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2020.09.25 17:09 OneSpookySneakySquid [R&D] IL-2000 Heavy Strategic Airlift Transport

Russia's largest military transport aircraft is the Ukranian Antonov An-124 Ruslan, a quadjet strategic airlifter developed in the Soviet era While until now the jet has been reliable and dependable, it has an aging airframe that could be considered ancient in aviation standards and due to political issues with the Ukraine, Antonov is not a viable partner for Russian partners and maintenance. Russia needs a replacement aircraft to serve its needs for the next several decades, and for many years it was rumored to be the PAK TA, though few believed that project would ever go ahead.
Today, Russia is announcing the Ilyushin IL-2000 strategic airlift programme. With the program having entered its earliest stages in 2015, the government and Ilyushin believe that an introduction date by 2025 will be viable drawing on existing expertise of a variety of Russian aerospace companies. 85 will be acquired by 2035 to replace existing strategic airlift planes.
The aircraft will be able to travel at a speed slightly lower than the speed of sound, being able to reach a speed of Mach 0.95 granting the aircraft significantly improved survivability and importance in being able to get in and out of combat areas faster than most transports. The aircraft will also have a civilian variant that will not include the variety of sensory equipment and defensive systems in place.
The aircraft will have an 8 man crew, one more than the Antonov An-124: pilot, copilot, navigator, senior flight engineer, radio man, dedicated Electronic Warfare Officer and two loadmasters.
The IL-2000 will have a host of countermeasures and an electronic warfare suite will have the ability to pinpoint enemy radar and jams signals in their direction. Additionally, it will be fitted with active electronic counter measures, that are able to jam enemy radar frequencies as well as IRCM (Infrared Counter Measure) systems needed to divert heat seeking Infra Red missiles by disturbing their guidance systems. A missile launch warning receiver will be located at the tail and is intended to report and track missile threats by zeroing in on their ultraviolet exhaust signature and will feature a Nemesis Directional Infra-Red Counter Measures (DIRCM) system, which can be directed by an automated system that fires pulsating flashes of IR energy that confuse a missile’s guidance system.
A second crucial component of the project will be making more powerful engines. As such, the government will contract Aviadvigatel, UEC Saturn, JSC Kuznetsov, the United Engine Company and others to develop an improved engine for the Il-2000 based on the Progress D-18T which has 51,500 lbf (229 kN). The engines are to have 55,000 lbf for increased speed. The engines will carry the Saturn namesake and be dubbed the Saturn V1 engines.
Characteristic Value
Wingspan 65m
Payload 150,000 kg
Maximum speed Mach 0.95
Range 7,000 km at full load
Engine Thrust 5 x Saturn V1 engines
Unit Cost $200 million, 80 planned
Misc Crew: 2 pilots, support crew and 2 loadmaster (8 total); operable from unprepared surfaces; tailless design
Artist's concept that looks fancy
Other Angle
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2020.09.25 16:25 God_Chose_Me [Store] M4 Guardian w/ 2x LDLC + Titan Holos, 2x Awp Lightning Strike w/ LDLC Holo Scope, Jet Set Crown Wood, ST MW AK Asii w/ 4x VP Col 14 Holo, AK Redline w/ 4x 3d Max Kato 15 Holo

I’m open to discussion and offers. Add me if you want to talk. Willing to accept katos/Tier-1 AK Blue Gems as well.
M4 Guardian MW w/ 2x LDLC + Titan Holos SS:
B/O 60 Arcs TB/PA

Awp Lightning Strike w/ LDLC Holo Scope .05 SS:
B/O 35 Arcs TB/PA

Awp Lightning Strike w/ LDLC Holo Scope .04 SS:
B/O 35 Arcs TB/PA

AK Jet Set MW .09 w/ Crown on Wood SS:
B/O 15 Arcs TB/PA

ST MW AK Asii w/ 4x VP Cologne 14 Holo SS:
B/O 8 Arcs TB/PA

AK Redline w/ 4x 3dMAX Kato 15 Holos SS:
B/O 6 Arcs TB/PA

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2020.09.25 16:00 ClassyLifter [CAN-ON] [H] Huge Selection of Nintendo 3DS, DS, Gamecube, N64, NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Everdrive, Gameboy, GBA, Wii, Wii U, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 Games and Systems [W] PayPal

Prices are in CANADIAN dollars

Shipping is paid by the buyer. Lettermail and tracked shipping options are both available

Hi everyone!
For sale is a huge selection of games spanning multiple consoles. I am happy to provide pictures upon request. Feel free to PM me with any other questions. Deals can be arranged for multiple purchases.


Nintendo 3DS Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan (Big Box Edition) Nintendo 3DS CIB $80
Pokemon Omega Ruby Nintendo 3DS NEW $70
Fire Emblem Awakening Nintendo 3DS CIB $60
Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden Nintendo 3DS NEW $65
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Nintendo 3DS CIB $45
Pokemon Sun Nintendo 3DS CIB $35
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Nintendo 3DS CIB $33
Pokemon Sun Nintendo 3DS In-Box, No Manual $30
Mario & Luigi Dream Team Nintendo 3DS CIB $30
Pokemon Moon Nintendo 3DS CIB $25
New Super Mario Bros 2 Nintendo 3DS CIB $25
Mario Kart 7 Nintendo 3DS Loose $25
Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS CIB $25
LEGO Lord of the Rings Nintendo 3DS CIB $25
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Nintendo 3DS Loose $ 20
Lego Marvel Super Hero's Universe in Peril Nintendo 3DS CIB $20
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Nintendo 3DS CIB $20
Angry Birds Trilogy Nintendo 3DS CIB $20
Steeldiver Nintendo 3DS CIB $15

Nintendo DS Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Pokemon HeartGold Edition (NOT FOR RESALE) Nintendo DS CIB $210
Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times Nintendo DS CIB (MINTY) $200
Mario & Luigi Partners in Time Nintendo DS CIB $45
Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero Nintendo DS CIB $30
New Super Mario Bros. Nintendo DS CIB $30
The Legendary Starfy Nintendo DS CIB $25
Backyard Hockey Nintendo DS CIB $25
New Super Mario Bros Nintendo DS In-Box, No Manual $25
Mage Knight: Destiny's Soldier Nintendo DS CIB $25
Mario Kart DS Nintendo DS alternate case, no manual $25
Yoshi's Island DS Nintendo DS Loose $25
Yoshi Touch & Go Nintendo DS CIB $25
Spyro: A New Beginning Nintendo DS CIB $25
Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon Nintendo DS CIB $25
Disney's Kim Possible: Global Gemini Nintendo DS CIB $20
Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword Nintendo DS CIB $20
Star Trek Tactical Assualt Nintendo DS CIB $20
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (x2) (2008) Nintendo DS CIB $20
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Winter Games Nintendo DS CIB $15
The Price Is Right Nintendo DS CIB $15
Rubik's World Nintendo DS CIB $15
Hello Kitty Birthday Adventures Nintendo DS CIB $15
Worms: Open Warfare Nintendo DS CIB $15
The Backyardigans Nintendo DS CIB $15
Broken Sword the Shadow of the Templars Nintendo DS CIB $15
Where's Waldo? The Fantastic Journey Nintendo DS CIB $15
Garfield A Tale of Two Kitties Nintendo DS Loose $15
Guinness World Records Nintendo DS Loose $15
The Settlers Nintendo DS CIB $10
Chicken Shoot Nintendo DS CIB $10
Zhu Zhu Pets Nintendo DS CIB $10
Pogo Island Nintendo DS CIB $10
LEGO Battles Nintendo DS CIB $10
Lego Battles: Ninjago (2 Copies) Nintendo DS CIB $10
The Smurfs (2 Copies) Nintendo DS CIB $10
Poptropica Nintendo DS CIB $10
Toy Story 3 Nintendo DS CIB $10
Skylanders Spyro Adventures Nintendo DS CIB $10

Nintendo DS System
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Nintendo 3DS Black Nintendo 3DS Loose (w Charger) $150
Nintendo 2DS (Electric Blue) Nintendo 2DS Loose (w Charger) $105
Nintendo DS Lite (White) Nintendo DS Loose (no charger $55

Gamecube Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Gamecube CIB $145
Super Mario Sunshine (Player's Choice) Gamecube In-Box, No Manual $95
Mario Kart Double Dash Gamecube CIB $90
Pikmin Gamecube CIB $85
Luigi's Mansion (Player's Choice) Gamecube CIB $80
The Simpsons Hit and Run (Players Choice) Gamecube CIB $70
Pikmin (Players Choice) Gamecube In-Box, No Manual $65
Starfox Assault Gamecube CIB $60
Viewtiful Joe Gamecube CIB $60
Mega Man X Collection Gamecube CIB $55
Viewtiful Joe 2 Gamecube CIB $45
Sonic Adventure DX (Player's Choice) Gamecube In-Box, No Manual $45
Shadow the Hedgehog (Player's Choice) Gamecube In-Box, No Manual $45
Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3 Rebel Strike Gamecube CIB $40
X-Men Legends 2 Rise of Apocalypse Gamecube CIB $30
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Gamecube CIB $30
Ty, the Tasmanian Devil Gamecube CIB $30
Mega Man Anniversary Collection Gamecube CIB $25
Star Fox Adventures Gamecube In-Box, No Manual $25
Spyro: A Hero's Tail (Player's Choice) Gamecube CIB $25
X-Men Legends Gamecube CIB $25
Pac-Man Fever Gamecube CIB $20
Killer 7 Gamecube Loose (alternate Case) $20
Wave Racer Blue Storm Gamecube In-Box, No Manual $15
007 Everything or Nothing Gamecube In-Box, No Manual $15
Lord of the Rings Two Towers Gamecube CIB $15
007 From Russia with Love Gamecube Loose (alternate Case) $15
Spider-Man (Players Choice) Gamecube CIB $15
Top Gun Combat Zones Gamecube CIB $10
Prince of Persia Warrior Within Gamecube CIB $10
Driven Gamecube CIB $10

Gamecube Systems & Accessories
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Black Gamecube Controller Gamecube Loose $45
Indigo Gamecube Controller Gamecube Loose $45
Controller (Mad Catz) Gamecube Loose $20

Nintendo 64 Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Perfect Dark Nintendo 64 CIB $60
Banjo-Tooie Nintendo 64 Loose $60
South Park Chefs Luv Shack (PAL) Nintendo 64 CIB $60
F-Zero X Nintendo 64 Loose $45
007 Goldeneye Nintendo 64 Loose $40
Banjo Kazooie Nintendo 64 Loose $40
007 The World is Not Enough Nintendo 64 Loose $25
Wave Race 64 Nintendo 64 Loose $25
Triple Play 2000 Nintendo 64 Loose $25
Blast Corp Nintendo 64 Loose $20
Jet Force Gemini Nintendo 64 Loose $15
Star Wars Rogue Squadron Nintendo 64 Loose $15

Nintendo 64 Systems & Accessories
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Nintendo 64 Console w/ Grey Contorller Nintendo 64 Loose $125
Nintendo 64 Yellow Controller Nintendo 64 Loose $40
Nintendo 64 Blue Controller Nintendo 64 Loose $35
Nintendo 64 Controller Pak Nintendo 64 Loose $20
Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak Nintendo 64 Loose $20

Gameboy Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Operation C Gameboy Loose $40
Metroid 2 Return of Samus Gameboy Loose $35
The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening Gameboy Loose $35
Mega Man Dr. Wily's Revenge Gameboy Loose $25
Spider-Man X-Men Arcade's Revenge Gameboy Loose $15
Tetris Gameboy Loose $15
The Amazing Spider-Man Gameboy Loose $15
Super RC Pro Am Gameboy Loose $12

Gameboy Systems and Accessories
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Gameboy Console Gameboy Loose $70

Sega Genesis Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Vectorman Sega Genesis NEW $90
Rocket Knight Adventures Sega Genesis In-Box, No Manual $55
Cool Spot Sega Genesis CIB $35
Wolverine Adamantum Rage Sega Genesis In-Box, No Manual $35
Separation Anxiety Sega Genesis Loose $31
Ecco the Dolphin Sega Genesis CIB $25
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Sega Genesis CIB $25
Sonic the Hedgehog Sega Genesis Case and Manual Only (NO GAME) $25
X-Men Sega Genesis CIB, no poster $25
Aladdin Sega Genesis Loose $20
Ecco the Tides of Time Sega Genesis In-Box, No Manual $15
Ren and Stimpy: Stimpy's Invention Sega Genesis In-Box, No Manual $15
Sonic Spinball Sega Genesis CIB $15

Sega Systems and Accessories
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Sega CD Home Console Sega CIB $350
Sega Genesis Launch Edition Console w/ Sonic Cartridge Sega Genesis CIB $300
Sega Dreamcast Arcade Stick Sega Dreamcast CIB $200
Sega Genesis Model 2 Sega Genesis CIB $175

Gameboy Advance Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Metroid Fusion GBA CIB $180
EZ-Flash IV GBA Loose $60
Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 GBA CIB $50
Super Mario Advance GBA CIB $50
Super Mario Advance 2 GBA CIB $40
Yu-Gi-Oh GX Duel Academy GBA In-Box, No Manual $35
Battleship, Risk, Clue GBA Loose $15
Harry Potter GBA Loose $15
Monopoly GBA Loose $15
Spyro: Season of Ice GBA Loose $15
Board Game Classics GBA CIB $15

Gameboy Advance Systems and Accessories
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Custom Back-Lit Gameboy Advance System (Glacier) GBA CIB $150
Gameboy Advance System (Glacier) GBA CIB $65

Nintendo Entertainment System Games (NES)
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Monster in my Pocket NES In-Box, No Manual $150
Kid Icarus NES CIB $150
Batman Return of the Joker NES Loose $80
A Nightmare on Elm Street NES Loose $80
Castlevania 3 Dracula's Curse NES Loose $60
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 The Manhattan Project NES Loose $50
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out NES Loose $40
Adventure Island 2 NES Loose $35
Tecmo Super Bowl NES Loose $35
Game Genie NES Loose $35
Final Fantasy NES Loose $32
Super Mario Bros 2 NES Loose $30
Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link (Gold) NES Loose $30
Gremlins 2 NES Loose $30
Wolverine NES Loose $30
Super C NES Loose $30
Rampage NES Loose $25
Kid Icarus NES Loose $25
Tiny Toon Adventures NES Loose $25
Paperboy NES Loose $25
Little Nemo the Dream Master NES Loose $25
Donkey Kong Classics NES Loose $25
Ninja Gaiden 2 The Dark Sword of Chaos NES Loose $25
Ghosts 'n Goblins NES Loose $25
Faxanadu NES Loose $25
Werewolf NES Loose $22
Excitebike NES Loose $20
Smash TV NES Loose $20
Guerrilla War NES Loose $20
Bionic Commando NES Loose $20
Adventures of Lolo NES Loose $20
Metal Gear NES Loose $20
Jackal NES Loose $20
Friday the 13th NES Loose $20
Double Dragon NES Loose $20
Teenage Mutant Turtles NES Loose $20
Batman the Video Game NES Loose $20
Adventure Island NES Loose $20
Super Mario Bros 3 NES Loose $20
Snake's Revenge NES Loose $20
Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest NES Loose $20
A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobomania NES Loose $20
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 The Arcade Game NES Loose $20
Robocop NES Loose $17
Double Dragon 2 NES Loose $15
Strider NES Loose $15
Blaster Master NES Loose $15
Star Tropics NES Loose $15
Spy Hunter NES Loose $15
RC Pro-Am NES Loose $15
Super Mario Bros NES Loose $15
Wizards and Warriors NES Loose $15
Blades of Steel NES Loose $15
The Simpsons Bart vs the Space Mutants NES Loose $15
The Goonies 2 NES Loose $15
Gotcha! NES Loose $15
Yoshi's Cookie NES Loose $15
Jaws NES Loose $15
Yoshi NES Loose $15
Roller Games NES Loose $15
Cyberstadium Series Base Wars NES Loose $15
Narc NES Loose $15
Dr. Mario NES Loose $15
Tetris NES Loose $12
Golgo 13 Top Secret Episode NES Loose $12
Operation Wolf NES Loose $12
Mickey Mousecapade NES Loose $12
Wrath of the Black Manta NES Loose $12
Duck Hunt NES Loose $12
Sky Shark NES Loose 10

NES Systems and Accessories
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
NES Action Set NES CIB (MINT BOX) $300
Speedboard NES CIB $225
NES Zapper Light Gun NES Loose $15
NES Controller NES Loose $15

Super Nintendo Entertainment System Games (SNES)
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Super Mario Kart SNES CIB $150
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble SNES CIB $140
Mortal Kombat 2 SNES CIB $90
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles in Time SNES Loose $70
Final Fantasy 2 SNES Loose $65
Bust-A-Move SNES CIB $60
Super Mario World SNES Loose w Manual $45
Donkey Kong Country 3 - Dixie Kong's Double Trouble SNES Loose $40
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 SNES Loose $45
Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy's Kong Quest SNES Loose $40
The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past SNES Loose $40
The Tick SNES Loose $35
Double Dragon 3 SNES Loose $30
Raiden Trad SNES Loose $30
MTV's Beavis and Butthead SNES Loose $30
Super Mario All-Stars SNES Loose $30
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (x2) SNES Loose $30
Nhl 95 SNES CIB $25
Toy Story SNES Loose $25
Ghostbusters SNES Loose $25
The Simpsons Bart vs the Space Mutants SNES Loose $25
Cool World SNES Loose $25
Spawn SNES Loose $25
Mortal Kombat SNES Loose $25
Mortal Kombat 2 SNES Loose $25
The Addams Family SNES Loose $25
Final Fight SNES Loose $25
Killer Instinct SNES Loose $25
Starfox FX SNES Loose $25
Disneys the Lion King SNES Loose $20
Super Empire Strikes Back SNES Loose $20
F-Zero SNES Loose $20
Alien 3 SNES Loose $20
Krusty's Super Fun House SNES Loose $20
WWF Raw SNES Loose $20
Daffy Duck Marvin Missions SNES Loose $20
Speedy Gonzales Los Gatos Bandidos SNES Loose $20
Spider-Man X0Men Arcade's Revenge SNES Loose $20
The Incredible Hulk SNES Loose $20
Clayfighter SNES Loose $20
Judge Dredd SNES Loose $20
Aero the Acro-Bat SNES Loose $15
Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure SNES Loose $15
NHL 97 SNES Loose $15
Super Star Wars SNES Loose $15
WWF Super Wrestlemania SNES Loose $15
Stunt Race FX SNES Loose $15
Disneys The Jungle Book SNES Loose $12
Nickelodeon Aaahh!!! Real Monsters SNES Loose $10

