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‘Help, Should I Date an Ex-Con?’ Advice Guide for Dating Former Criminals, What Were You Thinking, Bars On Bars On Bars, Convicts, Legal System, Love Dating An Ex-Con: 3 Questions To Ask First. Married, single or somewhere in the middle, people break laws every day. Meeting someone who's been imprisoned for a serious crime is often another matter, however. And getting into a relationship with an ex-convict can seem like a big red flag. It isn't always, though. According to recent statistics, more than 2.3 million Americans are incarcerated in some type of correctional facility, including a local jail, state prison, or federal prison. But that doesn’t mean their dating lives are put on hold. In fact, we’ve found 12 prison dating sites created just for inmates, ex-cons, and those who want to […] I used to think like this before I witnessed someone dragged through the mud of the system of “justice” overseas & started looking at what’s going on closer to home.. May our system of justice, never destroy your sense of justice like it has for s... Dating an Ex Convict . Category: Specialized Dating. by kalyani10. There are many reasons why a person may get in trouble with the law. However after someone has duly served his/her period of incarceration, there is no reason why he/she should not get back to regular life with a job and a partner. If you have met someone who has spent some time ... A con-artist is what we now call someone who used to be called a confidence artist. Let’s look at 10 telling signs that you’re in a relationship with a con-artist. 10 Signs You’re In A Relationship With A Con-Artist 1. You have low self-esteem. A con artist often looks for an easy target. Ex con dating site - Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating or personals site. If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this article is for you. How to get a good man. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Date a Convict is part of the dating network, which includes many other general and prison dating sites. As a member of Date a Convict, your profile will automatically be shown on related prison dating sites or to related users in the network at no additional charge. For more information on how this works, click here. 3 Questions To Ask Before Dating An Ex-Con. Charly Emery. Expert. May 1, 2012, 16:02 EDT. Ex Con Dating. Source(s): https://owly.im/a9Xw8. 0 0. Ave. 1 decade ago. I can help you if you tell what crime! I need to know where to direct you. In my oppinion that is not a really bad thing I think he has a good chance with out a site to help him :) Source(s): ~~SCCCCCHIPPPPERKEEEEE. 1 0.

Should I (23F) talk to my ex (24M) again one last time or not?

2020.09.28 05:07 heyyyitsssmeee Should I (23F) talk to my ex (24M) again one last time or not?

When we initially met, I told my now-ex from the get-go that I had no intentions of dating due to unresolved mental issues I had at the time (which I‘m only just now really starting to heal from) as well as wanting to focus on myself. But of course, we still saw each other everyday because it was fun and were young and stupid.
I had broken up with him many times during our 3-year relationship because I knew something didn’t feel right. But because I couldn’t logically comprehend and process why I felt the way I did, I never had a good enough reason or “why” to stay away from him; so, we had always gotten back together.
However, he had done something bad enough for me to break up with him again—this time, for good.
I haven’t talked to him (cold turkey, no contact whatsoever) in over 3 months now—the longest we’ve never spoken.
It wasn’t 100% bad, and I’m beyond grateful for the experience and lessons I’ve learned from it; but all in all, I don’t have a reason why I’d voluntarily go through all that ever again.
As much as I initially tried to stay away from him because I knew my issues would eventually come out, I still failed. And I take full responsibility for my actions. However, I always felt misunderstood, and still do.
I loved him more than he‘ll probably ever know. I literally gave more to our relationship than I did to myself, which left me completely destroyed in the end. I can say with 100% confidence that I tried my absolute very best.
I was genuinely ashamed (and still am) of what I put him through. But because of what he did to me, a part of me didn’t feel so bad, like he deserved it. Because of that, I genuinely can’t even remember if I ever apologized for what I had done.
Despite how full of anger and hate I was a few months ago when I finally broke up with him, I feel like I’ve reached a point where I’ve accepted that he wasn’t who I thought he was, and probably never will be.
Now that I’ve had some time and space to process it all, I’d like to finally apologize to him for what I did. I just want him to know that I truly am sorry and hear how I really feel (this time, without having an ego). I don’t even think I care what his response his. I just feel like continuing to not apologize would be letting him win, like he’s letting me stoop down to his level.
I genuinely don’t believe I could ever trust him again (unfortunately); I have absolutely no reason to “reopen” the relationship back up (assuming he’d even want to), so I’d plan on this being a one-time meet-up and then we’d go backing to never talking again.
Is this a bad or good idea? What’re the pros and cons? Any advice on what to do is appreciated. Thank you!
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2020.09.28 03:51 Titpig69 A Year Long Agony

Hi guys, I'll just jump right into it. Both me and my gf are in mid-twenties. Well apparently, my girlfriend cheated on me more than a year ago or had a longer affair. The thing is, I didn't find any hard substantial evidence for it, so emotionally I'm in some kind of limbo.
Story goes like this. I randomly found out she had her ex boyfriend's number in contacts. I sent him a message, and stormed out after arguing with gf. She reassured me I'm just panicking and that she blocked all communications with him. Few days later, she confessed she had been texting him for more than a day, but just to close a chapter with him. We had agreed to forget that and move on.
Few months passed, everything was going smoothly or at least I thought so. While we were watching some clips together, somebody messaged gf on wap. Just a random strange avatar, so I didn't ask any questions. Sometime during that month, she started acting shady, mentioning dreaming her ex multiple times, joking how she'll be better off with him, regularly asking me when will i go to sleep, even calling me unattractive for getting fat, changed a picture of me she had as a wallpaper etc
I'm not a jealous type, but all of did cause suspicion. I couldn't resist, so I started checking her phone when she was away. Not going into details, but I found out she visited his student dorm in that same month she had been texting him. She made a pro/con list about him and me. She "joked" about it with her friend, best of all, ex boyfriend had that exact same avatar on wap that I saw earlier...seems like a good batch of evidence, but I still wanted a real thing, to catch her during the act and then break up.
It's embarrassing to admit, but i checked her online status on whatsapp and viber while texting her, and who would have guessed it, that guy was regularly online at the same time as her. It looked like she was texting us both at the same time. She was very vague about her plans and going out. That was all happening in course of a little less than a year.
Soon after that, I confronted her, and she got all defensive and crying. She claimed I made all that up, she changed her story few times, she even blamed me for everything, that I'm a psycho and woman abuser (!?). Of course I didn't lay a finger on her, neither did I shout. I just wanted to break up with her, tried that multiple times, but somehow we got back together.
The thing is, I really can't stand her and her lies. It turned into something very toxic. But at the same time, we had some great times together, and she's the only gf I felt this close to. But I still have that bad taste in mouth, I feel lied to, cheated on, used. Worst of all, I can't trust her at all. It mentally turned me into a pathologically jealous guy, someone who doesn't feel like a man at all. I think about it almost every day, first thought about her is infidelity and web of lies. It's mostly affecting me because she seems super sweet and caring, as a wife material.
So my question would be, has anyone found themselves in similiar situation? I get that we'll probably break up at some point, but I'm too scared of loneliness and dating again. Also, I've always seen her as mother of our children, and that's making it so hard. Is there anything I can ask her to maybe confess this?
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2020.09.28 00:05 JC-DisregardMe A Cast in Review - Spirit of Justice

