparring partner in the mornings and evenings. His cousin William, while decent with a blade, had a more apt mind for numbers and studied just as much if not more than he trained.
Rickard returned to Barrowton at the age of five and ten and became interested in becoming more involved with Barrowton. Rickard would hunt in the mornings and give his food away in the town. He felt that by establishing himself as an ally with his people earlier it would make ruling in the future easier. There he met a merchant Morgan ‘Snow’ the bastard of innkeeper who offered to help donate and distribute the food. Rickard could see the wisdom of this man and felt he was wasted in the city and could better serve the people working for his father. His father was in need of a new steward as the previous one had been caught stealing. Morgan soon made a name for himself as a kind but firm steward and became a confidant and friend of both Lord Hother and Rickard
After William finished fostering under Lord Hother he and Rickard decided to see the Wall before they have to become lords. Hother forbade Rickard from going as he is the sole heir to House Dustin and reports of wildling attacks around the wall were still being spread. William offered to help sneak Rickard out and run to Lord Stout for help. He declined initially but after his mother confronts him and tells him to “do what he feels he must do” he relents and the pair sneak out in the cover of darkness and ride for Goldgrass. There they tell their plans to Lord Stout who agrees to help the pair as he has seen them grow up and knows that this is something they feel they need to do. The pair are told of a traveling trader who is coming through Goldgrass and is making his way to Winterfell.
The pair meet up with the trader and agree to guard him and his goods in exchange for food and shelter. The first few days were uneventful and the pair began to relax their security when on the morning of the third day a group of four raiders attacked the group. The pair were outnumbered but are superior swordsman and Rickard manages to wound one raider and force a stalemate. The raiders declared that unless all the food was given that they would kill all of them. The trader fearing for his goods tried to kill the leader of the raiders but managed to get killed. In the scuffle Rickard and William each kill one raider leaving only the raiders leader and wounded raider alive. The raiders leaders offers his man’s life for any food they can spare, as he goes to take his man’s weapon the wounded raider pulls out a dagger and stabs his leader in the chest for his betrayal. The raiders are thrown to side of the road as a warning to others who might try and prey on traders. The two men bury the trader and offer their apologies for failing in their agreement.
Not wanting to leave the goods out for other raiders the pair agree to take the remaining goods and carriage to Winterfell and give them to the commoners. After finally reaching Winterfell the two distribute the goods from the cart and even the cart itself to locals in need and refuse any payment. Now in Winterfell the two still want to get to the Wall but see that they can offer their services in Winterfell and make some money to pay for transportation.
289- Born 291- William Stout born 297- First animal kill 300- Sent to foster under Lord Stout 302- Wins duel first time against Halys 304- Returns to Barrowton 305- Morgan appointed Steward 309- Arrival in Winterfell
Family Tree:
Hother Dustin (married Branda Stout) b.d. 270 age 39 Rickard Dustin b.d. 289 age 20
Beron Stout (married Sarra) b.d. 249 age 60 Branda Stout (married Hother Dustin) b.d. 271 age 38 Halys Stout (married Orenna) b.d. 274 age 35 William Stout b.d. 291 age 18
Supporting Characters:
Hother Dustin- (Father) A well respected warrior and head of House Dustin. He loves hunting, a lot more than ruling, but knows his position limits his freedoms. He loves his wife Branda ever since the two met on his nameday in Barrowton years ago. He would never set aside Branda and is confidant that the two of them raised Rickard right. He is friends with his father in-law and brother in-law and allows Rickard and William to pass between the two lands and foster where they wish. He trusts his son but does not trust the world and fears for his only child as the very future of House Dustin’s lays in his sons hand. Archetype: Huntsman
William Stout- (Cousin) William is second in line for Lord of Goldgrass and is close friends with Rickard Dustin. William is a trained swordsman but found more love in books. He is often found reading when not training with his father or cousin. He and Rickard wish to see the Wall because of tales wonder they heard as children and a desire to see if they both have what it takes to man the wall. They know that will have to return but until then are sticking to their plan. Archetype: Warrior (Sword)
Morgan Snow- (Steward) Born the bastard of an innkeeper and a maid Morgan has spent his whole life in the city. He wanted to help with his father’s business as he got older but was shunned by the family and Morgan decided to move on. He took up odd-jobs filling in where work was needed and grew reputation as a hard worker and knowledge from the various occupations. Never one to waste money Morgan is now steward of Barrowton and is helping to put the city into a new levels of prosperity and trade. Archetype: Steward
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2020.09.22 07:40 jeanclaude-reuille How to make your Phuket trip memorable?

How to make your Phuket trip memorable?
Dotted with innumerable attractions, delicious food, amazing temples, wide-spread markets, and much more, Phuket is one of the most happening tourist destinations that every traveler dream of visiting once in a lifetime. If you are planning a trip to Phuket, then you must know the place beforehand. Some simple tips will make your Phuket trip a memorable one. Keep on reading as you will get to know the highlights of this breathtaking destination which will make your trip an unforgettable affair.