SNES Systems and Accessories
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
SNES Console Donkey Kong Edition SNES CIB $420
Super Scope 6 SNES Loose w Manuals $110
Acclaim Dual Turbo Wireless SNES Controllers + Receiver SNES Loose $55
Fighter Stick SN SNES Loose $35

Everdrive Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
SD2SNES Deluxe Edition SNES CIB $300
Mega Everdrive Sega Genesis Loose $285
Everdrive GB Gameboy CIB $200
Everdrive MD Sega Genesis CIB $185

Wii Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Mario Kart Wii (w/ 2 Steering Wheels) Wii CIB $75
Pikmin 2 (Nintendo Selects WII CIB $60
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Wii CIB $60
Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Wii CIB $55
Bit.Trip Complete Wii CIB $45
Wii Sports Wii Loose $40
Metal Slug Anthology Wii CIB $35
Punch-Out Wii CIB $35
Super Mario Galaxy Wii CIB $30
Punch-Out!! Wii CIB $30
Sin and Punishment: Star Successor Wii CIB $30
Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii CIB $25
A Boy and His Blob Wii CIB $25
Sonic Colors Wii CIB $25
Kirby's Epic Yarn Wii CIB $25
MadWorld Wii CIB $20
Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Wii CIB $20
Red Steel 2 Wii CIB $15
Geometry Wars Galaxies Wii CIB $15
Trauma Center New Blood Wii CIB $15
Trauma Center Second Opinion Wii CIB $15
Batman the Brave and the Bold Wii CIB $15
Okami Wii CIB $15
Wii Play Wii CIB $15
Game Party Wii CIB $15
Disney Sing It Wii CIB $15

Wii Systems & Accessories
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Wii Console (Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort Bundle) Wii CIB $180
Wii Console (white) Wii Loose $70
Nunchuck Controller (x2) Wii Loose $20

Wii U Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Bayonetta 2 Wii U CIB $35
Mario Kart 8 Wii U CIB $35
New Super Luigi U Wii U CIB $35
Super Mario 3D World Wii U CIB $30
Super Smash Bros for WiiU Wii U CIB $25
Rayman Legends Wii U CIB $20
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge Wii U CIB $15
Zombi U Wii U CIB $10

Wii U Systems & Accessories
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Mario Wii Remote Plus Wii U In-Box $60
Wii U Pro Controller (Black) Wii U Loose $45

Playstation Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Tobal No. 1 Playstation CIB $45
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Playstation In-Box No Manual $25
A Bug's Life Playstation In-Box No Manual $15

Playstation 2 Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
WWE Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain PS2 CIB $70
Grand Theft Auto Vice City PS2 CIB $15
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 PS2 CIB $15
MVP Baseball 2004 PS2 In-Box No Manual $15
NHL 2K6 PS2 CIB $15
NBA Live 2004 PS2 CIB $15
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 PS2 CIB $15
NHL 09 PS2 CIB $15
Grand Theft Auto 3 PS2 CIB $15

Playstation 3 Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Grand Theft Auto IV PS3 CIB $15
Madden 2007 PS3 CIB $15
NHL 2010 PS3 CIB $15
MLB 07 The Show PS3 CIB $15

Xbox 360 Games
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Grand Theft Auto V Xbox 360 CIB $25
Call of Duty Black Ops Xbox 360 CIB $20
Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Xbox 360 CIB $15
Battlefield 3 Limited Edition Xbox 360 CIB $15
NHL 10 Xbox 360 CIB $15
Watch Dogs Xbox 360 CIB $15
Call of Duty World at War Xbox 360 CIB $15
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 CIB $15
NHL 14 Xbox 360 CIB $10
L.A Noire Xbox 360 CIB $10

Xbox 360 Systems & Accessories
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (Silver) Xbox 360 CIB $50
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Gears of War 3 Edition Xbox 360 CIB $50

BUNDLE: Any 3 Games for $20 CDN
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Pet Alien an Intergalactic Puzzlepalooza Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Disney's Tangled Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Horsez Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Disney Fairies TinkerBell and the Lost Treasure Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Nancy Drew The Model Mysteries Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Barbie The Island Princess Nintendo DS Loose 3 for $20
Wappydog Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Style Lab Makeover Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
World Championship Poker Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Space Chimps Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Hamsterz Life Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Spelling Challenges Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Real Time Conflict Shogun Empires Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Plushees Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS Alt case/no manual 3 for $20
Imagine Fashion Designer Nintendo DS CIB 3 for $20
Madden 2005 Nintendo DS Loose 3 for $20
Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS Alt Box, No Manual 3 for $20

BUNDLE: Any 2 Games for $25
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
LEGO Batman 2 Nintendo DS Loose 2 for $25
Monster High 13 Wishes Nintendo 3ds Loose 2 for $25
Flash Focus Vision training in minutes a day Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $25

BUNDLE: Any 2 Games for $20
Title System Condition Price (CDN)
Lord of the Rings Conquest Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
Ridge Racer DS Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
Star Wars the Force Unleashed (X2) Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
Napoleon Dynamite Nintendo DS no manual, alt case 2 for $20
King Kong Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
Meteos Disney Magic Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
Tiger Woods 2005 Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
End War Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
Winter Sports 2 The Next Challenge Nintendo DS NEW 2 for $20
Brain Age (x2) Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
Brain Age 2 Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
Personal Trainer Cooking Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
True Swing Golf Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
Big Brain Academy (x2) Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
My Weight Loss Coach Nintendo DS CIB 2 for $20
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2020.09.25 14:15 AnotherGayAccount I need to vent about Lagoon Lounge (Spoilers for full series)

I just finished Lagoon Lounge 3 and I just needed to say...
Why is there no happy ending for Yamato 😭 He was the only one I cared about (aside from Arashi but I knew that wasn't going anywhere since he was HD remake only). It seems like every ending sort of sucks for someone so I thought "Oh the sixth ending must be when I choose the CG route for each person revealing the polyamourous/open relationship ending where everyone finds happiness!" But no it turned out to be some creepy ending for Sousuke's Brother. I thought for sure when Gou said he was going to turn the place into a bed and breakfast in his ending it was hinting that he'd get Yamato to help him run it in the poly ending since he's the more outgoing manager and they'd become co-owners with benefits or something. Then Rai would feel guilty about being the one who convinced Yuujirou to stay and offer to pay for any artificial insemination or surrogates he would need to have children so Yuujirou could just fall in love with any gender person. And they'd all occasionally group up together for good time fucking. Or they'd form into distinct pairs. I didn't even care if my character couldn't be with Yamato in this ending. I just wanted to see him happy!
Seriously everyone else gets Christmas Music and either a happy ending (Souske, Rai) or at least bittersweet hope for the future (Rou, Yuujirou). But the only chubby guy has to leave town and be miserable! It ended up being a sour note on what was otherwise a series that was good enough for me to play through despite not being particularly attracted to most of the cast.
I know a LL4 is never going to happen but I hope there is HD remake of LL3 one day that gives him an ending where he and Gou become full business partners or he breaks even with his restaurant and jet sets around the world with Arashi or something
On a side note some of the consent in this series was very questionable but I assumed it was just a cultural difference. I was hoping the main character would be called out on it in the end but they didn't really resolve that either.
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2020.09.25 13:14 Educational_Ear_6275 Boeing News

Boeing (BA) - Get Report supplier Impresa Aerospace, which makes parts involved in the manufacture of the company’s grounded 737 MAX jets, has filed for bankruptcy protection as Boeing continues to struggle both with getting the planes back in the air and the coronavirus pandemic.
Impresa Aerospace filed for bankruptcy protection in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Del., amid a steep loss in revenue due to the global grounding of the 737 MAX aircraft following two fatal crashes that killed a total of 346 people.
Private-equity firm Twin Haven Capital Partners, Impresa’s majority owner and secured lender, plans to buy the Gardena, Calif.-based company out of bankruptcy for $10 million, unless a better offer is made, according to court papers.
The bankruptcy is the latest sign of the struggles afflicting Boeing and the aerospace industry, and how the 737 MAX's grounding and the ongoing pandemic has slammed the airline industry's demand for planes - and how that is reverberating through the entire aerospace supply chain.
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2020.09.25 07:15 PotateTheOs I got bored and mapped out the MCU timeline(s)

Sorry guys, its gonna be a long one... If you want to, give it a read, let me know what I'm missing. It's very rough copy. I kinda wanna make this abomination one day, hence the movie titles.
THOR: THE DARK WORLD- EONS AGO Dark Elves vs Bor on Nifilheim
THOR- 965AD-? Odin vs Laufy in Tönsberg Norway Odin finds Loki. Young Thor and Loki on Asgard
CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER- 1941 Steve and Bucky come back from Steve's in Brooklyn, New York.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER- 1941-1945 World War II Across America and Germany Captain America is born and fights along side the Howling Comandos against Hydra and The Red Skull.
AVENGERS: ENDGAME- 1970 Captain America and Iron Man (2023) go to New Jersey in search of the Tesseract.
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2- 1980 Meredith Quill and Ego drive through Missouri and plant a seed.
AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR- Gamora is separated from her mother, she meets the Mad Titan: Thanos.
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY- 1988 Meredith dies of cancer in a Missouri hospital and Peter leaves the hospital only to be abducted by Yondu and the Ravagers.
ANT-MAN- 1988-1989 Ant-Man and The Wasp stop a Soviet missile. Janet is lost to the Quantum Realm. Hank Pym confronts Howard Stark and S.H.I.E.L.D at the Triskellion in Washington DC about them trying to replicate his Pym Particle formula.
CAPTAIN MARVEL- 1989 Carol Danvers flies a prototype jet with Lawson through California. She gains powers after a crash. Lawson is a Kree named Mar-Vell, killed by Yonn Rogg.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR- 1991 The Winter Soldier is tasked with obtaining Super Soldier serum. He kills Howard and Maria Stark.
BLACK PANTHER- 1992 King T'Chacka, the Black Panther kills his brother N'Jobu in his appartment in Oakland.
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2- Yondu teaches Peter.
CAPTAIN MARVEL- 1995 Vers arrives in Los Angeles in 1995, fights and promptly befriends the Skrulls and takes down a conspiracy made by the Kree. She reclaims her name: Carol Danvers and becomes Captain Marvel.
IRON MAN 3- 1999/2000 Tony Stark and Maya Hansen meet Aldrich Killian, head of A.I.M. in Sweden on New Year's Eve 1999.
IRON MAN- 2009 Tony Stark is held captive in Iraq where he builds the Mark I Iron Man armour in a cave, with a box of scraps. He fights the Ten Rings and takes down Obadiah Staine, his former business partner, now Iron Monger in California.
THE INCREDIBLE HULK- 2009 Bruce Banner is tracked down while living in Brazil. He escapes army capture and returns home to America where he reunites with Betty Ross, daughter of General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross. He takes down Abomination in the streets of Harlem, New York
IRON MAN 2- 2010 Tony is Dying. He is challenged by Ivan Vanko, AKA Whiplash. He constructs Mark 5 and 6, creating a new element to power his Arc Reactor in his chest. Justin Hammer employs Ivan to build an Army of Iron Man clones. Agent Coulson tells Tony that he needs to go to New Mexico to deal with a situation.
THOR- 2010 Thor takes his brother, Lady Sif and the Warriors Three to Jotenhiem. He faces the frost giants but is ultimately cast out by his father, Odin. He arrives in New Mexico, learns to be more humble and becomes a true Hero as Thor once again, defeating Loki.
IRON MAN 2- 2010 Iron Man with he help of War Machine beat Hammer's drones and Whiplash.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER- 2011 Steve Rogers awakes in New York 2011.
MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS- 2012 Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye are assembled to take on the threat of Loki and his Chitauri army. They form The Avengers.
AVENGERS: ENDGAME- 2012 Captain America, Iron Man and Ant-Man 2023 arrive to pick up the Scepter, Tesseract and Eye of Agamoto.
MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS- 2012 The Avengers defeat Loki and his army.
AVENGERS: ENDGAME- 2012 Hulk gets the Time Stone from the Ancient One and Steve gets the Scepter from Stiwell and Rumlo however Tony and Scott aren't able to retrieve the Tesseract and have to come up with another plan.
SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING- 2012 Adrian Toomes and his crew clean the mess left by the Battle of New York. Damage Control orders them to leave
IRON MAN 3- 2012-2013 Iron Man is broken by "The Mandarin" and is left with PTSD From the Battle of New York and is stuck in Rose Hill, Tennessee. Pepper and President Ellis are captured by Aldrich Killian and A.I.M who inject Pepper with Exremis. He recovers and with the help of Rhody, he saves the President and Pepper from Aldrich. After he dies, Tony blows up all his remaining suits.
THOR: THE DARK WORLD- 2013 Jane Foster accidentally imbues herself with the power of the Ether, the Reality Stone, and is reunited with Thor who takes her to Asgard.
AVENGERS: ENDGAME- 2013 Thor and Rocket arrive on Asgard to gain the Reality Stone. Thor talks to his mother and Rocket collects the stone.
THOR: THE DARK WORLD- 2013 Thor, Loki and Jane travel to Nifilhiem to meet with Malakith, the Dark Elf. Thor unsuccessfully destroys the Ether. Malekith arrives on Earth in London but is stopped by Thor, Jane, Darcy and Eric.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER- 2014 Nick Fury is downed by The Winter Soldier, a weapon of Hydra who is revealed to secretly have corrupted half of S.H.I.E.L.D's personale in Washington DC. Steve and Natasha turn to Sam Wilson: The Falcon, for help.Bucky turns out to be the mind wiped Hydra puppet. Pierce, leader inside Hyrda, is defeated and Bucky disappears. Falcon and Steve hunt for Bucky.
AVENGERS: ENDGAME- 2014 Gamora and Nebula meet with Thanos, Nebula is overridden by 2023 Nebula.
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY- 2014 Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot are imprisoned together in the Klyn. They escape and end up helping the Nova Corps defeat Ronan the Accuser who wields the might of the Power Stone with the help of Yondu's Ravager team. They form The Guardians of the Galaxy.
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2- 2014 Peter meets his Father, Ego The Living Planet. He's a Celestial living with Mantis. Peter learns that Ego gave his mother the Cancer that killed her and with the help of the Guardians, kills his father. Yondu sacrifices himself to save Peter from the vacuum of space after Ego implodes.
AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON- 2015 During a strike against Baron Von Strucker's Hyrda base in Sokovia, The Avengers meet two enhanced twins, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. Tony and Bruce work developing an A.I peacekeeping initiative called Ultron. Ultron begins to function and quickly begins to take control over everything in Avengers Tower in New York. He builds himself a body and Army as he conducts a plan to remove humans from earth to start anew. He unintentionally creates his own downfall in the form of Vision, an Android with a vibranium body, power of the Mind stone and mind of J.A.R.V.I.S. A New team of Avengers including Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, The Vision and War Machhine come together to save the world against Ultron. Quicksilver dies after being shot when he used his own body as a shield. Hulk and Thor go off world and Tony leaves the Avengers.
ANT-MAN- 2015 Scott Lang is released from San Francisco prison and is roped back into a world of crime when Luis helps him break into Hank Pym's house. He finds a suit and unintentionally becomes the new Ant-Man. Darren Cross, Hank's former protege becomes Yellow Jacket and fights Scott. He loses and dies. Scott enters the Quantum Realm for the first time.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR- 2016 Secretary Ross informs the Avengers that the Sokovia Accords will be requiring them to register and be governed by the United Nations after a fatal explosion in Lagos Nigeria. The team is split. At the UN meeting in Vienna, an Explosion goes off that Kills T'Chacka, king of Wakanda and father to T'Challa. The Winter Soldier is blamed. Tony recruits Peter Parker: Spider-Man to his team.
SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING: 2016 Peter films a vlog of his trip to Germany.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR: 2016 Steve assembles his team in Germany. Iron Man, War Machine, Black Widow, Vision, Spider-Man and Black Panther fight Captain America, The Winter Soldier, The Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man and Hawkeye. Steve and Bucky escape to Siberia. Tony arrives and finds out Bucky killed his parents. He fight Steve and Bucky and loses. Captain America drops his shield. The Avengers are toast.
SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING- 2016 Peter returns with Happy and Tony from Germany.
BLACK PANTHER- 2016 T'Challa arrives back in Wakanda. He takes part in a ceremony to fight to become the King of Wakanda. He beats M'Baku. Black Panther, Nakia and Okoye fight Ulysses Klaw in Seoul. Klaw escapes custody with the aid of Eric "Killmonger", who kills him. Eric takes the corpse of Klaw to Wakanda to reveal that he is N'Jadaka, son of N'Jobu brother if the late T'Chacka. N'Jadaka challenges T'Challa to the throne, seemingly beating him, only be bested and killed by T'Challa later. T'Challa opens up Wakanda for the whole world to see.
DOCTOR STRANGE- 2016 Stephen Strange is a genius surgeon in New York who suffers a terrible injury in a car accident. When western medicine fails him, he travels east.
SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING- 2016 Spider-Man takes on The Vulture and his team of underground super-weapon business. He stops The Shocker and Vulture and sends him to Jail. He turns down Tony's offer to become an Avenger. Aunt May finds out Peter is Spider-Man.
DOCTOR STRANGE- 2017 Stephen becomes a master if the mystic Arts alongside Mordo, The Ancient One and Wong. He stops Kaecillius by making a bargain with Dormamu in the Dark Demension by introducing Looped time.
ANT-MAN AND THE WASP- 2018 Scott is under house arrest for violating the Sokovia Accords. Hank and Hope are on the run as they too violated the accords by helping him. They are being stalked by Ghost who phases in and out of reality from her exposure to Quantum Energy. Hank enters the Quantum Realm and rescues his Wife Janet Van Dyne. Janet gained powers and helps settle Ghost, who leaves. Scott is released from house arrest.
THOR: RAGNAROK- 2018 Thor returns to Asgard from after defeating Sutur. Loki has been posing as Odin for the past 5 years thus sending the Nine Realms into Chaos. They go to find Odin and meet Doctor Strange who helps them find him just before he dies. Hela, Thor's sister is released from Hel and fights Thor and Loki. She destroys Mjolnir and travels to Asgard via the Bifrost. She kills the Warriors Three upon arrival. Loki and Thor end up on Sakar where they meet the Grandmaster, Valkyrie and reunite with Hulk. They all end up leaving to fight Hela on Asgard who has amassed an army of the dead. Loki unnleashes Surtur who lays waste to Asgard. Hela is defeated in the process.
AVENGERS INFINITY WAR: 2018 Thanos, wielding the Power stone, and the Black Order kill Half of the surviving Aagardians. Heimdall sends Hulk to earth after he unsuccessfully fights Thanos. Heimdall is killed. Thanos gets the Space stone from Loki, who's neck he snaps. Bruce warns Doctor Strange about Thanos. Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Wong and Spider-Man fight Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian. They all end up in space, except Wong. The Guardians of The Galaxy find Thor. They split up as Rocket and Groot go with Thor to Nividalier. The others go to Knowhere to confront Thanos. Wanda and Vision are attacked by Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glave. Steve Rogers, Black Widow and Falcon arrive to help. The Guardians of The Galaxy find and subsequently get defeated by Thanos now wielding the Reality Stone, and he takes Gamora. Iron Man, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange kill Ebony Maw. They fly to Titan. Steve's team returns to Upsate New York where they meet up with Rhody and Bruce. They all fly to Wakanda where they meet T'Challa and Bucky. Gamora reveals to Thanos that the Soul Stone is on Vormir to spare her sister. They go together, but Thanos leave without her and with the stone, having sacrificed his own daughter. Iron Man's team mistakenly ends up fighting the Guardians of The Galaxy. Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glave and Cull Obsidian lead and army against The Avengers and Wakandans. Thor Arrives with Rocket and Groot wielding the newly forged Stormbreaker. Thanos arrives on Titan and is greeted by Doctor Strange. The Avengers and Guardians fight Thanos and are all taken down one by one. Strange asks Thanos to spare Tony's life in exchange for the Time Stone. Thanos accepts. He finally goes to Earth where he easily dismantles the Avengers. He takes the Soul stone from the Visions Head. Thor impales him with Stormbreaker. Thanos survives and snaps his fingers. Bucky, Sam, T'Challa, Shuri, Wanda, Groot, Peter Quill, Drax, Mantis, Peter Parker, Maria Hill and Nick Fury are wiped from existence. Thanos rests, looking out on a grateful universe.
ANT-MAN AND THE WASP- 2018 Scott enters the Quantum Tunnel. Hope, Hank and Janet get wiped from existence.
AVENGERS: ENDGAME- 2023 [2018] Hawkeye's entire family gets wiped from existence. Tony and Nebula are rescued by Captain Marvel. They go to Earth. Steve, Natasha, Carol, Thor and Bruce go to The Garden to find Thanos without the stones. Thor chops Thanos' head off. 5 YEARS LATER. Scott returns from the quantum realm. He goes to the Avengers facility and talks to Natasha and Steve. They meet Tony who refuses to help. They go to Meet with Hulk, who now has Bruce's personality. They try unsuccessfully to time travel. Tony cracks Time travel. They come up with a plan for how to collect all 6 Infinity Stones. They travel to 2012 New York, 2013 Asgard, 2014 Morag and Vormir and 1970 New Jersey. They come back, and mourn Natasha. They construct an Infinity Guantlet and revive half of the universe to life. Every Avenger Assembles to fight Thanos' Army. The fight is won when Tony snatches the Infinity Stones from Thanos and snaps him and his army out of existence. Captain America returns the stones, he goes back to 1945 to live out his life with Peggy.
SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME- 2023 A Earth Elemental destroys a Mexican city. Midtown Science High take a trip around Europe starting in Venice. They're attacked by a Water Elemetal. Peter tries to stop it but is helped out by a new hero, Mysterio. Nick Fury takes over the trip and sends them to Prague where Spider-Man and Mysterio fight a fire elemental. Peter takes MJ for a walk when she blurts out that she know's Peter's identity. They pair also find out about Mysterio's lying nature and that he's the villain. Peter tries to tell Nick Fury about Mysterio but is thrown into an illusion. Mysterio tricks Peter into being hit by a train that takes him to the Netherlands where he's picked up by Happy. They travel to London where he confronts Mysterio, beating him as he gets shot by his own drones. He frames Peter for his murder. J Jonah Jameson announces that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Nick Fury was a Skrull, the real one is on a S.W.O.R.D Spacestation.
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2020.09.24 16:28 God_Chose_Me [Store] M4 Guardian w/ 2x LDLC + Titan Holos, 2x Awp Lightning Strike w/ LDLC Holo Scope, Jet Set Crown Wood, ST MW AK Asii w/ 4x VP Col 14 Holo, AK Redline w/ 4x 3d Max Kato 15 Holo