Here we are. Took a few extra weeks, but I got through Turnabout Time Traveler again, bringing an end to my main series replay. Spirit of Justice is the Ace Attorney game I went into with the heaviest amount of emotional investment of any, and I've been really eager to talk about it. First, my previous cast review posts:
And before we start, I need to outline a couple of differences in how I'll be handling this. I normally list the characters in approximate order of appearance, with slight variations here and there. This time, though, I'll be opening with Apollo and Phoenix specifically, and have a section later on dedicated to the relationship between the two of them, because a lot of my opinions on this game are tied to their mentor-protégé relationship, and I don't want random remarks on it cluttering the sections for other characters. Finally, this post will likely run long enough that I'll need to split some characters off into a stickied comment below, so get ready for a marathon of a post.
So, I've got plenty to say on Apollo. Most of it I've said before, and I don't want this to go on forever, so let's just hit upon the most important stuff.
I love Case 2 Apollo. He feels completely like a natural continuation of AA4 Apollo, and his relationships with Trucy, Athena, and Phoenix are all great. Apparently he had a pet rabbit when he was younger, which Athena finds hilarious. He's kind of a jerk to Ema in the first few exchanges of her (pretty awful) introductory scene. Yamazaki gave an interview about Case 2 at one point, and it outlines a bizarre opinion of his that Apollo and Ema have never been friendly with one another, despite all evidence to the contrary in AA4 and its surrounding media. But whatever - they're back to friendly banter right after that, so as weird as the first part of the scene is, we can ignore it.
Apollo shows his growth as a lawyer and as a friend to Trucy all over the place in this case. It's excellent. His personality is exactly the way it should be here, and seeing him defend Phoenix's daughter in her father's absence and go head-to-head with Roger Retinz is incredibly satisfying after how sidelined he was for most of AA5's story.
Buuut now let's get to Case 5. Apollo is not the same character in Case 5, and I don't mean that like "he develops a bunch". I mean that he stops being Apollo as soon as Dhurke walks in the door, and following a five-minute ramble of exposition about this new backstory that he definitely always had and just never mentioned before, "Apollo Justice" is removed from the game and replaced with a different character entirely, sharing his face and name. Khura'in Apollo is just... frustrating to me. I can't possibly view this version of him as anything other than a mistake, and one made solely because the devs decided late that he needed to be important to this game's main story, after Phoenix had been its main character for most of the writing process.
Consequently, dorky everyman Apollo, who just wants to do his job as an attorney and be taken seriously, is shoddily transformed into an invincible escapist anime hero in an epic struggle to fight a corrupt monarchy. Basically everything that made him my favourite protagonist in the series goes away instantly. I don't give a shit about Khura'in, and I've never stopped being frustrated by how Apollo is duct-taped into it and then sent off on his own, with the ending choosing to pretend that he's ever been allowed to have a meaningful character arc. Case 5 slaps a massive, disrespectful downgrade onto Phoenix, Athena, and even Dhurke himself in the civil trial just to make Apollo look as good as possible, and I will never be moved from that position.
So, Phoenix starts off as a marked improvement from his Dual Destinies characterization. I have to specify "starts off", of course, because a lot of that good goes away by the end of the game.
In Case 1, Phoenix acts much more appropriately level-headed, confident, and mature than his AA5 self. The frequency of his "OH, FUUUUCK" face's appearances goes way down, and we even get a nice little callback to the class trial from the original game when he chooses to take up Ahlbi's defence no matter what he's up against.
His phone call with Apollo in Case 2 is an excellent scene, perfectly demonstrating how much he's come to trust and respect the rookie attorney he hired on two games ago.
Seeing his friendship with Maya just as strong as ever is wonderful, even if Maya herself ends up cheated out of importance almost immediately. Case 3 also gives him some great scenes with Rayfa, his parenting experience allowing him to both ease her temper and help to support her when she's feeling dejected.
And then Case 5 happens. I'll go into that catastrophe in the stickied comment.
So Ahlbi's... cute, if not much else. He doesn't really change a ton, outside of Case 1. Naïve kid, ambitious entrepreneur, and bearer of an incredible good luck streak when it comes to providing highly plot-convenient help. His sort of little-brother role to Maya is kinda precious.
Little dog, who will one day become a very big dog. He's inherited his master's proclivity for stumbling into extremely plot-convenient trouble.
Dead family man. Not nearly as annoying as the other characters with name puns based on "patrol".
Oddly enough, despite first seeming to be just as cartoonishly contemptuous of defence attorneys and dismissive of foreigners as most of the people of Khura'in, His Magistry actually proves himself to be about the most responsible, level-headed person in the entire country. It only takes a couple of cross-examinations for him to totally change his tune on Phoenix, and while he remains a deeply devout man who dislikes the idea of a defence attorney questioning the royal family in any way, he doesn't tend to let that affect his impartiality as a judge at all. He even stands up to members of the royal family for himself when the situation calls for it, baffled as he might be to find himself doing so.
The princess. Tell you the truth, I expected to hate her, going into the game. I suppose that was the idea, what with her pompous, high-and-mighty personality. By the end of Case 1, however, when she's escorted out of the courtroom, throwing a tantrum all the while, I had the distinct feeling that I was going to end up liking her much more than I originally expected.
I groaned when I realized that she was going to be accompanying Phoenix as his investigation assistant in Case 3. Are we really so attached to having a teenage girl in that role as often as possible that we need to do this? Well, whatever - Rayfa goes through absolutely no shortage of great character development in Case 3. We see that she's tried to patch up her bruised ego following the outcome of Ahlbi's trial in Case 1, now more determined than ever to prove that her Séances reveal only the incontrovertible truth. But of course, following another thorough examination by Phoenix, her insights are found to be mistaken once again, and this time, it's immediately clear that her self-esteem has taken a serious hit as a result. She can't just pretend to herself that it was a fluke again, and she feels like a failure.
It's understandable, really - Rayfa's only fourteen, and her entire life thus far has been focused around only her duties as Royal Priestess and heir to the throne. Couple that with the emotional abuse Ga'ran has been throwing at her for as long as she can remember, and her downcast reaction to another fruitless Séance is exactly what you'd expect. I love the little moment at the start of the second investigation in which Phoenix tries to help her feel a bit better by prodding her into accompanying him again. Funny that he's better at acting like a dad to Rayfa in just this one sequence than he was to Trucy in the entirety of Dual Destinies.
Of course, Rayfa's troubles definitely don't end there. Maya's second trial proves that she was completely wrong about this case from the very beginning, she learns that her Séance was actually deliberately manipulated to trick her into casting suspicion on the wrong person (clearly leaving her terrified that she's caused false convictions before), and she has to discover that her beloved father has been orchestrating extrajudicial killings of citizens he finds inconvenient. That's a hell of a lot to take in in the space of a few days. Everything in Rayfa's life has been thrown into question, leaving her plagued with doubts about herself, the convictions she's ensured thanks to her Séances, and her family. Who is she supposed to turn to for emotional support? Her abusive mother? Her caring father, who she's just learned was sponsoring extraudicial murder? It's a miracle she comes out of all of this with her emotional state left intact at all.
Sadly, Rayfa becomes a victim of some writing problems in the final case. Here, her characterization basically spins off into a nearly verbatim retread of Sebastian Debeste. She's not bad, she's just a noticeable step down from her Case 3 self. Following a little discussion I had with another user here several months back, though, I will give Case 5 Rayfa some points for basically being the same character that Nahyuta's trying to be, but much less shit. Just like him, she's been manipulated into ensuring the convictions and deaths of countless innocent people, and she's spent her entire life being fed emotional abuse and propaganda by her mother that has made her spiteful and arrogant toward defence attorneys, and yet all it took was one trial exposing the flaws in Khura'in justice system to completely shake her out of the mentality her entire life has pushed her into. Seeing those flaws, she has both the desire and initiative to fix them despite having less influence in the court than Nahyuta or the Judge, and once it comes down to a conflict against her "mother", she's standing her ground and fighting to ensure the truth is uncovered, while Nahyuta continues to be Ga'ran's doormat.
Just compare her insights and behaviour surrounding Jove's Séance to the way she behaved in Case 1. She's a whole different person.
Not writing that name again. Funny guitar murderer. Case goes on way too long. His fantastic animations are the perfect demonstration of just how vast an improvement the skills of the artists and animators went through between games. The voice blip jokes that he brings with him were the first Ace Attorney joke in years to make me pause for laughter.
Interesting that he's given just a tiny bit of actual story significance later on.
Fuck, is he awful. There really isn't anything likeable or entertaining about him. I miss his brother. Somehow, though, he's not the worst prosecutor in this game.
Pretend I included the rest of the name.
So, Inga is a bit weird. For Case 1 and most of Case 3, he's just a classic slimy bastard with an oddly misplaced speech pattern. His quirks are kind of amusing. It's not until Case 5 that anything becomes especially interesting about him, and even then, it doesn't happen until after he's dead. I'll admit that seeing him become the victim in Case 5 was a bit more satisfying than any stabbing ought to be. Think about his final moments, too - he shot Dhurke no less than three times, still ended up chased out of the tomb by him, and now here he is, fatally stabbed from behind, looking up to see Dhurke standing over him, seemingly still alive.
It ends up as kind of a shame, though, that he ends up being given so many interesting traits only after his death, and despite the prominence of spirit channeling in the game, he never ends up getting any extra screentime via channeling. I think the last case could've been more interesting if he had stayed alive at least long enough to carry on his conflict against his wife onscreen. The heavy implication that he was doing all of this for Rayfa's benefit and not his own is the thing that makes his abrupt death feel the most like a total waste of potential.
Poor girl. Sidelined almost entirely just one game after her debut, and she didn't even get to be that game's main player character. So, to hit the positives first - Athena does get plenty of good screentime in this game. Her dynamic with Apollo in Case 2 is better than ever. These two are close friends, both equally determined to save Trucy from her false charges, and I love every minute of their banter together. At any given time, Athena can be genuinely complimenting Apollo, teasing him, enjoying a friendly joke, outright flirting with him - all of it feels perfectly in-character for her, and it all reminds me of why I consider her and Apollo the best defence teamup since Phoenix and Maya. There's a downside to her role in Case 2, though - after spending the first three quarters of the episode doing all of the above while also showing how much she cares about and admires Trucy, she pretty much stops existing in the trial's last segment. Once it comes time for Apollo to face off against Roger Retinz, Athena almost stops talking entirely, and is pretty much there just to act as an extension of Apollo's reaction faces. I don't really get the reason.
Let's get to Case 4 now. It's Athena's only case as defence leader in this game, and it unfortunately feels the need to wind back the development she went through in Dual Destinies pretty noticeably, turning her back into the short-tempered and confidence-lacking newbie she was in Turnabout Academy. She even comes close to another PTSD attack when put under deliberate pressure by a certain asshole prosecutor, before Simon steps in to back her up. Of course, this leads into the excellent Cykes-Blackquill defence team dynamic, so ultimately, I can tolerate Athena's downgrade in competence.
Her banter with Simon is fantastic. It's abundantly clear that the two still care about and trust each other just as much as they did in Dual Destinies, and Athena is trying her best to get her ex-con friend reacclimated to everyday society. That said, though, Simon takes very much a tough-love approach to helping Athena out in the trial, and doesn't quietly tolerate obvious mistakes on her part. It's important to take note of the reason, though - Simon knows that Athena can do better, he knows that she's tough enough to handle even his harshest criticisms, and he knows exactly how to get her back on her feet when she's really struggling. Who would've guessed that "grab ahold of her shoulders and shake her" was exactly the right choice? It's a perfect showing of the level of trust these two have in one another.
She's fun on her own in Case 4, as well. She's great with emotions, but terrible at catching jokes, going off her interactions with Uendo, and her hotheaded personality makes interacting with Owen a bit of a challenge for her. "Auntie Athena" is kind of intense.
... Athena going along with Phoenix's idiotic "don't tell Apollo what's going on" request halfway through the civil trial is aggravating, as is her demotion to joke character in the DLC. I counted no fewer than four "Athena shows up to say hi, and then bolts to escape Trucy again" jokes in that case, accounting for the majority of her appearances.
(And a random fun fact - between her dialogue and Ema's, we can safely assume that Athena is the only person in the Wright Anything Agency who can actually drive.)
I don't hesitate to say that 6-2 has Trucy at her best. She's only ever improved as a magician, given time, and she shows a level of talent easily worthy of the Gramarye name. At the same time, though, this is where we finally see proof that she's not infallible. She ends up duped and manipulated by Betty and Retinz, and her mistakes nearly cost her her freedom, reputation, and entire family business. Nevertheless, with some emotional support from Athena and Apollo, she bounces back and proves essential to solving the case for real.
And speaking of that emotional support, her detention centre visit is the best scene she's ever had. She does her best to keep up her performer's smile, but this time, it just can't stick. Apollo knows she's hurting far more than she lets on, and with the right prompting the dam finally breaks.
When I first saw the promotional material for this case, including a Perceive sequence as she insists "I'm fine, Polly", I just knew this scene was going to hurt me, and I was right. Watching Trucy break into a frightened ramble about her fear that she really did screw up and cause her co-star's death, and then seeing her finally break down crying in front of her friends - I damn near teared up. I have a lot of emotional investment in the newer cast, and Trucy is no exception. There's actually a really good little character moment with her if you pick the wrong piece of evidence to present to her after the trial, as well. While picking the correct one is obviously the better choice, and will put a genuine smile back on her face following some encouragement from Apollo, she still shows the same performer's dedication she's so well-known for if you get it wrong, earnestly thanking Apollo for at least trying to cheer her up.
For another good point, she's learned by now that keeping Apollo in the dark about how a magic trick was performed is really not a sensible decision when it's critical to understanding a murder case.
I need to address the bad parts as well, though. Trucy still gets no screentime with her best friend Pearl, being cleverly removed from the scene in Kurain Village just in time to dodge her, and in the DLC case, she regresses to her one-dimensional joke self from Dual Destinies. She doesn't even exchange a single word with Maya, and we've been waiting anywhere up to thirteen years to know what their relationship is like.
Having her voiced by Kira Buckland is a wonderful touch, longtime Ace Attorney fan that she is.
This poor sap didn't do a thing to deserve what Retinz did to him. ... Well, aside from taking part in the "prank" against Trucy, anyway. Wasn't his idea.
Bonny's alright. I was afraid she would just end up as ship fuel, when I first saw her in the magazine scan that revealed her. Fortunately, she came through mostly unharmed. Anyway, she's kinda cute, and has a really fun, energetic dynamic with her twin sister.
Glad she exists, despite the "twins" twist not exactly being new for this series. I was feeling a bit put out to see the first implication that "Bonny" was actually secretly nasty. I just want Trucy to have friends, after reading so many sad fanfics that depict her as an unpopular loner.
Betty does run into a problem that a lot of characters in this series have, though - sure, she didn't have any idea that Retinz was really planning to frame Trucy for a murder, of all things, but she does try her best to have Trucy convicted, and yet the game totally stops acknowledging that once attention turns to taking Retinz down, just painting her as a cute little Tsundere instead, and fuck that trope in general.
Same eccentric old friend as always. He gets very little screentime in this game, of course, only appearing in two cases in the main game, plus the DLC. They do take advantage of that time, though. He's as snarky with penalties as ever, and it's clear that he doesn't like seeing Trucy accused. Watching him irritably chastise Apollo for interrupting Trucy's magic tricks is hilarious. He also gets plenty of chances for funny exchanges with Simon in Case 4, and especially Edgeworth the DLC.
I want to mention his interactions with Trucy again, though - Udgey is obviously a genuine fan of her magic shows, and he almost treats her like a grandchild of his at times. It's really nice.
Oh, Ema. You've finally got your dream job, you're all smiles after years of frustration and grumpiness, and what does the universe do to you? Well, a hell of a lot, almost none of it nice.
To start, Ema meets up with her friend Apollo, and he kind of acts like a total dick to her for the first half of her introductory scene before she straightens him out. That scene is so weird overall, and I kinda can't stand it. Apollo just acts like Ema's never been anything but an irritable grouch toward him, and he practically runs away at the sight of her, but then ten lines later they've gone right back to normal, acting like a pair of good friends again, as they should.
So, from there, Ema is paired up with another prosecutor who annoys the hell out of her. This flowery bag of dicks tells her to arrest one of her friends, accusing Trucy of deliberately murdering her co-star, he outright refuses to tell Ema the reason for the accusation, and then her job forces her to testify against poor Trucy. This does net us one of my favourite Ema scenes ever, though, when she prefaces her testimony by stating for the record that she doesn't believe Trucy is guilty, so that's a plus.
Now, after that case, Ema catches up with Phoenix in Khura'in, but once more is denied the chance to just have a good chat with a friend of hers, because she's forced to arrest Maya. There's an implication that she and Maya met offscreen, interestingly enough. These games don't usually like to let major characters meet for the first time offscreen, so it's a refreshing change. So, Ema has to testify against Maya, and even watch as she is convicted, left to believe that Phoenix, a good friend of hers and one of her personal heroes, is doomed to be executed. She also has to deal with considerably more frustration from Nahyuta in this case, her stress-eating Snackoo habit coming back out in full force.
Then, in Case 5, she ends up stuck with the unbearable difficulty of being the one to discover Dhurke's body, and deliver the horrible news to Apollo, back in the courtroom. Seriously - what the hell did she ever do to deserve all of this? Did existence itself just consider the idea of Ema Skye being happy so offensive that it needed to directly intervene?
At least she gets to investigate alongside of Edgeworth in the DLC, with no further trauma or emotional distress included. She does her best to meet the standards of her personal hero, even if her enthusiasm causes her to screw up here and there.
A couple of other complaints - Ema comes across as kind of inept at times, in this game. I get that she's got to make the odd mistake here or there so that the defence will have opportunities to take some ground in the trials, but the shift to bring her away from being so frequently grumpy has also caused her to become noticeably less bright on average than she normally is, and that's pretty irritating. Gumshoe messed up regularly because for all of his good intentions, he was kind of dumb. Ema isn't. Additionally, of course, there's the game's insistence upon using her as a mouthpiece for its rather pathetic attempts at pretending that Nahyuta isn't a reprehensible sack of shit. Ema comes across like a weak, pouting doormat whenever it comes to Nahyuta, and that's a complete disservice to her character. Klavier was never half as bad as Nahyuta consistently is, and Ema had no problem telling him to fuck off.
What a class act of a villain. Kind of a waste, confining him to a plot-irrelevant filler case.
Retinz is absolutely delightful as a scummy, conniving weasel of the highest caliber. His artistically obnoxious behaviour makes him wonderfully hateable without being too annoying, his competence as a culprit is nearly unparalleled, his story is engaging and actually ties into Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (I get the overall sense that 6-2 was written by the only person on the team who actually gives a shit about that game), his transformation and breakdown are both fantastic - I can't get enough of this guy. Heartless bastard is right up there with Manfred von Karma, so fixated on revenge against Magnifi Gramarye that he took on an apprentice and trained him to take on his old stage name, then killed the guy in order to frame Magnifi's granddaughter, who had abolutely nothing to do with his grudge, as well as cheating Trucy out of her family business and ownership of the Gramarye performance rights, all just to take personal revenge against an old man who had been dead for nine years. Incredible.
I really mean it when I say that this case would've been perfect as the finale to an actual Apollo Justice sequel. It's got everything it needs, from an exciting and unique murder case, to great Trucy-Apollo interactions, all the way up to scenes that outline just how much Phoenix has come to respect Apollo.
Dead, and without anything to make me sad for it. Maya probably cared about him, too, and she has to go through both being falsely accused of his murder and learning that he was a complete bastard.
I've said it before, and it still stands - Maya's characterization in this game is utterly on point. She's grown up, gaining far more maturity and wisdom, but she's still our good old goofball Maya. Still Phoenix's best friend after two years away (quite a few more, from our point of view), Ms. Fey made her return to the cast in a new form that leaves me perfectly content.
... Perfectly content aside from how completely shafted she winds up being in the story, that is. Maya doesn't get to do a damn thing for most of the game. She doesn't properly appear at all until Case 3, and then she has to spend most of that case offscreen as a defendant, or performing a channeling. She gets an absolutely wonderful scene with Rayfa at the case's end (which gets at least two full flashbacks later on, indicating that the writers were pretty proud of it), and plenty of heartwarming scenes with Phoenix, but throwing her into the defendant's position is a complete cop-out. She's not accused because of her awful family history, or because of her relationship with Phoenix. She's accused because she's Maya Fey, and these games can't let go of nostalgia.
Case 5 doesn't do much more for her. We ultimately discover that she's improved immensely as a medium, managing to maintain a channeling for days without a break, right after she's been trapped as a kidnapping victim, but this case cheats her out of a proper appearance even more blatantly than Case 3 did. Like Ema, she gets plenty of emotional gut-punches, too. All the traumatic shit that happens in Case 3 is followed up by Inga taking her hostage, leading up to Dhurke's botched rescue attempt, in which she has to see him shot right in front of her and then watch him bleed to death, throwing herself headlong into his revolution plans immediately thereafter.
The DLC is a letdown for her, too. Even upon replay, I just can't view Turnabout Time Traveler as anything more than a painfully unambitious case limping its way along entirely on nostalgia bait, and this includes Maya being Flanderized into an incredibly childish parody of herself with only one good moment in the entire case.
I like Datz. He's a goof very reminiscent of Larry, but with nearly none of Larry's worse traits. I'm not so fond of his courtroom appearance in which he lies over and over at no real benefit to anyone, making much of that trial feel like a total waste of time, but after that point, I haven't really got any criticisms for him. His friendship and trust in Dhurke feels believable, he's got plenty of entertaining quirks, and he's a genuine help to the protagonists at considerable risk to himself.
A bit more split on this guy. On one hand, I really respect what Case 3 tried to do, outlining in full detail that Khura'in's justice system is fucked, and I do like the portrayal of his relationship with his wife, but he's another major victim of the "sympathetic culprit who tried really hard to frame an innocent person" thing. The case tries really hard to sell the idea that there really were no good options available for protecting his wife and their unborn child, but I can't help feeling he still didn't have to make the choice to kill himself and sacrifice Maya's life (after she had become friends with him and his wife for two years, mind), because I'm pretty sure there were several other options. One of the worse parts to it, though, is the way that the rebels just freely help his wife escape from the court after the trial is over. You're really gonna tell me they couldn't have worked out an escape plan before all of this that wouldn't directly get Maya and Phoenix killed?
Sort of the same thing.
Edgeworth is right to be outraged.
Hello, traits borrowed from Russell Berry. If this old fool hadn't been so ridiculously dramatic and indirect about telling Geiru to pursue her own dreams, this case wouldn't have needed to happen.
Gotta wonder what Bucky's like when he's sober. The fact that he and Simon of all people are childhood friends is hilarious. Anyway, Bucky's a decent guy. Not a ton to say about him.
Best individual witness in the series, bar none. Uendo is a masterwork of character animation, playing around with a 3D model to incredible effect and presenting no fewer than four memorable personalities in one single character. I love this guy, and this case. Seeing Athena's promising theory about Owen being the culprit completely collapse the instant he's revealed is one of my favourite moments in the whole game.
One of the better attempts at a sympathetic culprit, in my opinion. Imagining her hanging out with Simon is also hilarious, of course. Does he even realize how ridiculous he looks next to these people?
Yes, Geiru has the usual "tried to frame someone else" problem, but what I appreciate about her is the fact that she clearly feels horrified and regretful about the murder she committed, and that it wasn't something she extensively planned in advance. An emotional upheaval and an awful misunderstanding led to her doing something terrible that she can't possibly take back, and while it would certainly have looked better for her if she hadn't tried to frame Uendo and then testified against Bucky when he instead wound up accused, I still think she's a much better attempt at a sympathetic killer than most in the series.
Simon's still great. Back when he still believed he would be executed, he carried himself with an air that combined theatrical menace with a childish sense of humor, but now he's had to step back into normal life, returning to work as an overworked prosecutor and watching as the number of people who take him seriously at all slowly creeps its way down. I already talked about how much I love his relationship with Athena, so no need to go over that again.
Simon absolutely going to town on Nahyuta is the other highlight of Case 4. There's nothing more satisfying. Piece of trash deserves every word of it.
Ahh, boy. What do I say about Dhurke? I could complain some more about how much I hate Apollo's Khura'in backstory, but that's already been done. Let's try another angle.
Dhurke is an awful parent, between the neglect, abandonment, and emotional manipulation. That's not to just say he's a terrible person or anything, mind - he's just not really the right guy for the job, no matter how hard he tries. He's a friendly, jovial guy, but he's not good with emotions, and his attempts to reconcile with Apollo are awkward at best. It's obvious that he feels terrible for leaving his adopted son alone in his birth country of America all those years ago, and I can't imagine he's thrilled to be asking Apollo a favour as their first interaction in around fifteen years. On that point, though, I can't say I'm especially fond of the choices he makes. His reckless behaviour has already gotten him killed, and in keeping that a secret from Apollo, he knowingly drags the son he abandoned into a political conflict that nearly gets Apollo killed for a cause that he has no stake in more than once, and he's even putting Maya in danger at the same time, what with borrowing her body and all.
Speaking of, no attempt is made to explain why the hell he waits until after the civil trial is over to bother telling Phoenix that Maya is already safe. He doesn't really do anything helpful throughout that entire event, which comes immediately after he nearly got Apollo killed without even telling him the reasons behind what they were doing.
I probably sound like I'm being highly negative. I do like Dhurke, honestly. He's a heavily flawed person, but that's what makes him interesting. He knows that he hasn't made the best decisions, and he has more than a few regrets he wants to make up for. His plans for revolution are ridiculously idealistic, given the odds he's up against. Were it not for Apollo's Case 5 upgrade into an invincible anime hero, Dhurke's bloodless revolution never would've had the faintest chance to succeed.
Basically, Dhurke's recklessly heroic nature makes him a strong, dependable leader for the rebels, but it's also the root cause of most of his flaws, and it kind of annoys me how infrequently those flaws are addressed both in-game and by fans. He has an exceptional Objection shout.
Weird. By all accounts, he was a good parent, but he was also a thief with a misguided sense of respect for the artifacts he pilfered.
Ace Attorney is really attached to traumatizing kids. Armie seems to be on the road to recovery, though, despite the tragic and horrifying loss of both of her parents.
I like Armie. Her not-always-cooperative behaviour is completely justified, given that she's twelve, and both of her parents have been killed. Maybe the "oh she's actually a girl" twist isn't really super-necessary, but she's definitely one of the only two things I like about the dumpster fire that is the civil trial. She also gets a great character moment with Athena, who draws from her own traumatic past of her mother's death and Simon's wrongful conviction to promise that things will get better for her, with time.
Not quite as fantastic a villain as Retinz, and maybe he dates the game's localization to late 2016 a bit, but this guy's great. He provides most of the civil trial's funniest moments, and I can't say many bad things about him. The trial he's involved in, yes, absolutely - but not him, really. Maybe give him a "fuck you" for murdering Armie's father and then trying to kill Apollo.
Pearly gets basically nothing to do in this game, and is still practically unchanged from her nine year-old self. What a surprise. It's nice to see her interacting with Apollo, but seriously - we've got this whole story segment set in Kurain Village, and yet Pearl is almost entirely irrelevant. If the team was so set on forcing an Apollo v. Phoenix trial to happen, an actual conflict between them based on Phoenix's relationships with Maya and Pearl would've been nice.
The one upside is that the end credits give us the only post-timeskip interactions between Maya and Pearl that we've ever seen.
Edgeworth also doesn't get a ton to do in this game, of course. Having him as Phoenix's investigation partner for their part in Case 5 is, fun, and provides plenty of good comedy moments to lighten the mood in an emotional beatdown of a case. My favourite is the moment when he chastises Phoenix for encountering a mess on the ground and immediately wondering if Athena caused it, as if he wouldn't have guessed exactly the same thing of Gumshoe. Second place is his outrage over The Plumed Punisher.
The DLC makes him another pretty severe victim of Flanderization, sadly. The only justification they provide for his acting like a total dick throughout most of the case is that he's dealing with the stress of being Chief Prosecutor and having to take charge in prosecuting Ellen's case because no one else will touch it thanks to the Sprocket family's influence. That's really not enough to cover how abrasive Edgeworth acts overall. The case also makes the bizarre choice of pretending that Edgeworth turning against Pierce is in any way unusual for him. Uh, yeah - of course he doesn't just let the shady-as-hell witness with a grudge against Sorin force a Guilty verdict. That isn't groundbreaking characterization for him, it's the bare minimum for post-development Edgeworth.
Amara's nothing special. Her act as Nayna is a bit of a clever trick, even if it's pretty damn predictable as soon as her sudden disappearance is brought up. As "the good sister", it almost feels like she's being set up as the twist culprit, but no. It really was just her knockoff Power Rangers villain sister. Amara's emotional moments also don't really hit their mark for me, seeing as she doesn't really come across as an especially great person. She even goes out of her way to try and throw Maya under the bus to protect her cover as Nayna.
Seeing her suddenly get shot on the witness stand is much more impactful than when it happened to the Phantom, though.
It's not a good sign when I have considerably more praise to give to a filler villain than the game's main villain. Ga'ran starts off as a genuinely imposing figure, but then she abruptly transforms into a ridiculous cartoon pretty much the moment the final trial begins, instantly spelling out that she's going to end up as the main villain behind pretty much everything. Despite this, the trial still goes through the motions of setting up both Amara and Nahyuta as possible suspects before finally presenting the "twist" that it was really all Ga'ran.
She just loses all of her steam as soon as she takes up the prosecutor's bench, and the setting has given her such an utterly ridiculous amount of power and influence over the court that there's no good justification whatsoever for her idiotic behaviour that eventually gets her defeated. For basically the entire trial, she could just order her guards to arrest or execute Phoenix and Apollo, which would instantly nullify the revolution's chances of succeeding and give her a complete win, but stupid villain pride keeps her from doing so for hours on end until she's handed Apollo everything he needs to beat her.
Apollo staring intensely at her tits is essential to solving the case. Really tasteful, you guys.
(As expected, I'm hitting the text limit, so the rest will be in a couple of stickied comments. Read on!)
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2020.09.27 21:22 Human_no_4815162342 Remote working PC - 600€ Italy