Jean-Claude Reuille
Phuket- Things to Do On This Amazing Island!
As we all know that Phuket is a destination widely known for never-ending fun, long-stretched beaches, and crazy nightlife, every traveller does wish to hop on this island. The best way to explore this place is by renting a scooter which is readily available in Phuket. The island has a lot of scenic viewpoints along with historical old town and quintessential cultural attractions.
Want to make your trip unforgettable? Check out these crazy things to do in Phuket.
Phi Phi Islands
The Phi Phi Island is a well-known archipelago that consists of two islands; Koh Phi Phi Don (the main island) and Koh Phi Phi Leh. The hotspot of this island is the legendary Maya Bay that you should visit in the day time. You can stay on the Phi Phi Islands for a few days and enjoy the famous viewpoints. Also, indulge in thrilling water activities such as scuba diving. The most famous places for diving are the King Cruiser Wreck, Anemone Reef, Shark Point, Koh Bida Nok & Nai, and Maya Bay; where you can enjoy breathtaking flora and fauna.
Phang Nga Bay
Do visit the Phang Nga Bay and enjoy an unforgettable day out here. This place is famous for the sheer limestone cliffs that rise vertically from the emerald-green waters. The famous attractions of this bay are James Bond Island and Koh Panyee. Enjoy the spectacular scenery of this amazing place and discover the astonishing lagoons, caves, and secluded beaches. You would love to stay back here and if you have time then please do.
Big Buddha
Located in the south of Phuket, The Big Buddha is resting over the Nakkerd Hills which is 45 meters tall. You would love to see this iconic structure and get some photos clicked here for your memories. Just next to this statue, a small golden image that is made of solid brass is standing beautifully that will bewilder you for its beauty. The drive up to this place is also a kind of adventure as you have to pass through a beautiful jungle. Another thrilling way to reach this place is via the Ngong Ping Cable Car from Tung Chung station.
The beach bummers can hit the beach anytime in Phuket and as there are innumerable options available. You will definitely get confused about which one to choose. The options include Kata Beach, Freedom Beach, Kata Noi Beach, Ya Nui Beach, Surin Breach, Paradise Beach, Patong Beach, Karon Beach, and others. Each of them has something unique and stunning. You will enjoy the lively atmosphere, great restaurants, scrumptious food, and crazy nightlife. Also, the breathtaking scenery, sun-kissed beaches, and diverse water sports will make you stay here for long.
Naka Weekend Market
Phuket’s markets are another big attraction. One of the biggest markets of the island is Naka Weekend Market that you should not miss at any cost. The stalls are set up on every Saturday and Sunday starting from 4 p.m. to around 10-11 p.m. The market has a lot of things right from delicious food to the quirkiest things to buy. You would definitely want to give a try to almost everything available in this market as it is pocket friendly too.
The Old Town of Phuket
The old town of Phuket has many historical connections and definitely a worth place to visit. Along with the city tour, people used to travel to the old town and take a stroll around the streets. You can have a relaxing time here with your friends or partner and enjoy a cup of coffee and some snacks in one of the coffee shops. You would love to see the colorful houses along with some famous sights like the Sirikit Park or the Chinese Temple. Also, there is a walking street that sets up every Sunday along with the Thalang Road. This market is best known for souvenirs, clothing, Thai food, and much more.
Wat Khao Rang
If you are one of those who love to visit temples, then include Wat Khao Rang in your list. This temple has a guard made in the form of a giant statue situated at the staircase and inside; it has 3 Hindu Gods statues. The place is very relaxing and you can spend some good hours exploring the temple while being amidst a calm environment as this is not a crowded place. You will also enjoy a viewpoint from this place that is located atop a hill, named the Khao Rang hill. You can chill at the cafes and restaurants located there and enjoy some snacks and drinks of your choice.
Patong is a town on the island of Phuket that is widely known for the beach, nightlife, natural as well as manmade attractions, and scenic sites. No one can ever miss visiting Patong when in Phuket. The best thing to see in Patong is Bangla Road. If you are a partyholic, then you will head straight towards the most happening place known as Bangla Road in Patong. The place is known for pubs, discotheques, bars, and secluded beaches too. Also, there are rainforests and hidden waterfalls.
Krabi & The Tiger Cave Temple
You can travel to Krabi via bus to enjoy the best of Phuket. A must-see of this place is the Tiger Cave temple, which lies above the city. And to reach the temple, you need to take 1237 steps. The steps can actually make you sweaty but the breathtaking view will be rewarding. For a day trip, it is recommended that you can go for a trip to Ao Nang. This small beach town is located near Krabi town which is known for island hopping.
The Similan Islands
Have you ever heard of an archipelago with nine small islands? If not, then you have the chance to visit this beautiful island that is known for its scenic beauty along with thrilling adventures like snorkeling or diving. Not only this, but the sandy beaches and the underwater world are also open for you to explore at the Similan Islands.
A trip to Phuket would be incomplete if you miss anything from the list of things mentioned above. These are some of the most happening things to do in Phuket that will definitely make your trip a memory of a lifetime. Apart from these, we would recommend you to visit Laem Ka Beach, Promthep Cape, Wat Chalong, Phuket Trick Eye Museum, Karon Viewpoint, Kathu Waterfall, Nui Beach, and James Bond Island, if you have ample of time with you.
So, plan your trip accordingly and let yourself enjoy one of the coolest places in the world!
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2020.09.22 07:39 bigbootyobsessed 29 [M4M/T] PNW Looking for a Sassy, Feminine Type.

Hey! I've always been a bit of a submissive, receiving partner in the bedroom but have come around to being more submissive and of a penetrative role and kind of accepting that some femininity is a big turn on for me.
I guess you could say I'm looking for an ongoing connection with someone with a bit of a feminine side and who is more sassy/active, able to take control of a conversation, but still very vulnerable/feminine.
I'm super into cooking, going for walks around the city, work in technology. :)
Trans is also very welcome.
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