I’m open to discussion and offers. Add me if you want to talk. Willing to accept katos/Tier-1 AK Blue Gems as well.
M4 Guardian MW w/ 2x LDLC + Titan Holos SS:
B/O 60 Arcs TB/PA

Awp Lightning Strike w/ LDLC Holo Scope .05 SS:
B/O 35 Arcs TB/PA

Awp Lightning Strike w/ LDLC Holo Scope .04 SS:
B/O 35 Arcs TB/PA

AK Jet Set MW .09 w/ Crown on Wood SS:
B/O 15 Arcs TB/PA

ST MW AK Asii w/ 4x VP Cologne 14 Holo SS:
B/O 8 Arcs TB/PA

AK Redline w/ 4x 3dMAX Kato 15 Holos SS:
B/O 6 Arcs TB/PA

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2020.09.24 08:43 AnecdotalSoup Anecdotes from the AFO (Ramon and Benjamin). I may have the translations of some phrases wrong. Source: "The Extradited: Benjamin Arellano Felix" written by Juan Carlos Reyna.

Emilio Valdez Mainero met Ramón Arellano at a posada before Christmas 1986 in the Lomas de Aguacaliente neighborhood. Fausto Soto Miller presented the interiors of a Cougar parked in double file, where they pulled to inhale white powder without Lina Literas, the first's girlfriend, knowing. In the passenger seat was Kitty Páez, whom Valdez Mainero had already met at a roast beef from Mexico Institute graduates in Chapultepec. The Mon wore a printed silk shirt and a mink coat, under which he wore a Guadalupano gold medallion; As he got out of the car to return to the party, he showed off some white denim shorts and tennis shoes. Valdez Mainero, who was the son of an austere colonel who had served on the Presidential General Staff, found the outfit ridiculous; However, something in him dazzled him: his insolence was covered by the fear he inspired in the rest of the guests. Soto Miller had warned him that he was crossing the mota to the other side and that his brother was running an organization of gangsters from Culiacán; He didn't say: “The bato is chill”, but he did say: “The bato always invites a few shots of champagne”. The Mon's brother, whom Soto Miller was allowed to refer to only as the Lord, directed the movement to the United States of shipments of up to 20 tons of marijuana a day. After the December anniversary, the heir to the presidential bodyguard began to entertain himself with his clique and, after a dizzying streak of revelry, he decided to work for the Mon. This is how he learned that his brother Benjamín Arellano Félix also crossed cocaine and distributed it in the corridor between San Diego and Los Angeles. The alkaloid was provided by Ismael Zambada García, who flew it from Colombia to the Pacific coast with the help of Amado Carrillo Fuentes, a heavy trafficker who operated alongside Rafael Aguilar Guajardo, leader of the Juárez Cartel.
On May 6, 1987, Ángel Gutiérrez was arrested along with the migration inspector José Barrón and Óscar Páez, Kitty's brother. Gutiérrez had seven days of having returned from Nimes, France, to California, where Julio César Chávez had defended his championship against the Brazilian Francisco Tomás Da Cruz. The DEA identified him as the operator of Javier Caro Payán, Manuel Aguirre Galindo, Jesús Labra Avilés and Benjamín Arellano Félix, who made up the council of leaders of the Tijuana Cartel. While the first three supplied marijuana to the organization, the fourth provided the transportation routes to California. On June 7, undercover federal agents arrested the first of those leaders in Montreal; Police accused Caro Payán of bringing 100 tons of Mexican marijuana into Canada. The San Diego prosecutor's office requested his extradition on September 4, accusing him of handing over $ 650,000 to Barrón for allowing the passage of 13 loaded trucks. Óscar Páez, on the other hand, was sentenced to two years in prison at the Federal Correctional Facility in Phoenix; There he met David Barrón Corona, who had no relationship with the customs inspector, but who recommended his brother to join the cartel's army as soon as he was released. The same day his brother was arrested, Kitty left his San Diego apartment and moved to the Mon house in El Paraíso, a subdivision where the offices of the weekly Zeta were also located.
On June 30 of that year, businessman Jorge Hank Rhon and directors of radio station 91X organized a music festival at the Caliente Racetrack. The Mex-Fest, according to the Los Angeles Times review, brought together 30,000 music lovers from both sides of the border. The concert was headlined by Oingo Boingo, The Bangles and Chris Issak, whom the Mon began to listen to on the recommendation of Soto Miller and whose songs he hummed alone while driving his Porsche Carrera of the year. On the day of the concert Valdez Mainero organized a party on the roof of his house, which was right in front of the stage, across the street from the racecourse. Despite the fact that it was Tuesday and the festival had ended before midnight, the makeshift terrace was packed with wealthy drug addicts living in Lomas de Aguacaliente and Chapultepec. The birote was interrupted at two in the morning by a patrol that came to answer the complaints of the neighbors. Evangelina Casillas Higuera, who was Mon's sentimental partner, heard Valdez Mainero say that people had to withdraw: "There is going to be a big problem with Ramón." She heard shots, ran to the exit and as she was outside she heard that her boyfriend had killed one of the policemen; he went on a raite with Lina Literas and did not see Mon until the next day, when he visited her smiling and hearty. Evangelina asked him about what had happened the night before; and he said: "Nothing, that some guests had gotten angry because the agents covered the concert and it was not possible to see". In her statement to the Southern District Court of California on May 27, 2003, she assured that until then she began to suspect that her boyfriend was engaged in illegal business.
On August 17, a month and a half after the Mex-Fest, Kitty Páez sponsored Ramón's fake wedding with Evangelina. El Mon had bought a fictitious marriage license from a judge at the town hall so that his girlfriend, who was 17 at the time, could leave the Instituto México (her high school), leave her parents' house (which was in Las Palmas, the same division of the school) and move to his in El Paraíso. Evangelina thought her in-laws were from Guadalajara, where she had made a fortune in the construction industry.
The following year Kitty Páez Martínez proposed to the Mon that he sponsor her wedding with Angélica Bustamante González, granddaughter of Alfonso Bustamante Labastida, owner of the Torres de Aguacaliente, and niece of Carlos Bustamante Anchondo, who would become mayor of Tijuana for the PRI in 2010. The in-laws found it suspicious that Kitty, who did not come from a wealthy family, owned a liquor store in Rosarito at 22 years old. However, they consented to the wedding (which was real) in March 1988. According to the chronicle of Anne Marie O'Connor published on July 28, 2002 in the Los Angeles Times, they got the also PRI member Federico Valdés to officiate it, municipal president at the time. At four and a half months Angélica gave birth to a pair of twins.
At the end of the summer, when Kitty was giving birth to their children, Mon and Evangelina went out to party with Valdez Mainero and his girlfriend Lina. They drank at Tillys, a bar on the second floor at the corner of Avenida Revolución and Calle Quinta. On the way out, a policeman stopped the Mon to ask him to please empty the contents of his beer bottle into a plastic cup. "You are not going to tell me where I am going to drink," he replied. The policeman offered him the plastic cup and Valdez Mainero, in anticipation of the inevitable, pulled the women toward the car and said: "Let's go." Evangelina heard a detonation that made her turn towards where the policeman was bleeding, covering the wound in his stomach, lying on the floor in the middle of the fleeing crowd. She saw her husband crawl and get on the motorcycle of the escort who always looked after him from afar. Valdez Mainero took his home. The Mon slept that day at the home of Min. Evangelina could not sleep and shortly before dawn she wondered if she should fear her husband. Months later, Evangelina asked the Mon to speak; This led her to an area in the Chapultepec neighborhood that was not yet urbanized, from where she could see the entire city. Minutes after arriving a patrol came to inspect them; The Mon rolled down the window and shouted: "Eleven eleven", then a police officer approached, answered: "Ten four" and left. The woman asked him what that had meant. The Mon replied that "eleven eleven" was a key to tell the police that he was "from the same team" and, therefore, everything was fine. Evangelina, who had summoned the Mon to question him about what happened at the Tillys and even at Valdez Mainero's house a year earlier, had no need to ask. The Mon revealed to him that his father crossed over to the United States a lot in the early 1970s, where he bought expensive liquors to sell to drug traffickers in Culiacán. That was how his brother Min had made friends with people like Rafael Caro and Amado Carrillo, but also with many policemen who now worked in Tijuana.
The Min transported 10 tons of cocaine per month for the Mayo Zambada from spring 1987 to summer 1988. He received the shipments from Mazatlán at an airstrip in San Felipe and crossed them into the United States in tanks that had previously been filled with propane. The alkaloid had been wrapped in the Colombian jungle with black rubber, like that of the inner tubes of bicycles; Upon arrival in Los Angeles, however, it was vacuum packed and in carbon paper. Arellano Félix's work was painstaking and meticulous. At that time, Mayo paid him $ 1,200 for each kilogram exported and proposed that he not only transport, but also associate with him in the importation and distribution of cocaine in the United States. He asked him to be the best man at the wedding of his daughter María Teresa Zambada Niebla and two years later to baptize his son Serafín Zambada Ortiz.
Ismael Higuera Guerrero, alias El Mayel, who had worked with the Fifth Month and was responsible for the daily operation of the cartel, received the merchandise in clandestine ports throughout the peninsula; Higuera Guerrero, also directed the transit of fishing vessels loaded with cocaine that left Colombia and landed in Ensenada. His brother Gilberto Higuera Guerrero, alias El Gilillo, was in charge of unloading the planes landed on clandestine runways in San Felipe and Valle de Guadalupe, after supervising the transfer of cargo along the Mexicali route. Efraín Pérez Pasuengo and Jorge Aureliano Félix, a former agent of the Judicial Police, supervised the daily operations in the Tijuana plaza.
On Sunday, January 1, 1989, the Min celebrated his two-time friend's 41st birthday at the renowned Club Britania in Tijuana. They were accompanied by Ramón, who was then 24 years old and six years old from working in his brother's business. The celebration was attended by drug traffickers from the rest of the squares and escorted by judges who worked in the administration of Xicoténcatl Leyva Mortera, governor who would be removed from office four days later. Armando López Esparza, alias El Rayo, appeared at the party on behalf of Chapo Guzmán, leader of the Sinaloa Cartel. The first had grown up with the second in the Badiraguato mountains and knew the brothers from when they lived in Culiacán. He used to run into them at Los Rebeldes, the jukebox scrap shop in the Guadalupe neighborhood.
El Rayo arrived at the christening drunk and accompanied by a woman. The policemen denied him entry, claiming that he had no invitation. The insults of Chapo's friend caused an uproar among the agents. Then the Mon went out to the parking lot, identified the Lightning, and heard him yelling. He walked over, drew his pistol, and shot his head off. Although there was no need, he shot her four times again as soon as she hit the ground, splattering blood on the companion's cleavage. Ramón, who was 1.88 meters tall and weighed 100 kilos, threw the body on his back and carried it to the pan of his picop. Then he threw it at the beginning of the road to Rosarito and returned to the party to convince his brother of the need to avoid revenge. Florentino, Rayo's brother, and the rest of the family had to be killed. El Mayo thought it was fine.
On January 1, 1989, Valdez Mainero went to the party that the Lord had organized for Mayo at the Britania Club, above Lomas de Aguacaliente. As he ate, he saw that the Mon got up from the table pissed off and walked towards the parking lot of the room. He was going slowly, but with a hardened jaw. Seeing his employer this excited, Valdez Mainero felt a shameful mixture of empowerment and humiliation: he had sold himself to a narcissist with bizarre tastes who exploded with a kind of lust, the same with which he wasted on motorcycles, clothes and women to his friends. (The price he had to pay was absolute submission.) He silenced the thought by downing his beer in one gulp and followed. Before reaching the door he heard a shot and felt a rush of adrenaline explode in his face. He unsheathed his 9mm Beretta and ran: on the way out he saw a bloody Texan on the floor and next to her boss shooting a man one, two, four times between the legs. Fifteen years later, when he entered the WITSEC program, Valdez Mainero declared that the Mon swore that Rayo López had kidnapped one of his sisters while he was living in Guadalajara. The Min denied this version.
Páez Martínez was not accompanied by his wife at the May party at Club Britania; He also did not see when the Mon shot Rayo in the parking lot, but he did help him plan the death of Florentino López Esparza on February 15, 1989, when Rayo's brother was escorted by municipal authorities before he was admitted to the Culiacán prison. This is how the Kitty followed the roll to the Mon, whom he made compadre despite the fact that he had killed the Nelo and chased Sandra, whom he revered for having taken him off the street and put him in the business. Páez Martínez felt fear and revulsion at the most violent of the Arellano Félix. He believed that he could take him on his own until the summer of 1989 he ordered him to kill the agent of the Public Ministry Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Moreno; Kitty was very fond of the Public Ministry agent, but if he did not break him, the Mon would take revenge against him. "Ramón doesn't give a shit that we're compadres," he told himself in a sudden outburst of obviousness. In November 1989 Evangelina gave birth in the United States. The Mon did not appear at the delivery of his daughter, nor did he limit his campaign of executions. Some of the executions were not authorized by the Min or by his brother Eduardo, who had just arrived from Guadalajara to join the company. Güalín, which is what his brothers called him (Doctor is what the subordinates should call him), was something like the producer of the Tijuana film: he got the properties that would be used as safe houses or warehouses, he negotiated the acquisition of police uniforms , acquired weapons and automobiles for the company. The Doctor also participated in giving the green light to the enemies, which is what they called the permission to kill the rivals of the cartel. Most of the communication between the brothers, at the behest of the Doctor, was exclusively through radio frequency; he assigned himself the code 13 and when he communicated with the Min he announced: "Code thirteen to seventy-seven", with the Mon he said: "Code thirteen to ninety-nine." Gerardo Juárez Biberos, his bodyguard from 1989 to 1997, told the WITSEC program that the Doctor was nervous and apprehensive: "He made this strange noise with his mouth," he said. Every time he failed an execution he coughed and cleared his throat, mortified as if his air were being cut off. When I commented on this statement, the Min was upset and assured that Eduardo had proven to be together with Ramón the bravest of all the members of the company, including his brothers. After being apprehended defending himself with bullets on October 26, 2008 in a house in Chapultepec and being extradited on September 1, 2012, Güalín, as his brothers nicknamed him, was the only member of the cartel who did not testify. against him or anyone.
Evangelina Casillas Higuera did testify on May 27, 2003 against the Minister. In her statement to the Southern District Court of California, she identified her brother-in-law's partners: Chuy Labra, Mayo Zambada, Mayel Higuera and Caballo Aguirre, as well as Amado Carrillo Fuentes and Rafael Aguilar Guajardo. She claimed to know her mother, Alicia, whom she nicknamed Mama Licha, including the siblings who were not involved in the business. Luis Fernando, son of Norma Isabel Arellano Félix, said that she had been involved in the company of her uncles since she was a teenager. Evangelina stated that when Mayo worked with Min, Ramón traveled to Mexicali at the request of his brother. Evangelina was about to give birth, but she accompanied him. The Mon spent the night at a ranch owned by the Mayo and the next day he picked up his wife at the Hotel Lucerna. He did not get out of the car, his clothes were dirty, torn and smelled a lot of sweat. The Mon started the car and told him that as soon as his daughter was born, they would have to move to Guadalajara. In her statement, Evangelina reported that in early 1990, a week after moving in with the newborn, Victoria Barrionuevo visited her. The wife of her brother-in-law Pancho was very angry because she had discovered that her husband was unfaithful to her with Rocío Lizárraga Lizárraga, a puberty of 17 who on February 2 of that year would become Queen of the Mazatlan Carnival. Pancho, who had already entered forty, had withdrawn all financial support to force her to divorce. Victoria was pissed off: he had helped her get off the ground in the drug trade in the late 1970s and that was how Pancho thanked her. Evangelina testified that Victoria ranted about how involved the Min and the Mon were in drug trafficking. He also revealed that the López Esparza brothers were his enemies because Rayo, who was a protégé of Chapo Guzmán, had kidnapped one of his sisters in 1980. The López Esparzas' father ordered the woman's release the following week because he did not he wanted trouble with the Arrellano Félix. However, that did not prevent the Mon from taking revenge nine years later and, consequently, El Chapo had a pretext to fight the place against the Min.
On the morning of February 26, 1990, Benjamín Arellano Félix and Ismael Zambada García were machine-gunned by a commando who was traveling in two Suburban Federal Police. The Min had proposed to meet at the Lavamática Campestre in the Rio Zone, where the Mayo arrived with two bodyguards who occupied the back seats of the armored Grand Marquis that the friend, partner and host, was driving alone. Why should he carry a driver if he was so good at driving?
The Min left the car running, as he always did when he met to discuss business. He saw the vans slow down in the middle of the street and his crewmen get off quickly, pointing semi-automatic rifles at them at half a meter. He pulled the Mayo by the head, yelled at him: "Get down, buddy," and watched as a burst of shots smashed through the bulletproof glass. The guards tried to go out to repel the shooting, but the Min locked the door lock, accelerated in first gear and as he could, he crossed both Suburbans. He maneuvered toward the Fast Track, where they were still followed; he felt the cart buckle as if it were floating on a rough tide, but he stepped on the Marquis, righted it, and managed to lose them in the November 20 neighborhood. There he took the first street to his right, went into a passage and cornered what was left of the boat; the defense was broken and the tires, despite the foam that protected them, were smashed. The four of them came down fast, then jumped a fence; one of the gunmen took Zambada away, the other accompanied the Min to arrest a motorist who heard him in shock: "Take us to the boulevard."
The four met an hour later in the house that the compadre, despite being in Sinaloa, had in the Hipódromo neighborhood. The Min ordered his boys to be brought in and they pulled them all to Playas, where Commander Fulvio Jiménez Turegano lived. Other vans began to follow them as they approached the home, but no one wanted to start another wax bullet. The commander received them with a broken face and took them into the room. The Min told him: "If you want to kill us, we are here so it doesn't get complicated for you." The policeman dropped onto the couch: "I didn't do it, it must have been a mistake." Then there was an uneasy silence. And then he asked for their forgiveness. The Min, then, said goodbye not without first reminding him to be attentive "because here there was only a boss. And, if he didn't understand, he was going to be fucked and the rest of the federals attached to Tijuana.
Three days later, Jiménez Turegano called Benjamín Arellano Félix by cell phone. He offered him a rapprochement with the heads of the other five companies that controlled drug trafficking in Mexico. El Min moved up to two tons of cocaine a day and, together with Labra Avilés and Aguirre Galindo, had managed to weave a network to operate in complicity with officials and politicians on both sides of the border. Surely someone wanted to take over his route.
After the shooting in front of Lavamática Campestre, Arellano Félix spoke by phone with Rafael Aguilar Guajardo, former regional commander of the DFS and now head of the company that operated in Juárez. At first, his counterpart assured him that neither he nor the rest were aware that El Chapo had ordered the attack. None of the leaders wanted to put a finger on him and the Min felt that they were covering up the Sinaloan capo. He remembered the meetings in the lavish bungalows of Acapulco or in the opulent restaurants of Mexico City, where he had been invited and in which he heard the advice of the friendship of this or that to be able to kill him even after learning to work his place. Very soon he gave up seeing them in a group; He looked at them separately, inside his armored Marquis and only when necessary. Because he was also moving cocaine for his interlocutor, he hinted to Aguilar Guajardo that it would be convenient for him to take care of himself, "or do you think they won't look for you after me?" For now Arellano Félix would take revenge against Guzmán Loera, "your compadre, just because he seems to be the least attentive." The next day Aguilar Guajardo called him on the phone to let him know that El Chapo had confessed that yes, that he was the one who had ordered the accounts to be settled. "Sure he got mad because I said he was the least attentive," thought the Min, and then he laughed self-absorbed.
From 1989 to 1992 the Min consolidated control of all transfer routes to California and Arizona. To get the business off the ground even more, he paid a payroll made up of officials from both sides of the border: attorneys and deputy attorneys, federal commanders and state group leaders, members of the Mexican military, and US customs inspectors. Arellano Félix believed that the bites brought order to the plaza, while also offering government officials an opportunity to "truly win". If they committed themselves to facilitating, protecting and promoting the operations of the company, they would earn a remuneration complementary to their salaries more than profitable. Prosecutors, agents, police officers, and soldiers obeyed the Lord's orders: they watched the arrival of shipments of cocaine and marijuana in the Mexicali desert, in the Guadalupe Valley, and on the San Felipe beach. They escorted Gilillo Higuera not once, but every time so that he could take the shipments in peace to the warehouses that the Doctor had acquired in Mexicali.
Every year and a half, when there was a change of directors in the PGR, the Min was introduced to the incoming commander by the outgoing one. The Min gave him $ 500,000 as a welcome gift. The gift was repeated every month, as were deliveries of $ 250,000 to the squad leaders and the director of the Judicial Police. Division directors received regular payments of $ 200,000 every eight weeks. This was the case of Enrique Harari Garduño, former director of the Federal Preventive Police, who was arrested on August 17, 2000. The official would die for unknown reasons four years later, three months after being released from Cefereso. The delegates and sub-delegates of the PGR were the only ones who did not receive a monthly fee, but one-time payments of up to one million dollars. This was the case with Guillermo Robles Liceaga, who was shot on May 1, 2002 while driving through the Interior Circuit in Mexico City; He was ambushed by two Jettas and a motorcycle on his way to the Ministry of Public Security, where he served as director of Mixed Operations. The Min established a similar relationship with high-ranking members of the military, who were paid $ 250,000 a month. Declarations of other witnesses indicate that this is the case of General Alfredo Navarro Lara, who was imprisoned on March 17, 1997, accused of wanting to bribe General José Luis Chávez, then in charge of the PGR, with a million dollars.
According to Páez Martínez, Arellano Félix maintained this bribery model throughout the 1990s. Kitty was busy with Chuy Labra to negotiate with government officials; Mayel Higuera, who was the strategist and coordinator of the transfer operations, connected the Ministry with police and advanced military. El Mayel ended up winning the place that Javier Caro had before his arrest and continued as operative chief until May 3, 2000: at dawn that day he would be arrested "fortuitously" by the army, according to the note published by El Universal. He was drunk and shot a Goat Horn into the air in a house behind the Autonomous University of Baja California, in Ensenada.
The Min's word was the last as to who could or could not cross non-company shipments. The cartel had control of the routes and without the approval of the Lord, the disrespectful risked being assassinated by the narcojuniors. Arellano Félix received a request from Emilio Valdez Mainero in early 1992: Miguel Ángel Bazán Padilla wanted to cross remittances of mota through Tijuana. José Albino Bazán Padilla's brother, captured on April 4, 1985 in Costa Rica along with Rafael Caro Quintero, had bought a ranch in the Eastern Zone to store the merchandise. After dictating the charge for the floor fee, the Min told him: "Go and let him know that he has the approval." When Valdez Mainero arrived at the farm, he noticed that they were unloading about 500 kilos of coca. The narcojunior experienced a heat in his forehead and his pulse quickened; He saw Ramón maddened in his head, pointing his gun with its golden handles. He asked to speak to the boss, who received him in a makeshift hut at the back of the property: "The product is from Amado Carrillo," Bazán Padilla snapped without greeting him. I think that with his permission is enough, right? "
Three days later the Mon passed by him to his house next to the Hipódromo taqueria. She led him to a corner in the La Mesa neighborhood, where a black Grand Marquis picked them up. Already climbed, he noticed that the Min was driving, Ismael Zambada was the co-pilot and in the back seat was a bearded man who he did not recognize. They saw him without greeting him. El Mayo played a recording on the boat's cassette player: Bazán Padilla asked Chapo Guzmán for permission to eliminate the narcojuniors Emilio and Gabriel Valdez Mainero. Then the Mayo put on another recording: Emilio urged Bazán Padilla to desist from moving coca without permission. The Min watched him silently for 30 to 40 seconds. "The only reason these gentlemen have not killed you - (he warned, pointing to the rest) - is the second recording you just heard." El Mayo then intervened: "Whose product is it?" Valdez Mainero stumbled that of Amado Carrillo Fuentes. Suddenly the man in the back seat of the Marquis leaned over and articulated slowly, looking into his eyes: "I am Amado Carrillo Fuentes." Before asking him to get off the Marquis, Zambada informed the narcojunior that he had permission to kill Bazán Padilla. The Mon promised in front of the chiefs that he would help him.
Six days later, a hooded commando, disguised in military uniforms and distributed in three vans, picked up Valdez Mainero. All three were equipped to store Goat Horns and grenades in their rear boxes, in addition to the passengers. The narcojunior recognized the Mon by his high-pitched voice; He did not know who was in the group for the ski masks, with the exception of his childhood friends the brothers Alfredo and Alejandro Hodoyán Palacios; plus Fabián Martínez, another young man from the Mexico Institute who was nicknamed Jaws. They went to a warehouse in La Libertad, where they saw Bazán Padilla and his gunmen get into two pickup trucks. The commando stopped them a block and a half from the warehouse: they pointed their guns at the gunmen forcing them to fall to the ground and yelled at Bazán Padilla to come down slowly because the Commander wanted to talk to him. They put him in the van that the Mon manned with Valdez Mainero. They started off, but the Hodoyán and El Tiburon kept pointing their guns at the gunmen on the ground.
The next morning, while drinking orange juice at the Chapultepec house, the Min read in the newspaper that Bazán Padilla, a member of the Sinaloa Cartel, had been found dead along with a dozen gunmen: federal agents had seized three tons of cocaine and one of marijuana. The Min put down the newspaper without finishing reading the note and got on the treadmill. An hour and a half later, he was seen with Mayo and Amado Carrillo in another armored Gran Marquis, but this time blue. Valdez Mainero arrived at the meeting without the Mon and got on the car waving everyone's hands. He informed them that he had recovered two tons of marijuana from the dead man's ranch. The Min told him: "Keep them, sell them and keep them as a reward."
On November 7, 1992, a day before he turned 40, Benjamín Arellano Félix traveled to Puerto Vallarta to take a vacation while the business was cooling (Fulvio Jiménez Turegano had seized four shipments). El Min landed in a private jet and his brothers Pancho, Mon and Javier arrived separately: one from Mazatlán, the others from Tijuana. All were distributed in three complexes around Playa Las Glorias. El Gualín waited for everyone to arrive to fly with his guards from Mexicali. Fifty of the Min's boys arrived between the 5th and 6th of that month, including Mayel and his brother Gilillo. The Kitty waited to travel with the Doctor. Valdez Mainero had not been invited. The following day, the Min received his second wife Ruth Serrano Corona and their two minor children, who had flown on a plane belonging to their compadre, at the Las Palmas Hotel. Despite the fact that they had prepaid the rooms, the Min told his family that they would not be staying at the hotel; He moved them to a huge bungalow with its own private pier and beach not far from there, where he spent the afternoon with his children collecting shells in the sand.
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2020.09.24 04:54 shylock92008 Arming the Planet: the USA as the World’s Leading Weapons Dealer by MELVIN GOODMAN;;;Melvin A. Goodman is a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy and a professor of government at Johns Hopkins University. A former CIA analyst, Goodman is the author of Failure of Intelligence: The Dec