Hello, I am looking to build a remote working PC for my parents since their current one is so old it's not worth upgrading it.
What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
Mainly office work and browsing but it will also be used for 2D CAD drawings with Autocad and more rarely some photo editing with Photoshop and maybe some 3D modeling with Rhino.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
Before the end of next week.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Only the tower
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Some SATA 3.5 hard drives, an optical drive and peripherals including an analog monitor (at least for now)
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
No, maybe towards the end of the life of CPU or GPU to sqeeze some extra performance out of them but probably not.
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Not really
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
ATX compatible, no glass panels, at least one 5.25" bay, 2 USB 3.0 (or better) ports, audio ports,at least 2 3.5" slots and 1 2.5" slot
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Not sure yet, don't count it in the budget
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2020.09.27 21:13 Human_no_4815162342 Remote working PC - 600€ Italy

Hello, I am looking to build a remote working PC for my parents since their current one is so old it's not worth upgrading it.
What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
Mainly office work and browsing but it will also be used for 2D CAD drawings with Autocad and more rarely some photo editing with Photoshop and maybe some 3D modeling with Rhino.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
Before the end of next week.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Only the tower
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Some SATA 3.5 hard drives, an optical drive and peripherals including an analog monitor (at least for now)
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
No, maybe towards the end of the life of CPU or GPU to sqeeze some extra performance out of them but probably not.
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Not really
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
ATX compatible, no glass panels, at least one 5.25" bay, 2 USB 3.0 (or better) ports, audio ports,at least 2 3.5" slots and 1 2.5" slot
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Not sure yet, don't count it in the budget
Extra info or particulars:
I have prepared a build but I have some doubts.
PCPartPicker Part List
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CPU AMD Ryzen 3 3100 3.6 GHz Quad-Core Processor €113.00 @ Amazon Italia
Motherboard MSI B450-A PRO MAX ATX AM4 Motherboard €92.14 @ Amazon Italia
Memory G.Skill Aegis 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory €60.00 @ Amazon Italia
Storage Crucial MX500 500 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive €60.00 @ Amazon Italia
Video Card Sapphire Radeon RX 550 - 640 4 GB PULSE Video Card €85.00 @ Amazon Italia
Case Cooler Master MasterBox E500L ATX Mid Tower Case €51.99 @ Amazon Italia
Power Supply Corsair CX (2017) 450 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply €65.83 @ Amazon Italia
Optical Drive LG GH24NSD1 DVD/CD Writer Purchased €0.00
Case Fan ARCTIC F12 PST 53 CFM 120 mm Fan x2 €12.00 @ Amazon Italia (bundle)
Custom AUKEY HDMI to VGA adapter 1080P Full HD €6.79 @ Amazon Italia
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Total €546.75
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2020.09.27 18:16 Electronic_Stomach88 Narc story

41 now and found out I was raised by a narcissistic mother at 39. Her gaslighting while at my job and about my 10 year old daughter who I have raised since 2 years old gave me a mental breakdown. It first started 5 years ago when she wanted to control the exchanges between me and ex wife. She Drug her with her car 40 feet according to police report and blamed it on me when I wasn’t even there. When I first got divorced 7 years ago, she assured me that they were going to help me get on my feet and out of debt so I could live a nice life. However, because of my non compliance she kicked me and daughter out before I could get on feet and sale house. Her punishment caused me increased expenses and led me to bankruptcy.
I was highly successful in a field where Credit was important and not only did she leave me hanging and bankrupt, I had to sell everything of value to pay another attorney for bankruptcy while going through expensive divorce which often times left me scraping change together to feed my kid.
I forgot to mention my parents are rich btw. I rose to the occasion and eventually even landed a higher paying job than her after recovering from the Bk and divorce.
The whole time she had a Private Detective taking pictures of me from across the street and had family members drive by and when I would ask she would say I was just paranoid.
She would call the police on me frequently if I didn’t answer her calls. This was the beginning of a long journey to figuring out what she was up to as I was 33 when the stalking started. She would even manipulate my own friends to say they needed a place to stay and pay them money to report back.
Fast forward a few years. I end up with my dream job making more money than her. She quickly would demean me and say I don’t deserve it. After two years on the job I had saved up enough money to buy my own house and told her I was moving closer to work which was further from them. She became enraged and said she wouldn’t be around to help with my kid when I traveled and I said that’s your choice.
One day I get home from a business trip to meet a CPS worker at my house. The worker interviewed me and ex wife and recommended moving further away from her even though they can’t tell u who did the complaint. In the report it said I was paranoid. Yes I actually was because my mom had betrayed me and put me and my family through undo stress by making false CPS report.
It took 6 months to close out. She had also threatened to kill me when I told her I was moving and she meant it. I bought my dream house in a gated community 45 minutes away from her with 24 hour security only to find out she was trespassing, having detective video my daughter and I outside and I was like well I’m not doing anything wrong so what am I gonna do.
I tried to avoid confrontation with her because it would be screaming and her making threats to take my kid from me. I even have a text where she said she would get me fired from my job after gaslighting me at work.
It was so embarrassing I just dealt with it. I then met the girl of my dreams who advised me that was not normal and she wanted me to be happy because she could see that I was shaken every time I would answer her calls. I had been setting up boundaries over the years and didn’t rely on them for anything.
I wouldn’t ask them for anything at all no matter how bad it hurt. Eventually an estranged friend who I had not had contact with for a year reached out to me and said he needed a place to stay. He started wearing my clothes, eating my food, and refused to get a job. It was like single white female the movie.
Immediately my gf said he wants your life! He always seems to be keeping tabs on my parenting and added to my stress level. The abuse from her had been bad lately because now we had been successful living away from her for almost two years and I was now engaged. This caused a big strain on my now fiancée and mine engagement and we got into an argument and we were supposed to fly to NY the next day to get married. Oh also my daughter came home with a phone charger from her and it was plugged in my bedroom. I was looking at it and it flashed at me. I took the top off to find out it was a hidden camera. I spoke with one attorney about legal action but my fiancée and everyone talked me out of suing my mom. She said it was a gag gift and admitted to it in writing.
More bizarre stalking kept happening and this really started to get to my nerves. I wished i had sued her because i ended up getting drunk at my own house and was depressed because my fiancé was not gonna go to NY and get married. Anyways i made some dark comments in front of some neighbors who didnt know me that well about dark depressing things.
Then i go inside my house alone because i had agreed for her to watch my kiddo while on business trip, and my fiancé calls and says to come outside. I walk outside and see lasers pointed at her head and a swat team in my driveway. She told me to take my shirt of so i did and they focused the guns on me.
My house backs up to a busy road and there was a loud noise. Those neighbors had called the police thinking i s**t myself and my fiancé showed up with bags packed to go to NY. I more than cooperated and agreed to let them search my house to look for , casings and evidence so they could try to put me in jail. Man I wish I would have gone to jail. At least I could have been bailed out in the morning. They found nothing because there was nothing to be found. I even let them search my truck. The supervisor told my fiancée that they cant leave me alone with the allegations but couldn't charge me with a crime.
They asked if i would be willing to go to hospital for 24 hours and i thought they were talking about the ER. My fiancée gracefully talked me into it because she had no desire to vouch for me if I did what they said and I do not blame her for it in the moment. I would’ve been scared to vouch for someone based on the narrative they wrote about me so I agreed and was handcuffed with a young officer banging the barrel of a glock up against my head like i was a threat his boss told him to back off and he even admitted that he wanted to off me because his adrenaline was pumping. He’s also the same jerk that got to drive me to the hospital and write a non criminal story about me that would forever alter my life. I got treated and abused by them at my own house. I’ve handled as many wrong doings that have transpired here as possible but next everyone keeps telling me to hire another lawyer for the police violating my civil rights. There’s also video footage. I don’t want to sue everyone but I feel like if I don’t handle things it will just continue to happen and I have managed to become pretty strong and resilient over the years of abuse. It actually drove me to excel in careeer but screwed me on relationships. To sue the city I live in or not is the big question???
I get in the car and find out he was taking me to a mental hospital. I was so mad when I got there because I knew I needed to get cleared to get out. I just knew that I was only intoxicated and that the doctor would let me out ASAP. Well I used my one chance to convince the doc to let me out while I was intoxicated and enraged for being in a mental ER. It was like jail and I knew I was not crazy. I barely drank and drank that night to numb my pain. Little did I know the seriousness of what the police said about me. So I made the decision to be involuntarily there thinking I would get a mental health court date in 24 hours. Finally when my permanent doctor was assigned to me, he was a perfect match BTW and one of the best in America. The nurse who had to inject me into a coma because I tried to escape turned out to be my best ally. He would come tell me stories every night about other people trying to escape. I just thought it was a hospital and I was there voluntarily but being intoxicated didn’t help. Him and another guy put me into a temporary coma next to 50 other people that were in recliners. I actually needed that to calm down and sleep but I didn’t understand that it was going to prolong my stay because the doctors saw that as aggression. I learned a lot about being in the hospital. The two intake nurses including the male nurse made sure that I got transferred to their floor because they saw that I just had a bad night and wanted me to get out ASAP. At first I wasn’t taking the antidepressants but quickly learned that the Physchiatrist can tell if your own them or not because you more subdued when you see them everyday and they tell u that u getting out tomorrow which never happens and adds an element of crazy. The male nurse that had to subdue me put me on his floor and bunked me up with one of the scariest patients they had that suffered from skizo and became violent because someone ate his apple.
The female nurse I had brought me the information about the mental health court. Then I met with my doctor the next morning and he was like u got to sign in voluntarily because If u go to that court they aren’t even gonna let you speak and go off the police report and it would be a minimum of two months and they would make me a ward to the state? I was like what the hell? I knew I didn’t belong there but then my doc explained to me that he kinda has to go slow on letting me out too bec of the seriousness of what the police wrote about me even though they weren’t there to witness the alleged incident. I started to just relax and take the meds so I could get out. Still on PTSD meds today to be compliant but honestly I had a bad hangover night and I was amazed at the support I got from the staff and nurses in there.
Everyday the nurses would be like you still getting married? I said The sooner I get out the more likely for me to fix this. All in all it took 7 days for the doc to be able to justify letting me out. I would have been out in 24 hours and had 0 destruction to my life had the police not made up such a detailed story about the series of events that they did not witness or find evidence to confirm. I mean FML. Even the trained doc had to diagnose me with a serious depression to get me out and cover his but because what that one rookie guy who wanted to shoot me wrote about me and was all fictional. I mean even the neighbor witnesses just put that I said I was depressed and they invited me to go to Church and they were actual witnesses.
The biggest most costly misunderstanding of my life. But you know what. Life was a living hell for almost two years, ruined Credit, lost car, applied for food stamps but got denied because my ex wife already got them for the daughter that doesn’t live with her. It’s just been a tough go in general. I mean when I first got divorced my daughter was only two and I would have to take her in ladies restrooms out of cleanliness Because nobody had that about the Dad yet and that wasn’t long ago, I was awarded child support but don’t receive a dime and don’t care because I had always figured things out on my own anyways. I feel mostly horrible for my daughter whose lifestyle has been altered with all this drama. The judge has now ordered a physchiatrist at $250 per hour chosen by my daughter’s court appointed attorney whose decisions have shifted towards favoring my mom. The only reason I gave in on agreeing to have that is because my mom could filed something if I didn’t agree that was some sort of loophole that would have dropped my kid right in her lap.
A 10 year old girl is basically like a 12 year old these days and my daughter has been happy being poor and never wants to see her nana again. I mean mom wouldn’t even allow her to call me on the phone that I pay for and the poor girl was being brainwashed. Every time we go to court it’s like the judge says 30 minutes and my moms 4-5 attorneys and experts hog up the docket with slanderous things about me even before I had a kid like stuff that happened in my twenties and then the judges doesn’t have time to really listen to what is going on. I have told my attorney I’m just gonna go on local news Because this is a high powered legal kidnapping. My attorney response is well I will withdraw from your case if u do that. I mean CPS gave me a clean bill. The main problem with my daughter’s attorney now is that I stayed with a friend for a few months because this person I call mom spewed her venom in my relationship which caused issues. I absolutely do not blame her for dumping especially when there were flying monkeys taking pictures of her house and they even followed her to work thinking it was me. She stuck by me for almost two years like a champ.
We all thought as soon as CPS closes the case that we would be able to live a nice quiet life. Well now after two years in hell everything has started clicking now that I’m back under my own roof. I left all furniture with ex and told her I was starting over without know where I would get the money to buy new stuff. I got a small settlement for the employment issue because I had no desire to take it to trial and once again I would talk to attorneys about my slam dunk case, and they weren’t interested in paying attention to the Rock Solid evidence I had. They just wanted $4,000 up front and didn’t even think I would get anything so I decided to handle it on my own and file my own complaints because I had no more money for another attorney I have learned the hard way that the hallmark of a good attorney is one you explain to them once or send to them once and they remember everything you told them in court. Like my mom even gets away with perjury where I have factual data to discount her lies. She has spent her whole life calling me a con, and nothing but a liar because sometimes with a serious narcissist with physcopathy it’s just easier to tell them what they want so u don’t get abused. But overall, I’m probably one of the most honest people and far from a con you can meet. You have to have Character in my career and always be ethical but she would call me that envious of my job and that I made more money than her with less schooling. My college days were rough because my mom would constantly be like I’m not gonna pay for your school so I would take that seriously and just start working full time.
I guess with me working so young that is the benefit Because I’m now a seasoned vet in business. Through all this adversity and with her interference, a competitor jumped all over me and I will be back to normal as far as my career. I’ve been making the salary I made 20 years ago doing a more entry level job which has served its purpose. I’ve never been one to give up on jobs. I felt like when I was living with my fiancée she kept doubling her salary and would put pressure to where I would just self destruct when I would have a good job interview. Plus most people can smell desperation. On top of that she started like competing applying for same jobs I already had interviews for which really brought out an ugly side of me and I would say that was a pivot point for the toxicity that started spewing. I felt so small and she felt so in charge because she was paying all the bills on her own for the first time in her life. Even though I had a good 20 years experience on her she started getting really competitive with me and when I would let her know that it reminded me of how my mother would act, she would minimize me and say don’t be such a victim. What she failed to understand is I was still healing and she was setting me back.
When she abruptly said she was done and kicked my daughter and I to the streets knowing that I had hardly any money and had ruined my credit so couldn’t rent anything, I was so hurt, she went silent and refused to give me closure or even tell me that what we had was real. She had done me just as my mom had and discarded me. I do take responsibility though because I think with all the toxic shit we were dealing with she was just over it. I used to hide my issues with my mom from her but she insisted that she was strong enough to help me get in a better space. Looking back the over sharing of court custody evidence had changed her into what reminded me of my mom. I knew certain things I should’ve kept to myself but she had me convinced that we were gonna work through it all together and I would actually get in trouble by her in passive aggressive ways with silence if I got caught withholding something from my personal stuff from her. It sad what me and my narcissist mother ruined. She was the best mentally and physically until our bullshit just broke her. I was so shocked that I lost that. I am a very loyal companion and outside of my ex, that I was married to for 12 years, I never would settle down because I knew what I was looking for and it took me 5 years of bad dates and terribly matched relationships to find her. I know though too that she is gonna be hard pressed to find a stronger man like me that can totally rebuild his life after blowing it up in less than two years. There were plenty of times I just wanted to give up but I didn’t for what I was told was my wife and new family. Patience I suppose is a virtue and I haven’t come up with the strength to start dating again. It might be years.
It’s just sad that I fully recovered but took longer than she or me wanted and the only thing I really lost is her who was a unicorn when she loved me. I’ll never forgive myself for letting mine and my moms venom ruin my family future.
But, I have to move forward and adjust to being alone again and I think I’m getting there. Moving forward after no contact is the only direction to go. Don’t let bs bog you down. I always knew that I was gonna get back to the person that she fell for and respected. It just took a little longer. So I have decided even if that opportunity comes back around as there is a little hoovering with her, I’m gonna politely decline because I no longer want to live in the past and I feel that if she was my person she would have stuck it out 6 extra months. Life will be good and I finally feel like I’m recovering and my moms lawsuit no longer even gets under my skin. I hope this story helps some of you. I’m of the opinion that my mom is much more extreme like a Narc with physcopathic tendencies but she will never be diagnosed. I’m sure what I’ve written will help someone some day because I had searched the internet and spoken to specialist and nobody could give me examples or really relate to this mother son relationship.
She always used to spank me ground me, I tried to run away as a kid, and she would even kick me out of our nice suburban house as a kid and let me walk to the nearest pay phone to call my dad. Then she would real me back in with like stiff I wanted. Looking back what I was really doing was standing up to her at a young age because her behavior was unacceptable so it would make me rebel worst. I ended up going to a prestigious college and finishing what my mom took away from me over and aver at nights when I was 30. She wouldn’t even go to my graduation or acknowledge that I went there and paid for it on my own Because I reckon she was envious that it was like Ivy League compared to her school. I wasted so many years thinking my relationship with her was normal.
The best thing to do with a Narc like her is no contact. My life has been very stressful but I do t think I would’ve made it trying to fix everything and being gaslighted by her everyday. I’ve learned that friends can be family because she also turned my whole family against me. I don’t understand why even my own dad who used to be married to her doesn’t have a spine enough to say “you’ve done enough to our only son” everyone in my family is owned some way by her except me. I have always been a good man of good character and have always been brave enough to take my beating or whatever to stand my ground. It does get better with no contact and I think I’m even stronger now than I was before and I’m much more emotionally healthy. So eventually I plan on finding my last wife and being the best me I’ve ever been.
Just because this happened to you and you are discovering it, I would recommend keeping dialogue with people that don’t have this issue to a minimum to avoid being labeled as a victim. You tell someone how you feel and you teach them how to do emotional blackmail on you. Only share with people your sure about. Always remember after healing process and discovery of the disorder that you must come out of that space of being a victim otherwise your forward progress will be stuck. Always keep moving forward and trying 120% even when people kick u while your down and I promise life will get better but I hones hope nobody has to do this. It is especially dangerous standing up for yourself with wealthy narcs but it’s also rewarding that u are your own person and I don’t give a shit that I’ve been written out of the will. I just wanted a normal mom my whole life not money and she never cared to listen.
I only told my roommate and asked he not tell my mom so I can figure this out on my own. My gut was telling me that something was going on and she was plotting for this moment to try and take my kid. Well my so called friend and roommate told my mom, told me he emailed my work, after 7 months and an Investigation I found out he didn’t, and even supposedly drafted and printed a copy of the email when he picked me up driving my truck that he decided to clean to his liking and wearing my best clothes.
I was in there 7 days. Also immediately upon turning on my phone I received a text from boss as if they knew I was being released that moment. My mom was my emergency contact because I was single. Boss says we been concerned and I send letter from hospital and then I get referred to HR and they asked if I received a Letter. I told them no I’m on way from hospital.
I get home to a termination letter. I was adjusting to meds and under the impression that roomie had sent the email he assured me he sent. Once home, my ex had been there watching kid and daughter came home saying CPS came to visit her at school. Then minutes later, a lady with a badge was at my door and threatened to take my kid immediately if I didn’t find someone to supervise me. My fiancée had broken up with me the day before getting out, my so called friend all the sudden had money and was spending time at moms which was off and if CPS needed to be called the police would have done that automatically but I didn’t have my kid. I didn’t trust anyone. I finally told my mom what happened and she played like no big deal there’s plenty of jobs and get better. Well come to find out she filed a false police report the day before I got out saying I was gonna get another and do something crazy which prompted the Police to call CPS. I told the lady that she could go to moms for a month for summer while she worked through her investigation. So in the moment the roomie and childhood friend who I trusted my whole life became my supervisor. I noticed how he wasn’t rattled by this as if he had expected. He quickly started staying with my mom which was weird and she essentially made him me. However, he’s not the type that responds to people like that well. Much more passive. So I automatically assumed that he’s the one that called them. By Christmas he literally escaped from her clutches and hat sent me an email recanting his written testimony and was living in a Van in Wal Mart Parking lot living off peanut butter. The empath in me kicked in and I started to go visit him in the parking lot. One day we were out and fiancée said let’s go see him and record him. We recorded all the stuff he told us that contradicted everything. He tried to continue to play me by not telling me important details he knew. He would say it just makes his muscles tense to talk about it but then ask me to buy him a burger. Well come to find out it was him and her that made sure family services came out according to new stuff discovered. I mean how much can u mess with a persons brain. I would gladly take a punch in the face any day over emotional blackmail. I guess since he felt so noble to do that to me I felt it was only the proper thing to do to report him for some crimes he made me aware of. When she got that audio where he’s says that she offered him like $200k to do this to me she sent it to him and he confronted me about it and was acting squirrelly as if he was still trying to play both sides. I explained to him that I just took out an insurance policy on him so he can’t just run back for the money. You can tell he was devastated. She was even paying his child support for him to keep him out of clink and offered to pay $10k to fix his rotten teeth and bought me suits. Anyways I blocked him and will no longer talk to him again. No contact with the flying monkey!!!
Mom was Banking on CPS placing her with her but they didn’t. When I got kid back she told me that mom said I didn’t love her, tried to enroll her in school, and offered to buy anything. And said she should have aborted me. The investigation was closed with no findings, I’m now unemployed and mom says she didn’t talk to my employer. We then agreed to CPS to do services and they believed my daughter and I about mom and gave me counseling for all the abuse she had done to me and told me to keep my kid away from her.
As the dust started to settle, I started waiting tables, then got a job but got fired because someone called up there and said I was a child abuser. I then filed unemployment who the referred me to DOL for Possible FMLA issue.
Almost a year goes buy, my fiancée and I are now living in her house because I could no longer afford mine and rented it out. I had my car reposssesed and mom even offered me $20k for kid in writing for which I said nope.
She became increasingly angry and then decided to sue me for custody all while I had just started working an entry level job. She makes up all sorts of hearsay lies, pays my old roomie to write a affidavit that was false and now going on year two of a suit. My fiancée had enough after the drama and toxicity it brought into our relationship and I found myself without anywhere to go until a friend offered to rent a room.
Judge has not given her any visitation but she has 4 attorneys racking up my 1. She is now going to trial. All her stuff is slander, untrue, and not factual. I don’t understand why it hasn’t been thrown out. I have factual evidence to discredit her lies. I even went to police report to hold her acccountable for cams she put in my house but police said no crime and would even let me show them the devices because it was my mom.
My roomie took my daughter’s dog that I paid $3k for on her 8th bday to moms and she says it hers under oath even though I have receipts. She tells people im dead and even contemplated have a funeral on Facebook for me!!!
She told me I should have just off myself. All these years she had been attempting to build a case on me to take my kid. Per now former employer she spoke with them and I have in writing. I cannot believe that everyone seems to believe her side of this diabolical story. My kid and I have been almost two years no contact. I even told the police she threatened to kill me and they were like that might very well happen.
Restraining order denied. This is truly one of the most diabolical nRc stories out theirs.have much more but too long already
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2020.09.26 17:39 Kodatine Question about my partners and how they know each other?