SEPTEMBER 23, 2020

Arming the Planet: the USA as the World’s Leading Weapons Dealer

F-35A. Photo: Staff Sgt. Madelyn Brown/U.S. Air Force.
For the past several decades, the United States has been the world’s leading producer of major weapons systems and the leader in global arms sales. More of these sales have taken place in the globe’s most volatile region, the Middle East, than in any other region of the world. The so-called peace deals between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, which were brokered by the United States, were business deals designed to expand U.S. arms sales in the Persian Gulf. The Trump administration has made arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and other Middle East countries the focus of its foreign policy in the region.
No sooner had the ink dried on these agreements than disputes emerged over whether Israel had agreed to permit the sale of U.S. F-35 fighter aircraft—the most expensive weapons system in the U.S. arsenal and the most sophisticated jet fighter in the world—to the United Arab Emirates. Israel has 20 F-35s, which it has flown over Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. Until now, no Arab country had been allowed access to this aircraft.
As part of an U.S.-Israeli arms agreement in 2008, the United States agreed to make sure that Israel would maintain a “qualitative military edge” in the Middle East, which gave it a virtual veto power over arms deals with Arab states. For example, when Egypt was permitted to buy the U.S. F-16 jet fighter, it had to agree to basing arrangements that the Israelis imposed.
U.S. arms sales generally have contributed to tensions in some of the world’s most sensitive arenas. Saudi Arabia’s misuse of U.S.-supplied fighter aircraft in Yemen, the world’s worst humanitarian nightmare, has contributed to the rising civilian death toll there. For the past five years, the United States has earned billions of dollars in sales to the Saudis, whose coalition has considerable responsibility for many of the deaths of more than 127,000 Yemenis, including more than 15,000 civilians.
In 2016, the Department of State’s legal office concluded, in fact, that U.S. officials could be charged with war crimes for approving bomb sales to the Saudis and their partners. As a result, in his last month in office, President Barack Obama blocked a shipment of precision-guided bombs that he had agreed to sell to the Saudis. Recently, investigators from the United Nations asked the Security Council to refer actions by all parties to an international tribunal for potential war crimes prosecution, according to the New York Times.
The Trump administration is currently taking on a great risk in proposing seven large weapons packages to Taiwan. This would violate agreements with China that require the sale of only defensive weaponry to the self-governing island. The weapons would represent one of the largest sales to Taiwan, and would include long-range missiles—Boeing’s AGM-84H—that would allow Taiwanese fighter aircraft—Lockheed Martin’s F-16—to hit distant targets in China. Last year’s sale of 66 F-16s for $8 billion represented one of the largest arms packages to Taiwan in history,
There have already been consequences. Beijing has sent two anti-submarine aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone, which led the Taiwanese air force to scramble against them. Chinese fighter jets have crossed the median line in the Taiwan Straits, and a Chinese military exercise conducted a series of anti-ship ballistic missile tests, which were intended as a signal to the United States. The risk of an accidental military clash has increased. China has also threatened sanctions against both Lockheed Martin and Boeing; Lockheed Martin does little business in China and is not vulnerable to sanctions, but Boeing sells commercial jets to China and would definitely suffer.
The increased militarization of national security policy over the past decade has found the Department of Defense taking much of the turf of the Department of State in engaging allied nations regarding security assistance. Recent defense authorization bills have given the Pentagon control of certain aid programs as well as greater flexibility in supporting counterterrorism activities overseas. Pentagon military aid programs, moreover, ignore key human rights or governance concerns that once upon a time drew scrutiny from the State Department. The Pentagon has always held an advantage over the State Department, a much more cumbersome and slower-moving bureaucracy than the Defense Department. Also, the State Department has never been aggressive in protecting its equities, unlike the Pentagon.
Military assistance, as opposed to military sales, has created problems and disappointments as well. The top six recipients of U.S. military assistance in recent years (Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, and Turkey) provide little return, let alone leverage, to the United States. Israel has military dominance in the Middle East, and shouldn’t be receiving military assistance. President Barack Obama instituted record levels of assistance, but the Benjamin Netanyahu government typically timed announcements of settlement expansion on the West Bank to do the most harm to U.S. interests. Settlement activity was announced during a visit by then vice president Joe Biden in 2010, then secretary of state Hillary Clinton in 2011, and even on the eve of a summit meeting between Obama and Netanyahu in 2011.
Pentagon speakers at the National War College, where I taught for 18 years, argued that U.S. military assistance programs “suffused Third World armies with U.S. values.” This would be difficult to ascertain in Egypt, Turkey, and Afghanistan. A retired commandant of the U.S. Army War College argued that “they learn our way of war….but they also learn our philosophies of civil-military relations.” There’s a particular conceit in that statement in view of the growing imbalance in U.S. civil-military relations in recent years as well as the dominant role of the military in Egypt and Pakistan.
The Trump administration launched what Donald Trump calls a “great rebuilding of the Armed Forces” as well as politicizing the military bureaucracy and enhancement of the role of the Pentagon in state-to-state diplomacy. The current dialogue between civilian officials and general officers on international security has become unequal. The fact that Mark Esper, the former vice president for government relations at Raytheon, one of the largest weapons manufacturers, is Secretary of Defense provides added heft to Pentagon arguments for greater weapons sales. Meanwhile, the Department of State must deal with the greater points of friction in the global community created by increased sales of sophisticated weaponry.
The Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress published an annual review of conventional arms transfers until 2017, when the Trump administration blocked such information from the general public. The last CRS summary appeared in 2018 and recorded that the United States ranked first in arms transfer agreements (nearly half the global total) and first in value of arms deliveries (more than one-third of global sales). Deliveries to Egypt, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia dominated U.S. sales.
Israel does not even appear on the list of weapons recipients in view of U.S. largesse, which includes President Obama’s 2016 record-breaking $38 billion deal over a ten-year period. The deal with Israel was followed by the sale of 36 Boeing F-15 fighters to Qatar and 24 Boeing F/A18 Super Hornets to Kuwait.
There has never been a more important time to debate President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s warning about the insidious economic, political, and even spiritual effects of what he called the “military-industrial-congressional complex.” For the past twenty years, the United States has been in a permanent state of war with a government, an economy, and a global system of military bases that virtually ensures conflict. The fact that this important issue is not part of the presidential debate of 2020 is particularly regrettable. It’s long past time for congressional leadership to take on this “complex.”
Melvin A. Goodman is a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy and a professor of government at Johns Hopkins University. A former CIA analyst, Goodman is the author of Failure of Intelligence: The Decline and Fall of the CIA and National Insecurity: The Cost of American Militarism. and A Whistleblower at the CIA. His most recent book is “American Carnage: The Wars of Donald Trump” (Opus Publishing), and he is the author of the forthcoming “The Dangerous National Security State” (2020).” Goodman is the national security columnist for
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2020.09.24 00:44 God_Chose_Me [Store] M4 Guardian w/ 2x LDLC + Titan Holos, 2x Awp Lightning Strike w/ LDLC Holo Scope, Jet Set Crown Wood, ST MW AK Asii w/ 4x VP Col 14 Holo, AK Redline w/ 4x 3d Max Kato 15 Holo

I’m open to discussion and offers. Add me if you want to talk. Willing to accept katos/Tier-1 AK Blue Gems as well.
M4 Guardian MW w/ 2x LDLC + Titan Holos SS:
B/O 60 Arcs TB/PA

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2020.09.23 23:27 OneSpookySneakySquid [DIPLOMACY] Russian Strategic Military Partnership Initiative

Moscow, Russia

Russian Ministry of Defense

Russian president Vladimir Putin has announced the launch of the Eurasian Military Partnership Initiative, an initiatuve that aims to provide Russia's friends and strategic partners with extensive military and research related partnerships.
Nations not designated by the ESMPI will be eligible to apply for a three year trial period with the Russian Federation that will be negotiated on a case by case basis. The trial period will have some but not all the benefits of the program. We also would like to note that status does not automatically include a mutual defense pact with the Russian Federation, rather it confers a variety of military and financial advantages that otherwise are not obtainable by non-designated countries. Joining NATO results in a loss of the status.
The benefits of being a designated nation will be as follows:
The following nations will be designated strategic partners:
• Azerbaijan
• Belarus
• Cuba - To our longtime friend and ally, we would like to offer a donation of 6 MiG-29 jets and 5 Antonov An-26 transport aircraft. Additionally, we would like to offer the establishment of Russian air force technicians at a base in Cuba as well as free spare parts for the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces. If Cuba os interested, we would like to begin an extensive modernization program for Cuba's armed forces.
• Kazakhstan
• Kyrgyzstan
• Serbia
• Syria
• Turkmenistan
• Uzbekistan
• Venezuela - We would like to offer president Maduro what can best be described as a blank check. Whatever the Venezuelan government needs to stay in power, and be a Russian ally it can have at rock bottom prices, with Russia offering an initial donation of 30 T-80 tanks, 500 BMP-2, , 50 BTR-80, 20 Ural Typhoons, and the construction of 10 Mil Mi 28to be donated to Venezuela. Additionally, we offer riot shields and other crowd control equipment Venezuela may need.
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2020.09.23 19:52 God_Chose_Me [Store] M4 Guardian w/ 2x LDLC + Titan Holos, 2x Awp Lightning Strike w/ LDLC Holo Scope, Jet Set Crown Wood, ST MW AK Asii w/ 4x VP Col 14 Holo, AK Redline w/ 4x 3d Max Kato 15 Holo

I’m open to discussion and offers. Add me if you want to talk. Willing to accept katos/Tier-1 AK Blue Gems as well.
M4 Guardian MW w/ 2x LDLC + Titan Holos SS:
B/O 60 Arcs TB/PA

Awp Lightning Strike w/ LDLC Holo Scope .05 SS:
B/O 35 Arcs TB/PA

Awp Lightning Strike w/ LDLC Holo Scope .04 SS:
B/O 35 Arcs TB/PA

AK Jet Set MW .09 w/ Crown on Wood SS:
B/O 15 Arcs TB/PA

ST MW AK Asii w/ 4x VP Cologne 14 Holo SS:
B/O 8 Arcs TB/PA

AK Redline w/ 4x 3dMAX Kato 15 Holos SS:
B/O 6 Arcs TB/PA

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2020.09.23 16:13 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: Stark, Naked Ballots by Sarah Lazarus & Crooked Media (09/22/20)

"The president in the next week or so will be laying out his vision for health care... in the coming, I would say, two weeks." - Kayleigh McEnany and the Very Real, Not Made Up Health Care Plan

The Young And The Reckless

The official U.S.coronavirus death toll has soared past 200,000, President Trump continues to aggressively not give a shit, and in an enigma that historians will puzzle over for centuries to come, this is still shaping up to be a close election.
It is decidedly Not Great that thanks to decisions like these, the national caseload is once again growing as we head into the colder months.
Each dizzying coronavirus milestone is a reminder of the new normal we’ve been asked to accept, and of the collective mourning we’ve been denied—because the crisis isn’t over, because the president is a psychopath, because it would require a national reckoning. We can be sad about that, or we can channel that sadness into rage, and then action. 41 days.

Look No Further Than The Crooked Media

Happy National Voter Registration Day! If you read this newsletter, we assume you're already registered to vote. But now’s a great time to double check that you’re still registered at This is especially important if you’ve moved since the last election, changed your name, live in a suppress-y state, or if you haven’t voted in a while. It's fast, it's easy, do it right now.
Once you’ve checked yourself, make sure your friends and family have verified their registration as well. Then head to vote for volunteer opportunities to get new voters registered, and to donate to Register2Vote!

Under The Radar

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s ruling on “naked ballots” could land us in a huge post-election mess. Philadelphia’s top election official has warned that the court’s recent ruling, which invalidates ballots submitted without first being placed in secrecy envelopes, could spoil over 100,000 votes across the state. Donald Trump won Pennsylvania by all of 40,000 votes in 2016, so this is what we in the voting biz would call “clusterfuck conditions,” which could lead to a messy post-election legal battle reminiscent of the one in Florida in 2000. Pennsylvania’s GOP-controlled legislature isn’t likely to remedy this (because Republicans think spoiling your ballot is good for them) so our best bet is voter education: If you have family and friends in Pennsylvania, make sure they know to use the secrecy envelope. If you haven’t yet adopted a state, it’s a great day to commit to help save Pennsylvania.

What Else?

Sen. Mitt “Black Lives Matter” Romney (R-UT) wants the Senate to vote on President Trump’s yet-to-be-announced Supreme Court nominee, which means Mitch McConnell has locked up the votes he needs to confirm * someone * even though nobody knows who Trump will actually pick—almost as if Republicans only really care about ruling without the consent of the governed in perpetuity. (It looks increasingly likely that he’ll pick Amy Coney Barrett, though.)
Joe Biden refused to answer whether he would be open to expanding the Supreme Court if Republicans jam through a nomination, for a solid enough reason: “Let me tell you why I’m not going to answer that question. Because it will shift the focus, that’s what he wants, he never wants to talk about the issue at hand and he always tries to change the subject.”
The FDA is set to announce tougher standards for emergency authorization of a coronavirus vaccine that would make it all but impossible for the administration to approve a vaccine before the election, so long as the Trump administration doesn’t override the FDA entirely, which would kinda give the game away.
A top-secret CIA assessment concluded that Vladimir Putin and his top aides are “probably directing” a disinformation campaign meant to help Trump win the election. Anyway, here’s Trump holding up his end of the bargain with a persuasive “uhhhh” when asked who he thinks poisoned Alexei Navalny.
The mayor of Louisville, KY, has declared a state of emergency ahead of a grand jury’s decision in Breonna Taylor’s case, and the city’s police have canceled all days off.
The University of California system wrongly admitted at least 64 wealthy students over the last six years, which is still not as bad as Harvard University admitting one Jared Kushner in 384 years.
Here it is, the most 2020 company that ever 2020’d: the gig economy, but for evictions.
Mel Gibson, who still has a career for some reason, is reportedly making a sequel to The Passion of the Christ. Passion of the Christ II: Oops, All Antisemitism!
Had a tough day? Need to unwind? Pour yourself a glass of merlot and let John Boehner’s book cover tell you about the time it met Frank Sinatra down at the racetrack.

Be Smarter

Senior congressional staffers believe that voters are much more conservative than they actually are. Researchers sent a survey to the chiefs of staff and legislative directors of every House and Senate office, who are largely responsible for setting lawmakers’ legislative agendas. The survey asked staffers to estimate public support in their own districts or states for five policy proposals, and the results found them to be way off base: Staffers from both parties significantly underestimated public support for progressive proposals. Lobbyists, to everyone’s shock and surprise, seem to be the main source of the problem: Offices that reported more reliance on special interest groups for policy-making, or received more money from corporate interests, had a much worse understanding of their constituencies. Let this be a reminder to keep on calling your reps, who will otherwise continue picturing you as Ronald Reagan with a gun.

What A Sponsor

Blinkist is a unique and powerful app that works on your phone, tablet, or web browser. It’s the ultimate “life hack” to learn new things and save time.
Blinkist offers the best, key takeaways--the need-to-know information, from thousands of nonfiction books--and condenses them down into just 15 minutes that you can read or listen to.
Blinkist is made for busy people like you, who want to get the main points of a book and start using that information right away. And with its audio feature, Blinkist makes it easy to finish a book while you eat, exercise, or commute—even over coffee.
Over 12 million people use Blinkist, and it has a massive and growing library: from self-help, business, health to history books. From best-sellers to the classics, Blinkist has the non-fiction titles you always meant to read, but never had time to.
Here are just a few of the titles we recommend checking out on Blinkist:
With Blinkist, you get unlimited access to read or listen to a massive library of condensed non-fiction books -- all the books you want and all for one low price.
Right now, for a limited time Blinkist has a special offer just for our audience: Go to and try it FREE for 7 days AND save 25% off your new subscription.

Is That Hope I Feel?

Mike Bloomberg has raised more than $6 million to pay the court fines and fees of nearly 32,000 Black and Hispanic Florida voters with felony convictions. (Seems like he could’ve just written a check, but listen, we’ll take it.)
North Carolina election officials have agreed to extend the deadline for absentee ballots and set up ballot drop-off stations. (Seems like that shouldn’t have required a lawsuit, but listen, we’ll take it.)
A whopping 750,000 (presumably young) people have now registered to vote through Snapchat.
The first large scale coronavirus-sniffing dog trial is upon us.


jordan on Twitter: "oh to be a duckling falling asleep with a flower on it’s head"
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2020.09.23 15:50 Blank_eye00 Saab unsure of Adani as partner for India combat jets project, seeks HAL tie-up too.

Saab unsure of Adani as partner for India combat jets project, seeks HAL tie-up too. submitted by Blank_eye00 to IndianDefense [link] [comments]

2020.09.23 14:41 GaryNunchucks The Weekly Mock Draft 2.0: Vikings replace Diggs, Bengals protect Burrow