So, the first time I was on this subreddit was...almost 2 years ago on an alt, completely new and terrified of the concept of polyamory and what that meant for me and my partner.

Well update 2 years later things are going great, we're almost 3 years in, living together, and he just bought a house! But now I have some questions cuz these are things we've never really thought about?
This required a bit of explanation about our individual histories. My BF is 27, he grew up in upper middle class white boy Ohio, and didn't even meet a queer person till college. He didn't know he was bisexual until maybe 6 months before we started dating? The only queer person he was really close to was his ex-gf , a bisexual trans girl (She's super sweet! We all still chat and she's a gremlin and I love her for it LOL).
Me, knew I was queer as a teenager, ran away from home at a young age, have /only/ known queer people, been around half the continent, know a lot of people in a lot of places and actually never even intended to settle down and live somewhere. I'm 23.
So, as our lives move forward and whatnot, we talk to each other about our crushes, so on and so forth. And I realize, he doesn't know...anybody who's poly or queer but people we've met together.
So the people he's interested in, be it romantic sexual or otherwise, are all people I /know/. Now, conversely, he doesn't know the people I'm into like, at all. Because, what with me literally being a nomad for most of my life, they're people all over the continent oops.
One boy in particular I am deeply in love with. I've known him since I was 17 and we've talked nearly every day since then. Somewhere around the past year I realized I'm feeling feelings for this guy, and at this point I mean we both have admitted feelings of love to each other.
My BF isn't bothered by this and thinks it's cute, but we both realized he doesn't know this guy, and this guy doesn't know him. And I think that's a little weird? Is that weird? How do I proceed, basically?
It didn't really click until this week that, oh, he doesn't know as many people as me, and hasn't had the opportunity to know as many people as me. So I in effect know everybody he knows while he just hears me rattle off names and stories and adventures with people he's never met or met for like 3 seconds at a furry con through me. He's also...really shy so I'm effectively the bridge between him and a whole world he never even really thought about before me.

So my question, the TL;DR is
How much should my romantic interest(s) know each other? Do I like introduce them? It's a little hard giving /distance and covid/ obviously. Obvi I don't expect anyone to date anyone, he's gbeen talking with a girl I have absolutely 0 interest in aside from being friends, so like it's not like they need to be super tight?
Yeah I'm like, how do I approach this. He doesn't seem to mind, but damn I mind because it just hit me how /different/ our life experiences have been.
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2020.09.26 16:14 bookofmormon25 How I got over my relationship incredibly quickly, and how you probably can too.

It's been about 2-3 months and I can say confidently that I'm over my ex. I haven't cried over my ex after the first 2 days upon us breaking up.
Some things that helped me:
Some things that I didn't/won't do:

Anyway, I still have love for my ex, but I don't want to reconcile and I'd prefer not to hear from my ex ever again. I don't care if my ex is dating and I sincerely hope my ex is happy. I hope this helps you get over your ex. It takes a lot of mental work, but you will be happy again if you stop concentrating on the past, and start concentrating on the present. Have hope that you'll find love & stay positive!
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2020.09.25 23:21 excrowned Upgrading from my poor $200 laptop

I've been chugging it out for the past 4 years on a $200 laptop to do all my schoolwork and it has been hell. I've been saving up around $1300 canadian for a new laptop and suddenly all schools are online. This just means I can use all that for a PC now that I'm not going anywhere so there's something. I don't know anything about PCs but I've been watching lots of videos to learn to build them. The details of all the parts and their pros and cons seem complicated though so here I am.
What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
I'd like to be able to use it for gaming mostly and some other school related programs like GIS maybe. The main games I'd like to play include things like the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Nier Automata, mostly just games like that. Maybe some stuff like GTAV or Skyrim too. I'm big on JRPGS and older nintendo stuff so I might have some emulators on top of all these new games.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
$1300 CAD, which is like $1000 USD so around that much should be fine.
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
As soon as possible would be great but if there are other parts for cheaper in the near future then waiting is fine.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Just the tower for now.
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
I'm in Canada, and fairly close to Toronto so if theres something I absolutely need from there I'd be able to get it.
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Not reusing anything, making a full new PC.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Most likely not.
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Having an SSD sounds pretty good, I don't know much about this kind of stuff but if it can handle downloading a good few games I'm fine.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
I care exactly 0% about how it looks, and I'm fine with a larger case since I have room for it.
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
I don't have Windows but I'll figure that out after.
Extra info or particulars:
That's all! Just remember I'm in Canada so some of our pricing and availability can be gross compared to those nicer American prices
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2020.09.25 15:53 dbot25454 Help with Streaming PC

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Extra info or particulars:
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2020.09.25 04:09 bert4925 Looking for input on first gaming/streaming rig

First Time Build! Appreciate any help and advice.
I’m looking at around 3k budget and would mostly be using for FPS and multiplayer gaming. Eventually want to get into VR as well. Here is what I put together on PPP: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/pKbfsk
Anything you would switch up?
>**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**
Mostly gaming and also want to get into a good VR setup (including but not limited to COD, Apex, Rocket League, Doom Eternal, Half-Life Alyx, Skyrim, GTA, PUBG) but also some ME side projects (Solidworks, AutoCAD, MATLAB).
>**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**
~$3000 USD give or take a few hundred $ if the upgrades would be worth it.
>**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**
I want to start the build ASAP but really need to get my hands on a 3080. I just bought the Sabrent SSD because it was on sale on Amazon. But sorta pointless to get all the components if I won’t be able to get a 3080 for another month+
>**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**
Full PC Build including towemonitoOS/keyboard/mouse.
>**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**
US, Texas. There is a Micro Center nearby in Dallas as well as a Fry's Electronics and an Altex Computers store. Not sure if the latter 2 sell what I would need.
>**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**
ASUS VP28UQG monitor, ASUS AC2900 Router
>**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**
Not entirely sure about overclocking. I haven't looked into it too much but would not mind doing it down the line.
>**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**
Stand Alone Graphics, Not sure what some pros/cons would be between Nvidia or AMD cards. I'm sold on the 3080 but can’t get my hands on one atm. Also would like at least 3TB of storage for games/video files/OS.
>**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**
No preference on case size, I would be okay with a full-tower if it means its more flexible for future improvements on components. I would like a cool looking tower with windows and RGB. No particular color theme, I guess black if I had to choose.
>**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**
Windows 10 included would be good.
>**Extra info or particulars:**
I would like a VR ready PC that will be able to handle most games at above average settings. Don't have a VR kit just yet but plan on investing on a Valve Index eventually.
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2020.09.25 00:00 Jockbaia Boombox - L'appuntamento musicale di r/Italy [25/09/20]

Boombox - L'appuntamento musicale di Italy [25/09/20]

Copertina della settimana: Fleet Foxes - Shore
Bentornati su Boombox, l'appuntamento settimanale di italy dedicato alla musica! Come da tradizione, il thread è aperto per chiunque voglia discutere delle nuove uscite discografiche (ma non solo) dell'ultima settimana :)
🍕 IL MENÙ DELLA CASA (clicca sui titoli per ascoltare su Spotify)
  • Fleet Foxes - Shore La copertina della settimana è dedicata al nuovo disco dei Fleet Foxes. Pubblicato a cavallo tra estate e autunno, registrato a New York (nello studio di Aaron Dessner dei National) e poi in Francia e a Los Angeles con vari musicisti e ospiti, "Shore" immerge l'ascoltatore in un mondo al confine tra sogno e realtà: non perdetevelo.
  • Deftones - Ohms Fresco di questa settimana anche il nuovo lavoro dei Deftones, frutto della reunion della band con il nuovo producer Terry Date: una splendida aggiunta alla discografia del gruppo statunitense che è in grado di accontentare i palati di vecchi appassionati e nuove leve del genere.
  • Sufjan Stevens - The Ascension Questa settimana ritorna anche l'ipertalentuoso cantautore e musicista statunitense Sufjans Stevens: nel suo nuovo lavoro ricchezza e profondità, produzioni adamantine e tantissimo materiale da cui trarre ispirazione.
  • Joji - Nectar Dopo un'attesa sconfinata è finalmente fuori l'attesissimo progetto di Joji, ex internet star risorta delle ceneri come hitmaker (ma che hitmaker lo è sempre stato, chi lo conosce ricorda bene i mixtape del passato oltre al capolavoro di Pink Guy): una collezione di ballads raffinata ed elegante, molto apprezzata.
  • Idles - Ultra Mono Un disco acido e graffiante, pieno di energia senza rinunciare ai suoi momenti riflessivi: è uscito "Ultra Mono", nuovo album degli Idles che segue l'acclamatissimo "Joy as an Act of Resistance" di appena due anni fa. Stessa qualità, stessa potenza di fuoco.
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2020.09.24 06:22 SriFenbyEx Fun and Intrugie Series: DM'ed two groups at once > time for PVP

A war of Fun and Intrigue Saga
Episode 1 to 5
Episode 6 to 10
(Skipp halfway to PVP portion - the beginning is introduction to the second group)
< Episode 11 > - Insider and Trading
Date: [Sea Season / week 1 / day 7] - Weather - Moderate Winds
After leaving the mines the team gave a small report to the captain in charge of guarding the entrance then we informed the mayor of the mining town that it's safe to resume working. Got in a nice much-needed rest and before heading out the team surveyed the surrounding area and spotted a dirt road that saved half a day of travel when going back to the warrioranger country city of Stone-Wall. Gave the manager and blacksmith the good news and rewarded with a 15% discount in the store and got 375 GP on top, the blacksmith promised to pay more later. After which everyone took another two-week vacation. Birdman got the idea of starting his own Meat-And-Wheat business and went hunting, good cleric went to help out at the blacksmith and sharpened his sword and barbarians shiny new +1 Glaive that he bought with the discount - had the Shop-Mart logo on the side of the mean-steel and had that freshly unwrapped plastic smell.
Doom Guy did manual labor then high-five people back to health poorly at a clinic Cringe-Cleric was working at. A bad rumor was spread about Doom Guy and he successfully manages to sue the clinic out of court, got banned from entering it though. Bard got drunk and committed a crime, got the absolute piss whipped out of him. Successfully faked being near death and dragged to the clinic after a few more beatings, the same exact clinic that cringe-cleric was working at and """ paid his bill """. Afterward, Bard gathered critical information on the contenders and the team pairings.
Leeroy from the Hammer-Shields managed to pay the ransom somehow has entered in and Bob scarred from his encounter at the mines makes an appearance, full of grit and newfound power. Barbarian is paired up with the prince of Paladin country Wesland, the same Wesland that framed him for murder and ruined his Nobel family's name. Prince of Wesland unlike his daddy is a Pally Bro, helps out the poor and does good deeds. Doomguy is paired up with an anime weeb Kensei, Birdman is with an old-timey ranger who uses poison, good-cleric with another cleric who he ran into earlier in rigging that they're on the same team is helping in changing the weather for top-tempest tactics. Cringe-Cleric with an Elf warlock who doesn't like humans and also tried to feed the Bard false information, and lastly prior year's champ the Gladiator Balk Bogan who shit talks constantly and has the power to back it up.
A little bit more of info gathering went on and found out the capabilities of the contenders. A cleric sharing the same god as the good-cleric says to mess with people from the main church he uses banishment then undoes the spell. Kensei weeb has a sword that's bound to her that can shoot lightning, an ol timey-ranger uses strong poisons, and that the warlock is a threat in close quarters. Bard wanted to expand his One-Man-Band show but has competition, there's an Orc Quarte in town and they hold a contract to play at the exclusive Stone-Wall Tavern, the biggest of it's kind and it cost 100 gp just to walk through the door. It's also where the best contenders of the war games get to eat for free. Bard wanted to get the owner to give him the contract instead-but gets turned away at the front door by security, tries to do sneaky bard stuff but ultimately the task provides to be more of a chore and not worth it, especially with the bad rolls the bards been getting of late.
After that, your standard carousing - gambling, disorderly conduct, and other minor shenanigans'. However one thing did come to mind - the crowd loves show-boating and often throws gold and items into the arena for exciting plays. In the event that we managed to go 1-v-1 with each other, we could fake fight like good ol wrassling and see just how much we can get out from the crowd.