What is The Weekly Mock Draft?
Every Wednesday/Thursday of the season (starting today and ending after Week 17), I will post a mock draft. The order is determined by Tankathon (record and SOS) and will be updated weekly as well. This will be used as a tool to determine how the stocks of the top prospects changed throughout the year and for the fans to have something to look forward to once football games are over for the week. The teams will pick players as if they are drafting today. Enjoy!
1. Carolina: Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson
Teddy Bridgewater is not the long-term answer at QB and everyone knows it. If Carolina does in fact end up with the top pick, they will not hesitate to select the athletic Clemson standout, Trevor Lawrence. His bend of size, athleticism, and arm talent combines with physical gifts to create the dream QB many teams long for. The Panthers can have him sit behind Bridgewater for a season or choose to play him from Week 1. Either way, the team will have an exciting QB to build around for years to come.
2. Atlanta: Micah Parsons, LB, Penn State
If games were won solely by offense, Atlanta would be 2-0. However, their defense has came short in the past two games and Thomas Dimitroff needs to make big moves this upcoming offseason if he wants to keep his job. Micah Parsons, without a doubt, is the best defensive player in this class and fits a need at LB. Although he isn't the most consistent tackler, his potential outweighs any concerns, making him a perfect fit for a Falcons defense that needs a spark.
3. Minnesota: Ja'Marr Chase, WR, LSU
Adam Thielen has been great as the WR1 in Minnesota and Justin Jefferson has time to develop as this is only his rookie season. Bisi Johnson has been fairly lackluster in two seasons as a Viking and isn't expected to be a core member of Minnesota offense. The Vikings need a proper replacement for Stefon Diggs and if Justin Jefferson doesn't live up to his expectations as a Round 1 pick, they need to consider Ja'Marr Chase. He is a natural receiver, with a smooth style of play and plucky hands, and could help form a deadly receiving group in Minnesota.
4. Detroit: Dylan Moses, LB, Alabama
The Lions LB trio has been uninspiring in their play so far and players like Jarrad Davis and Christian Jones can certainly be replaced any day of the week. Moses is an athletic LB with extraordinary instincts and range. If Jamie Collins Sr. can keep up the play he displayed in New England, pairing him with Moses would provide a great boost to the young Lions defense.
5. Cincinnati: Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon
The best non-QB prospect falls to Cincinnati at 5 and will be the easiest pick of the draft. Cincinnati is desperate for help on the offensive line, especially the OT position. Rookie Jonah Williams is expected to be a mainstay on the offensive line but is capable of moving around and if Sewell is drafted, he could shift to LG. Another situation would involve both Williams and Sewell playing OT. Wherever the coaches decide to place them, the Bengals will have two talented linemen that can help keep promising rookie QB Joe Burrow healthy.
6. Philadelphia: Caleb Farley, CB, Virginia Tech
The Eagles have had a terrible start to the season, losing their first two games to teams they were supposed to be better than, but all the blame can't be placed on Carson Wentz and the offense. Starting CBs Darius Slay and Avonte Maddox have not performed up to par and although Slay is expected to a star on the Eagles defense, Maddox can be replaced and Farley is the perfect option. The elite Virginia Tech CB may be new to defending WRs but he plays like he has experience. A CB duo of Slay and Farley would certainly come in handy against an NFC East featuring up and coming receivers like CeeDee Lamb and Terry McLaurin.
7. NY Giants: Gregory Rousseau, EDGE, Miami
Dexter Lawrence, Leonard Williams, and Lorenzo Carter have already recorded sacks and showed flashes of pass rushing prowess. Markus Golden has also been solid but the Giants still need a boost at the EDGE position. Rousseau is a raw but terrific edge defender with exceptional length that can help take the Giants defense to the next level.
8. Miami: DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama
Miami has a great WR1 in top 15 receiver DeVante Parker but his offensive partners, Preston Williams and Isaiah Ford, could be better. Ford enters free agency after this season and Miami could make a dramatic upgrade by drafting Too Tagovailoa's college teammate, DeVonta Smith. The Alabama game changer would be a reliable option in any offense and his chemistry with Tagovailoa will already be there, making him a worthy reach at 8.
9. Denver: Patrick Surtain II, CB, Alabama
A.J. Bouye is out for a few weeks with an injury but nobody was expecting him to play like the All-Pro shutdown corner he was in Jacksonville. Bryce Callahan isn't doing too great but still has the potential to turn around his season. Nevertheless, Denver needs to add another CB this upcoming offseason and if they miss out on Farley, they should consider Patrick Surtain II. He has the ideal combination of height, weight, and length for a CB and has displayed the patience and aggressiveness necessary to thrive as a corner in the NFL.
10. Houston → MIA: Quincy Roche, EDGE, Miami
Miami reaches once again, but this time for the explosive in-state EDGE Quincy Roche. The Dolphins pass rushing unit consists of Raekwon Davis, Emmanuel Ogbah, Shaq Lawson, and Kyle Van Noy, none of whom have made a positive impact yet as Dolphins. A lethal defender like Roche needs to be brought in to bolster the pass rush and fill in one of Miami's biggest needs.
11. NY Jets: Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State
Sam Darnold has not lived up to the expectations of being the best QB from the 2018 NFL Draft and although the blame can be put on Adam Gase and the front office not providing more weapons, Darnold has still failed to try and make the best of his situation. The Jets are likely to have a much higher pick but if the draft were to occur today, they would pick at 11. And since this scenario puts them in the war room today, the Jets will bounce on Justin Fields if he is available. Lance is a natural arm that can make effortless throws with accuracy. If Adam Gase is fired as expected, the new coach will likely want to start fresh with a tough QB like Fields.
12. Tampa Bay: Rondale Moore, WR, Purdue
Tampa Bay has one of the best WR duos in the league in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Both receivers made the Pro Bowl last season as deserved and with Tom Brady at the helm, the duo could have as good of a season once they are on the field together. Scotty Miller, on the other hand, is not the type of third option that can change the outcome of a game. Chris Godwin will also be a free agent and there is a possibility that the Buccaneers decide to pass on paying him if they want to spend on other positions of need and if they can find a replacement in the draft. This could also end up being a situation similar to what the Cowboys were in this April, taking CeeDee Lamb at 17. Rondale Moore, like Lamb, is a RAC machine that resembles a running back with the ball in his hands. His presence will make Tom Brady's life easier and perhaps propel Tampa Bay to the next tier.
13. Washington: Alex Leatherwood, OT, Alabama
The departure of Trent Williams left Washington starting Geron Christian Sr. at LT. Christian Sr. is obviously not the long-term starter and could be replaced as soon as next March. Washington could also opt to wait for the draft and pick from a skinny selection of OTs. Leatherwood will likely be available at 13 and Washington should definitely pick him to fully move on from Trent Williams and keep young offensive pieces Dwyane Haskins Jr. and Antonio Gibson healthy.
14. LA Chargers: Tyson Campbell, CB, Georgia
Starting CBs Chris Harris Jr. and Casey Hayward Jr. have not turned any heads with their play so far this season and Desmond King II is frustrated with his role, plus he will be a free agent next spring. Both Harris Jr. and Hayward Jr. will also become free agents together in 2022 and could potentially leave if the Chargers don't perform well. However these next two free agency periods go, the Chargers need to prepare for the future by adding to their secondary. Derwin James and Nasir Adderley are young and promising safeties but CB is the position that really needs to be addressed. Tyson Campbell is a very good outside corner with great athleticism and agility. Drafting him will bump the Chargers up one step in the rebuilding process.
15. Cleveland: Creed Humphrey, IOL, Oklahoma
Cleveland has many needs and two of the most important ones, a leader and an IOL, are addressed with this pick. Creed Humphrey displayed responsibility and leadership as Oklahoma's best blocker and possesses a stronger lower body, helpful in preventing defensive linemen from getting past him. The Browns often rely on Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt to run the ball and Humphrey will be instrumental in bolstering the team's ground game.
16. Jacksonville: Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State
Gardner Minshew II has played well and was only 3 points away from leading the Jaguars to a 2-0 record. It has been obvious for the past couple months that Jacksonville's ownership is not interested in winning as they cut star RB Leonard Fournette and got rid of stars on the defensive side of the ball. Minshew II has done what he can to save his job by winning in Week 1 and trying to prove that he deserves to be the Jaguars franchise QB but for now, a replacement seems to be on Jacksonville's radar. The NFL is slowly shifting to an era in which dual-threat QBs reign supreme and Lance fits that mold. He is a competitive athlete with good body and arm strength and could either sit as a backup for his rookie year or start from the beginning and Jacksonville could find a trade for Minshew II.
17. Indianapolis: Marvin Wilson, IDL, Florida State
The Colts get the steal of the draft by landing top 10 prospect Marvin Wilson from Florida State. DeForest Buckner is a defensive star and will be a part of the Colts defense for many years but his teammate on the defensive line, Grover Stewart, is replaceable and the Colts need to improve there. Wilson is a muscular defender with superb physical tools and good mobility for his size. Indianapolis has a young defense that can already get the job done and adding Wilson to the mix makes for an offense's worst nightmare.
18. San Francisco: Wyatt Davis, IOL, Ohio State
San Francisco's IOL needs an upgrade and Wyatt Davis is the ideal choice at 18. Laken Tomlinson has impressed so far at LG and has showed noticeable improvement from past seasons but Ben Garland and Daniel Brunskill are not doing as good of a job protecting their QB. Wyatt Davis, on the other hand, could drastically improve the 49ers offensive line. The 310 lb Ohio State blocker is a physically imposing bully with a natural feel from the game. He comes from an NFL family, providing lots of experience within the game and he would be a cornerstone on the offensive line.
19. New Orleans: Pat Freirmuth, TE, Penn State
Jared Cook is nearing retirement and this is the last season of his contract. With backups Josh Hill and Adam Trautman under contract for the next couple seasons, New Orleans will not have to keep Cook past his prime and they can instead opt for a cheap replacement through the draft. Although Trautman was a Round 3 pick this year, his role is yet to be determined and until he can show that he is worth being a TE1, the position is on the Saints radar. Freiermuth is a polished pass catcher and has garnered comparisons to Rob Gronkowski. If he can live up to the expectations, the Saints offense will become even more exciting than it already is and keep New Orleans atop the NFC South.
20. Dallas: Shaun Wade, CB, Ohio State
Chidobe Awuzie is only under contract for this season and could depart Dallas if a better offer comes his way. At the age of 25, he still has room to improve and even if the Cowboys decide to keep him, another CB would not hurt. Trevon Diggs has not gotten off to a great start in his rookie year but is expected to do better considering the fact that he has had to defend teams with solid WRs these first two weeks. Now that Shaun Wade is the focal point of Ohio State's secondary, he will have his chance to shine and improve his draft stock. His aggressiveness and physical power make for a tone setting corner that will bolster Dallas's promising secondary.
21. New England: Christian Barmore, IDL, Alabama
Lawrence Guy, Byron Cowart, and Adam Butler form an underwhelming defensive line in New England and Bill Belichick needs to address the IDL position once the season ends. A rock solid interior defender, Barmore has displayed immense power and versatility as a member of Alabama's defense. He still has a long way to go until he unlocks his full potential but players like that would be perfect for the Patriots. New England is a great team for developing players into stars and if all goes as planned, Barmore will be a core member of the Patriots organization.
22. Green Bay: Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford
Green Bay can also consider LB or WR here but Adebo is the BPA and fits a need at CB. Jaire Alexander has lived up to the expectations of being a Round 1 pick and will be the team's long-term starting CB but with RCB Kevin King becoming a free agent after this season, CB could potentially become a pressing need for the Packers. Adebo is an adequate piece in both the run game and the passing game. He has the physical tools, such as long arms and good length, to thrive as a corner in the NFC North, which serves a home to many star WRs such as Kenny Golladay and Adam Thielen.
23. Las Vegas: Jay Tufele, IDL, USC
Jonathan Hankins has shown flashes of improvement in his third season with the Raiders but his DT counterpart, Maliek Collins, has been uninspiring. Both players will be free agents in 2021 and it would be wise to keep Hankins and let Collins go. His replacement would be easy to find, as Jay Tufele is the explosive athlete Las Vegas needs on the defensive side of the ball. The Raiders defense is full of youth and adding an agile 315 lb pass rusher would make a big impact on the team's performance.
24. Kansas City: Rashod Bateman, WR, Minnesota
Tyreek Hill is now arguably the best WR in the AFC after the Deandre Hopkins trade but the other WRs Kansas City has provided Patrick Mahomes with could easily be upgraded through this WR-heavy draft. Sammy Watkins is only under contract for this season and with many teams desperate for a WR, he could be headed to another city. Rashod Bateman's exciting style of play is perfect for the high-octane Chiefs offense and similarly to Rondale Moore, his best quality may be his run after catch skills.
25. Chicago: Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama
The Bears need to focus on their offense in the offseason and if Mitchell Trubisky can save his job, the first step Chicago should take is finding weapons for their franchise QB. Allen Robinson II is a top 15 receiver and deserves an extension but even if he gets one, the team's two other starters at WR, Darnell Mooney and Anthony Miller, are more suitable in backup roles and the Bears could certainly find better options. Jaylen Waddle is being projected by scouts to go much higher than 25 but if the speedy Alabama WR is available, it is very possible they choose him.
26. Pittsburgh: Dillon Radunz, OT, North Dakota State
Alejandro Villanueva is perfectly fine at LT and the Steelers will most likely want to sign him to a new contract in March. On the right side, Zach Banner was the starter but he suffered an ACL injury and will be out for the rest of the season. He will also be a free agent come the offseason and it would be a cheaper option to only re-sign the better OT and draft a replacement for the other one. Dillon Radunz has primarily lined up as a LT at North Dakota State and Alejandro Villanueva has some experience at RT, making Radunz an excellent choice.
27. Tennessee: Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida
Jonnu Smith has been a pleasant breakout player for the Titans, amassing 8 receptions, 120 receiving yards, and 3 receiving touchdowns in two games. However, the chance to add a potentially better player at the position in Kyle Pitts, especially since he is a top 25 prospect and an AFC South rival like the Jaguars could steal him at 32. Pitts is a creative route runner and has exceptional awareness on top of an outstanding catch radius. He can be treated as an extra receiver and make Ryan Tannehill's job much easier.
28. Arizona: Josh Myers, IOL, Ohio State
Arizona's IOL may have held opposing defenses to only 0 sacks in the first two games of the season but a large portion of the credit must be given to Kyler Murray and his ability to escape from the pocket with ease. The Cardinals need to address the interior and find players that can let Murray relax in the pocket and find his receivers. Josh Myers has impressed many at Ohio State with his mobility and speed and while there are some concerns about how he will translate to the NFL level, the Cardinals should not hesitate to upgrade their offensive line.
29. Seattle → NYJ: Aidan Hutchinson, EDGE, Michigan
The Jets drafted pass rusher Quinnen Williams in Round 1 of the 2019 NFL Draft and although he was underwhelming in his first season s a pro, he is poised for a breakout year if things go as planned. He could very well turn out to be the bright spot of this dreadful Jets team. Jordan Jenkins has also shown improvement but other than those two, the Jets don't have reliable options to rush the QB. The Michigan power rusher has the prototypical size for an edge defender and could have his best season yet with the Wolverines this fall. Putting him in the mix with Quinnen Williams will give the Jets a much needed boost to the defense.
30. Baltimore: Hamsah Nasirildeen, S, Florida State
DeShon Elliott has become Baltimore's starting FS in wake of the Earl Thomas fiasco but isn't expected to fill the shoes the Pro Bowler left behind. Elliott will suffice for this season but the Ravens need to find Earl Thomas's replacement in the offseason. Hamsah Nasirildeen is one of the more underrated prospects in this class and doesn't get the attention he deserves for his impressive play and if Baltimore can steal him, it truly is over for the rest of the league.
31. Buffalo: Daniel Faalele, OT, Minnesota
Buffalo will consider adding another CB to help Tre'Davious White lead the secondary or add a LB but instead, they reach for Minnesota anchor Daniel Faalele. LT Dion Dawkins is locked up on a long contract until 2025 but RT Daryl Williams will be a free agent this offseason and if he continues improving, his asking price may go up. In that case, the Bills can look to the draft for a new starter on the offensive line and Faalele would be put in a great situation.
32. LA Rams → JAX: Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson
After drafting their franchise QB in Trey Lance, the Jaguars address the hole Leonard Fournette's release left at RB. James Robinson has impressed doubters with an electric Week 2 performance against the Titans but adding a game-changing back like Etienne would still make sense. If Jacksonville can make an RB timeshare work, they will have an exciting young offense to develop these next few years.
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2020.09.23 05:22 CorbinGDawg69 Bottom 5 Scoring Submissions of the week from r/Custommagic 09/22/2020

Hello everyone, welcome to Bottom Five! I was helping out a friend who broke up with her partner, so I'm a bit late today, sorry. Let's get to it!
This week's album.
  1. World Burner by InfinityGiant1
  2. Soundwave, Megatron's Voice by FelipeJET
  3. Bask in Blood by Ramisirote
  4. Desire's Reward by slyman928
  5. Liliana of the Dystopia by _TheaXII_
Dishonorable Mentions:
  1. Engoro, Puritan Forest by Seiyuke
  2. Twinbolt by CocoBandicoot99
  3. Rekdro, Con Artist by MyPhoneIsNotChinese
You can find last week's thread here and the Top 5 submissions here.
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2020.09.23 04:30 DrBlackJack21 Of Men and Dragons, Chapter 41

As usual, I appreciate all the constructive feedbacks y'all throw at me! Please bring up any concerns, tips, thoughts, or whatever else might occur to you to address! That being said, thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy!
Of Men and Dragons, Chapter 41
Jack's ship had initially been designed to be a home for a family, but having seven argu'n and a human fill its space was definitely stretching its capacity for comfort. Fea'en shared a room with S'haar and Em'brel, but the rest of the workers just found a spot on the living room floor to bed down.
Another issue that quickly became apparent was that this number of unwashed bodies being bottled up in an enclosed space had certain predictable effects on the atmosphere aboard the ship. After a light breakfast, Jack decided it was time to address his guests. This time Angela translated but to the amazement of the gathered argu'n, did so with Jack's own voice. "Alright, I'm glad everyone was able to get here safe and sound, but this place is beginning to reek! Starting today, all of you will take turns showering, so my home doesn't have to smell like some overfull stables any longer! Angela will happily show each of you how the shower works. So who's willing to go first?"
Everyone looked at Jack in a confused manner until Lon'thul voiced their universal question. "What's a shower?"
Em'brel took it upon herself to answer that question. "It's like taking a bath under a heated waterfall. Honestly, it's one of the greatest experiences this place has to offer, the only trouble is that you'll have to keep your showers short so we don't run out of hot water too quickly."
With the girl's endorsement, everyone suddenly seemed eager to volunteer. As the most senior worker present, the honor of the first shower went to Fea'en. While the craft master figured out the wonders of the heated waterfall, Em'brel organized the rest of the argu'n to clean the ship. S'haar may have been in charge of the camp, but caring for the house was Em'brels responsibility, and she approached the job like a general directing troop movement. "Ok, Lon'thul, you run the vacuum. I'll show you how in a moment. No Tel'ron, if I let you do it, you'll spend the whole time trying to figure the machine out and not get anything done, you'll help with the dusting! Jan'kul, you will help with the laundry and Nak'torn the dishes. If you all do a good enough job, I'll make something special for dinner tonight, sound good?"
With the possibility of a special dinner cooked by Em'brel, any resistance faded away before it was voiced, and everyone took to their tasks. Angela did her best to explain things to everyone, but occasionally Em'brel or S'haar had to step in to show someone how something functioned. Storerooms that hadn't been touched since the ship had set down were emptied, cleaned, and resorted. The kitchen was made to sparkle, and as it turned out, the shower was a big hit. Several workers wanted to go a second time as soon as the water was re-heated.
While all the excitement was going on, S'haar took Em'brel's place helping Jack with his therapy for the morning. Jack had recovered well enough that she was filling the role of moral support rather than physical therapist. The only real complication they ran into was when Jack had to tell S'haar she couldn't help him as much as she wanted.
Jack was shaking his head, trying not to laugh at S'haar's expression of minor annoyance. "This is supposed to be hard for me to do, that's the whole point! If I wasn't pushing myself to my limits, I'd still be unable to feed myself or use the restroom. You have to let me exhaust myself if I'm ever going to get better!"
S'haar grumbled with narrowed eyes, balling her hands into fists to resist the urge to reach out and support Jack as he did his leg lifts. "Fine, but I don't have to like it! I'm supposed to be the one doing the heavy lifting while you come up with the ideas! I'm your bodyguard, after all!"
Jack chucked through the strain in his voice. "I'm not the only one who has to come up with ideas now. You're in charge of the camp, remember? Being both a camp leader and my bodyguard might be too much for any one person to handle, even you."
S'haar's voice suddenly had a dangerous edge to it, and a growl was evident in her voice. "That's something only I get to decide! You don't get to dump this on me, then tell me how I'm going to go about doing my job! Get used to me, because I'm not going anywhere!"
Jack relaxed his legs and held up his arms in surrender" Alright, alright, you win! It's your call! Not gonna lie; there's no one I'd rather have by my side anyway. After all, I think we work pretty well together."
As Jack resumed his leg-lifts, S'haar looked at him with a stony upraised eye ridge. "Is that the only reason you want me by your side? Because we work well together?"
Jack lost control of his legs and sputtered a moment before being able to vocalize a coherent thought. "You know that's not the only reason I want you by my side!" S'haar's grin clearly indicated she did indeed know, but she waited for Jack to continue.
With a shake of his head and slightly exasperated sigh, Jack gave in to S'haar's unwavering expectant look. "Since I crashed on this planet months ago, you've been by with me nearly every waking moment of every day, and a few non-waking moments as well. I quickly came to rely on you for your forthrightness and dependability. Before I knew what was happening, I also began to trust you as a friend. Then, just as I thought there might be a future for the two of us beyond simple friendship, I went and got myself nearly killed and lost in a coma for what seemed like a lifetime."
Jack felt his heart rate increasing as he found himself getting lost in the eyes of the woman listening patiently as he continued. "While I was gone, you took up my mantle and continued the struggle on behalf of everything I had been working toward. You never walked away despite how long it took me to get back, and you were the first person I saw upon awakening. Even when you saw how weak and frail I'd become, rather than look down on me, you decided to encourage and support me as I struggled to overcome this new obstacle."
Jack's face was quickly turning that shade of red S'haar had grown to enjoy over their time together. "So yes, I want you at my side, and I want to be at yours, for however long you'll put up with me. But I want you to be my partner, not my caretaker, and that's one of the main reasons I've pushed myself so hard in my recovery, but I still have a way to go."
S'haar looked contemplative for a moment as though judging the weight of Jack's words. Eventually, S'haar reached out and pulled Jack into a very human-style kiss, probably inspired by one too many movie nights, before pulling back with that predatory grin that contained just a few too many teeth. "I suppose that'll do for now, but eventually I'm going to make you say it more directly than that. After all, a girl deserves to be told that she's wanted!"
With a slightly judgemental glance at Jack's legs, S'haar changed gears quickly enough to give Jack a bit of metaphorical whiplash. "Well, since you're working so hard to get better, you should probably get back to your leg lifts. I'm not going to be patient forever, so stop slacking!"
Despite the joking tone to her voice, Jack couldn't help but mutter something about women being "impossible to please" before returning to his workout. Although he did find that he suddenly had significantly more energy with which to push himself than he had moments ago. Whatever else he could say about S'haar as a physical therapist, she was undoubtedly an expert at the motivational aspect of the job.
Tel'ron was inspecting the shower somewhat dubiously. "So I just turn this nob, and hot water comes out? Enough to wash myself?"
Angela nodded. "Yup, it's really that easy! Once you're nice and wet, there's a bar of 'soap' in there. Rub it on the small square of cloth, and then apply that to yourself. It'll wash off all the dust and grime you've accumulated so far this winter."
The smith jumped a little at the sudden hiss of water when he turned the nob, but quickly found himself drawn in by the steam emanating from the small cubic room. The area was already a bit cramped as far as 7-foot tall S'haar was concerned, so of course, Tel'ron really had to contort himself to properly fit, but once inside, he stood still, drinking up the warmth of the water passing over his hide.
Once he was adequately warmed, the smith started inspecting every nook and cranny. Eventually, his eyes rested on the nob he'd used to turn on the water. He quickly realized there was another direction available with a shaded blue color. "So if this side makes hot water, does the other side created cold water?"
Deciding to test his theory, the young smith flipped the nob in the other direction. Angela's voice quickly boomed through the shower. "Turn that nob back NOW!"
Tel'ron reached a hand out to do just that, but was hit by a sudden jet of cold water, sapping him of all his energy. As he started to slouch in the shower, Angela appeared to S'haar and spoke rapidly. "I need you to get Jack to the shower immediately! No time for questions, just go!"
Once Jack arrived, it didn't take long to piece together what had happened with Angela's help, and Jack knew what had to be done. S'haar half stabilized Jack as he clumsily reached over Tel'ron's slouched form and fumbled with the nob until it was back in the red. By the time he'd succeeded, Jack was thoroughly soaked and shivering.
It took a few moments for Tel'ron to wake up, but Angela started laying into him immediately once he did. "You are to NEVER fiddle with anything on this ship without first asking myself, Jack, S'haar, or Em'brel again! If you ever pull another stunt like this, I might just leave to freeze to death next time! You're lucky Jack was around to save you from your own stupidity this time!"
S'haar was too busy toweling Jack off to pay the rant much mind, but it was loud enough that everyone else in the ship certainly caught an earful. When Tel'ron sheepishly walked out of the bathroom, he was greeted by hoots of laughter and tumultuous applause from the rest of the workers.
The enticing aroma of Em'brel's special dinner had each of the argu'n waiting at the table with salivating mouths. Whatever it was smelled better than anything she'd ever cooked for them before, and that was truly saying something.
Jack and S'haar shared a conspiratorial grin since they were both aware of what was coming. Em'brel had run her plans by Jack since this was the last of his stores for this particular meal. As sad as Jack was to see it go, he couldn't imagine a better time or a better group to share it with.
Just when Jack was starting to worry that the workers were about to snap and fall onto his kitchen in a feeding frenzy, S'haar and Em'brel brought over several steaming platers and placed the two largest in the center of a couple of improvised tables and a third, slightly smaller platter, in the middle of their own table. She explained what she was serving as the hungry eyes followed the movement of the platers. "So you are all aware, this is the last of Jack's stores of steak from his homeland. This is probably the most tender and juicy meat you'll ever eat, so everyone be sure to thank Jack for sharing the last of it with each of us!"
Lon'thul held up a half-eaten new york strip, his voice was only slightly slurring around the large half-chewed morsel currently filling his maw. "Thanks Jack, this is great!" His lengthy expression of gratitude complete, Lon'thul started biting off a second mouthful before he'd even finished chewing the first.
Most of the other workers were a little more disciplined and managed their own brief expressions of gratitude before digging in as well. Jack was glad he'd gotten used to S'haar's manner of eating a while back. Not long ago, the sight of 7 argu'n tearing away at a large pile of meat might have been enough to turn his stomach. Instead, he simply held up a slice of his own ribeye and said his peace. "Good food is always better when shared with friends and family! Eat your fill, today we celebrate all the hard work that's got us this far!"
At least a couple argu'n showed enough conscious thought to show appreciation for his words through nods of approval. Though Fea'en's nod was cut short when she had to slap away the hand of Lon'thul as he'd reached to take some of the steaks from her plate. "Try that again, and you'll lose that hand!"
Judging by his grin, Lon'thul's attempt had been more about mischief than greed, but he seemed to know better than to test the craft master's patience a second time.
Not long after dinner, the argu'n were all contentedly complaining about their bellies being so full they ached. Jack thought now might be the perfect time to introduce his guests to another way to pass the time. "Alright, now that you've all eaten your fill, it's time I introduce you to a method of human storytelling. One thing I should warn you of first, long ago, humans mastered the art of creating illusions, and we use those illusions to aid in our storytelling. I want you to remember that much of what you will see is nothing more than a clever illusion, created solely for the purpose of storytelling and entertainment."
Of course it was Lon'thul who cut off Jack's speech. "Yeah, yeah, we all know how plays work! I'm sure you're going to add a human twist to it, but get on with it already!"
Jack simply smiled and turned his attention to his sister. "Angela, go ahead and start the movie."
A quiet voice spoke out from the large reflective black panel that was hung prominently in the room. "The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the Earth. I smell it in the air."
Everyone was so enraptured by the soft voice that when flames first erupted on screen, Jack had to pause to the movie to explain that the fire was all part of the story and that his TV wasn't really on fire. Then, he had to pause again at the elves' appearance to clarify that there were no tiny people inside the screen. It was just a series of rapidly moving pictures.
By the time the battle had begun, everyone was finally hooked and paying rapt attention. Jack and S'haar were seated comfortably on the couch together, with Em'brel sitting at their feet. Fea'en was sitting in her new favorite chair, though while she'd been getting ready to doze off, even she found herself unable to look away once the movie began in earnest. The rest of the workers were scattered about on the floor on whatever makeshift seats they could find, hanging off of every word and action.
More than once, Lon'thul had to be told to sit back down when he lept up to attack whatever prey or monsters he saw on the screen. Tel'ron was almost as bad with all his questions about how this new marvel functioned. After repeated threats from S'haar and Fea'en to make the young argu'n suffer if they interrupted the movie one more time, both eventually settled down to enjoy the film.
There were a few more interruptions when Jack had to pause to the movie for bathroom breaks and to explain once again that no, Lon'thul could not hunt a balrog because they aren't real.
When the first Lord of the Rings movie came to an end, everyone protested, and of course, Lon'thul was the loudest. "What happens to Frodo and Sam now that the fellowship is broken? Who will stop Sauron? Are there really races of people smaller than humans? You can't leave us hanging with the hunt half finished! Tell the rest of the story!"
Jack chuckled as S'haar helped him to his feet. "That was just part one of three, and the other two parts are almost as long! I don't know about the rest of you, but there's no way I'm staying awake through nearly eight more hours of movie. We'll watch some more tomorrow. Now, get some sleep!"
At the mention of how long the rest of the remaining movies were, the room was filled with relenting sighs and grunts. As Jack hobbled to bed with S'haar's help, Em'brel set about preparing the ship for the night or, to be more accurate, telling the workers to prepare the ship for the night. "Come on, there are dishes to be done! I'm going to need a clean kitchen if I'm going to make another breakfast for you lot! Two of you wash dishes, the other two clean the room and prep the sleeping area, now move!"
Fea'en was recused on account of needing to rest her "tired old bones,'' but the rest jumped to their assigned tasks when Em'brel threatened to have Jack hold off on showing the rest of the movies if they slacked off in cleaning the ship.
Poor Lon'thul, and Tel'ron. I do give them both a hard time quite often, but they remind me of some friends I had growing up, who were far better at getting themselves into trouble than getting out of it!
I just wanted to show a bit of the argu'n causing trouble in their new temporary housing. Not that Em'brel was about to let them get away with too much. She might be quiet and demure much of the time, but mess with her self imposed responsibilities, and you'll draw the lioness out of her!
On a different note, I thought of a small surprise to help celebrate chapter 50! But y'all are gonna have to wait until then to see what it is...
If you like my work and would like to support it, consider donating to my
Patreon. Don't worry if you can't, there won't be any paywalled content or anything else like that, this is nothing more than a way to show your support. =)
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2020.09.22 21:28 gentleman_bronco Dallas Stars Scouting Report (From a Stars Fan)

Ahoy Bolts fans! Stars fan here with the obligatory "coming in peace"! For real though, a really dope Bolts fan made a fantastic post on the Stars sub like this and I would like to return the favor because life is too rough right now to keep adding negativity to our lives.
First off: Congrats on making it to the Stanley Cup!!
As mentioned, u/emotoaster (bro) made a cool post breaking down Tampa's roster on something of a scouting report because like most fan bases, you don't know as much as you probably should about your opposing team and what better way than to get it from an opposing fan!? I really apprecaited the post and he did a great job (and I'll try to keep with the same format that they used over on the other side). I am going to try to return the favor here but I admittedly am not a pro-fan and I don't know all the details that some other super-fans will know but I'm going to do my best to be a self-appointed ambassador for the green dudes y'all are playing against.
Overall System/Style of Play
We are a defensive club in and out. Yes, there are some dudes who have histories of great goal scoring and high point seasons but pushing the pace on offense leaves for an open defense. Our system is to shut down from the back end and push the opportunities forward. No need to score a bunch if 1 will do the trick.
We can have a very solid neutral zone trap when facing teams that rely on a north-south approach. It was very effective in game 1 of our series and against Vegas as well.
At our best, we will trap the neutral zone and then jump forward with a clean entry with some tick-tack-toe passing or crash the net. At our worst, we can't get the puck out of our defensive zone cleanly. Most of the time, we will have a mixture of both depending on the line combination and matchups and will revert to a chip & chase method which leads to some decent forechecking pressure in the corners. We have a few guys who do this really well and a couple that are still getting there. Like you, we got here because of our depth and un-sung heroes.
Head Coach
Rick "Bones" Bowness: Well, technically not even the head coach. He is the interim HC. He started the year working under the system of Jim Montgomery who was dismissed on 10 December 2019 for "unprofessional conduct". Since then Bowness was activated as the interim Head Coach. A legacy of sorts with a coaching career that goes back to 1982 where he was a player-coach with the Sherbrooke Jets of the AHL. Since then he's been up & down, in & out, all around the game of hockey in one capacity or another. A career assistant coach who enjoys development and working with individual players mostly, which has probably contributed to his checkered career as a head coach. Nevertheless, he put on the suit & tie in Dallas to become the oldest coach in the NHL after Monty's departure and it's been a rollercoaster. Some say that Bones doesn't want to stay on as HC next year, and others seem to think that he needs to. But that is for Bones & Jim Nill (Dallas GM) to figure out. Personally, I think he will want to go back to assistant and keep working on player's individual development. But that is just my homer opinion. "Losing sucks but losing to such a great person in Rick makes it a little bit easier." Nathan MacKinnon. Apparently Mac & Bones live on the same lake back in Nova Scotia. Other teams that he has been part of in the NHL as HC: Winnipeg, Boston, Ottawa, New York Islanders, & Phoenix. As Assistant: Vancouver & Tampa Bay (2013-2018).
General Stats:
Again, we are a defensive based team and this reflects in the statistics. Before the shutdown, 37-24-8 Record. We had a whopping 178 Goals For this past year (3rd lowest in the league) with a mere 174 Goals Against (Second lowest in the league behind Boston). This equates to a game average of 2.58 - 2.52 per game. It isn't good for your blood pressure to be a Stars fan. In case you didn't know...y'all are at a league high of 3.47-2.77. As far as Special Teams are concerned, we finished the abbreviated season with a (somewhat) rock hard PP of 21.1% conversion rate and a rather ugly PK of 79.7%, which I think you thoroughly enjoyed last night. For faceoffs, we've got a slight statistical superiority on the dot, finishing the season at 51.8% against your 50.5%.
Offense Lines:
(With Monty as HC, there was always fluctuations in lines. He would perpetually throw out different combinations and different looks, so this is the "traditional layout" if you were ask a casual Stars fan on a "usual game")
1st Line - Alexander Radulov - Tyler Seguin Point - Jamie Benn
The "big boys" (read: big contracts, lol). In reality Seggs usually is the "playmaker" of the group and will usually have a good FO%. Rads is the hustle of the group who can generate sloppy looking chances from a great forecheck. He often gets overly aggressive and takes thoughtless penalties. In the Monty days, he occasionally would be a healthy scratch if he was being a dumbass on the ice. And he would typically come back to net a Hatty. Benn is our C. He is a big dude who enjoys playing physically in front of the net. He has been the leader on and off the ice for Dallas for the past seven seasons. He is heavily criticized from all sides as not doing "enough" for the team but in reality the guy can be a monster. I really feel as if he missed his calling on a traditional checking line but his offensive skill is what pushed him to the top. He won the Art Ross in '14/'15 and a gold medal with Canada in '14.
2nd Line - Mattias Janmark - Joe Pavelski - Denis Gurianov
It's going to be tough to put the "traditional lines" up here because they jump around so much.
Janmark: Swedish. Scored on you last night. Janny has a great forecheck and will always be in the mix. He doesn't translate very well on the offensive scoresheet but man, does he hustle on the ice. He frequently is on the PK and doesn't get much praise in the Stars subreddit due to his "inability to finish". Frequently we joke that...Stars on a breakaway, fuck - it's Janny. I don't think it's a confidence thing or a drought thing. He's got a great game, just doesn't translate well to the system offensively. He's a UFA after this season and probably won't get resigned. Which sucks, because he's one of my favorites.
Joe Pavelski: Huge lottery win in the Free Agent Market got us Captain America. Great presence on the dot. Fantastic in front of the net. Unfortunately, we don't seem to put him there too often. He is leading our team in playoff goals right now and is #3 of all time for American born players in the playoffs. He is a real leader for the club and brings a ton of experience on the PP.
Denis Gurianov: Or Scorianov. Rooke. Leading goalscorer for the regular season (20). Wicked slapshot. Wicket wristshot. Wicked snapshot. Really fast skater and what has surprised most Stars fans this postseason is how physical he can play. He has been getting in the mix and throwing the body fairly well.
3rd Line - Andrew Cogliano - Radek Faska - Blake Comeau
Grind time! The FCC line was the complete jobber this entire season. We matched the Av's top line with this group in the last series. This is clearly my favorite offensive line. They don't generate much on the scoresheet but damnit if they earn their paychecks!
Cogliano: Veteran from around the league. He is the smallest dude on the bench at 5'11, 177. Has 1K+ games recorded and notched a 20 goal season once. The guy is always on the PK, always on the forecheck and always giving is best. He came over from Anaheim last year in a super rare one-for-one swap for Devin Shore. Cogs is a real ironman, which is ironic because it was a rare injury to him that made him a healthy scratch to give JFK a chance (we'll get to him later). Radek Faksa - Our top two-way center. He will be Dallas' Marian Hossa. He has a great presence on the ice and plays really good hockey. He is an RFA this season and I highly suspect Dallas will pay a pretty penny to keep him.
Blake Comeau: Fuck, he's probably my favorite forward. 34 year old veteran has been wearing the A recently and he owns it. Always giving his best and really playing his heart out. Is the best? Prettiest? Fastest? Hell no! Is he going to play in your face, throw the body all night and fire off some wild clapper from the top of the circle? Yup! He's got one year left on his contract and he'll probably hang 'em up afterwards (I hope as i don't think Dallas will resign a 36 year old third line grinder and I would never want him to wear another jersey).
4th Line - Corey Perry - Jason Dickinson - Roope Hintz
I guess this is the third line, or second...IDK.
Corey Perry: Y'all, Imma be up front with you. It's weird. He was the bane of so much. In your face. Pest. Pesky. All those reasons ~we~ you hate him. Ask any Stars fan and they'll tell you how weird it is cheering for him. But here is the skinny - He's wearing victory green. He's being a pest for us (not against us). Yeah, he's done some stupid shit (see his ~six seconds of winter classic ice time) but he signed for a bottom of the basement level contract ($1.5M) riddled with potential bonuses that don't hit the cap. Excellent signing for our GM. I doubt he'll resign in Dallas but this was his "rebound year".
Jason Dickskin er...Dickinson (Letterkenny fans?? I know it doesn't fit, but it's close enough for the drunk version of me on game night): Young kid on his first contract. He's an RFA next year and we'll want to keep him around. I believe management believes he could be the next version of Jamie Benn. Strong, scrappy forward who has a good net presence. He still has a lot of development to do but at 25 years old - he is gonna get there.
Roope Hintz - Fuck this kid can fly. 23 years old. He's 6'3, 220 (same exact measurements as Jamie Benn) and can sake like the fucking wind. Grinds out lots of minutes on the PK and has a bunch of development to do. He was given a chance last year on some injuries and earned the permanent spot in the lineup after firing off a few wicked slapshots. He's an RFA this year and I really hope we can resign him.
Others in the lineup:
Joel "Fucking" Kiviranta: So there has recently been a ton to say about this guy. The Finnish announcer calling his goal is delightful. He was a healthy scratch coming into the bubble as he is a solid two way wing. Depending how the series goes, you'll probably hear the usual anecdotes on him: "undrafted, recommended by Jere Lehtinen (who is now the Finnish team's GM) to the Stars organization as a solid two way forward with a good hockey IQ. But let me give you my anecdote. I went to the Stars' development camp before this season started. It was right after the draft and I got to watch everybody in the development pipeline practice, scrimmage, and just get to know each other. I remember Kivi out there. He wasn't the smallest guy (even though he's only 5'10, 180). He wasn't the fastest or had the best shot (Jason Robertson has the best shot in the pipeline BY FAR). But I wanted to pay attention to Kivi as he was the only Finn in the camp. The guy skated so much better laterally than anybody else. His stickhandling wasn't great but his passes were the speed of some other guys' slapshot. The sound when his pass connects was on another level. I like this kid. It's hard not to when his statement following a hatty in his first postseason game is: "I hope they play me again". Kivi came in with an unusual injury to Andrew Cogliano and has stayed in the lineup with the injury from Radek Faksa.
Jason Robertson - as mentioned earlier, JRob had the best shot in the Stars' development camp. I watched him shoot the shit with other guys at the top of the circle between drills. He casually rang post after post after post wrist shots from the top of the circle like a fucking sniper. He was so casual and so clean with his follow-through. The speed of each shot was phenomenal. The only reason I mention him is because I want to believe that he will probably be the next-one-up in the event Roope is out.
Justin Dowling - One year left on his contract until he is an UFA. He may be re-signed depending on the outlook. He is fairly ready for a permanent spot on the lineup but hasn't gotten much. He played in 29 games this season with the boys and registered 3 goals and 3 assists. He may get the callup if somebody is injured, depending on the need. He usually fits a one way winger role and not so much of a stick handling playmaker. The NHL is really pushing the "Baby in the bubble" story as a human interest piece. His family lives quite close to Edmonton his wife and newborn baby were the first to pass through quarantine to be reunited. Thankfully the baby looks nothing like Justin.
Transparency: I always played defense growing up and still do on rec teams. I love playing D and really love the Dallas blue liners. I think it is what drew me to be a Stars fan (was a Blackhawks/Habs fan as a kid).
1st Pair - Esa Lindell - Jon Klingberg
Lindell: The quietest unsung hero of the D-Core. He will most likely log the most minutes each game and will anchor a PK. Deceptively strong with a 6'3" Finnish frame (skinny) and has legs like a fucking Clydesdale horse. He is my favorite player as he seems to make very smart defensive moves, doesn't appear to chirp that much and has recently shown to make some smart offensive zone entries. My favorite part of Lindell? His contract. Very team friendly and will stay with Dallas (hopefully) through 2025.
Klingberg: When Klinger signed his contract in 2015 it was called "risky" as he wasn't nearly developed as he is today. He was always an offensively minded defenseman. And even now, his mind is faster than his ability. We will see him fumble and miss opportunities but he is 28 years old and will keep growing each year. He is slick and can dangle with the best of them. Watch out for him on PP1 at the blue line making a lane to fire off a wrist shot. It's essentially a floating pass to be tipped.
2nd Pair - Miro - Jamie Oleksiak
Miro: The "generational talent". Even if Dallas had the number 1 pick in 2018, they would have gone with Miro. He is such a smart defenseman with a great offensive ability. Deceptively strong Finnish frame who positions himself very well. He will be Dallas' franchise guy for the foreseeable future.
Oleksiak: Big Rig. He went back and forth with Dallas & Pittsburg (who seemed to fix him up well, thanks Pens!). He really came into his own this season. He was on the bubble all of last year and getting an occasional chance due to injury or ability. He is our biggest guy (6'7") and he has really matured this year in his role pairing with Miro.
3rd Pair - Andrej Skera - Roman Polak - Stephen Johns - Taylor Fedun - Joel Hanley
So this "pairing" is going to be the odds & ends as our 3rd was never really hammered out and I'm not too sure where to start.
Polak: He opted out of the bubble on his last year with the Stars. He won't be coming back. I liked Polak last year and when he played this year but apparently he was quite disgruntled how the season played out. He sustained a broken sternum on the first game of the season against the Bruins. After his return, he never got to his full potential. Bowness decided to alternate Polak & Skera with who was playing each night.
Skera: Another "rebound year" coming off a horrendous ACL injury for a basement ($1.5M) contract. The 34 year old veteran was frequently the butt of jokes on the Dallas GDT's. And I am just as guilty as anybody. But since the Flames series, he has been doing so much better. There are still the chances to fumble in the defensive zone and to have a target-less pass in front of our own goalies. But here is the reality: Sekera has never had a firm defensive partner. He is currently playing with his third partner since the re-start! Finaly with Fedun he seems to be getting some kind of trust and chemistry going. Knowing how to read each other's minds is so important on defense and Sekera really hasn't gotten much of a chance to do that, whether it was filling in for Polak, sitting out or having an AHL'r come up for a night or anythign else that would come up. But in the past few series (Avs & Vegas) he has been much better. But if your offense is going to pressure anybody into a mistake, it'll be Sekera.
Joel Hanley - currently in the lineup with a non-roster minor league contract. Scored his first goal ever against y'all in game 1. He has more maturity than the other D's who came with the team to the bubble and is the latest one up.
Taylor Fedun - Can be opted as a forward in a pinch but has been Unfit to play for a while.
Stephen Johns - Oh where to begin. He was our Masterton trophy nominee. He came to Dallas in the trade that also brought Patrick Sharp from Chicago. According to Stars Legend, the trade was always about Johns. He was assigned to the AHL affiliate for development. Big and physical defensemen with an incredible slapshot. His last game before this year was in the 2017/18 season. He suffered from Post-traumatic headaches and depression. He has since spoken openly regarding his mental health and recovery. Unfortuantely he has remained unfit to play since August 11th when he played for 10 minutes against the Flames. I really hope Johns is okay. He seems like such a good guy and his dog is really adorable (he occasionally posts on instagram).
Other in the bubble:
Thomas Harley - or is it Harley Thomas? LOL. He was our first round draft choice this past year and was in the OHL all season. If anybody else goes down, he'll be the next one in. He's a playmaking blue liner.
1A: Ben Bishop - Used to play for you. NBC only seems to know how tall he is but because he has been unfit to play for the majority of the playoffs, I seem to have forgotten...was it 6'7'' or 7'6''? Not sure what is going on, but I have a feeling that he has had a back injury all year stemming from some stuff in the playoffs last year. I remember seeing him take an awkward fall while covering up and was really slow to get back up. But anyway, he has been unfit to play for a while. He came to the coaching staff and was like "im good coach, put me in" and then he let 4 goals go by him in the first period of the Avs game. No good.
1B: Anton Khudobin - Dobby. The Kazak Scorpion. The track suit wearing, crawfish eating, journeyman backup turned 1B goaltender. He is a delight of a human being. His instagram is great. This past season he posted a 16-8 record with a 2.22 GAA & .930 SV%. This year, Dobby is a free elf and gets to choose where he goes. I hope he chooses to stay at Hogwarts to work in the kitchens as a free elf. But either way, I will ALWAYS cheer for Dobby (fuck, I hope fate doesn't make me do this), even if he ends up on the Blues.
Backup - Jake Oettinger. He will be our guy in the future. He's 21, and has won a bunch of medals with USA in the world Juniors. He got his first NHL saves on September 8th against Vegas in relief.
Goal song: Puck Off by Panera
Goal horn: Cool as fuck
Macot: Victor E Green - weird alien dude with a big belly. My seven year old daughter hates him.
Bolts & Stars connections: Not only Bowness, Bishop but also Dallas goaltending coach, Jeff Reese played in 19 games for y'all in 1995 posting a 7-7-1 record. After his retirement as a player, he joined the Tampa organization as a goalie coach during your Cup year in 2004!
TL;DR: We have two very different teams during a very different year. I am happy that we have this distraction. Finally, this post is intended to be about sportsmanship and shit like that. It's a game. We're fans. We cheer. We boo. We sulk. We chirp. And we both have fans that take it all a little too far. But at the end of the day, I hope we can have a good series and nobody hates each other afterwards. And most importantly nobody gets hurt. We've got a salt-free handshake thread over on our sub for post-series best wishes and congratulations and shit like that. Feel free to drop on by if you're in the mood.
Good luck Bolts Bros
Edit: holy smokes, thank you for the awards bros!!
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2020.09.22 19:14 God_Chose_Me [Store] M4 Guardian w/ 2x LDLC + Titan Holos, 2x Awp Lightning Strike w/ LDLC Holo Scope, Jet Set Crown Wood, ST MW AK Asii w/ 4x VP Col 14 Holo, AK Redline w/ 4x 3d Max Kato 15 Holo