< Episode B-1 > A Mental Adventure Date
[Sea Season / week 1 / day 1] - Weather - Moderate Winds
A new group of """ Adventurers """ appears, this time it's a wee band of four. Changeling Bard (Tard Bard) / Goliath Fighter / Tabaxi Thief (Thief) / Dragonborn (Ok-Paladin)
These four which will now be named the < Mental Group >. While waiting in line to signup for the Tournament in Springhelm they talk and get to know each other better. The tournament doesn't start for another two weeks so in their downtime they pursue a quick expedition job, the prior group of adventures of the expedition faced got themselves killed. So Druid/Warlock country Numush pulled out and Wizard/Sourcer country Bers is going to continue the expedition alone. This is going on while the now named 6-man is doing useful things when not doing shenanigans'. The party decides to grab some items from Shop-Mart before heading out to the big boy empire country Brint capital and chartering a boat. Tard-Bard turns invisible and successfully shoplifts a normal healing potion and a greater healing potion for the team.
Fumbled at the table and alerted the guard, thankfully the table was a bit wobbly and one of the legs was already short, being held up by a coaster. Thief buys four daggers and the other two just browse the wares. Getting to the location of where the team had to take on the quest is a week travel so everyone decide to charter a boat at the Brint Empires capital. The walk from fighteranger country's city of Stone-Wall to Empire's capital is only 9 miles so it was a quick walk. After browsing for some magic rings and the Goliath buys a pan-flute despite not knowing how to play it. We stop by the local food stalls for some cheap 1gp snacks, not all that tasty but it fills people up, well everyone but the Tard-Bard eats at the stand, Tard-Bard eats a ration which cost 5gp. They get to the boat captain and Tard-Bard successfully seduces the captain so he gets half off on the boat fair. Fighter tries to persuade the captain and screw up so the rest of the team has to pay full price, being 48gp a person for a day's travel, Tard-Bard pays 24gp. During this boat ride, intense rock-paper-scissor gambling went on while the Tard-Bard kept further seducing the boat captain. Fighter plays the pan-flute terribly but is determined to become proficient. Soon he joins the Tabaxi in gaming and overall loses 20gp between the both of them, Ok-Paladin is just chilling.
The team gets to port and Tard-Bard after further seducing the boat captain didn't wash his hands after said seduction - roll 1d6 poison damage. The team eventually finds the person looking for adventurers to assist in the expedition, a High-Elf Cleric named Dain. Tard-Bard shapeshifts into Dain right in front of him, gets a mean mug from Dain - the party still asks if they can assist in the expedition. Dain accepts their help with a wary demeanor, explains that the local inhabitants drove him and his prior team away from the nearby island. Some lizard people and Yuan-ti, there's some ancient text on that island that the main church really wants. The Fighter who has a negative in persuasion asks for an increase in pay - fails. But Dain's not lying about his objection or his entire story though, despite the weak insight check. We accept the job, and after a small boat ride arrives at the expedition main campsite at the bottom of a cliff, a small walk later inside of a ruined small church.
The Fighter still plays the pan-flute hoping to improve but plays so terribly the camp-site guard captain suffers 4 points of damage - maybe one day. It's at this point the Tard-Bard gets his character flaw - for every incredibly stupid thing he thinks or acts he rolls 1d4 for physic damage. "I want to step in that bear trap" Why? "Well - mentally. I mentally step in the bear trap" Congratulations you now have a character flaw, roll 1d4 for every time you do or think something stupid enough. Also gains a trait, provided he does something useful afterwards he can reroll to see how much HP he heals back. He wants to use Tiny Hut spell for a nice cozy place to stay for the other expedition members, roll 1d4 for healing- get 1 HP back. Expedition team sleeps in the hut, Camp-Guard captain maintains watch, Dain casts Alarm for good measure, other NPC checks traps to make sure they're in good working condition and the rest of the team sleeps outside of the hut. The team sleeps a good sleep for tomorrow's adventure.

< Episode B-2 > S-Rank
[Sea Season / week 1 / day 2] - Weather - Moderate Winds
After setting out everyone reached the temple ruins of where the Ancient book was stored, right off the bat got into a nasty encounter. Some rather meaty lizard men, a yuan-ti malison, druid, and two giant frogs. The druid was the biggest issue after managing to use Call Lightning and Heat Metal on Ok-Paladin, after some back in forth the frogs died first thanks to Thief and Fighter. Tard-Bard says something stupid again and rolls 1d4 physic damage somewhere along the lines, but afterward turned invisible manages to cuck the Druid on his next turn. Fighter and Ok-Paladin goes blow for blow on the yuan-ti and remaining lizardman, Dain is in the back healing and buffing but has to get in close to heal Ok-Paladin because he got KO'd due to heat metal. After a round of healing by two other teammates, Ok-Paladin was back at 2/3ds health. Enemy Druid makes a wind wall to deter any forward attackers and by extension disallowing the yuan-ti and last lizardman to run. Dain casts Silence and ultimately puts an end to the Druid's shenanigans, Bard tackles prone Druid but doesn't do much good as the druid passes a check on his next turn. The last remaining lizardman goes down via Breathweapon from Ok-Paladin, Fighter manages to wound the Yuan-ti enough that Dain manages to kill it via melee. Afterward, Dain drops silence and the first thing we heard was the screams of the Druid as he gets the living shit beat out of him. Early morning death battle completed, the team takes a long rest before entering the dungeon.
Sneaking mission start - The team enters the ruins and arrives at the main entrance, Tard-Bard and Thief goes invisible, Dain casts locate the ancient book and points out the general location of the book. Inside is dimly lit so Thief peeps through the keyholes and sees a couple of enemies in different hallways. The hallway that looks like it goes to the object has a yuan-ti guard standing on the other side of the door. Dain takes cover behind some walls, Fighter and Ok-Paladin takes cover near the door, Thief is invisible and stand in front of the door crouched. The door swings outwards towards both Fighter and Ok-Paladin so they'll be just out of sight. Tard-Bard knocks on the door and gently opens it, the guard walks out and gets sneak grappled by the Fighter. Hand over mouth what happened next was a single turn of the Goliath and Ok-Paladin killing it via ass whooping. Tard-Bard and Thief is still invisible and does recon, spots another yuan-ti but he's sleeping. They leave him alone and continues to look for traps and exploring the hallways. Just before closing in onto the treasure room, there's another large room with two yuan-ti. One of them leaves temporarily and the other is in the corner overlooking the entire room, sharpening his weapon so not really paying attention.
Inside the same hallway outside the large room and right in front of the treasure room is a small pile of corpses. The closest to the treasure room the more decayed the bodies looked to be, there's also some goop on the bodies. Tard-Bard steps over the bodies and examines the treasure room door, the door looks bloated and waterlogged - it's in very bad shape. Peeps through the keyhole and spots a Black Pudding on the other side of the door and a magical chest with the ancient book in it. Gamer Strats as Tard-Bard and Thief make a line of corpses from the Black Pudding room to the large room with the yuan-ti in it. Right before Tard-Bard drops the last corpse Thief stands back, the last corpse was dragged just in front of the door enough to lead the Black Pudding into the room. Tard-Bard drags the last corpse too loudly and alerts the yuan-ti, as the yuan-ti is walking towards the corpse Tard-Bard opens the Black Pudding door, Black Pudding starts to eat it's way to the yuan-ti until it started attacking it. The second yuan-ti comes back, while all of this is going down Tard-Bard runs past the Black Pudding and double checks the chest for traps then tears the lid open and scoops up the ancient book and some treasure. A whole lot of gems, gold, and a +1 Rapier. Thief and Tard-Bard books it to the main room where everyone was waiting. Tard-Bard decides to pickpocket the sleeping yuan-ti and finds some gold and a potion of hill-giant strength, most likely pillaged from one of the dead corpses. After arriving at the main room the team books it out of the ruins
> Sneaking Mission S-Rank <
Once back to camp vastly impressed Dain manages to get the camp guard captain and his assistant to give our team a little bit extra gold to keep them on their good side for future expeditions. An extra 40 GP for each person, once back to town port Dain pays for the boat fare back to the empire capital. After a day sailing and another quick jog, the team get back to Stone-Wall. Tard-Bard sells the gems, overall the party made nearly 1,000 GP. Pretty nice haul - though it was a successful mission it ends on a somewhat sour note. Fighter got cold feet after the entire expedition and ends his adventuring career, Player's schedule changed and couldn't play anymore. Shame but the adventurer's life isn't for everyone, remaining team members use the rest of this and next week dicking around carousing until the big day arrives. The beginning of the tournament arc.

< Episode X-1 > Torunament Arc - Part 1
[Sea Season / week 3 / day 1] - Weather - Moderate Winds
There was some time before everyone gathered into the arena, Thief meets up with the Big Group now name Think-Bard during a drunken haze of debauchery. Losing half of their personal gold. Thief also loses half of his items but gets a treasure map, lastly, Thief slept with a trap. Birdman invests into a food-truck attachment for the wagon and goes with Think-Bard near the fancy tavern to get another chance for Think-Bard to get that contract. Think-Bard gets a nat 20 and plays so well not only the fancy tavern's owner gives him the contract to play as the opening act, but Bird-Man earns nearly triple the gold for his last two remaining rations when he sold them from his food-truck. Think-Bard doesn't use his last action but saves it for a certain surprise. Both Big-Group and Mental Group plans to split the winnings between their respective teams.
It - Is - Time We all gather in the arena main gathering hall, while the normie fights were going on inside the arena. The referee goes over the rules of the fights - three very important rules.
Rule #1 - Flight and levitation are off-limits, the crowd doesn't like cowards who also disengage which is okay but this leads into...
Rule #2 - Don't be boring - the arena was built with magic stones and the mood of the crowd has profound effects on the combatants. Attacks hit more cleanly and cuts go deeper - and vise versa. Asides from that it's not uncommon for massive amounts of gold, items, and furniture tossed into the arena to do cool stuff off of.
Rule #3 - No killing - it is very important to not kill an opponent as you will pick up the very expensive resurrection bill.
Balk Bogan showboats during the explanation of Rule #2 but was told to settle down by the ref. Afterwhich the crowd goes absolutely nuts and we can hear them stomping on the floor shouting "We want more - bring them to the floor!" Right before the fight the Barbarian conveniences the prince to give his share of the winnings to him to invest in Birdman's Business, Princes agree so long as Birdman gives discounts to the poor and needy. Party Members who aren't actively fighting are watching from the stands, and at certain opportunities can try to rouse the crowd, mess or assist contenders in subtle ways, or throw furniture into the ring.
It's Show Time
Round 1 Team
(A) Ex-Lords Alliance Ranger Bob - Who underwent a Training Arc
Cleric Dain - from the expedition
Hammer-Shields Leeroy - Who somehow made bail
Team (B) John Grey - Barbarian
Prince of Wesland Solomon - Paladin
Horseman - Paladin
The first turn starts off kind of slow without the exception of Bob being a total bad-ass critting at least half the time throughout the entire fight, gritty and scarred from his fight in the mines - he never missed a shot by the way. Prince and Barbarian went around tag-teaming everything that came their way until it happened. The crowd went wild after Barbarians wizard lands a 5-hit Fireball, Doom Guy throws a table into the area. After Bob scores a double KO in a single turn the crowd threw in nearly 300 gold, another player throws in a chair near Barbarian. One of Bob's team member jumps onto the table to rouse the crowd but fails, soon falls prone due to friendly fire via Shatter and wrecks the table. Crowd laughs and a second chair is thrown in. Barbarian drops his weapon and KO's Bob's veteran with said chair and the chair explodes - at this point the crowd threw in roughly a total of 600 gold.
Barbarian's team went back and forth hard up north while the Prince and Barbarian swept low going upwards to the top section of the arena. Leeroy who was determined to get vengeance for his embarrassment via capture gets KO'd by the Prince. More gold and a healing potion get thrown in. Dain tried his best but got Knocked out by Barbarian, Bob went full CQC but sadly rolled a nat 1 and knocked himself out. The win goes to Barbarian and Prince's team, total gold was 861 between the victors. After the ref and clerics heal and pick up the fallen it's time for: Round 2:
Team (C) Birdman - Ranger
Old Man O'Mally - Ranger
vs Team (D) Doom Guy - Fighter
Izimu - Kensei

O'Malley stops Birdman right before he leaves and shares some of his poison, tasty extra 1d6. Tard-Bard tells jokes and buffs Doom-Guy. Ref get's out there and starts the fight which instantly turned into the Bird Team's favor. Birdman 1st Round 1-Hit KOs Tard-Bard - Birdman is not playing around. The crowd throws in a lot of money. O'Malley rolls up and gets a few good shots in with Hordbreaker feat. Doom Guy's wizard has a big idea - uses Tidal Wave on Birdman's entire team knocks down all but O'Mally and a Knight. More gold gets thrown in. Doom Guy and the team close the gap. Doom Guy charges right into Birdman's entire team and KOs Birdman. Which in return gets Doom Guy KO'd by Birdman's Team. It's at this point Doom Guy and Bird-Man have a slapping fight with each other on the floor. A lot of mass healing word was going on throughout the entire fight Tard-Bard gets back up and goes invisible, gets booed by the crowd, and loses AC until the fight ends. O'Malley is taking potshots and Izumi caught one of his rounds and fumbles when she tried to throw it on a nat 1.
She uses her Thunder Sword to make a ranged zap attack on Bird Man's cleric, she closes the gap, and KO's him next turn. Doom Guy tries to imitate the Barbarian and smacks Bird-Mans dwarf wizard with a chair that was thrown into the ring, dwarf HP got reduced from 4 HP to 1 HP, the dwarf gets knocked out next turn though. Tard-Bard manages to power heal Doom Guy, gently feeding him a greater health potion, after another mass word of Healing Doom Guy is at full health. Doom Guy/Tard-Bard Team manages to pull a win after getting messed up in the beginning rounds of the match.
Tard-Bard somehow convinces his team's Cleric who isn't all that smart to give him his share of the winnings. O'Malley manages to get cornered but surrenders like a champ as the last man standing. The crowd throws in more gold, Doom Guy victory cheers while holding up Izumi and O'Malley's hand with Tard-Bard who uses bard-magic to make a magic fist-pumping hand Total gold before splitting it split 6 ways - 1,410 DM rolled 2 Double Crits in the same fight, so that happened. Birdman proudly refuses to dip into the shared winnings but is sold a mysterious small bottle of purple poison by O'Mally, small enough to coat 3 arrows. After some haggling, he buys the poison for 100 GP and some cut of Bird-Mans business profit. O'Malley whispers into Bird Man's ear - "Purple Worm Poison" - a very nasty poison that requires an absurdly high CON saving throw and if you fail you take 12d6 damage. Worst case scenario the person or thing unlucky enough could take up to 72 points of damage just by poison alone, assuming the math isn't off.
With this, the first day of the Arena Match is over. Business Parchment Cards are exchanged and business deals are made. Barbarian advances into solving a personal quest by talking to the Prince. The evening is spent with a small bit of partying with Barbarian and Tabaxi losing half of their gold with alcohol and narcotics. Birdman sells more meal deals, Think-Bard chills and doesn't do anything, Tard-Bard finds an exotic animal trader and buys an elephant and elephant insurance while everyone else just relaxes - for now.
Day one stats - Team (B) [Barbarian / Prince] and Team (D) [Doom Guy / Izumi / Tard-Bard] Advances.
< Episode X-2 > Tournament Arc pt.2
[Sea Season / week 3 / day 2] - Weather - Moderate Winds
The second day of the tournament starts with some normie fights followed by the title fights - a nice standoff between Cringe-Cleric and Onyx the Warlock and the Cleric duo Good-Cleric & Wahmuu Life Cleric whom Good-Cleric sought out and planned for some favorable weather days in advance and Thief. Good-Cleric's plan goes off """ Perfectly """ as it starts to rain, Wahmuu maintains concentration. Good Cleric opens the fight by Call Lightning and deals good damage, wizards slinging Tidal Waves and Fire Balls, and every other contender squares off each other. Bird Man starts to sell his food then gets the crazy idea to buy the arena food, re-cook it and sell it at marked-up value. This surprisingly made then a lot of money however great shinanigans come with great unintended consequences.
Good Cleric gets into a mini-conflict with multiple attackers supported by Wahmuu, Thief goes after weaker opponents and gets a good couple of stabs and knife throws off, Doom Guy throws a table into the ring which Wahmuu does a flip off of, fails, and goes prone. Gets beat on and loses concentration soon afterward. Cringe Cleric square off against Tabaxi thief and pulls a win, Cringe-Cleric went full-on Boss-Mode. Vampiric Touch smacking people left and right, so far none of cringe clerics team-mates has fallen and only one of Good-Cleric plus Thief, overall people have been in dead-lock wearing each other down. Birdman throws a hot-dog into the ring, Thief barely conscious eats the hotdog and gets healed 1 hp. But by the time Cringe-Cleric reaches Good-Cleric Wahmuu got up and manage to mass heal everyone, Cringe-Cleric dealt with Wahmuu and had a slug feast with Good-Cleric. Thief went around assisting friendly NPCs in taking down opponents. During all of this, the crowd is going nuts throwing in massive amounts of gold into the arena. Good-Clerics allies just managed to barely beat Cringe-Cleric's allies and Cringe Cleric is still going full-on Boss Mode. Eventually, Good-Cleric manages to beat Cringe-Cleric with critical HP remaining.
Overall the victors made a nice sum of money, and big group made nearly 2.1k. Next was Balk-Bogan and his team vs another NPC team. Being last years champs they tore through the competition, Balk turns out to not only be a seasoned gladiator but a barbarian as well. Balk thinking that healing is for cowards goes full on DPS monster melee. The group makes a mental note of this and prepares to strategize against Balk, either way Good-Cleric and friends is up against a hard fight the following day.
Team (C) Good-Cleric, Life-Cleric, and Thief & Team (E) Balk Bogan

With 50 more sessions to go, the expedition to barrier peaks arc with alien golf carts, a pimp that can cast level 7 spells, and a mysterious monkey virus is soon around the corner.
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2020.09.23 21:23 ar_david_hh Sep/23/2020 news: \\ education reforms: Armenian language \\ liberated Anvakh outpost \\ MFAs clash \\ Armenia-Saudi relations \\ job & salary stats \\ real estate grows \\ EU sends $ \\ BHK officials \\ Amulsar activists \\ police & cadastre reforms \\ mask ads \\ Yerevan vs illegal construction

"the importance of the newly liberated Anvakh outpost"

The govt released a video: in July, without a single shot, Armenian soldiers took the [Anvakh] position that was under Azeri control. It has long been a big security threat to nearby residents of Armenian Movses village. Although this position is within Armenia, Azeris attacked it but were thrown back.
Why is Baku taking the loss of this position so painfully?
First. This has left an important Azeri outpost on nearby Mt. Kharadash vulnerable because the only road that leads to it is under Armenian observation; it's right next to the new Armenian position.
This Azeri outpost on Mt. Karadash, which is now isolated, is very important for Azerbaijan because it's the tallest point that oversees several regions in Azeri Tovuz province, and Armenian Chinari village.
Second. There is a growing nationalist movement in Azerbaijan, and since Aliyev couldn't retake the lost position, it damages his reputation. The Azeri govt has fallen in their own trap that they set by making militaristic threats for years.

Azeri media is accused of word game / MFA Lavrov

Armenian MFA says: // Russian MFA Lavrov made a "standard" comment about the Karabakh negotiations, the 5 regions, etc. Azeri media twisted his words and presented them in a one-sided way. //
Russian MFA later told reporters to read their direct quote instead of its interpretation by a third party [Azerbaijan].
https://factor.am/286099.html , https://factor.am/286136.html

Armenophobia in Turkish newspapers

Hrant Dink foundation examined articles written by 500 Turkish newspapers in 2019. They found 5,515 instances of hate speech towards 80 minorities.
Armenians were the primary target with 803 instances, followed by Syrians with 760, Greeks with 754.
Yeni Akit, Yeniçağ Diriliş Postası were the worst offenders.

will the relations with Saudi Arabia normalize? / Signals sent / Middle East expert talks Turkey-Saudi-Armenia relations / Salman's Vision 2030

Azerbaijan, Turkey, Yemen, and... Saudi Arabia? These are the Asian counties without diplomatic relations with Armenia. Saudis are among those who won't befriend Armenia due to the Artsakh conflict for the sole reason that Azerbaijan is a Muslim state.
However, Saudis sent congratulations to Armenia on Independence Day on Monday. At first King Salman, then the Defense Minister. They wished "progress and prosperity" to Armenian people.
This is the second time they've done so. The first message was in 2018. The mutual trade remains low, however, at "few hundred thousand dollars a year."
Economist and Gulf states expert Minas Hanskehean explains: there is a significant and sharp shift in Saudi foreign affairs in favor of Armenia. There is a geopolitical confrontation between Turkey and Saudi. Erdogan wants to revive Ottoman "rules" and present himself as the Sunni leader, but Saudis don't like this.
Saudis had good relations with Qatar, then Turkey sent soldiers to Qatar.
When I was teaching economics to Saudi students in Riyadh in 2015, at the time, Turkey was viewed as a great, successful, and a model state. Then it all changed in front of my eyes. Riyadh's mayor directly instructed Sheikhs not to invest in Turkey because "Turkey is robbing you on daily basis." The most popular state-run newspapers would print anti-Turkish articles daily.
This isn't the only reason why Saudis want to normalize relations with Armenia now. It's part of their new strategy to make new friends, including in the Caucasus. They subsidized tourism to Georgia; it would cost Saudi citizens as little as $300 to travel there.
Saudis will celebrate their national day on September 23rd. Armenia should not only send congratulations but also an invitation for Saudi MFA or the Prince to visit Armenia.
The Armenian diaspora is very small; around 300 people. Mostly migrated from Syria, Lebanon, other Gulf states, and a very few gold experts and teachers from Armenia.
There is rapid social progress in the country. Prince Muhammad bin Salman wants to change the public mentality. It wasn't just allowing women to drive that they have done lately. It's part of their "Vision 2030" which also envisions Arabia without oil.
They want to dedicate land size of Armenia to develop tourism. They spend astronomical sums to import food, but our products aren't in their market. We should improve relations and establish a trade office in Riyadh.
Tags: #SaudiArabia

China's new embassy in Armenia

"China wants to strengthen relations with Armenia," said president Sarkissian who was invited to the newly built Chinese embassy, which is the largest in the region. He discussed technology and science cooperation with China.
Photos: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1028521.html

U.S. company wants to build a global center for technology solutions in Armenia

High-Tech Minister Arshakyan met the American SADA Systems founder Hovik Safoyan, who wants to utilize Armenian tech talent. Details about the project will be revealed soon.
"This is like fresh air, a new approach that has not existed before. The government sends a signal that Armenia is not a country for charity, but a center for creating new companies and opportunities through mutually beneficial cooperation," said the founder.

how post-Soviet dictators prepare their sons as next leaders

Russian blogger Varlamov made a video about how dictators of Belarus, Azerbaijan, etc. involve their sons in politics and slowly prep them as their successors.
The video mentions how BKH leader Gagik Tsarukyan gave 4 white lions as a gift to Nikolay Lukashenko (son of Alexander Lukashenko), how Ilham Aliyev changed Azerbaijani law to promote his family's power and how he "advertises" his son Heydar, how Tajikistan's dictator's son was recently elected as the Parliament speaker, etc.

speaking of Gagik Tsarukyan...

His "voter buying and financial crimes" trial was supposed to be today but he didn't show up "despite being notified". The judge could have continued the trial without him but he chose to postpone it until September 25th.
(There is a big opposition rally on October 8th and the ruling QP party earlier accused Tsarukyan of trying to match the rally date with his trial for more "impact".)

BHK MP Naira Zohrabyan's interview w/Russian outlet

Lragir writes: // BHK MP Zohrabyan is complaining that "Vestnik Kavkaza" Russian-language outlet twisted her words. She had to call them to demand a correction. "Is Zohrabyan even aware of this outlet's anti-Armenian record?"
In the interview, the MP also told the outlet that it's the Pashinyan administration who caused a deadlock in the Karabakh peace process and that it has no vision for resolving the conflict. This was actively used as propaganda by Azeri media. //

police arrests environmental activists after fight

Police report says: // we got a call about a big fight in Gndevaz (not far from Amulsar, where Lydian wants to mine gold). The environmental Activists berated miners who expressed willingness to mine in Amulsar. Mamas were cussed.
Both sides gathered near Gndevaz to "talk". It escalated into a 40-minute physical and verbal fight.
One of the Activists then threw a rock at the oncoming car's windshield and broke it. His friends followed suit. Items were gathered as evidence. Three Activists are under arrest. Stay calm and respect others' rights. //

journalists criticize a court ruling / "bad precedence"

A group of media outlets: // Lori TV reporter was assaulted in 2017 while documenting how construction crews were laying asphalt under the rain.
The court verdict to acquit the suspects [due to lack of evidence and statue of limitation] is disappointing. They had twisted the journalists' arms, punched her, and deleted the footage. This verdict sets a bad precedence. //
The journalist will appeal the verdict.

Armenian State University of Economics board

... decided to suspend classes until their acting-rector Diana Galoyan is officially approved by the govt as a permanent rector.
The previous rector was forced to resign after an Education Ministry agency found plagiarism in his doctoral dissertation. His replacement, Diana Galoyan, was also caught with plagiarism, but another Education Ministry agency overruled those plagiarism findings to give her a green light.
Her approval process hasn't been finalized yet. The university wants it done ASAP because they like her and "she is apolitical and independent."

police reforms

Recently the govt passed a bill to create a new police division with better-trained officers, better equipment, uniform, etc.
Someone has to teach those recruits. The future teachers are currently being taught how to teach the recruits. They are being aided by the U.S., EU, UN, and OSCE.

real estate market is reviving

Property transactions dropped during the pandemic's uncertainty and hardship. Looks like it's active again.
Cadastre Committee chief: +6.3% YoY property transactions in August. The lifting of physical restrictions helped the rise. +39% in rural areas. +7% in provincial cities. Yerevan had fewer transactions, however. The prices are -1%.

reforming the online property database system

Cadastre Committee will revamp the website and provide easier access to property locations. The street naming scheme will abide by the same rule so you won't come across a difficulty with finding "Khachatur Abovyan" but not "K. Abovyan".
More: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1028545.html

COVID stats

+2256 tested. +220 infected. +350 healed. 268322 tested. 3617 active.
Artsakh president's spokesman David Babayan is infected.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1028499.html , https://armtimes.com/hy/article/196404

mask-promoting ads

The govt has purchased ad space on 40 billboards for 1 month to display ads that promote the wearing of a mask.

Norq Hospital employees to be rewarded

Norq infections hospital played a major role against COVID. They didn't receive special rewards on September 21st, unlike some of their colleagues. They sent a complaint letter to the govt.
The govt responded saying over 100 Norq Infections doctors will soon receive the awards, in addition to 12 who got it earlier.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1028533.html , https://factor.am/285909.html

Artsakh sends gifts to the U.S.

Medical products made in Artsakh were donated to the Chevy Chase surgical center in Los Angeles, which has a history of helping the Artsakh population.

Asian Development bank will provide $2m aid

... against the COVID fight.

Europe will provide $35m aid

... to reform the judicial system.

Europe will give another $35m aid

This one is for overcoming economic difficulties caused by COVID.

IRS provides job and wage numbers

There were 618,000 taxpaying jobs as of August, which is up 5,000 from last month, and up 13,400 from last year.
Salary-per-job-position went from $390/mo to $420/mo.

Yerevan is being sued by ex-oligarch Lfik

Mayor Marutyan has been recently forcing ex-officials to free public lands that they "illegally occupied" with "illegal construction".
Ex-HHK businessman Samvel "Lfik Samo" Aleksanyan is now suing the capital to cancel one such decision that affects his structure on Շրջանային փողոց.

new bill could end the legalization of bootleg roof extensions

Those disgusting-looking things that people build on their apartment complex building roofs for "extra room"... currently they can be legalized.
A draft bill by Justice Ministry could keep them illegal.
Interview with an architect: https://armtimes.com/hy/article/196250

education reforms / Armenian language

The opposition ARF, BHK, HHK, Hayreniq are against the upcoming education reforms and have accused the Education Ministry of anti-Armenian conduct and "destroying traditional values, Armenian language, History, etc."
Education Ministry: // the proposed reform will increase Armenian Language class hours from 650 to 718 in Elementary, from 850 to 863 in Middle, and from 500 to 571 in High school. //
The reform bill is still open for suggestions on the govt website.
More about the bill: https://armtimes.com/hy/article/196356

Armenian Language & Armenology classes

... are now being subsidized by the Education Ministry in twice as many foreign educational institutes, per 2019 reforms.
10 schools and universities in 8 countries are receiving financing to teach Armenian language, history, and culture.
The first-ever joint Armenology research was subsidized with two European institutes.

birth registration reforms / less runaround for parents

The Justice Ministry reformed the law about issuing a birth certificate. Beginning in March, seven birth clinics enrolled in a new program to establish one unified office on their premises that will provide several services such as birth certificate, child aid enrollment, paternity certificate, etc.
The program will expand in provinces soon. It has already helped 3.7k out of 5.3k babies born in Yerevan since March.

Le Dîner de Cons / now in theaters near you

Armenian-French producer Francis Veber created movie classics such as Dinner With Idiot (The Dinner Game), Խաղալիքը, Ձախորդները, Հայրիկները.
On the scale of 0-10, zero is the chance you haven't seen at least one of them. But why not watch a performance in person?
Vanadzor's drama theater will perform The Dinner With Idiot, directed by Sargis Manukyan. He believes the public needs some comedy after the pandemic.
More: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1028492.html
You've read 2105 words.