I’m open to discussion and offers. Add me if you want to talk. Willing to accept katos/Tier-1 AK Blue Gems as well.
M4 Guardian MW w/ 2x LDLC + Titan Holos SS:
B/O 60 Arcs TB/PA

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ST MW AK Asii w/ 4x VP Cologne 14 Holo SS:
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B/O 6 Arcs TB/PA

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2020.09.22 16:35 repagator8 BCRX Get your tickets early for PDUFA FDA approval Dec 3rd

Heres how to win at PDUFA FDA approvals: get in early .
I present to you BCRX.
The PDUFA short term investor crowd will start entering in Oct. So get a step ahead of the masses that will buy in and start the hype up to the date.
Biocryst discovers novel, oral, small-molecule medicines that treat rare diseases in which significant unmet medical needs exist, and an enzyme plays a vital role in the biological pathway of the disease.
BioCryst’s "Once Daily berotralstat (BCX7353) to Prevent HAE Attacks" PDUFA date is Dec 3, 2020. So get yourself some BCRX for those early Xmas holiday presents.
It took a dump like the rest of the Market Monday and is sitting 7% lower than Fridays Close. Great dip buy opportunity. I started with a small entry position today (9/22) of 500 shares @ $3.70 and plan to slowly add into as we get closer to the PDUFA date.
Heres why I'm bullish on BCRX
Galidesivir, a potential therapy for COVID-19, Marburg virus disease and Yellow Fever, This is another super bullish indicator for BCRX. NIAID the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has awarded BioCryst a new contract totaling $44 million, and has added approximately $3 million to its existing contract to support the development of galidesivir. The completion of parts 1 of 2 of an ongoing clinical trial of galidesivir in Brazil is scheulded to be on Sept 30.
BioCryst has so many promising ongoing developments
berotralstat (BCX7353) PDUFA Dec 3rd 2020, an oral treatment for hereditary angioedema, Berotralstat Japanese Sakigake approval expected Q4 2020, BCRX will receive $20M milestone from partner Torii
BCX9930, an oral Factor D inhibitor for the treatment of complement-mediated diseases,
BCX9250, an ALK-2 inhibitor for the treatment of fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive.
and mentioed above Galisdeivir.
RAPIVAB (peramivir injection), a viral neuraminidase inhibitor for the treatment of influenza, is BioCryst’s first approved product and has received regulatory approval in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and the European Union. Post-marketing commitments for RAPIVAB are ongoing.
Q3 Earnings Nov 10, should be a good one for them. EPS this year is at 4%
Heres even more reasons why I'm super bullish on BCRX
  1. BCRX is set to start generating revenues with ORLADEYO before the end of the year.
  2. BCRX has almost $200 million in cash, enough to last one year without an equity raise.
  3. Data for 9930 in both naïve and poor responders is coming. At the beginning of Aug 2020, the FDA granted Fast Track designation for BioCryst Pharmaceuticals’ oral Factor D inhibitor, BCX9930, for the treatment of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH). Fast Track status provides for more frequent interaction with the FDA review team and a rolling review of the marketing application. Dr. William Sheridan, chief medical officer of BioCryst
  4. Information from Part 1 of the COVID trial with galidesivir before September 30th. Another huge PR catalyst but they are known to be late on PR so expect by end of Q4
  5. The rationale for the use of galidesivir is based on its broad-spectrum antiviral activity and also on the positive results of Gilead’s Remdesivir, which shares the mechanism of action.
  6. In animal studies, galidesivir has demonstrated survival benefits against dangerous pathogens, including Ebola, Marburg, Yellow Fever, and Zika viruses. Galidesivir also showed activity in vitro against more than 20 ribonucleic acid (“RNA”) viruses, including coronaviruses.
  7. A market cap of just $692 million.
  8. 20% of the float is short compared to 15% in July, 25% in August. upward pressure will squeeze these shorts out. 5% of shorts felt the pain and has moved on
  9. RSI of 42 starting to turn higher signaling a move higher is coming.
  10. BCRX stock has remained above the 200-day moving average since April, encouraging dip-buying. Sept 8 dip to 3.57 tips the line but strong buy volume sends it back above.
  11. CFO bought $220,000 worth of BCRX stock at $4.08 a share, some might not think this is a lot of money in today’s world, note his yearly salary is only $480,000. He obviously knows something or wouldn’t be putting such a large percentage of his salary into the company
  12. if you dig deeper they had an offering at the end of May 2020 to sell 100M of its common stock at $4.50 a share. Sure this may affect short term investors but the misconception that all offerings are bad is false. It depends what they are doing with the money they raised and BCRX seems to be using it quite well with all their developments. BCRX ran up to pre offering highs to $5.80 in July. $5.50-6 resistance levels BCRX will challenge as PDUFA runs closer for berotralstat and any galidesivir PR will send this one flying.
  13. they been posting jobs like crazy here's a recent one posted 3 days ago
If you read everything, thank you as it took some time to write up. If you scrolled down to the end without reading any of it this applies to you too.
Strap on your jet packs and get some BCRX get some! ☮
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2020.09.22 16:25 God_Chose_Me [Store] M4 Guardian w/ 2x LDLC + Titan Holos, 2x Awp Lightning Strike w/ LDLC Holo Scope, Jet Set Crown Wood, ST MW AK Asii w/ 4x VP Col 14 Holo, AK Redline w/ 4x 3d Max Kato 15 Holo

I’m open to discussion and offers. Add me if you want to talk. Willing to accept katos/Tier-1 AK Blue Gems as well.
M4 Guardian MW w/ 2x LDLC + Titan Holos SS:
B/O 60 Arcs TB/PA

Awp Lightning Strike w/ LDLC Holo Scope .05 SS:
B/O 35 Arcs TB/PA

Awp Lightning Strike w/ LDLC Holo Scope .04 SS:
B/O 35 Arcs TB/PA

AK Jet Set MW .09 w/ Crown on Wood SS:
B/O 15 Arcs TB/PA

ST MW AK Asii w/ 4x VP Cologne 14 Holo SS:
B/O 8 Arcs TB/PA

AK Redline w/ 4x 3dMAX Kato 15 Holos SS:
B/O 6 Arcs TB/PA

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2020.09.22 15:59 luigislowhand Consejos para buscar trabajo afuera (o tambien, aca)

Buenas Gente!
Bueno, viendo que todos están con ganas de irse, y para que no terminen siendo un meme, y de verdad puedan irse (o intenten), se me ocurrió buscar información sobre portales de empleo de distinto lugares, incluido Argentina, para los que busquen cambiar y no tengan la posibilidad de hacerlo afuera.
Estuve investigando y hablando con conocidos, y logre hacer una recopilación de distintos sitios donde pueden empezar a aplicar.
Algunas recomendaciones previas:
- LinkedIn: Ya lo conocen, mi recomendación siempre es tener un perfil lo más completo posible; completar la info sobre los proyectos/laburos que hicieron; para los developers, no olviden linkear su github, o portfolio. Por otro lado, está bueno seguir empresas para las que les interese trabajar; también conectarse con recruiters de estas empresas (o de cualquier empresa del rubro, para el caso), y no duden en mandarles invite, un mensajito de presentación o adjuntarles su CV. (1) Tampoco olviden de tener su perfil en otro(s) idioma(s). Linkedin te da la opción de tenerlo en distintos idiomas, sin tener que tener otro perfil. Esto sirve para cuando alguien que tiene su propio linkedin configurado en inglés y hace una búsqueda, le aparezca tu perfil.
- Sites de empresas: Casi todas las empresas, grandes o chicas, tienen su sección de "trabaja con nosotros" o Careers, donde postean directamente sus vacantes, o tienen un mail de contacto para que envíen sus datos.
Bolsa de trabajo de universidades: Tooodas hasta la mas pedorra tiene bolsa de trabajo para que puedan aplicar.
- Google: Google también funciona como un agregador / integrador de job posts. O sea, pueden buscar directamente en google y los lleva a las ofertas (buscando trabajo, los lleva a la sección de búsquedas)
- Grandes agencias: Manpower, Addecco, Randstat y sus subsidiarias de tecnología (ExperisIT, por ej) funcionan en todo el mundo, y siempre tienen puestos para todos los gustos. Obvio, trabajas para ellos, no para el cliente.
- VanHack: Muchos laburos en CA y Europa, con relocation. Postean directamente las empresas que estan dispuestas a llevarse a alguien.
- Remote OK: Portal con avisos para nómadas digitales. (3)
- Acuerdense de buscar por palabras tipo Remoto/e, Relo/Relocation, si es que buscan trabajo desde acá.

Portales: El portal funciona en todo latinoamerica. En general tiene muchas ofertas diarias. Es el portal hermano de ZonaJobs y UniversoBit. Originalmente estaban destinados a puestos diferentes, pero en definitiva, terminaron cayendo en las empresas poniendo los mismos posteos en los dos portales. En algunos países puede cambiar de nombre (Laborum, en Chile, por ej.) Similar a computrabajo. Funciona en casi todo el mundo. Se usa mucho en Canadá y EEUU, también en Europa.
Opcion Empleo / Career Jet: Otra web que funciona mucho en todo el mundo.
Glassdoor: No sirve solo para ver cuánto gana tu compañero, en varios países se lo usa como una buena opción para publicar búsquedas
SimplyHired: Otro portal que se usa mucho en Canadá, pero tiene versiones de varios países.

Bolsa Nacional de Empleos
Empleos EMol: El portal de trabajo del diario El Mercurio. Web que publica ofertas laborales del Estado de muchísimas áreas y de todo Chile, no sólo Santiago.
GetOnBoard: Empleos IT en Chile (5)

Banco Nacional de Empregos

OCC: aca esta el 90% de los avisos mexicanos que después se replican en otros portales.

Trabajo Gallito
Accion Trabajo
Smart Talent: para IT (4)

Monster; Ojo, al de EEUU, solo pude entrar con VPN Solo IT

Jobs In Canada:
Job Boom

InfoJobs: el mas usado por lejos
Monster.Es: la version española de Monster (tambien hay version DE, FR, IT, NL y UK)
TecnoEmpleo: para posiciones IT (2)

Le Bon Coin: con todo tipo de anuncios, incluso de laburo
Agence pour l’Emploi de Cadres
Annonces Emploi
Pole Emploi: Oficina publica de empleos

Total Jobs
The Guardian Jobs: Portal de The Guardian
Work In Startups

Xing: Red social tipo LinkedIn
Honeypot: Posiciones IT

Generazione Vincente
Human Gest
(estas 4 últimas son agencias que manejan mucha gente)

Working In Australia
Gumtree: Es un marketplace que tiene muchos avisos de empleo
Jora: tiene partners mundiales, pero tiene muchos avisos en AU y NZ.
(también existen Au Pair Australia y Find a Babysitter, por si a alguien le interesa, pero seguro son los menos, por lo menos aca en argentina)
(site con info y links)


Para cerrar, tienen la web y redes sociales de Yo me animo y vos, con mucha mas info para salir de este agujero del demonio hoyito del diablo.
También, no se olviden de visitar las webs de las embajadas y consulados para averiguar sobre programas de working holiday y visados especiales.
Espero les sirva!
Encontre la web de Expatistan en la que se puede comparar el costo de vida de diferentes lugares, y tiene algo mas de info para investigar.
Otra similar, es Numbeo (7) para comparar el costo de vida
Gracias por los awards :) :) :)
Info agregada, gracias a comentarios de otros users:
  1. gracias u/Parkrover
  2. gracias u/3mpanadas
  3. gracias u/__profesorcocoon
  4. gracias u/MateDrinker1
  5. gracias u/rcanepa
  6. gracias u/lionelum
  7. gracias u/marcosquilla
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Getting Started on Can I Do This? Jet Long Term Partner Indonesia - YouTube Private Jet Partners - YouTube Jet Linx Tulsa Grand Opening with Base Partner & President Russ Newman Partner Jet - Your Private Jet - YouTube পার্টনার Partner Full Movie - Jeet New Bangla Full Movie ... JET LI  Best Fight Scenes Clip Compilation - YouTube Jet Airliner  Steve Miller Band - YouTube

Jet Edge Partners

  1. Getting Started on Can I Do This?
  2. Jet Long Term Partner Indonesia - YouTube
  3. Private Jet Partners - YouTube
  4. Jet Linx Tulsa Grand Opening with Base Partner & President Russ Newman
  5. Partner Jet - Your Private Jet - YouTube
  6. পার্টনার Partner Full Movie - Jeet New Bangla Full Movie ...
  7. JET LI Best Fight Scenes Clip Compilation - YouTube
  8. Jet Airliner Steve Miller Band - YouTube
  9. ОТЗЫВ Jet Logistic - ASK PARTNERS ТОО - YouTube
  10. Partner Salman Khan Jet Ski Stunts Revealed

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Jet Linx Tulsa Base Partner & President Russ Newman outlined the benefits and perks of private aviation with Jet Linx at the Jet Linx Tulsa Grand Opening Celebration. Learn more about us at www ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Stream & watch back to back Full Movies only on Eros Now - Film – Partner Music – Sajid-Wajid Actor – Salman Khan, Govinda, Katrina Kaif, Lara Dutta Produced by ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Presenting latest Bangla movie 2018 full movie 'Partner' পার্টনার a new Bengali film directed by Shankar Ray . Jeet new Bangla movie 2018 Partner a new film ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Preliminary information that Retail Partners should know before integrating onto the platform. Watch our Best Fight scenes clip compilation for #JetLi, one of the greatest martial arts action movie stars of our time 🔴 Want to be notified of all the lat...