Disclaimer & Terminology

1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise.
3) NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party. HHK = Republican Party. ARF = Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
5) ARCHIVE of older posts by Armeniapedia.
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2020.09.22 00:36 Metalshark2005 The Murder of Steve McNair: More Than Meets the Eye

Note: This is only a theory
I’m not one to believe too many conspiracies, but this one has always been on my mind and I’m shocked that not many people talk about it.
People involved: Steve McNair: Former NFL MVP quarterback, Steve is known mostly for being an electrifying star quarterback for the Tennessee Titans and later on, the Baltimore Ravens. He was involved in historic games that included the “Music City Miracle” game vs the Bills and Super Bowl XXXIV vs the Rams when his last throw was famously one yard short of sending the game into OT before time expired. Towards the end of his life, he was going through a nasty divorce with his then wife Mechelle and started sleeping around. He periodically stay in a condo which is where he’d bring his mistresses, including Sahel Kazemi.
Sahel Kazemi: Nicknamed “Jenni” by peers, was an immigrant from Iraq. She came to America in 2002, settling in Jacksonville, FL and eventually Nashville TN. Jenni was a waitress at a Dave & Busters when she started going out with McNair. She is the alleged murder in this case.
Adrian Gilliam: An Ex Convict, Gilliam was convicted of second-degree murder and attempted armed robbery during a gun fight with 3 other people in 1992 which ended up with one of his friends killed. He served 9 years out of 17 year prison sentence. He started a flirtatious relationship with Jenni around the time of the murder. He was the one who allegedly sold Jenni the murder weapon. He was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for illegal possession of a firearm after the investigation.
The story we heard: Steve McNair was killed in a supposed murder-suicide by Jenni in the early hours of July 4th, 2009. Jenni supposedly purchased a 9mm firearm from ex-con Adrian Gilliam in a Dave & Busters around 5:30 PM on July 3rd and was used in the killings. The body’s where found by Wayne Neeley, a close friend of McNair at 12:40 PM later that day. McNair was found with 4 gunshot wounds, 2 his chest, and one in each temple. Jenni was found with a single gunshot to the head at his feet. After 4 days of investigating, the official ruling was a murder-suicide at the hands of Jenni with a possible motive being jealousy after seeing used condoms in McNair’s bathroom trash can.
Why I’m skeptical: 1. Nobody who was close to the 2 casualties that came out publicly truly believe that it was a murder-suicide ranging from close friends of the two and to McNair’s own son.
  1. The investigation only lasted 4 days. For someone who was arguably the most popular man in the state of Tennessee since Elvis Presley, there’s no way the case should’ve ended that early. Especially one with this many inconsistencies.
  2. There’s no possible way in hell you can hide a fucking gun in a tight uniform that employees wear at Dave & Busters, especially when it’s crowded like the night of the supposed transaction without anyone noticing. It just can’t happen (This is probably my main reason btw)
  3. Adrian Gilliam was caught lying to the police on multiple occasions during the investigation. He faked an alibi, and claimed he didn’t know the person he was selling a FUCKING GUN to (which was proven false).
  4. Gilliam claims he doesn’t fully remember the date and time of the gun sale
  5. There no actual footage of the gun sale
  6. Jenni had never fire a gun before in here life up until this point and was only showed how to remove the clip. Yet, she’s able to shoot with stellar accuracy.
  7. Gilliam is the only one who claimed the sale went on.
  8. The Nashville PD refuses to release the crime scene photos, even at the request of McNair’s Mother.
  9. The main text messages from Jenni that police focus on are vague as all hell. With the 2 main ones being “I’m gonna have all of u soon” that she sent to Steve and “I should just end it all” which she sent to a friend. These could mean literally anything. Jenni did admit she was becoming unhappy with her relationship with McNair so the “end it all text” could’ve been talking about breaking up with him. And the “have all of you” message could’ve been seen as something involving sex.
What did I think actually happened: Once again, it’s a theory, but I believe that Adrian Gilliam should be the top suspect of the murder of those two people. Think about it, he was a proven liar, lived a life of crime beforehand, was experienced with guns, knew one of the victims personally, and possibly had a motive due to rejection.
Final notes: I’m wondering how y’all think of this. I’ve been a fan of Steve since I was a kid and I never knew about this theory until my teacher told me about last year. If you are interested in hearing more, I suggest checking out the “Fall of a Titan” podcast from Sports Illustrated (it’s shows up as “Lateral Damage” on Spotify) where they go more in detail about the whole thing. There’s so much more I can say about this. Hell, theres a theory that he was found with his own castrated penis in his mouth (which multiple people who where on the scene have different takes on).
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2020.09.21 22:15 kayakero TEXT CHEMISTRY REDDIT: REVIEW & DISCOUNT

You kind frantically, pouring out your heart and soul into a text. Filled with emotion and excitement, you take a deep breath and hit “Send.” Several lengthy moments pass, it feels like a lifetime and then, “Buzz…. buzzzzz…!!” He finally replied!
You swipe shortly and open the response and see…, “K.” Your heart drops into your belly as you are hit with a startling realization. He is no longer into you.
If you have ever experienced a scene like this, then right here is something you want to hear. A new ground-breaking program referred to as “Text Chemistry by Amy North Review” is designed to prevent you from enduring this variety of heartache ever again.
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Text Chemistry Reddit - What Is Text Chemistry?

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By making use of a few simple techniques, you’ll have him head-over-heels obsessed. Once below your spell, he won’t be able to assist but to assume of you. Thoughts and images of you will infiltrate his focus in every waking moment.
Fantasies of you will plague his dreams, night time after night. As if under the impact of a psychological cocktail, you’ll have him drunk on the very idea of you.
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Found inside the pages of Text Chemistry are a number of hidden gems. It is a whole guide to redefining your relationships at any stage you can imagine. You will research the basics of how to teach guys to text you lower back swiftly and consistently.
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Disclosure: if you purchase Text Chemistry I may receive a compensation. This has NO extra cost to you.
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2020.09.20 17:55 chugmilk Mutual Funds and ETFs, the Basics

Alright, I'm getting tired of seeing the same old wrong information and bad advice. So let's break down the basics...

The Basics:

What is a Mutual Fund:

  • 101: A basket of securities that is typically managed by a lead Manager or a Team of Managers.
  • Purpose: Can vary. Could be for a certain amount of income, could be for lower risk investors, could be for alpha (outperformance net of expenses). Main purpose is to have a managed exposure to an asset class.
  • Ownership: as a shareholder you own a portion of the mutual fund which directly holds the investments.
  • Liquidation: if a fund is closed down and liquidated, you will be notified in advance, and if you still hold it then you receive your shares x the NAV price at the liquidation date.
  • Trading: Net Asset Value (value of investments in the fund) is recalculated at the end of every trading day and that is the share price. Any time you buy in market hours, you will get the current day's calculated NAV.
  • Risk: varies wildly based on management style, asset class, etc.
  • Performance: also varies wildly based on management style, asset class, etc.
  • Cost: Depends on the share class, but typically more expensive than a passive ETF.

What is an ETF:

  • 101: ETF shares that reflect the value of a basket of securities that is typically unmanaged, other than to reduce tracking error (a different price vs what is tracked i.e. an index).
  • Purpose: Mainly to track an index, or a benchmark (like the S&P500 or US Aggregate Bond index), to get broad exposure to an asset class.
  • Ownership: as a shareholder you own a share in an ETF. You have claim to the assets which are held at what's called an Authorized Participant (AP).
  • Liquidation: If the ETF provider decides to shut down an ETF, you will be notified and trading stops. Slightly complicated, but simplified, your shares will be redeemed in creation units by the market maker, typically at the current value of the index tracked by the ETF.
  • Trading: typically an ETF price mimics that of the index it tracks. However, in times of volatility ETFs can dislodge from the price of the index that is tracked and be very different from the actual index's price. (we saw that happen a lot in Feb-Apr of 2020). Typically this only happens intraday, but an ETF dislodging on an intraday basis can happen multiple days in a row.
  • Risk: varies wildly based on asset class, index, etc. But over time, an ETF will be nearly exactly as risky as its tracked index. However, due to dislodging, ETFs can see "pockets" of volatility and be much more risky in times of higher volatility.
  • Performance: again, varies based on asset class and index tracked. However it will always underperform the tracked index. An ETF achieves performance by tracking an index's performance. The calculation is Index Performance - Expense Ratio = ETF performance (straight line/easy math version). On a low expense ratio ETF this isn't as big of a deal, but it still is valid. Ex. 10% Index return - 0.10% expense ratio = 9.90% ETF return. Similarly, -10% Index return - 0.10% expense ratio = -10.10% ETF return.
  • Cost: Typically a lot cheaper than a mutual fund in a similar asset class.
There are other similarities and differences, but that's the basics. There are actively managed ETF, just like there are passively managed and index tracking Mutual Funds.
We can go over the pros and cons of each in another post. Quite frankly, we need a massive post that addresses and dispels the myths out there like "mutual funds don't beat the S&P500/their benchmark." That's not always why a mutual fund exists, and in RE to the S&P500, not much beats that index no matter what the asset class or management style. So it's important to consider what it is we are actually looking at and what we are comparing it to. But that is a longer conversation for another day.
Edit: "...decides to shit down an ETF" -> "shut down" haha, whoops.
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2020.09.19 12:18 ShadowyCrow First pc ever need some help please

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
  • Gaming, emulating android, maybe drawing too. This is my first actual pc ever. Switching from PS4 to PC. Want to play rainbow six siege and games like that.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
  • £700-£900
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
  • As soon as possible
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
*Just the pc itself. Recommendations on monitor, keyboard and mouse would be nice too, I have spare funds but not a lot so not looking for top tier keyboard and mouse
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
  • UK, England, West Midlands.
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
  • No reused parts or items.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
  • I don't think I will. I will have to look into it to see the pros and cons.
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
  • SSD would be nice, looking for a decent amount of storage like 1 or 2 TB of HDD at minimum.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
  • Not really I just care about the performance, a good looking pc would be a bonus but not the priority here.
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
  • Not sure which is the best for what I want to do but I think I would just go with windows 10 please unless someone suggests something else.
Extra info or particulars: * Sorry for any inconvenience, not sure what else to say now other than thank you in advance and and if any further info is needed then don't hesitate to ask. Oh and also I have never built a pc before too and I'm not too reluctant to try and build one right now but if need be I am willing to build it.
*Edited budget price.
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2020.09.18 16:47 BuckRowdy [Update] The rise and fall and the depths of depravity of pedophile Jared Fogle from Subway.

This is an updated and edited version of a post I originally submitted at /redditcrimecommunity. It's been updated with the latest info.
I used to be kind of obsessed with the idea of Jared from Subway. He always seemed like nothing more than wallpaper in a commercial, a guy whose job amounted to holding up a comically giant pair of pants for seconds at a time in commercials. How much do you think they paid that guy to do that?
I used to search to see if I could find out Jared's salary or his net worth because to me it seemed like he had the easiest job in the world. Just stand there and smile, hold up the giant pants, shake a few kids hands at store openings and other corporate promotional events; essentially play the character of Jared from the Subway commercials.
The Midwestern everyman who once weighed over 425 pounds and lost it all by eating at Subway every day. Of course the fine print at the bottom of the screen gave the wider context to his weight loss routine, but there was a much wider, much darker context to Jared's story that would only be revealed years later.
Jared started working for Subway in 2000. By 2005 they had stopped featuring him in commercials and their sales declined by 10%. They quickly reinstated him and he was a fixture ever since.
It is true that Jared did lose the weight, and he did do it in part by eating at Subway.
At this point it would be reasonable to ask how did he get the money as a college student to eat all his meals at Subway?
Because he was running a porn video rental business out of his apartment at the time and had an extensive collection. You've got to remember that this was in an era where media of all types was more difficult to obtain. You didn't have everything at your fingertips back then.
Subway opened up on the ground floor and Jared was lazy so he started eating all his meals there.
The rest of Jared's story is marketing mythology. A friend wrote an article in the student newspaper that got published in Men's Health which caught the eye of Subway's marketing department. Jared started working for Subway in 2000 and up until about 2007 it appeared to be a marketing master stroke. That's when the reports started trickling out. In 2007, TMZ published the story about the porn rental business.
We'd learn later that as early as 2008, Subway had received serious reports about Jared from a franchisee in Florida that Jared had befriended at a few store openings. Cindy Mills, the franchisee said:
"He would just tell me he really liked them young," she says. Fogle and Mills had a sexual relationship, which lead Fogle to disclose disturbing details of his criminal activity in lewd text messages.
Mills says she tried to blow the whistle by phoning ad executive Jeff Moody — then CEO of the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust (SFAFT) — after Fogle had told her that he had sex both in Thailand and the US with child prostitutes between the ages of 9 and 16 years old. According to Mills, Moody stopped her mid-conversation and said, "Don't worry, he has met someone. She is a teacher and he seems to love her very much, and we think she will help keep him grounded." Mills also claims she spoke with two more SFAFT execs after Moody, but ran into more dead ends.
Jared was up to no good for years, but his world really started to crumble in 2015 with the arrest of Russell Taylor. Taylor was Jared's partner in his non-profit charity and he was just as bad as Jared if not worse.
Russell Taylor, the former director of Fogle's anti-childhood obesity foundation, was arrested in April [of 2015] on three counts of possession of child pornography, three counts of child exploitation, and three counts of voyeurism.
Taylor had gotten in trouble for texting a woman a picture of bestiality and suggesting such between the two of them. It's a sick thing to think about, but that's just what Jared and Russell were up to.
In one of those text messages, according to the affidavit, “Russell Taylor asked her if he and another adult female she identified could come to Jane Doe’s residence and engage in” an act of bestiality. The woman did not agree to that request, but told investigators “you could tell (Taylor) was serious.” She also told investigators that “she received an image file via text from Russell Taylor that depicted (another act of bestiality).”
Jared's house was raided and the rest quickly became history. Subway dropped him. Sharknado 3 dropped him. Jared accused Taylor of fraud and sued him. One quarter of the funds of the charity were unaccounted for, and the only money they ever paid out went to Taylor's $73k salary.
I'm no professional but it's hard not to draw the conclusion that Jared was paying Taylor to produce child porn with a non profit charity.
The world found out about Jared in 2015, but in 2007 and 2008 two women were finding out a lot about Jared.
Jared had met a franchisee in Florida and started a sexual relationship with her. She called the FBI when Jared started texting stuff like this:
In one series of texts sent from April 2008, Fogle tries to convince the franchisee, a woman, to advertise herself for sex on Craigslist. She could make $500 per act he explains and he could watch her have sex with other men. Fogle then goes on to apparently admit to paying for sex with a 16-year-old girl off Craigslist.
The woman franchisee writes: "Is this the same website you found that 16 year old you that you f---ed?" the woman replied, according to an affadavit.
  • "I still can't believe you only paid $100 for her."
  • Fogle reponds: "It was amazing!!!!"
  • "What part of her ad made you think she was selling sex?" the woman asked.
  • Fogle says "U will have to read them to see."
The woman got a lawyer and submitted the texts to Subway who sat on them.
Around the same time, Jared met Rochelle Herman Walrond, a journalist who initially remained anonymous, who came forward and said that she got suspicious about Jared when he called middle school girls hot
According to the woman, Jared would often visit schools in Sarasota County, and allegedly told her numerous times that, 'Middle school girls are hot.'"
She contacted the FBI who asked her to wear a wire. She went on to record Jared over a nearly 5 year period, pleading with the FBI to go ahead and arrest him with them always saying that they didn't have enough evidence and needed more.
So she tried to get Jared to incriminate himself. Over that 4.5 year period they talked about a lot of stuff, like that Jared wanted to fly to Thailand to have sex with children.
"I would fly all three of us clear across the world if we need to,"[Jared] says on the tape. "It would just make things a lot easier — if we're going to try and get some young kids with us. It would be a lot easier probably."
He gave her grooming tips:
"Well, if we get them segregated out ... you know, start talking or whatever ... and we get a little closer, and a little closer and a little closer and before you know it ... it just starts to happen," the man's voice says. "But I think that girl from the broken home could be a possibility, you know."
He daydreamed on the phone:
"Do you want to watch me f— a young girl, too?" the voice of Fogle asks. "Will you f— a young boy?" When Herman-Walrond asks if that would turn Fogle on, he responds with a whispered "yeah."
“I had a little boy. It was amazing,” Fogle reportedly said, in response to a question about being with children. “It just felt so good. I mean, it felt—it felt so good.”
He also, allegedly, asked her repeatedly to let him install hidden cameras in her kids’ rooms.
“I had two young children at the time, and he talked to me about installing hidden cameras in their rooms and asked me if I would choose which child I would like him to watch,” she told Inside Edition.
The audio recordings can be heard at this link. She reported him to Subway in 2009 and nothing happened.
At the same time this was happening, Jared was flying to New York to pay for sex with minors. He asked the minors who he paid for sex if they knew anyone else they could recommend, always stressing younger if possible.
Also, according to the charging documents:
Fogle received "images and videos of nude of partially clothed minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct," which were allegedly recorded by Russell Taylor, the former director of the Jared Foundation.
Taylor secretly filmed some of the minors in his home using hidden cameras that captured them changing clothes and bathing.
Taylor was in possession of 400 videos of child pornography upon his arrest.
In 2011, someone else reported Jared to Subway via their website and yet nothing happened.
All this came raining down on Jared in 2015 when his house was raided and he was arrested and later charged with 14 acts of sex involving minors. He was ultimately sentenced to 15 years in jail and had to pay restitution to his 14 of his many victims totaling $1.4 million. His wife divorced him as quick as she could, Subway cut ties with him and the dominoes started to tumble.
All of a sudden the past reports about Jared came to light and Subway didn't have an explanation. Lawsuits started flying. Jared's now ex wife accused Subway of covering up Jared's pedophilia even from her because their marriage made Jared more grounded and more marketable.
It's now a sick joke, but at the same time of jared's arrest, Subway was trying to rebrand him as a family man.
So why didn't Subway act on the various reports it had gotten about Jared over the years? As this site puts it, it was a story bookended by laziness. Jared's laziness brought him to Subway, and their laziness in vetting stories led to the end of the Jared era with a lot of human misery left in his wake.
Subway has waffled in its response. Rather than taking the path of clear messaging and communication, and aiming to transparent and authentic throughout this terrible situation for the victims and Fogle’s family (as well as the brand), the company hasn’t been clear about where it stands in the midst of this crisis. What message was Subway sending to its employees and franchisees by keeping Fogle around for as long as it did?
As soon as he went to jail he instantly gained 30 pounds
In 2016, he filed an appeal which was denied. The DA's office argued:
[that] Fogle's text messages to a woman, in which Fogle stated he would "pay big" if she could procure 14-year-old children, and that he "craved" underage Asian girls. In these text messages, he also expressed sexual interest in young boys, although there is to date no evidence that he paid for sex with male children.
Later that same year, a brawl broke out and Jared was nearly killed in an attack meant to send a message to all pedophiles.
Other than that, rumor has it that Jared has it pretty easy in jail which is disappointing to hear given all that he's responsible for.
In 2017, Fogle tried to pull the Sovereign Citizen defense and claim that the feds didn't have jurisdiction over him which I imagine gave the feds a good laugh. The motion was dismissed.
In 2018, Jared sued to void his conviction going so far as to name the president (among others) as a defendant. It was unclear how the president was involved and Jared was forced to remove him as a defendant.
He claimed:
he was wrongfully allowed to plead guilty to conspiracy to receive child pornography, claiming that conspiracy doesn’t apply to such an offense.
His suit was dismissed.
That same year a woman pen pal of Jared's sold their racy letters to Radar Online. Seen here and here. She also sold a recorded phone call where she and Jared discuss porn and his sexual preferences.
If he wanted to appeal to a parole board, surely sending hand-drawn pictures of his genitalia that later end up on radar online is not a good strategy.
In March 2020, three of associate Russell Taylor's child pornography convictions were overturned for ineffective counsel. He still faces trial on 9 other charges.
In the five years since Fogle was arrested, Subway has been reeling. In 2015, their co-founder passed away and a new CEO was brought in. Internal reports indicate that customer traffic is down 30%. They've laid off over 400 people from the corporate HQ and this summer they had to revoke a promotion due to a franchisee revolt over the pricing.
Subway was associated so long with Jared it may take time for customers to form a new association. They tried to drop him once, struggled, and re-hired him. Clearly Subway lived in denial while Jared was their spokesman and looked the other way as business boomed. The new marketing strategy involves athletes. Time will only tell if they can recover from one of the worst scandals to ever hit a sandwich chain.
As of September 2020, Russell Taylor was being held at a federal prison in Yazoo City, Mississippi; Fogle was being held at a federal prison in Littleton, Colorado.
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2020.09.18 08:34 vintagevangogh Louis Vuitton Twist Mini Epi White ~ DHGate Designerpurse

Hi, Repladies! I’ve discovered this subreddit during quarantine and have been lurking for a while, and this is my first review for Designerpurse. I’ve purchased the LV MPA and the YSL Sunset, as they were highly recommended here. I don’t think their LV Twist bag has been reviewed yet, so enjoy!
Disclosure: I have not received any money or discounts in exchange for this review.
Seller: Designerpurse
Price: $134.17 - $8.00 coupon
Shipping: $24.84 DHL (** I selected the DHL option, but they shipped via FedEx)
Total Price: 151.01
Timeline: Ordered- Aug 25th Received PSP- Sept 1st Shipped- Sept 3rd Arrived- Sept 15th
Pictures: My pics
More pics (left and right side of the bag)
W2C (** There is a review of the bag in black with a few photos)
Quality 9/10:
Pros - No strong odor or fufu smell
  • LV lock is sturdy and makes an audible click when turned
  • Stitching/Piping is very neat and clean
  • Interior microfiber is soft and the pink color is lovely
  • The hardware and chain is shiny and has a good weight
  • The leather feels nice to the touch. It’s definitely sturdy and has structure, but it’s also pliant when squeezed or pushed into.
Cons - The bag’s shape seems a bit asymmetrical in some places. To me, the front flap looks crooked. One side of the bag looks more rounded compared to the other. This is the only major flaw, and it was a concern when I saw the PSP photos. (-1.0)
Accuracy 10/10:
Bear in mind, I haven’t seen or touch the authentic bag, and I’m not a huge stickler as far as the dimensions or the chain drop length being perfect.
  • The dimensions are on par with the authentic: The length of the bag (from the base) is 6.2 in/16 cm The height is 4.7 in/12 cm The width is 2.9 in/7.5 cm
  • The hardware has the correct “LV” engravings on the lock and the chain’s “anchors”
  • The interior date code is in the correct spot
  • Each chain link has correct “bumping”
  • The removable mirror has correct engraving
  • The stitching around on “V” is accurate - including three double stitching at the base of the V
Communication 10/10: I placed my order on August 25 and received no follow-up from the seller. On September 1st, I sent a message to the seller asking for an update and they sent me PSPs the same day. Overall, the customer service is good and I haven’t had any bad experiences with this seller.
Satisfaction 10/10: It wasn’t until I received the bag that I realized it was the mini size and not the PM size. It is quite tiny in person, but I still love this bag. I have the LV MPA and the Sunset bag from this seller, and while those bags are very nicely made, I love the Twist bag the most! I couldn’t decide between this color or fuchsia color (I’m sure the fuchsia is stunning in person), but if I were to buy this bag again, I would prefer gold hardware, so I may shop around a bit.
I recommend this bag and I would buy again from this seller. Let me know if you have any questions :)
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2020.09.16 21:43 hannahbachlyfe Viall Files Recap with Chrishell Stause

Updating as I listen
Colton and Cassie
N: I only wanna mention that it’s been quite troubling seeing some of the reactions and some of the information thats been put out there from Colton’s side. Listen what I know is that these allegations are serious from what I understand from talking to very reliable sources they are very real. The stuff thats coming from a “source” close to Colton usually when its source its 99% that person or their mom. What I find troubling about some of these responses it what they seem to be weird justifications and not denials. It’s almost as if information being leaked suggests that Cassie has alternative motives that she was doing things to deserve it its troubling. Ill say this about Cassie, I’ve interacted with her a few times, any idea that she likes attention and she goes and does things for attention is simply not true. You don’t even have to take my word for it what has Cassie done in the past year that would show she’s attention seeking? She’s very under the radar she’s very low-key and private. She could be doing a ton more interviews and podcasts she just hasn’t done that. Even issuing the restraining order it was done on a Friday, if you have any news you know is going to be big and don’t want attention on it you do that on a Friday. What I know from very reliable sources is that this was the last resort its a very real thing, its very sad and its something that she was left with no other choice. This information about this reality tv show and that somehow it was her and her families project and Colton kind of reluctantly went along with it and removed himself is literally the opposite. The information reported is a lie and untrue. I say this with a lot of confidence coming from someone involved, it was a project that was presented to Cassie BY Colton, from a company that Colton loves working with and made the introduction to Cassie. When some of these disturbing and unforgivable acts happened she was the one who removed herself from this project not Colton. Not that any of that matters or are justifications for these things but these are serious. Any talk about Cassie doing this for attention is just wrong, I’ve seen those comments out there and I think its important people understand that about Cassie. This is a very unfortunate situation and I hope things get resolved.
Pros and Cons of doing DWTS during Covid : Chrishell says its less nerve racking to not have a live audience watching, but the bad thing is they have to social distance and can’t get close to other contestants. They want to get to know each other and chat but it makes it hard. Nick says he loved his experience during DWTS and he would go back, he wishes he had relaxed more and had fun because the live audience gave him a lot of anxiety.
-Nick wants to know about if Chrishell has interacted with Carole and what was she like. Chrishell says when she met her “she had this whole blown outfit on that was amazing. I was like Carole nice to meet you, can i get a picture with you? She was a little awkward but it might have been cause of Covid and her not wanting me to get too close to her.” Nick asks if she gave her a wink or some pointers about ex husbands. Chrishell says she should’ve asked her for some tips.
-Nick asks if she’s been starstruck by anyone, Chrishell says Nelly but she hasn’t had the chance to meet him yet.
N: How do you feel like you’re going to do?
C:The other day something clicked in my brain, okay at least I know what I’m doing as far as like the beginning from the routine to the end. Now I am excited I have a lot of things to clean up but I don know if thats going to translate to Im going to do well, well see how well I pick this up. But when I see people like Johnny Weir I don’t see how its even possible to beat someone like that?
N: Other than dancing whats your story, or is it the looking for love its been a tough year?
C: I think we’re definitely going to, Im excited to honor my mom and I know were doing that to some capacity. I know in saying yes to this its something she 100% would’ve wanted me to do. As far as my story there are certain things that I told them I’m open to talk about, I think they weigh it to see how long you’re there. I have been pretty open with the fact that I do come from a rough background and we were homeless just because it can help other people see I wasn’t born into the life i live now.
-Nick says they should’ve met before because he was supposed to be cast as the guy who was going to kill Chrishell in her movie Stage Killer but he ended up turning it down. They told Nick Chrishell was going to be his costar and he said oh I know her, we could’ve been best friends right now. Nick goes on to make a joke that “Maybe if we did that movie I would’ve been the reason your marriage ended and not the other way around”
Selling Sunset
N: How’d you get into real estate?
C: i got into real estate because I got written of days of our lives. The first time a show i was on got cancelled it was All My Children, then I got into Days of our Lives and I lost that too so I was like I’m tired of this I don’t like not being in charge of what I do so I went and got my real estate license and as soon as i started doing really well in real estate and we started Selling Sunset, Days of our Lives wrote me back into the show so i went from 0 to everything all at once
N: How did Selling Sunset happen?
C: They pitched it to Bravo first and then they pitched it to Netflix way before I was even there. Adam Divello who did The Hills approached me about joining this new real estate company. I did my research on Adam and so it was exciting because I had nothing to lose. Little did I know what I was actually signing up for at the time, it was like I had no personal drama, I got along with everybody, I sell you houses every once in a while sure I’ll do a tv show what will go wrong.
N: I don’t think anythings gone wrong
C: I never imagined we would be where we are now but I am grateful for everything it brought me
N: Chrissy Teigen has recently made some comments about Selling Sunset and it’s authenticity, do you have any comments on that?
C: Yeah I mean I have three listings right now and unless she is coming to my listings, you can look it up I have a license number you can see what my listings are. I’m not out here with 50 listings but I have 3.
N: my favourite part was in season two when one of the agents is on a fake business phone call, those are always my favourite when they’re like pretend to be talking to someone you don’t have to comment Chrishell. You mentioned how you get along with everyone and I noticed watching you seem to get along with everyone the most. Where some of your costars seem to be thriving the element but you’re nicer.
C: I try i have worked with some real divas but I’ve never had an issue with someone where I couldn’t work with them, this show has been different
N: Who’s the biggest diva
C: I mean it’s no secret if you watch the show, some of the antics off camera are worse than what you see on camera. Some don’t make the cut and two you interact with these people before you’re mic-ed up and a lot goes on behind the scenes.
N: Do you have any BTS for us?
C: There have been many meltdowns, we were shooting an office scene one day and all of the sudden I go to change into the clothes for shooting and all the sudden my clothes are completely gone. Mysteriously all my clothes go missing and I don’t have anything to wear for the next thing and so it’s like stuff like that you’ll never see on camera, you can’t prove it.
N: Do you think it was production or your cast mates?
C: Knowing what happened the day before I definitely think it was a cast mate. If you watch the show you could make a very educated guess.
N: You’re the most relevant from all the cast mates, everyone wants to talk to you. Do you think that pisses off the rest of your cast mates?
C: Not all of them, some of them are super lovely and supportive I would say majority of them are. But yes it does tend to get really under the skin of one particular person. I just can’t wait for everyone to be living their best lives so they stop worrying about petty stuff.
Chrishell’s divorce
N: You’ve obviously been in the news a lot recently because of your recent split. We talk a lot about relationships on this podcast and while we don’t need to get a lot into the past, you have been vocal on the show about how you heard and things like that. What I am most interested in is what is your perspective on your dating life now? What have you learned about yourself in relationships, how are you approaching life moving forward?
C: What a loaded question, I wish I had all these answers. I will say if I’ve learned anything it’s that going into any future relationships I just wanna.. You know in relationships you try and morph and fit to be the person for them and I think that can go bad if you go too far one way. I just want to find a healthy balance where it’s an equal partnership and two people are both happy. I just want a guy that is loyal and recycles, the bar is low.
N: Did Justin not recycle? This will be the new headline. Anything else that you learned from the past?
C: i don’t have it figured out I haven’t been lucky in love, I’m hoping that will happen for me. Me trying to give relationship advice would be like me trying to sell tank tops to eskimos at this point I don’t know what I’m doing.
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2020.09.15 21:32 DevinC1200 Assaulted, arrested, and abused by the system: what is my recourse?

A few days ago, on September the 11th of 2020 I got in a fight with my ex girlfriend whom I lived with. The fight became physical when she attacked me and I defended myself, without getting into the details. The police took each of our sides of the story, but only wrote down hers, only took note of her injuries, and arrested me on the spot, claiming they saw video evidence of me assaulting her. I was arrested by two female officers who claimed to not see any injuries on me and ignored the rip in my jacket that I was wearing; previously, however two male officers who had responded to the scene had questioned me and taken note of scratches on my face and a welt or bruise on my head. After failing to read me my rights, the two female officers took me into custody and hauled me off to jail where I spent the next 16 hours or so sitting in a cell before I was allowed to make a phone call and was bonded out for 500 dollars. I had on me at the time only my cell phone and was wearing flip flops, pajama bottoms, and my ripped jacket I mentioned earlier. I was given an ankle monitor and told I could only return to my home with a police escort to retrieve my belongings, including vital items such as my wallet, Id, credit cards, car keys and car, clothing, hygiene items, etc. I was also banned from even third party communication with my ex who now resides alone at our shared apartment where literally of my belongings are and where my name is on the lease. Later, when requesting to go get my stuff, I was told that, contrary to what I had been told, I would not be allowed to return to my home under any circumstances for the time being due to a failure to check a box on paperwork filled out by a judge. I also was asked if I would like a public defender while I was in jail, though this being my first and only time having been arrested for any crime, i was not fully aware nor made aware of the consequences of my decision in this matter. I said I was undecided about whether I wanted a public defender and now I have to wait until my court date a month from now to even be assigned one.
Despite the fact that I was wrongfully arrested for a crime I didnt commit, and was, in fact,the victim in this case, and despite the fact that I am clearly without any of my essential belongings and they are under the supervision of the girl who is actively attempting to ruin my life, and despite the fact that I have no history of violent crime or actually crime of any kind and have never been arrested or committed a misdemeanor or felony offense before in my life, I am being denied basic essential human rights to my own property and ability to sustain myself, prove my identification as legally required by law in the state of florida where I live, and many other cruel and unusual punishments. I am forced to live and sleep on my sisters couch and I cant even perform most basic tasks without pain to my ankle due to this ridiculous monitor I am forced to wear. I have no clothing, no food, no money, and no way to reobtain even a single piece of my life back to help me survive these trying times during a global pandemic. I believe I have grounds to press charges against my ex girlfriend, and the police department, as well as the state of Florida for negligence, discrimination, cruel and unusual punishment, wrongful arrest, and so many other things. I cannot pay for a real lawyer, even if I did have access to my own money, and i have already filed a letter to a judge to alter the conditions of my bond release just so I can get some of my stuff that I need to live. Every person that I have talked to, from other officers to the supervisor of the Seminole County clerk for courts has been baffled by the fact that I am completely denied access to any of my belo gings despite being as deprived as I am in my current state. Is there anything I can do to make my situation easier right now, without having to pay thousands of dollars in lawyer fees or wait an entire month to be given access to a public defender? What is my legal recourse in this matter and what are my best options for fighting this multi-layered injustice? Thank you for reading.
UPDATE: I have retrieved some of my belongings at the order of a judge, but now my ex has her ex-convict sister living there and I know she is not on the lease. I dont want to be responsible for damages that I guarantee she will cause- I'm honestly shocked my ex made this decision as the last time we lived with her sister, her sister assaulted her and left an enormous disgusting mess in her room that we had to clean up. She is clearly losing her mind or something, and her judgement is getting even worse. Other than calling the leasing agency tomorrow and informing them of this, is there anything else I should do to protect myself and my property much of which is still in the apartment? I was told a while ago that to remove someone from the lease (myself) I would need to be there in person with the other person on the lease (my ex) and we would both have to sign. And I dont know the grounds for getting people removed or the recourse when someone is living in MY apartment without my permission or even knowledge. I doubt my ex would cooperate in this matter, and even if she did, it would be a messy business and I would likely need another court order as I am not even allowed to go to my leasing agency with this ankle monitor on (our apartment is literally right across the street from it) or contact my ex at all until this insanity is resolved. Aside from legal advice I honestly am going to need some therapy or something because this is an immensely traumatic event which I will have scars from for a long time. Needless to say my heart and my trust are broken and I am furious and deeply saddened by these events.
Aside from the lease business, my newest inquiry is this: should I file charges against my ex for assault and/or wrongful accusation leading to an arrest? And should I make complaints against the department/officers that failed to do their duties when they arrested me? What are the possible pros and cons to these things. Is there anything else I should do that could help me get out of this mess? For the record I dont even want my ex arrested at all. Even though she has betrayed me and hurt me deeply I still care very much for her and dont want her to lose her job and ruin her life. I wish I felt differently, as it would make attaining justice easier and less painful. I am willing to do what I have to do in this matter- but I have no intention of seeking vengeance. Advice on how to carefully navigate this tricky matter and do the right thing would be greatly appreciated.
P.S. if I get a real lawyer, is there a way i can get my ex to pay for their fees if i win? Because this whole ordeal is obviously her fault and even winning the case at the expense of a few thousand dollars doesn't seem like justice to me. Thank you again.
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A lady realised her boyfriend who is ex convict is dating ... EX BOYFRIEND TAG (We Are Back Together?) - YouTube Dating My Ex-Wife - YouTube Our Truth Talk Show - Dating A Convict Dating- Marrying An Ex Con - YouTube ‘There’s Not A Lick Of Truth In Anything He Told Me,’ Says ...

Dating An Ex-Con: 3 Questions To Ask First HuffPost

  1. A lady realised her boyfriend who is ex convict is dating ...
  2. EX BOYFRIEND TAG (We Are Back Together?) - YouTube
  3. Dating My Ex-Wife - YouTube
  4. Our Truth Talk Show - Dating A Convict
  5. Dating- Marrying An Ex Con - YouTube
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The ladies from Our Truth, Rachel and Sandra discuss the pros and cons of dating an ex-convict. Ex Con, Ex Felon, Dating, Marrying, 2 Chance, Love, Jail, Prison Boo, Girlfriend, The Tea Was Spilled!! Make sure to give this video a BIG LIKE!! & Don't Forget to SUBSCRIBE!! Subscribe https://bit.ly/SubDaniCohn FOLLOW ME!! INSTAGRAM ... A lady realised her boyfriend who is ex convict is dating 3 ladies after she took a loan for him. #ksbentv watch the video for more details. Subscribe and hi... Visit http://spons.org/thekleb on your iPhone or Android phone to play War Robots for free. My Fairings: https://goo.gl/fdXjLY Merch: https://goo.gl/hNbGVl h... The ex-girlfriends of a man who admits he’s a liar compare notes on the untruths he told during the time each was involved with him. https://www.drphil.com S...